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Hillary Clinton just announced that she will indeed run for the office of President of the United States. I think her campaign slogan should be “At this point, what difference does it make”… but I don’t think she’ll use it. I suspect her campaign will be based on “income inequality” so as to hopefully tact far enough left to dissuade the likes of another Obama (like Elizabeth lying cow Warren) from running.

I think the Republicans will have a chance against her. I even think I prefer her as the Socialist Democratic candidate over many others (with the exception of Joe Biden). :)

Of course my support of the Republican candidate is not a foregone conclusion. I don’t even consider it likely this year. The slogan mention earlier is pretty well apt for both parties…

Comic - Prickly City - 2015 04 11 - Doomed

Comic - Pooch Cafe - 2015 04 11 - Apocalypse Scale

Concept - DiscriminationThe Once Diverse Meaning of Discriminating:
Discrimination wasn’t always a word with the total negative connotation it has today. We can say thanks to the lefts Ministry of Truth for that. Once when someone was “discriminating”, they had “good taste” and/or “character”. Who your friends are, who you do business with, who you are willing to associate with says something about who you are. Guess what? Who you exclude from your association says something about who you are too. Be that something good or bad, shouldn’t we at least have the right to make that choice? The left says… “No”; sometimes correctly in the case of race and sometimes not in the case of homosexuality. It really comes down to choice, morality and where that line is drawn.

Golden Calf - ScienceThe god of Science:
The left, of course, justifies this by stating (falsely) that homosexuality is genetic… completely genetic… god/nature made me this way… I had no control over this… it’s just like race… This is of course religious belief disguised as science. The left (and sodomites themselves) want this to be true, so they have their god, “Science”, decree it to be so. Anyone who uses actual science to refute this is branded a heretic.

Science (not the god) may confirm that there is a genetic component to homosexuality, but that also infers other factors which give credence to choice. The lefts arguments fall apart if choice is in the equation at all. Equating sodomy to race no longer applies. Some blacks are aware of this and justifiably outraged by the comparison.

So the world (the left) builds its house on the sands of appearance and half-truths and seek to remake the world and those in it in their image.

Examples of Being Discriminating:
Should a pet store have the right to refuse service to individuals it deems will be abusive to the animals they sell? Can they elect not to sell a puppy to someone who admits they plan to eat it? Or is that culturally and racially insensitive? Can pet store owners elect not to sell to perverts or are they being judgmental?

Should a Jewish (or Muslim) deli be forced to prepare and serve ham sandwiches (or a whole roasted pig) to gentile gatherings?

Should a black business be forced cater, photograph, or decorate for a Neo Nazi or Klan event? Or should they be free, in good conscience to tell those seeking their services to “get bent” which translates into “please take your business elsewhere”?

While I would hope the answer to the above questions are self-evident; in this day and age, I’m not so sure anymore. While a majority of Americans could easily and quickly come to the right conclusions above, they lack the logic and empathy to apply the same basic human rights to a most hated of groups among them, Christians. Today, treading upon fundamental and sacred rights of that hated group is the social and political norm.

Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution

The Approaching Storm:
We Christians had better get used to it. Because it’s going to get worse… a lot worse… and soon. Individuals and business will soon face bankruptcy and jail if they dare live by their faith. Churches will be punished and persecuted (beginning with their tax-exempt status) if they refuse to teach homosexuality as normal and moral…

Of course individuals and companies should be free to discriminate (yes, discriminate) against individuals they find morally objectionable and/or against their religious beliefs. It is a basic and core tenet of the First Amendment (freedom of religion AND association clauses). But the precepts of our Constitution and the freedoms it confirms is alien and offensive to the secular left who will sacrifice them on an altar of political correctness.

A Christian business (caterer, florist, bakery, photographer, etc…) should not be forced to provide services to people engaged in abhorrent (from their religious perspective) behavior; especially when the service they are being compelled to participate in has religious overtones.

Of course we immediately think of homosexuals and weddings. But who would disagree that religious people and businesses have the right to refuse and not participate in services of pagans, wiccans, polygamists, etc? We’re not asking that these idiots be branded, marked, or even beheaded (as would occur in countries practicing the “religion of peace”). We’re just asking you to go do your thing and leave us the #$@% alone!

But that’s not going to happen. Want to preach that homosexuality is a sin? Get ready to be fined or go to jail. Get ready to be silenced. Want to exclude gay weddings from your church? Get ready to lose your tax exempt status or worse. But it’s not as if we should be surprised, Christ and the apostles warned us of the world and what it would do to us for His sake. We are not commanded to win (He did that), just to try, just to run the good race.

And make no mistake about it; this is a worldly attack on Christians and Christians only… else you would see the same issues brought against the businesses owned by practitioners of “religion of peace” (see video below). You will not see this for two reasons. 1) Islam is not as hated by the left as Christianity is AND 2) Islam has made it very clear what it thinks about sodomites and heretics and what it is willing to do to them. The left has got that message loud and clear. The worst leftist can expect from a Christian is honest disagreement and an attempt to legally secure the rights leftist seek to take away. They have courageously deduced it better to attack the “hater” who won’t make his point by cutting off your head…

Political - Republican - White Flag - SurrenderThe Lost Cultural War:
The Cultural War has been lost (or won from the lefts perspective) and now all that is left to be done is to deliver a coup de grâce to the wounded and dying conservatives that still struggle. That’s pretty well what’s happening with the attacks on Religious Freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas.

It’s both sad and scary that the only barrier between us (conservatives & Christians) and the fascist left (led by the LGBT gestapo) are a bunch of eunuchs that make up the Republican Party. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Republicans legislators threw up the white flag within hours of being attacked.

Briefly it looked like Arkansas, led by Gov. Asa Hutchinson would do the right thing, but after a quick phone call from Wal-Mart, he backpedaled pretty quickly. The bottom line (at Wal-Mart & state governments), does not sound policy make.

Meanwhile, there has been no pretense (not even from Republicans) that religious people have rights not to be compelled to participate in homosexual events. We’ve lost so much ground within country and the Republican Party, no one will even take to the field of battle/debate on our behalf. The left instead puts forth that if you are not willing to serve everybody (and by that they mean if you do not acquiesce to their beliefs 100%) then you are not entitled to even be in business, not even entitled to make a living.

Supreme Court - Gay IssuesThe Lost Rule of Law:
The whole issue of gay marriage is about to be settled (in the affirmative) by the U.S. Supreme Court where over 300 Republicans signed an amicus (friend of the court) brief in support of homosexual wedding being made legal nationally. “Among the signatories are 23 current and former Republicans members of the House of Representatives and Senate and seven current and former Governors… including Sens. Susan Collins and Mark Kirk, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. Other notables include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal and billionaire GOP mega-donor David Koch.”

This issue is the ultimate proof that the Republican Party never has and never will be part of the solution. On all issues (moral and fiscal) they surrender and advocate for a slower march to hell. But alas, we reached the point of no return years ago. To paraphrase a great leftist “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”.

The answer of course is none, except that these Republicans can rest assured that when the losers are put against the wall… they… will be last. I only regret, I won’t be around to see it. The leftist can rest assured that when the nut-ball Islamics behead the heretics, they will be last (after paying jizya for a few years). I really regret, I’ll miss that. :)

Video: See Stephen Crowder go and do what leftist homosexuals would not dare…

2015 04 02 - Life

I just turned 50. Half a century. And my thoughts on that are… meh… If you really think about it there are worse things in life than getting older… not getting older for one… I say any day above ground is a good day. :)

I’ve never been a very optimistic person in terms of human affairs and that tendency has certainly not ebbed with age. We’re too flawed at all levels (personally, and in groups). Which is why we (and especially I) are lucky the end goal (life, real LIFE) has nothing to do with our character or ability. That victory was won over 2000 years ago. :)

So here’s to turning 50! I’ve enjoyed it, and will take whatever the Lord has graciously planned going forward. :)

Nuclear IranI give a lot of grief to the left all the time, so let me comment on something my side got wrong.

Forty-seven Senators, led by Senator Tom Cotton, recently sent an open letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran informing them that any deal they struck with Obama (and not confirmed by the Senate) was only as good as the word of the President and subject to be reascended by the next President with a simple executive order.

Now before I sound too much like a Democrat… I have no problem with the content of the letter. It states as fact how our Constitution works (despite what Obama and the left would like to be true). It also states a message that needed to be sent to our enemies (foreign and domestic).

I have no problem with the Senate trying to influence (or even undermine) what the President is trying to do with Iran. President Obama is trying to make a deal with the devil for political and personal (legacy) reasons at the expense of U.S. interest and our allies (Israel, and “moderate” Muslim nations).

Hillary Clinton (hoping to get the press to concentrate on this issue other than her email) said “There appear to be two logical answers. Either these senators were trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to the commander in chief in the midst of high-stakes international diplomacy.”

It’s the latter. In this case (more than most) Obama’s plans NEED to be undermined by good and patriotic men.

OK… So the message needed to be sent. The Iranians needed to get that message. Obama needed to get that message. Where these Senators went wrong was simply the means of delivery they chose for the message. This sets a bad precedent. Public officials should not be sending open letters to our enemies who are negotiating with our commander in chief. Obama is doing his job under the authority of the Constitution no matter how bad he is actually doing that job.

Yes, Obama is incompetent. Yes, Obama should take any agreement of this magnitude to the Senate. Yes, Obama and the Iranians should be thwarted… But there will be other Presidents after this boob; hopefully intelligent, thoughtful, competent Presidents. It’s the office that was damaged when it shouldn’t have been and when it didn’t have to be.

Other means could have been used to accomplish the same thing. The one that immediately comes to mind is that the Senators could have submitted the exact same letter as an Op/Ed to the New York Times. Everyone who needed to get that message would have received it; Iran, the President… All enemies of the Republic after all read the New York Times. :)

Political Cartoon - 2015 03 00 - Obama and Iran

American Movie - SniperSo I got a chance to see American Sniper. And I’ll try to get my thoughts about it down in this posting. Nothing in this original post contains any spoilers. If anything is posted in the comments with spoilers I ask that we add a [Spoiler Alert] warning.

Quality of the Movie:
Mentally for years I’ve ranked movies on a scale of 1-10. For me the scale is probably weighted in the negative end of the scale. Ninety percent of movies ever produced fall in the range of five or less. Five is an average “meh” movie. It was OK but I’ll never see it again. Ten is a phenomenal masterpiece that I have seen many times. There are very few tens (Blade Runner, Brave Heart, 12 Monkeys). One is a movie so boring or stupid or insulting that all involved in it’s production should be flogged (The Neverending Story, Highlander II, The War of the Roses). Hopefully with this explanation you can judge my ranking of American Sniper

The Movie:
American Sniper was a seven… so not bad. It keeps your interest, doesn’t really drag anywhere and it’s easy to become emotionally invested in the characters (especially Chris Kyle). Chris is also not portrayed as one dimensional. Many viewers will see Chris as a hero (some not), but we are exposed to some of his weaknesses and faults as well. Dealing with the war and his job in it; being a brother, husband, and father; and carving out a life of service once he leaves the military. He’s not perfect, and like the rest of us succeeds sometimes and falls short others.

I’m no movie critic nor an expert in theater so my review of the movie is simple as a lay person. The performance by Bradley Cooper, who plays Chris Kyle, is very good and from what I understand he did a good job of capturing the man he portrayed. I can only judge the direction by the fact that I was never in a position of wondering what was going on or wishing that things would move forward or change pace.

I will say that the scenes with the fake baby were noticeable, but I question if they would have been so noticeable had I not been looking for them based on the criticism. It didn’t take away from the movie that much for me. I understand that directors have severely handicapped (due to laws) when it comes to shooting scenes witch children (and especially babies). The complaints were nitpicky and petty (but that could be the politics talking).

I particularly like the ending of the movie [still not a spoiler here unless you are completely uninformed about Chris Kyle] in that it did not go into the details of Chris’s murder. The scenes of tribute from his memorial service put a nice punctuation on the story of his service.

The Story:
It’s hard for me to know how accurate the actual story behind the movie is. What happened, what didn’t, and to what degree were aspects toned down or turned up? For example, I saw Unbroken and then read that the producers greatly toned down the emaciation suffered by the main character (and his friend) after forty days at sea in a raft. They also toned down the abuse suffered at the Japanese prisoner of war camps. They thought the truth would distract from the story they wanted to tell concerning the perseverance.

Assuming the basic premise and scenes in American Sniper realistically depicted what happened in Iraq, I can only conclude that 1) War is hell, 2) There is (and always will be) great evil in the world and 3) that evil will flourish so long as good men do nothing (or allow nothing to be done).

It is terrible that such hatred and evil exists, and it is shame good men must address it; but that is the nature of man. The only greater shame would be… doing nothing.

The Politics (from the Left):
A vast majority of the leftist vitriol over the movie has nothing to do with the movie, it’s merits, or it’s faults and everything to do with the lefts hatred of our role in Iraq, the military, and what they perceive America’s role is in the 21’st century. Their hatred is so consuming that everything having anything to do with American Patriotism (especially in relation to Bush, or Iraq) must be demeaned and torn down. Thus the attacks personal attacks on Chris Kyle (and that is what they were).

The left has basically shown that they can dish it out (and boy can they dish it) but they can’t take it. Every now and then a movie (or TV series) is produced that doesn’t subscribe to their social dogma and they go into hysterics and personal attack mode. Why can be explained by nature of a monopoly; which the left holds on Hollywood. Monopolies by definition can’t stand 1) Competition and (even worse) 2) Successful competition.(1)

American Sniper turned out to be one of those movies. We conservatives have to deal with most movies having leftist slants, digs, or outright propaganda; but we (for the most part) take it stoically (in comparison).

(1)Hollywood monopoly explanation from someone on the O’Reilly Factor (sorry I don’t remember who).

Poltical Cartoon - Michael Moore - American Sniper

The Politics (from the Right):
We on the right have a patriotic reverence for America, her role as a force for good in the world, and her military that makes that role possible. That reverence is instinctively extended to men like Chris Kyle. That reverence may also cause us to instinctively extend a benefit of the doubt to some dubious behavior. (Example: Abu Ghraib was a bad thing and people needed to be held accountable. Does it even come close to the vile actions of those we are fighting? No. Meanwhile the left would assign moral equivalence at best.) This bring up the quest of “Are we conservatives as blinded by our reverence as the left is by their hatred”? I don’t think so (not even close)… but I’m coming from a certain perspective.

The Bottom Line:
American Sniper just surpassed Hunger Games for the top grossing film with a 2014 release date. That’s a good thing. Like most things, a free marketplace is a good test for a good product.

There are two reasons that happened. 1) American Sniper is really a pretty good film telling an intriguing story. 2) Word got out that American Sniper is something completely missing in the products coming out of Hollywood… a film that support traditional American ideals.

Left - Liberal - Rabid - Hate America“My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes.” — Michael Moore (Leftist Filmmaker) on the film American Sniper

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” — George Orwell

Not that Orwell was a bastion of conservatism (far from it), but he did understand evil; especially evil in the form of oppressive government and power.

Today, Michael Moore (and many, many on the left) are hypocrites; enjoying the freedoms this nation bestows upon her citizens while at the same time despising and slandering the men who bought that freedom with their lives. Moore thrives and profits on selling lies and slander (as do many on the left). And then Moore uses his millions in attacks meant to destroy the American freedoms and values that made his success even possible.

When you leftist out there bitch and moan about being labeled as “Hate America Fist”, remember it is the likes of Michael Moore that correctly foster that label… and your silence just adds an “amen”.

Political - Left - Hate America First

Kitchen - Egg Timer - About to Go OffAs we reflect on the (hopefully) final ticking seconds off Wendy Davis’ fifteen minutes of fame; she exposes us to a common but persistent trait of the liberal mindset. Asked if she regrets anything concerning he failed campaign for Texas Governor, Wendy said “There is one thing that I would do differently in that campaign and it relates to the position that I took on open carry… I made a quick decision on that with a very short conversation with my team and it wasn’t really in keeping with what I think is the correct position on that issue… Though I certainly support people’s right to own and to bear arms in appropriate situations, I fear with open carry, having watched that issue unfold during the campaign, that it will be used to intimidate and cause fear. And this was the only time I felt like I’d strayed a bit from that.” Leftist politicians must often lie to hide who they really are in order to be viably electable. But then once the election is over (win or lose) they fret that their progressive credentials may be damaged in the eyes of their comrades. They panic and reveal the lie using the excuses of evolving, or being misunderstood. The really good practitioners of the leftist arts tell us they never changed at all, but rather it was us (the unwashed) who were too stupid to understand what they were really saying. People - Davis, Wendy - Texas Governor Candidate 2013 - 003

In Wendy’s case it was a decision she and (more importantly) her team got wrong. Wendy Davis really didn’t support open carry before or after the “short conversation with [her]team”. She knew it. Her team knew it. In that meeting they didn’t decide after careful consideration that they supported the issue, but rather that they would lie about their support of the issue for political expediency. Now since that lie didn’t pay any dividends and the election is over Wendy feels she can safely take a swipe at the second amendment and it’s supporters (who had the gall to not be fooled by her lie). Her coming clean is also meant to reassure her leftist comrades that she was and is still in their camp. Also notice Wendy’s statement that she supports the second amendment “in appropriate situations”. While this may be true in her mind, she intentionally makes a point to omit the details of “appropriate situations”. It’s another lie wrapped in semantics, and Wendy like much of the left is an artists when it comes to this practice. I assure you that the “appropriate situations” are not the freedoms we enjoy today. Yet she conveniently never found the opportunity to verbalize those situations in the campaign (a lie of omission). Given a chance (the Governorship) Wendy would have moved Texas forward with her un-verbalized appropriate leftist restrictions.

But, alas, this is Texas. Unfortunately not all politicians of Wendy’s sort are limited by Texas’ common sense. Thus… you can keep you doctor, until it’s obvious you can’t; you support the sanctity of marriage, until the polls swing your way; you support the pipeline, as long as you never have to actually vote on it; you want the greatest military in the world, as you gut it behind the scenes…

Sign - Left Turn OnlyThe point is, leftist often support issues key to our Constitution, freedom, and social fabric… until they evolve, or reevaluate, or whatever liberals do. It’s a way of sitting in the middle of the road (with you right-hand blinker on) until circumstances or opportunity compel you to turn left. In truth a progressive never supports these issues from the beginning. They were always going to turn left, but choose to subversively undermine hated issues and polices while misleading the public on their true stance. BUT when the undermining is complete (or in Wendy’s case ineffective), they are free (even compelled) to reveal their true colors. On behalf of those who really do support the Second Amendment (and freedom, and the social fabric, and the rest of the Constitution) I would like to thank Wendy Davis to affirming our suspicions. It’s good to know the leftist bull-sh!t meter is still working just fine. Now, Wendy Davis; please… go away… 14:56… 57… 58… 59… :)


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