People - Clinton, Hillary - (cartoon) - Holding SignFirst a caveat… I’m “RARELY” right about political predictions. Social predictions? Yes… but never political. So in hindsight (of writing this blog post) I’m probably ensuring what I predict won’t happen will…

So, with that in mind. I think Hillary will be a loser (again) this second time around; meaning I don’t think she will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Despite the money and the entitlement and the back-room deals… it won’t be enough. At a minimum the base of the Party will eventually turn against her (I think it has already begun). And I suspect the actual Party machine and the main stream media will as well.

Why will they do this?

There are lots of good reasons to do this. First and foremost being her qualifications. Hillary entered the political scene as a corrupt lawyer hanging on the coattails of her equally corrupt charismatic husband. That arrangement landed her a gig as first lady (big whoop). She moved on to become a Senator from New York and there she… did something… can anyone name something she did (without Googling it) as Senator? OK, she then used that Senate position to run for President and got beat by Barry Obama (the first and hopefully last affirmative action President). That wasn’t a total loss (from Hillary’s perspective) because she managed to trade her surrender/support for the position of Secretary of State (to pad that very lacking resume) and a promise of support in 2016. Unfortunately she didn’t really accomplish much as Sec. of State either (though her failings are massive and numerable). Hillary’s true success during these decades was using her various offices and positions to amass a multi-billion dollar slush-fund posing as a charitable foundation. Wow! What a resume!

Now Hillary is running for POTUS again, calling in her accumulated favors (from Obama and the like) and banking massive amounts of cash from businesses and governments (both foreign and domestic). Don’t get me wrong, those favors and that cash make her formidable. I just don’t think it’s going to be enough in the long run.

The lack of ability and accomplishment (if not her outright incompetence) should be all that’s needed for the left to deny Hillary the nomination again. But those things weren’t enough to kick Barack Obama to the curb so why would they apply to Hillary (or any Democrat)? The short answer is… they don’t apply.

If Obama has taught the Dems anything, it’s that they like and deserve the new and exciting. It’s like a new pair of shoes. They may cost a fortune and hurt like hell, but as long as they make you look FABULOUS… what the hell! Go for it!

“New”, “exciting”, and “FABULOUS” aren’t adjectives easily applied to Hillary Clinton and I don’t see any way (short of a deal with the devil) she will ever be able to make them apply. Thus the reason she will eventually be kicked to the curb once again. Ohhh they’ll use some excuse about concern over her honesty or elect-ability; but those won’t be the reasons so much as the vehicles used to accomplish the actual curb kicking.

Hillary has an inkling of her non-FABULOUS situation; so expect a lot of flailing about as she (and her handlers) try to do something (anything) to apply the right amount of lipstick to this pig :). That’s what her whole staged trip into Chipotle was all about. It ended up being as staged and laughable as Michele Obama’s shopping trip to Target. Those trips are a message to the common man (or woman), “Hey look at me, I’m just like you little people, doing the things you do… See! Here I am! Eating a (what do you call this thing)… a burrrriiitooo…” And sure it works on the most vapid and gullible; but just how many of those are there? (Please don’t answer that!)

Anyway. That’s about it. Hillary won’t be President, not because she can’t beat all those milquetoast Republicans; but because she’s too old and stale to get her Party’s nomination.

(One a side note, I think Hillary is beatable by the right kind of Republican so I kind of want her to get the nomination. About the only person I think would be more beatable than her would be … Uncle Joe Biden. :) So I’m riden’ with Biden, Baby!)

Pigs - RunningThe New York Times (who editors, reporters, and pretty well all employees would identify with Greece) reported recently on the vote to piss on any austerity deal offered by Greek creditors. TexasLynn is happy to translate…

“Greeks delivered a shocking rebuff to Europe’s leaders on Sunday, decisively rejecting a deal offered by the country’s creditors in a historic vote…” — New York Times

English: Greece, who has very generous social spending, early retirement with massive pensions, voted to keep all that feel-good socialism right where it is and continue suckling at Germany’s tit.

“As people gathered to celebrate in Syntagma Square in central Athens, the Interior Ministry reported that with more than 90 percent of the vote tallied, 61 percent of the voters had said no to a deal that would have imposed greater austerity measures.” — New York Times

English: Telling your creditors to go $#%@ themselves is fun… as long as you don’t need them anymore. Sixty-one percent of Greek voters didn’t get to the “as long as” part of that equation. But again, that is the nature of socialism not being able to look down the road, not being able to foresee consequences. So what we have learned is that a majority of Greek voters are such morons they have no idea where all that money comes from and have no concept that they are bankrupt. Their credit card has been cut up and they’ve just voted that the guys to issue credit cards have to give them another one.

“The Greeks may have burned their bridge to Europe, but the Germans are roasting marshmallows over the flames.” — Kevin D. Williamson, National Review’s roving correspondent

Political Cartoon - 2015 07 07 - Greek Election for Dummies

“The no votes carried virtually every district in the country, handing a sweeping victory to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, a leftist who came to power in January vowing to reject new austerity measures, which he called an injustice and economically self-defeating. Last month he walked away from negotiations in frustration at the creditors’ demands, called the referendum and urged Greeks to vote no as a way to give him more bargaining power.” — New York Times

English: The current Greek Prime Minister is pretty well Bernie Sanders… meaning he is a leftist idiot. He is promising bread and circuses when HE has no bread or circuses to give. His plan has been to get his people to throw a hissy-fit so as to give him “leverage” in negotiating bread and circuses from those who have been carrying Greece for a quarter of a century. The strategy is delusional… and we’re talking Barack Hussein Obama delusional here…

“While Mr. Tsipras now appears to have gotten his wish, his victory in the referendum settled little, since the creditors’ offer is no longer on the table. There remains the possibility that they could walk away, leaving Greece facing default, financial collapse, and expulsion from the eurozone and, in the worst case, from the European Union.” — New York Times

English: Greece, led by Alexis threw they little temper tantrum and discovered that their intended audience had left the room. Now they’re yelling out the door for the adults should come back and give them what they want.

“Mr. Tsipras went on television briefly to say he would resume negotiations immediately. He said that the vote was not a mandate for ‘rupture’ with Europe. ‘The people today replied to the right question,’ he said. ‘They did not answer to the question in or out of the euro. This question needs to be taken out of the discussion, once and for all.'” — New York Times

English: Greece still wants to be part of the club; they just want everybody else to pay all the bills. (Sounds like the UN) AND they had a vote… so that settles it.

Comunist - Socialist - PartyOnly one problem… and it’s the whole problem with socialism…

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.” — British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in a TV interview for Thames TV This Week, Feb. 5, 1976

And why is that? Why do they make a mess? Why do they run out of other people’s money? Because the socialism by design will always either 1) piss off the guys who pay the bills who stop paying (if they have the power to do so) or 2) the guys who pay the bills are dragged down with the looters and go bankrupt themselves.

Greece held their little vote. But it’s not their vote that counts.

If Germany is smart… they’ll cut Greece loose. It would be painful, but like any addict, stopping the flow of drugs is necessary if there is going to be any hope for recovery.

People - Krauthammer, CharlesAside I: This Exchange from Fox News was perfect… (and I probably stole/borrowed the punch line from Dr. Krauthammer…)

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look. The no vote, if they decide to stand up for Greek pride as the prime minister outlines it, is a vote for suicide. They’re seeing elements of it right now. I think the vote’s a week late for the prime minister. People are looking into the future. They’re seeing this week inability to get cash. Everything is running out. Commodities are getting scarce. What’s going to happen afterwards?

I think in the end the Greeks are not crazy. I think they understand the reason that they are in debt is not blackmail. But this is a country of 11 million people that has run up $275 billion in debt. That’s not easy if you’re 11 million people, but the Greeks are good at this. The Germans have finally said we’re taking away the credit card. The problem is there’s no negotiating leverage left because the Europeans have already called the bluff. They are ready to see the Greeks exit. And they are not going to budge one way or the other.

The irony is that the thing they’re ostensibly voting on Sunday is an offer already removed off the table by the Europeans. So this is a symbolic vote. It’s a taking of hemlock. The Greeks have a history of this. It was once noble. But I can’t believe they’re going to do this because it’s essentially economic suicide.

TUCKER CARLSON, DAILY CALLER: Can I say one point, though, the Greek prime minister is described in every news account as a member of the radical left-wing party. Not something obviously I endorse. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself honestly, has membership in the E.U. really helped Greece? I mean, this is a country that doesn’t have anything in common with other members. 75% of Greeks retire by the age of 61. This is a country that just doesn’t have anything in common with Germany.

Why are they in this union?

KRAUTHAMMER: They’re in this union because it gave them 25 years of living off the German tit.

Aside II: This should actually sound familiar here across the pond… but we (American Society) are probably too far gone to notice. Can you say “Detroit”, “Chicago”, “California”, “Illinois”, “New Jersey”. Massive spending, massive pensions for government employees. And on a national level, a massive Ponzi scheme masquerading as a retirement plan? Of course we’ll continue down the Greek path… more spending, more debt, more taxes, more… spending other people’s money… until… one of the two consequences grind the whole thing to a halt.

We shake our head… but we are them… just not quite there yet.

USA Today: States face shaky financial futures; pensions at risk

Detroit A Glimpse of the Future of the United States

Aside III: Secede or Die

Maybe it’s not too late… but there is but one hope. Have a sober 4th of July.

American Prayer

Gay - Bert and Ernie - New YorkerOctober 13, 2014… (9 months ago)
RW: The only way I see GOP winning major elections is with a “freedom” platform, which I expect to see articulated further by Rand Paul and others on the small-L libertarian side of the GOP. Basically, “let the states decide, I wash my hands of it.” That will satisfy most social liberals, and piss off most social conservatives.

TexasLynn: I don’t see how you think this is an option. The left has made it very clear that they will not accept that compromise (states decide). To prove my point. Despite everything Texas has done… gay marriage will be legal in this state by the end of 2015. And the great citizens of Texas will have no say in the matter.

The Broad Path We Have Chosen:
Of course, I haven’t been concerned with the GOP winning for some time. The GOP “winning” has proven not to mean a whole lot… I moved on from that failed strategy some time ago, I’m even “evolving” away from my opinion on the need (or good it will do) to split conservatives away from the GOP and form a third party…

As for our current situation, you can’t say I didn’t see it coming, and not that it was that hard. Any fool could have seen it (even ten or twenty years ago).

So with that in mind, let me share what I now see coming. If you think the world burning will stop or even pause here (with gay marriage) you are sadly mistaken. Next… trans-gender and polygamy… and soon after… adjusting the conditions and age of consent… and… trans-species coupled with animal rights (meaning ALL the rights humans have). And these are just the visible perversion on the horizon. I suspect I am utterly incapable of even imagining the deviance the god of this world has planned for the faithful.

Evolution of Man - Leftist

This nation is well beyond the point of any concern for human decency, or even the secular rule of law on which it was founded. The Republic is lost no less than the Titanic ten minutes after hitting the iceberg (even though it took hours for the ship to actually sink).

Our Last Option, A Lifeboat:
And if the Republic is lost, what can we (the sane) do? I used to think that we needed a 3rd Party, that conservatives needed to abandon the GOP; but it’s clear that was really never going to work; even if it did happen. We’re too far gone. Saving everyone is no longer an option and to try is foolish.

Texas - Secede - AmicableTexas - Secede - Amicable EnoughI can think of only one (sane) thing to do. Leave the fools behind and find a lifeboat as quickly as possible.

And let us christen that lifeboat “Texas”. So I would call upon those who see and know, those who are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’, to come to Texas. Let us separate ourselves from the hubris of a lost ship in the darkness.

Let us begin with a non-binding state resolution. The only purpose being, planting that seed in the minds of the citizens of this great state.

Let us begin the dialog with the accursed (left/north/socialist) concerning an amicable separation. They hate us so much they may say “Don’t let Oklahoma hit you in the ass on the way out”. (See here and here for example…) What does it hurt to explore that possibility?

Let us start the process and see where it goes and what options we have (pleasant, amicable, … or not).

Texas! Secede or Die!

Texas - Secede or Die

Company - Genoma - EvilTake a look at this advertisement from Genoma (a Swiss biotechnology company) that recently appeared in Spain (June 2015). There seems to be little new here… a cute child selling a product.

So what is Genoma selling? A medical test marketed as “Tranquility”. What does it test? For prenatal Down syndrome.

“Just let me pause to emphasize the absurdity of this in all its depravity: This company selling a product that 95 percent of the time leads to the abortion of a child with Down syndrome has decided to pitch that product with . . . a picture of a child with Down syndrome.” — Matthew Hennessey, National Review

What did these bastards (Genoma) do next. Spin. They claimed the purpose of the ad and their test is simply to help expectant mothers prepare for life with a Down syndrome child. As if they are unaware that the vast, VAST majority of children identified by their test will be killed. As I would suspect, Europe, is no less adept to brazenly offering and accepting obvious lies in the pursuit of leftist agendas.

People like this (who own, run, and work for companies like Genoma) had better hope they are right… and there is no God.

The Daffy Duck Parable
I often reference pop culture (and literature, and history) in conversation and writing; which is bad when you reach my age because nobody gets the references anymore. For me personally it’s less of a shock because my references were so obscure to begin with. I use it in my everyday speech too. You ought to see my nieces roll their eyes when I use one my nuggets of wisdom.

One of my common sayings and obscure references has always been “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one.”

So let me explain this reference. It comes from a Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck. It is hunting season and Elmer is trying to shoot Daffy, who convinces him its rabbit season so Elmer switches to Bugs, and vice versa and so on. The gag is Elmer is completely confused and Daffy always ends up getting shot no matter what happens.

Towards the end of the cartoon, Daffy loses it and exclaims, “Shoot me again. I enjoy it. I love the smell of burnt feathers… and gunpowder… and cordite… I’m an elk! Shoot me! Go on… It’s elk season! I’m a fiddler crab! Why don’t you shoot me? It’s fiddler crab season!” And there is the reference. :)

If this were a parable, Daffy Duck is me, Elmer Fudd is society with its slings are arrows (a shotgun; and another reference), and Bugs Bunny is the left convincing Elmer (society) of whatever nut-ball notion fits his agenda.

Daffy Duck Loses It

Daffy Duck Loses It

Qualifications to Work for NAACP

Rachel Dolezal "FEELS" black and that's all that matters in a society that has discarded truth.

Rachel Dolezal “FEELS” black and that’s all that matters in a society that that has discarded truth.

There a woman in Spokane Washington, Rachel Dolezal, who is the president of the NAACP chapter there. She isn’t black or mixed race or so claim her white biological parents.

Now the NAACP has stated (and I agree) that being black is not a requirement to be a member or participant or even president of that particular organization. No. Those requirements would be close to: 1) Having a victim mentality 2) Pushing racism incessantly & 3) Drinking the leftist Cool-aid (another reference).

Over Qualified
Under those criteria… there is little doubt in my mind that Rachel was immanently qualified for her position as chapter president for the NAACP. A perfect example of her “qualification” would be what brought attention to this woman in the first place. That being the hate mail (found in a PO Box) sent to Rachel Dolezal in February (2015). Upon investigation, it seems the mail in question had not been processed by the Post Office… which means the only way it was delivered into her mailbox was from the recipient side of the mail box… which means the person who put it there had a key. (I’ll only connect the dots so far…)

Rachel’s simply made the decision to publicly and legally (admissions forms) claim to be “black”; which seems to have helped her financially. Rachael publicly claimed a man, a black man, who was not her biological father to be her father (maybe she used the word dad).

Complicated Questions

I don't understand the question...

I don’t understand the question…

So let me ask you a question or two? “Is your father an African American man?” “Are you an African American?”

Exactly how complicated and confusing are these questions? For Rachel Dolezal they were extremely complexing. After identifying a black man in a photo as her “dad”, she was asked these two questions. She wouldn’t answer them, became befuddled and walked away from the reporter.

Feeling Black
I can already see her defense (probably crafted by a crack-pot PR firm). She identified the black man in the picture as her “dad” because he was such a great mentor and supporter. She has always felt that he was like a daddy to her, even more so than her hateful white dad. She didn’t answer the other two questions (which have more narrow objective definitions), so… she never lied. This really should be called the “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is defense” (another reference). Eventually, Rachel will simply claim that she has always “felt” like a black woman. She will then hope her leftist credentials carry the day for her with the NAACP and MSM (Main Stream Media). I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked.

And in today’s society it should work. Today, it’s all about FEELINGS. What one feels defines ones reality; and that reality is just as good as anybody else’s. In a nutshell our society is embracing and celebrating the subjective in all things social and political. It rejects truth (which it calls false) as backward and evil. How far this societal evolution (and revolution) will go is unpredictable and scary.

Left Behind
Concept - Left BehindWe who can’t adjust to this subjective world (and don’t even want to) are harangued as backward, narrow, and bigoted. Some of us consider it as a badge of honor; some as even a cross we gladly bear (another reference).

In trying to explain the world from our perspective, let me ask you, what is 2+2? (I don’t think society has reached this point of irrationality yet) If…you answered 4; I would the like to follow-up and ask why YOU are so narrow minded? Why can’t it be 3 or 5 OR 2 if I really, really FEEL that is the answer? Who are YOU to tell me I’m wrong and try to force upon me your narrow, outdated, definition of 2+2!? And who are you to deny my a job (as a bridge builder or architect) based on what I really feel to be the right answer?

Update Say to Feel
I’ve got to update my old Daffy Duck reference from “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one” to “And me feeling like I’m a fiddler crab…”

Without regard to my degree of “feeling” that I’m a fiddler crab… alas, I am not one. Not even if I scuttle sideways and eat rotting crap on a beach. But I’m just as much a fiddler crab as Rachel Dolezal is a black (or mixed race) woman… as Bruce Jenner (or Catelyn if you prefer) is a woman… and as Elizabeth Warren is of American Indian heritage… Again the key word in all of this is NOT (zero, nata, zilch); and the fact that society doesn’t realize that is proof of just how far down the road to oblivion we have traveled.

Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

This week Dennis Hastert was indicted by the FBI.

People - Hastert, Dennis

Hastert was the longest serving Republican Speaker of the House ever (1998-2006). He took over from Newt Gingrich when the “chosen” successor Bob Livingston (LA) couldn’t because of extra-marital affairs. After he left office in 2007 he eventually cashed in as a lobbyist and was considered a “Washington power player”.

Indictment Process:
Hastert over the years has been withdrawing money from the bank; at first 50K at a time, and then in chunks of 10K. (In case you’re not aware, 10K is the magic number where banks have to fill out federal paperwork.) So Hastert has been doing this for years now and the FBI became aware of it. And with Hastert being a “Washington power player” they were concerned the money could be going to nefarious causes and people. And good for them (the FBI); they should be watching for this kind of corruption. (Side Note: If only the FBI showed the same concern for Democratic Washington power players with billion dollar foundations used as slush funds… but that’s another story…)

Eventually the FBI approached Hastert and asked him “Why all the withdrawals?” I would suspect they already knew the answer to that before they asked, but it’s just speculation on my part. Hastert gave the perfect right-wing answer. He didn’t trust the banking system anymore and was hedging his bets by getting his money in cash. That was unfortunately not the right (as in truthful) answer.

Thus the indictment. He lied to the FBI.

Black-Mail - LetterWhy Did He Lie:
So why did he lie. Well we’re not sure but we’ve been given bits and pieces of the story. It was black-male and involved a student he knew back during his high-school teaching/coaching days. We believe the student was male. We know Hastert was paying this man off (currently 1.7 of a 3.4 million dollar agreement). And… it involved “SEX”.

So Let Us Move On:
Thus the indictment should be dropped and we should all must “move on”.

Sure the former speaker committed a crime similar to perjury; in essence lying when by law he was required to tell the truth. That crime is well and good when applied to some people (like Scooter Libby); but not so much for others. But if we take the left on its word, the key to escaping any responsibility for such lies is the word “Sex”. It’s OK, and who wouldn’t lie about sex?

Of course you can never take the left at its word. It was never about the sex. It was about protecting power… to the point of truth, morality and the law not mattering. And now look how far that core principle has taken them (and us along for the ride).

It Should Be About All of That:
It is (should be) about the sex … and the power … and the honesty. All those things matter when it comes to the people we allow to steer this Republic… or even a business or even our communities and families. No man is without sin, but how we deal with our mistakes is as (I would say more) important as the mistakes themselves.

But It Isn’t, So Shall We Reap:
Still… there should be standards of conduct. If those standards were tossed aside for whatever reason decades ago; we should reclaim them today . It is the loss of those morals and mores that is THE foremost reason this nation is one in such decline.

And if sex and power and honesty isn’t enough? There is always the LAW. But all of those things have been pushed aside and it all started a long time ago. We are simply reaping what we have sewn.


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