Memorial Day

American flags on tombs of American Veterans on Memorial Day, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

American flags on tombs of American Veterans on Memorial Day, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky

In remembrance and gratitude to the men and women who maid the ultimate sacrifice for the rights and freedoms so many of us take for granted. May God bless them each and every one. Amen.

Concept - Cry WolfA Reading Assignment:
The black community should read the fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Part of the moral to that story is applicable to what is going on today. A black man is hurt or killed in a police action (or a non-black citizen) and the mob is ready to “burn this mother down” in response. “Wolf!”

Unfortunately a majority of the time, there is no wolf.

2014 08 00 - Michael Brown Robs StoreNo Wolf, Not Even a Smidgen of a Wolf:
Often, the man in question made a decision that led to his death (Travon Martin; Stanford, Florida). A tragedy? Yes. But a reasonable response from another man who had to choose his life over his attackers.

Often the man was just a thug acting as thugs do (Michael Brown; Ferguson, Missouri). A tragedy? Yes. But a reasonable response from the man (a police officer) who had to choose his life over his attackers.

Maybe But Why:
Then there are times when there may have been a wolf. (Eric Garner, New York). It would definitely be something that needs to be looked at. BUT, the black community cries wolf so often the initial reaction is “Here we go again… (eyes rolling).” This may be a case that really deserves public attention, but too much capital has been spent on past ridiculousness that no one pays attention.

Cigarette - LoosieEric Garner brings up a lot of questions I would like to discuss. Do we really need laws that so criminalize people for nothing offenses; such as selling “loosies” (non taxed single cigarettes)? Why are those laws on the books in the first place? (Answer: The left has got to have every penny of those taxes.) Do we really want our police enforcing these bullshit laws for the sole purpose of tax collection?

People - NYC Leftist Mayor Bill de BlasioEric Garner died, because people like Mayor Bill de Blasio can’t stand for a few pennies to slip through their fingers in their quest for a liberal, nanny-state utopia. Is it possible to discuss this horrible side-effect of their policies? Maybe if we weren’t constantly bombarded with phantom wolves from all directions… so probably not.

Jail - Hands - BarsReal Wolf Immediately Dealt With:
Then there are times when there most certainly was a wolf. (Walter Lamer Scott, North Charleston, South Carolina) Sure you scream wolf in these cases too, but the anti-wolf system worked in a matter of days (if not hours). The officer was almost immediately arrested and charged with murder. The left will argue, “only because there was a video”. Granted, the video expedited the process, but I still call bullshit. The forensic evidence and that of witnesses would have yielded the same results.

Definitely Worth Looking Into:
And finally we come to the latest wolf. (Freddy Gray; Baltimore, Maryland) This is definitely a case that again needs investigation and public attention. But wait a minute I can’t help but focus on the thugs and hoodlums, burning, stealing and rioting. I can’t help but focus on civil authorities and the police allowing that crap to go on; ruining the lives of store owners and residents. In the brief pause in the violence I hear Al Sharpton and other race pimps push the some poison they always push through the smoke of violence.

I may eventually hear a few voices of reason somewhere in there… but it is drowned out by two things. The number and volume of bad people shouting over them AND the number of times I’ve heard “wolf” when there was no wolf. Idiots even remind me of the imagined wolves when making their point that this one is real.

2014 08 20 - Michael Brown - Protest SignA Little Advise for Credibility:
Here is a little advise… if you’re at all interested in a little credibility, at all interested in actually addressing issues that really need addressing.
1) It’s not in your interest to quote all the times you were hysterically mistaken when trying to convince me this time you’re not.
2) It’s not in your interest to use lies as the foundation of your protests. (I.E.) “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” only reminds us that the thug didn’t have his hands up when he was shot. He was by his nature attacking… and HE was the cause of his own tragic death.
3) It’s not in your interest to try to convince me I’m racist or “privileged”. I know my heart. I know the work and trials I’ve gone through to get where I am. I’ve seen others (of all races) do the same. The assertion nonsensical.
4) As long as you insist on trying to get me (society) to chase every wolf you imagine the eventual result (and we’re practically already there) is going to be I’m not going to pay attention… to any wolf… real or imagined.

Paranoia - EverywhereThe Community that Imagined Wolves:
I said earlier that the moral to the story of “The Boy that Cried Wolf” is partially applicable to the black community today. It is only applicable in the consequences of repeatedly rousing hysteria when none is warranted; and then expecting the right results when concern IS warranted. Where the fable doesn’t fit is that in the original story, the boy knew there was no wolf the many times he riled up the villagers. The black community (with some devious and evil exceptions) believes in every wolf it crows about. It’s almost to the level of a paranoid psychosis.

The feeling that America is a racist society, that whites are a privileged class, and that this attitude has infected law enforcement across this nation is in fact absurd. But I’ll go further… it’s root cause IS racism… black racism promoted and encouraged by those who profit from it.

The black community does indeed have grievances that are worthy of being discussed, debated, and real action taken. The black community does indeed have problems (mostly ignored) that also needs to be brought up in this great discussion. It is in all of our interest because it is good to help (truly help) our neighbor… and the nation as a whole (all races) is only steps behind on the same road to destruction.

Concept - Discussion - QuotesThings are finally calming down a bit in Baltimore (for now). There has been riots and burning and looting. Oh… and there may have been some demonstrations, lawful demonstrations… but I’m not sure.

Baltimore is a mess. But it’s a mess that is a model of the mess this whole nation faces. It’s a mess that brings up key questions of why. Why is it this way? And why are we likely past the point of doing anything about it?

A Discussion?:
Every leftist and race pimp you listen to is screaming that we need to have a national discussion about what is going on in this nation. Like most issues, a discussion is the last thing leftist want. What they want is to stir the pot. What they want is to force feed hatred and anger to their thralls. What they want is to force feed guilt to their followers. What they want is more of the same that is the root cause of the problem.

Why? Why do they want so much misery and destruction? Influence, power, and money.

(More on the left being the cause of all this later…)

The Discussion:
So OK… Even though I know the lefts claims for want of discussion is a farce. I’ll discuss. It’s what I do (and blog about). In our next episode… :)

Flying McCoys - Beware of Blog

I still love the comics. I even pay for the subscription over at GoComics.com

Glenn McCoy (of the Duplex and other comics) is hilarious. It also helps (in the humor) department that he’s conservative; which also adds a twist of intellectual honesty as well.

HEAR THAT WILEY MILLER (of Non Sequitur)! :)

I’m going to rant for a minute. This is also a little bit technical so shy away if you’re not a computer geek or a Windows user… So here we go.

Windows 8 sucks. Windows 8 sucks %$%&^ @#$%^!

I’m a fairly technical guy. BS in Computer Science, 20+ years IT experience. IT Manager for a small company. I build PC from scratch for fun.

Windows 8 sucks! SUCKS!

It’s been out for a while now and I’ve only worked on two machines with Windows 8. Both experiences were infuriating.

Windows - 8 Unusable

Nothing New Under the Sun:
Side Note: Years ago I owned some Microsoft Stock having bought it on a dip I thought was an over-reaction. It had gone up quite a bit over the few years that I owned it. Then Vista came out. As an IT professional I decided to upgrade to Vista one Saturday afternoon. I installed it and started configuring my PC… and… and… the more I worked with that piece of crap the angrier I got.

The main culprit within Vista was the UAC (User Account Control) that basically hijacked everything and asked you five times “Are you sure” before allowing you to do anything. At the end of my experience with Vista. I shut it down, exasperated and determined to revert back. But, before I did that… I logged into my brokerage account and sold every bit of Microsoft stock I owned. I remember this because the stock cratered after that and didn’t come back to that level for many, many years.

Windows 8 sucks! My experience with it has been worse than Vista. One, because Microsoft has brought back its old friend… the UAC. And Two, because they doubled down on the annoyance by forcing a tablet OS (Operating System) on a PC user. And having worked with Windows Phones (also an annoyance), its not even that good of a tablet OS.

I understand things are moving in that (tablets) direction, but Microsoft is a big company with what I am sure is a lot of programming talent. They could have set up options to make the system work well for a PC user. They could have provided the best of both worlds. They could have… they made the conscious decision not to.

Instead of providing a decent product to their customer, they instead decided that their ignorant dumb-ass customers needed to be herded in the direction that they wanted them to go. And that is currently Microsoft’s corporate mindset (and it’s not unique in today’s big corporate cultures).

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only worked on two Windows 8 machines. The first time, I wasted several hours trying to get a simple VPN (Virtual Private Network) to work on the piece of crap… only to discover through much research (on tech boards) that you just couldn’t get there from here. My eventual solution was to format the hard drive of the PC in question and install Windows 7.

Right then and there, as an IT Manager, I made the decision that NO computer in our office would run Windows 8. I have purchased many PCs since that time. Windows 8 was always a deal killer. But there is more to it than that. In the past, if you went to a company that sold PCs you would discover that a PC with Windows 8 had a quick turn-around (nobody wanted them and they were piled up all over the place); but it you wanted a PC with Windows 7 there was a line. To me this said that others were making the same decision I did.

Latest Round of Torture:
Now… just recently… my company inherited a machine with Windows 8 as we merged with another company. Since it’s been awhile and 8.1 is out. I decided to try again. Mostly to see if things had improved any. Call it technical and professional curiosity.

Well… Things haven’t improved any. Ohh… I got that VPN to work this time (technology caught up there). But the UAC and tablet OS are just too $#!@*ing annoying. Not to mention that I had to Google how to shut the piece of crap down. Hint: It’s in “Settings”. Shutting your PC Down is a SETTING now!

And one more thing. I needed to boot off a CD and run a utility. Simple enough. I’ve done it a thousand times. Just Hit a function key, select boot from CD, and you’re there. Not so fast. Windows 8 hijacks the BIOS (the base code of the machine). I spent hours on boards trying various suggestions to get around this. I finally just gave up. It by God cannot be done on the PC in question.

Windows 8 sucks!

Windows 8, Represents the Mindset of Microsoft and Corporate America:
Microsoft sees the future in tablets (not PCs). Microsoft sees it’s OS and Applications as services (recurring revenue) not programs to be bought once (and renewed down the road at the users convenience). No… that business model requires a level of competence and the prospect of producing a useful product the customer actually wants. In the OS department, Microsoft’s record is 50/50 at best. Better to tie the customer down and force them to pay for it no matter the quality. Take no chances…

Windows - Good Shit Pattern

That’s fine, and even achievable. The free market can still play a factor. So Microsoft, like any company, needs to get back to the attitude of providing a good produce/service for a fair price first and foremost… not herding sheep to the slaughter as is their current (Windows 8) mindset.

Windows 10 is supposed to be coming out “soon”. I would say that it can’t be any worse than Windows 8 but… this is Microsoft. But I’m rooting for them. Really. It sure as $#@% beats Apple (and others) whose business model is to put a chain around your neck by holding your content (purchases through their service) as hostage.

How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in’t!

Windows - Vista and 8 UAC

My Earth Day

Environmental - Carbon FootprintSo last Monday was Earth Day… (yawn)… So to celebrate I took some dumb@#% quiz to see how earth friendly or aware or something I am. It was the Earth Day Network Footprint Calculator. I got there by clicking on the Google Earth Day graphic and it was at the top of the list.

The first thing the Calculator did was ask for money to support the cause and/or the web site. I didn’t give them any. I suspect we don’t share many goals in common. I don’t give money to the Democrats, NPR, the Earth Day Calculator, or the Communist Party… all for the same reason.

Moving on, next I had to create an avatar. There were none that would even remotely represent me. It seems only hipsters, social freaks and/or the walking dead take this quiz. I randomly selected one and kept going, undeterred though under-represented avatar wise.

Finally I got to the questions with my avatar walking around a neighborhood as chunks of my carbon producing lifestyle fell from the sky with a thud. I felt like I might be crushed by meat stores, food trucks, my garbage, my house, my car, utility polls…

As each shame-filled chunk fell, I continued on to the next question trying to be truthful…

Where I’m bad:
Food Meat: I like meat. I like bacon especially.
Processed Food: Meh… I probably don’t each any more or less than the average American but I suspect that would be considered criminal by these guys.
Driving: 15 miles round trip to work… but that’s only because I left the big city. I used to drive 50+ miles round trip to work in congested traffic (but no more) BUT, It’s just me. I don’t carpool. I don’t take public transportation and would never consider doing either. :)

Where I’m good:
Food Local Vegetables: I eat a lot of vegetables (with my meat). My family is a bunch of farmers, so it’s local and fresh and good.
Travel: I hate it. I would love to visit lots of exotic places and experience their people and cultures. But it’s just not worth the aggravation of getting there. (The TSA, Airlines, crowds of people, terrorists…)

My House: I live in a small house (~1000 square feet) (but it’s just me) I definitely use the air-conditioner during the summer, but heat with a wood burning stove in the winter. Is the wood burning stove better than gas or electricity when heating? You never know with eco-nuts…
Garbage: I suspect I don’t produce any more or less than the average American. BUT I don’t recycle. Recycling is just a feel-good empty gesture for leftist and the public.

So “carbon footprint” wise I wouldn’t think I’m in the top percentile. Imagine my surprise when I learned (from the survey) that if everyone lived like me, we’d need 6.4 Planet Earths to provide enough resources. AND To support my lifestyle, it takes 28.5 acres of land ooops I mean “productive area”. Most of that was to provide my energy consumption which is surprising since I’m probably a low energy consumer. Maybe it’s the fact that the air conditioner is only cooling for me and I’m the only one watching my TV and drive by myself everywhere…

Obviously I’m a conservative. And most conservatives I know are pro-environment and anti-environmentalist. It’s been my experience that “environmentalists” are generally all show and no common sense. I’ve got one question for an environmentalists? Have you ever taken a dump in the woods? I mean, just you and the woods and nature calling? If you haven’t… then (pardon the expression) you don’t know crap about nature…

Political - Socialism - Environmental MarxSo when it comes to my carbon footprint… I couldn’t care less. You can pretty well bet the snake oil salesmen who use the carbon footprint are pretty well major hypocrites and #@$holes.

Want to set reasonable pollution standards on a state and local level because it’s good for the the community? I’m there. Want to over regulate, create a massive bureaucracy, kill jobs at any cost, push a pagan religion, shout doom at the heretics, and use the environment as a means to an end for socialism (or worse). Not on my watch… at least not quietly. So Happy Earth Day you hypocrites, shysters, and sheep!

Earth First - No Compromise

Scott Stantis is the creator of the politically conservative comic Prickly City. In the comic various characters (often animals) parody real life people. Hillary Clinton is currently parodied by Honey Bunny the newly elected Senator (from Arizona/Prickly City) who often finds herself is similar circumstances as Hillary. I just loved a recent line by Honey Bunny concerning one such scandal…

“They’ll get my emails when they pry them from my cold, dead, server!”

You’ve gotta know that Hillary feels the exact same way. Laws? Laws are for the little people… :)

Comic - Prickly City - 2015 04 20 - Cold Dead Server


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