7a1d7a36c49cd83ef069460b8bf7a0c9Today (10/23/2015), the Department of Justice announced (after two years) that their investigation of the targeting of conservatives by the IRS has been closed. The results of the investigation? Nothing. Lois Lerner, the main instigator and manager of the targeting gets off scott-free to enjoy her pension and retirement. Nobody under Lerner faces any consequences. Nothing will be done concerning this organized criminal activity within the IRS that took place over at least a two year period (2010 through 2012).

The left (politicians, bureaucrats, activists, media, and rank and file) did a fantastic job of managing and taking advantage of this… crises.

  1. First they hid (and probably destroyed) as much of the evidence as they could (mostly email of course)
  2. Then they did a shell game as to who was to blame… rogue agents in an distant office…
  3. Then nobody was to blame… the instructions were just too obscure…
  4. Then there wasn’t really a scandal… liberal groups were targeted just as much… (a lie by the way)
  5. And finally (the coup de grace) the Republicans were to blame… it was just another witch hunt from the beginning…

To be honest this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Enough time has passed; enough smoke blown up the collective posteriors of the people, so that the Feds are now comfortable to sweep this thing under the rug and be done with it.

We unfortunately live in a law-less age; more so under the Obama administration than ever before. The Constitution? The rule of law? Equal application of the law? Thrown out the window by the fascist left and those who support them. The bureaucrats at the IRS suit up in their (figurative) brown shirts and do the lefts bidding (obviously with impunity). The media turns a blind eye to the abuse or worse pushes misinformation and propaganda. And once exposed (not by the media but the persecuted themselves), the Department of Justice picks up the ball and makes sure nothing ever comes of it. Two years later… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

This does not bode well for any accountability of Hillary Clinton concerning her email server fiasco (as if we ever expected any). As for the lefts response? It’s deja vu all over again. We see the same same responses in the same order by all involved. Destroyed evidence, shell games of blame, no real crime was committed, everybody did it, and (we’re at the next to last phase now) it’s a Republican witch hunt. The last phase will be the FBI finally announcing “nothing to see here”.

Boot - Face - 19841984 is alive and well where titles and monikers mean their exact opposite. In 1984 we had War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, Ministry of Information. Today it’s the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Neither provide either.

“If you want a vision of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever” — George Orwell (1984) … and thanks to the Department of Justice getting away with it.

See Something Say Something?
Everybody knows in post 911 “If You See Something, Say Something.” Taking that action has actually saved lives over the last decade; just as missing that something has cost lives. It’s really good advise in times of war.

Campaign - See Something Say Something

But… from the lefts perspective we’re not at war. So what do you do with the advise given above.

You do what is in the nature of liberalism to do. You fake it. You give it lip service. Then you wink and nod and offer secret handshakes when in the exclusive company of your own. That’s when you condescendingly explain to your fellow liberals the clinging to religion and guns mentality of the unwashed.

Finally you watch for opportunity to tear down the hated things society forces you to pretend to love or support; and if you can manufacture such opportunity, so much the better. For the left, appearance, words, and intentions trump reality and actual results.

It’s funny, but that mentality is very Islamic. Lying and deceit are perfectly fine with Allah when dealing with infidels; as long as the deceit serves Allah (and his prophet I suppose). Replace Allah with the god of liberalism and… there you go.

So when it comes to “If You See Something, Say Something”, Liberalism and Islam-ism have a common enemy; though (at least here in the U.S.) neither can admit it. They can however attack and subvert the foundation of the idea when the opportunity arises. This is done through the cudgels of race-hustling, grievance-mongering, and political correctness.

Cue the Opportunity and Hell to Pay:
As we’ve probably all heard by now, Ahmed Mohamed is an inquisitive, electrically proficient, ninth grade youth living and going to school in Irving Texas. All of the above (except for the inquisitive part) are skills in high demand to men who share one or both of the kids given names.

This Mensa “genius” as described by every meat-head reporter doing a puff-piece… recently took a backpack full of circuit boards and wires to school. It took two teachers and an alarm beeping from his backpack before enough was seen and something said.

Ahmed and Clock

And just so we’re clear here in the terms of the left and the Islamists. “See Something, Say Something” is fine. Just understand this. If you do, you had better be right; OR if you’re wrong, it had better be about a Caucasian male. Otherwise there will be hell to pay.

Ahmed was detained, questioned, and released to his parents… Ohhh the humanity. The real error in all of this is that it took a second teacher and an alarm in the middle of class to achieve this result.

Campaign - See Something Say Something - Malard

Cue the Islamic Stench:
Setting that important detail aside… let me take this one step further. This story of this whole scenario stinks to high heaven. Here are a few whiffs to consider.

First Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed (father to Ahmed), isn’t just some mild mannered immigrant now caught up in an innocent feel-good Muslim victim news story. He “occasionally” returns to Sudan (where he came from) to run for president. Yeah… normal people do that all the time. And remember that nut in Florida burning the Qurans? This Mohamed is the Mohamed who made national headlines debating him.

Second, CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) and it’s lawyers got real involved real quick. These are the terrorist supporting community organizers constantly stirring up trouble where ever they can. CAIRs message here is crystal clear. If “See Something… Keep Your Dam Mouth Shut If It Involves a Muslim or You Will Be Branded as a Racist Islamophobic Bastard!”

CAIR - Clocks

Thirdly, there is the just plain old common sense factor. Nobody (much less a genius as he is depicted) is so void of common sense as to believe a backpack full of circuit boards, wires and maybe a clock display taken to a school is anything other than asking… begging even… for trouble.

Ahmed - Dumbass or Liar

But Ahmed, his parents, and the left would have us believe that this little “genius” would just as innocently try to pass this through White House security and claim… “It’s just a clock… no it doesn’t look like a bomb to me…” Also imagine the reaction of Obama’s security detail to such a device. Ahmed has been invited to White House by the panderer in Chief. Might I suggest to the family that they show up a little early for a tour of the visitor center (without giving Barry a heads-up) and don’t forget the clock. :) You want to see a reaction? You want to see a few guns drawn? And this way the whole family could be involved.

My point… the suspension of disbelief from journalists, the left, and Islamic apologist (on such a national scale) is phenomenal here. But logic and reality have never been their strong points.

Finally, when told by his first teacher (the science guy) NOT to show this to anyone else. What did our innocent little genius Mohamed do? He didn’t turn it off. He didn’t stash it in a locker. No, he stuffed it in a backpack and had an alarm go off in English class. THEN… instead of just turning off the alarm… he yanks it out and does exactly what he was warned not to do. Show it to another teacher.

That is when he got the reaction he (as instructed by dear old dad) was looking for; someone seeing something and saying something… and the proper recourse that comes with it.

That’s right. I’m saying this sh#t was orchestrated by Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed and carried out by his son Ahmed Mohamed. And it worked. It got the leftist reaction they were looking for AND the Islamic reaction they were looking for (via CAIR). It would not surprise me if CAIR (at some level) was involved from the beginning as well.

This has the stink of lying and deceit directed at infidels for the benefit of Allah all over it. see Lying (Taqiyya and Kitman) And who can blame them? Misdirection and deceit have the blessing of Allah (and his prophet, Allah bless him and protect him and blah blah blah).

Allah’s Reward:
For his reward, Ahmed now has the admiration of the President (not to mention a White House visit), various leftist politicians and business leaders (invites from Google, Twitter). Ahmed is the bell of the liberal ball. CAIR (and their lawyers) have formed a circle around the family ready to milk this for all the propaganda (and dollars) it’s worth.

And finally, there is the Main Stream media. “The story immediately became ubiquitous not because of what actually happened, but because it can be used to further a story that the media already want to tell: that the United States is morally corrupt and irredeemably racist; that Muslims are under siege; that “white privilege” blinds the majority of Americans to the corruption at the heart of everything red, white, and blue.” (Kevin Williamson, National Review)

Looking for a More Inclusive School:
Conveniently, the Mohameds have decided Ahmed will find a more “inclusive” institution to continue his education. I submit that decision was made by father, son, and family some time ago. I have a few suggestion… all of them outside of Texas, most of them in Sudan.

Islamophobe - Political Cartoon

America IslamiphobicA Self-Evident Truth:
The media is throwing a hissy-fit over recent comments by Dr. Ben Carson that “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that. If [a president’s faith is] inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter.”

Ben Carson is exactly right. A Muslim commander in chief would be a travesty for this nation. Further, the incompatibility would endanger its very existence.

I believe the media (and even some conservatives) missed the point of Dr. Carson and lamented that he should learn a little civics. This included Senator Ted Cruz (of Texas) who said “You know, the Constitution specifies there shall be no religious test for public office and I am a constitutionalist”.

Carson did not address whether or not Muslims should not have the right to run for the office. He simply made two points.
1. We (the voters) should not put a Muslim in charge of the nation.
2. It the candidate’s faith is inconsistent with the values and principles of America (which Islam is) then that should matter in the selection of our leader.

Both points are not only true, they are self-evidently so… or at least should be.

Islam is antithetical to democracy and freedom. It’s very nature seeks to destroy any system that is not Islamic. It is a religion of subjugation and slavery; and not so much your submission and slavery to Allah, but to those who would set themselves up to define who/what Allah is… thus by it’s very nature Islam promotes fascism, totalitarianism, and oppression.

But it goes beyond just the U.S., Islam’s morals and mores are antithetical to western civilization as a whole. Just the basics of civil rights, slavery, pedophilia, and murder prove the two are incompatible. It is probably too late for Europe to realize or reverse the damage of this cold hard fact. “Mass immigration by Muslims is altering the culture of Europe because Muslims don’t join the culture of their new homelands. Muslims do not so much enhance European culture as supplant it, and are patiently conquering Europe’s cities, street by street”. (paraphrasing author Christopher Caldwell)

Protecting the Republic:
So, If we (the people, the voters) are to protect the principles upon which our nation (and civilization itself) was founded, then no… No Muslim (defined as “a follower of the religion of Islam”) should be allowed anywhere near the Presidency. And as if by prophetic warning, we’ve already seen first-hand the damage one who simply identifies with Muslim culture can do.

Does that mean that no Muslim should be allowed to run for office (any office). No… freedom and democracy demand it. They should just never be elected. If we are that stupid; if we are that willing to open the gates to the invading hordes who seek to destroy us (and we may be); we deserve what we get.

Attacking the messenger of an obvious truth such as this is just a tactic of the hordes who threaten our freedom.

I will also go one step further… In fact, considering Europe, Islam should be a mitigating factor within our immigration policy. These hard truths and resolutions to address them may seem harsh… and by western standards, they are. But they are far less harsh than what the true followers of Mohammed have planned for us (long and short term).

The leftist administration is planning on importing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into this nation. This process will include screening each for diseases such as tuberculosis. Shouldn’t we screen for another sickness just as dangerous (if not more so) to our very existence?

Texas is a state that sees great population growth. Why? Because we still understand the principles that made this nation great. So we produce jobs and grow at the expense of those states that have abandoned those founding principles. Thus a common refrain from Texans is “Welcome to Texas, try not to screw it up like the place you just left”. Is it too much to ask Muslims who are fleeing a cesspool to abandon and denounce the very %$#* that made it a cesspool.

People - Clinton, Hillary - (cartoon) - Holding SignFirst a caveat… I’m “RARELY” right about political predictions. Social predictions? Yes… but never political. So in hindsight (of writing this blog post) I’m probably ensuring what I predict won’t happen will…

So, with that in mind. I think Hillary will be a loser (again) this second time around; meaning I don’t think she will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Despite the money and the entitlement and the back-room deals… it won’t be enough. At a minimum the base of the Party will eventually turn against her (I think it has already begun). And I suspect the actual Party machine and the main stream media will as well.

Why will they do this?

There are lots of good reasons to do this. First and foremost being her qualifications. Hillary entered the political scene as a corrupt lawyer hanging on the coattails of her equally corrupt charismatic husband. That arrangement landed her a gig as first lady (big whoop). She moved on to become a Senator from New York and there she… did something… can anyone name something she did (without Googling it) as Senator? OK, she then used that Senate position to run for President and got beat by Barry Obama (the first and hopefully last affirmative action President). That wasn’t a total loss (from Hillary’s perspective) because she managed to trade her surrender/support for the position of Secretary of State (to pad that very lacking resume) and a promise of support in 2016. Unfortunately she didn’t really accomplish much as Sec. of State either (though her failings are massive and numerable). Hillary’s true success during these decades was using her various offices and positions to amass a multi-billion dollar slush-fund posing as a charitable foundation. Wow! What a resume!

Now Hillary is running for POTUS again, calling in her accumulated favors (from Obama and the like) and banking massive amounts of cash from businesses and governments (both foreign and domestic). Don’t get me wrong, those favors and that cash make her formidable. I just don’t think it’s going to be enough in the long run.

The lack of ability and accomplishment (if not her outright incompetence) should be all that’s needed for the left to deny Hillary the nomination again. But those things weren’t enough to kick Barack Obama to the curb so why would they apply to Hillary (or any Democrat)? The short answer is… they don’t apply.

If Obama has taught the Dems anything, it’s that they like and deserve the new and exciting. It’s like a new pair of shoes. They may cost a fortune and hurt like hell, but as long as they make you look FABULOUS… what the hell! Go for it!

“New”, “exciting”, and “FABULOUS” aren’t adjectives easily applied to Hillary Clinton and I don’t see any way (short of a deal with the devil) she will ever be able to make them apply. Thus the reason she will eventually be kicked to the curb once again. Ohhh they’ll use some excuse about concern over her honesty or elect-ability; but those won’t be the reasons so much as the vehicles used to accomplish the actual curb kicking.

Hillary has an inkling of her non-FABULOUS situation; so expect a lot of flailing about as she (and her handlers) try to do something (anything) to apply the right amount of lipstick to this pig :). That’s what her whole staged trip into Chipotle was all about. It ended up being as staged and laughable as Michele Obama’s shopping trip to Target. Those trips are a message to the common man (or woman), “Hey look at me, I’m just like you little people, doing the things you do… See! Here I am! Eating a (what do you call this thing)… a burrrriiitooo…” And sure it works on the most vapid and gullible; but just how many of those are there? (Please don’t answer that!)

Anyway. That’s about it. Hillary won’t be President, not because she can’t beat all those milquetoast Republicans; but because she’s too old and stale to get her Party’s nomination.

(One a side note, I think Hillary is beatable by the right kind of Republican so I kind of want her to get the nomination. About the only person I think would be more beatable than her would be … Uncle Joe Biden. :) So I’m riden’ with Biden, Baby!)

Pigs - RunningThe New York Times (who editors, reporters, and pretty well all employees would identify with Greece) reported recently on the vote to piss on any austerity deal offered by Greek creditors. TexasLynn is happy to translate…

“Greeks delivered a shocking rebuff to Europe’s leaders on Sunday, decisively rejecting a deal offered by the country’s creditors in a historic vote…” — New York Times

English: Greece, who has very generous social spending, early retirement with massive pensions, voted to keep all that feel-good socialism right where it is and continue suckling at Germany’s tit.

“As people gathered to celebrate in Syntagma Square in central Athens, the Interior Ministry reported that with more than 90 percent of the vote tallied, 61 percent of the voters had said no to a deal that would have imposed greater austerity measures.” — New York Times

English: Telling your creditors to go $#%@ themselves is fun… as long as you don’t need them anymore. Sixty-one percent of Greek voters didn’t get to the “as long as” part of that equation. But again, that is the nature of socialism not being able to look down the road, not being able to foresee consequences. So what we have learned is that a majority of Greek voters are such morons they have no idea where all that money comes from and have no concept that they are bankrupt. Their credit card has been cut up and they’ve just voted that the guys to issue credit cards have to give them another one.

“The Greeks may have burned their bridge to Europe, but the Germans are roasting marshmallows over the flames.” — Kevin D. Williamson, National Review’s roving correspondent

Political Cartoon - 2015 07 07 - Greek Election for Dummies

“The no votes carried virtually every district in the country, handing a sweeping victory to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, a leftist who came to power in January vowing to reject new austerity measures, which he called an injustice and economically self-defeating. Last month he walked away from negotiations in frustration at the creditors’ demands, called the referendum and urged Greeks to vote no as a way to give him more bargaining power.” — New York Times

English: The current Greek Prime Minister is pretty well Bernie Sanders… meaning he is a leftist idiot. He is promising bread and circuses when HE has no bread or circuses to give. His plan has been to get his people to throw a hissy-fit so as to give him “leverage” in negotiating bread and circuses from those who have been carrying Greece for a quarter of a century. The strategy is delusional… and we’re talking Barack Hussein Obama delusional here…

“While Mr. Tsipras now appears to have gotten his wish, his victory in the referendum settled little, since the creditors’ offer is no longer on the table. There remains the possibility that they could walk away, leaving Greece facing default, financial collapse, and expulsion from the eurozone and, in the worst case, from the European Union.” — New York Times

English: Greece, led by Alexis threw they little temper tantrum and discovered that their intended audience had left the room. Now they’re yelling out the door for the adults should come back and give them what they want.

“Mr. Tsipras went on television briefly to say he would resume negotiations immediately. He said that the vote was not a mandate for ‘rupture’ with Europe. ‘The people today replied to the right question,’ he said. ‘They did not answer to the question in or out of the euro. This question needs to be taken out of the discussion, once and for all.'” — New York Times

English: Greece still wants to be part of the club; they just want everybody else to pay all the bills. (Sounds like the UN) AND they had a vote… so that settles it.

Comunist - Socialist - PartyOnly one problem… and it’s the whole problem with socialism…

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.” — British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in a TV interview for Thames TV This Week, Feb. 5, 1976

And why is that? Why do they make a mess? Why do they run out of other people’s money? Because the socialism by design will always either 1) piss off the guys who pay the bills who stop paying (if they have the power to do so) or 2) the guys who pay the bills are dragged down with the looters and go bankrupt themselves.

Greece held their little vote. But it’s not their vote that counts.

If Germany is smart… they’ll cut Greece loose. It would be painful, but like any addict, stopping the flow of drugs is necessary if there is going to be any hope for recovery.

People - Krauthammer, CharlesAside I: This Exchange from Fox News was perfect… (and I probably stole/borrowed the punch line from Dr. Krauthammer…)

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look. The no vote, if they decide to stand up for Greek pride as the prime minister outlines it, is a vote for suicide. They’re seeing elements of it right now. I think the vote’s a week late for the prime minister. People are looking into the future. They’re seeing this week inability to get cash. Everything is running out. Commodities are getting scarce. What’s going to happen afterwards?

I think in the end the Greeks are not crazy. I think they understand the reason that they are in debt is not blackmail. But this is a country of 11 million people that has run up $275 billion in debt. That’s not easy if you’re 11 million people, but the Greeks are good at this. The Germans have finally said we’re taking away the credit card. The problem is there’s no negotiating leverage left because the Europeans have already called the bluff. They are ready to see the Greeks exit. And they are not going to budge one way or the other.

The irony is that the thing they’re ostensibly voting on Sunday is an offer already removed off the table by the Europeans. So this is a symbolic vote. It’s a taking of hemlock. The Greeks have a history of this. It was once noble. But I can’t believe they’re going to do this because it’s essentially economic suicide.

TUCKER CARLSON, DAILY CALLER: Can I say one point, though, the Greek prime minister is described in every news account as a member of the radical left-wing party. Not something obviously I endorse. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself honestly, has membership in the E.U. really helped Greece? I mean, this is a country that doesn’t have anything in common with other members. 75% of Greeks retire by the age of 61. This is a country that just doesn’t have anything in common with Germany.

Why are they in this union?

KRAUTHAMMER: They’re in this union because it gave them 25 years of living off the German tit.

Aside II: This should actually sound familiar here across the pond… but we (American Society) are probably too far gone to notice. Can you say “Detroit”, “Chicago”, “California”, “Illinois”, “New Jersey”. Massive spending, massive pensions for government employees. And on a national level, a massive Ponzi scheme masquerading as a retirement plan? Of course we’ll continue down the Greek path… more spending, more debt, more taxes, more… spending other people’s money… until… one of the two consequences grind the whole thing to a halt.

We shake our head… but we are them… just not quite there yet.

USA Today: States face shaky financial futures; pensions at risk

Detroit A Glimpse of the Future of the United States

Aside III: Secede or Die

Maybe it’s not too late… but there is but one hope. Have a sober 4th of July.

American Prayer

Gay - Bert and Ernie - New YorkerOctober 13, 2014… (9 months ago)
RW: The only way I see GOP winning major elections is with a “freedom” platform, which I expect to see articulated further by Rand Paul and others on the small-L libertarian side of the GOP. Basically, “let the states decide, I wash my hands of it.” That will satisfy most social liberals, and piss off most social conservatives.

TexasLynn: I don’t see how you think this is an option. The left has made it very clear that they will not accept that compromise (states decide). To prove my point. Despite everything Texas has done… gay marriage will be legal in this state by the end of 2015. And the great citizens of Texas will have no say in the matter.

The Broad Path We Have Chosen:
Of course, I haven’t been concerned with the GOP winning for some time. The GOP “winning” has proven not to mean a whole lot… I moved on from that failed strategy some time ago, I’m even “evolving” away from my opinion on the need (or good it will do) to split conservatives away from the GOP and form a third party…

As for our current situation, you can’t say I didn’t see it coming, and not that it was that hard. Any fool could have seen it (even ten or twenty years ago).

So with that in mind, let me share what I now see coming. If you think the world burning will stop or even pause here (with gay marriage) you are sadly mistaken. Next… trans-gender and polygamy… and soon after… adjusting the conditions and age of consent… and… trans-species coupled with animal rights (meaning ALL the rights humans have). And these are just the visible perversion on the horizon. I suspect I am utterly incapable of even imagining the deviance the god of this world has planned for the faithful.

Evolution of Man - Leftist

This nation is well beyond the point of any concern for human decency, or even the secular rule of law on which it was founded. The Republic is lost no less than the Titanic ten minutes after hitting the iceberg (even though it took hours for the ship to actually sink).

Our Last Option, A Lifeboat:
And if the Republic is lost, what can we (the sane) do? I used to think that we needed a 3rd Party, that conservatives needed to abandon the GOP; but it’s clear that was really never going to work; even if it did happen. We’re too far gone. Saving everyone is no longer an option and to try is foolish.

Texas - Secede - AmicableTexas - Secede - Amicable EnoughI can think of only one (sane) thing to do. Leave the fools behind and find a lifeboat as quickly as possible.

And let us christen that lifeboat “Texas”. So I would call upon those who see and know, those who are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’, to come to Texas. Let us separate ourselves from the hubris of a lost ship in the darkness.

Let us begin with a non-binding state resolution. The only purpose being, planting that seed in the minds of the citizens of this great state.

Let us begin the dialog with the accursed (left/north/socialist) concerning an amicable separation. They hate us so much they may say “Don’t let Oklahoma hit you in the ass on the way out”. (See here and here for example…) What does it hurt to explore that possibility?

Let us start the process and see where it goes and what options we have (pleasant, amicable, … or not).

Texas! Secede or Die!

Texas - Secede or Die


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