For the record, I support states that decide to gradually open up businesses and try to save their economies (meaning jobs and lives). Texas and other (mostly red) states are doing that, and the Main Stream Media is throwing a fit. You would think people are dropping dead in the streets.

Given that, I also support any business that thinks Texas is jumping the gun. That business should NOT open. The same goes for individuals. If it’s too dangerous, stay home, quarantine as long as you think necessary.

Also, for the record, I support states locking things down to wait out this storm. That decision will cost jobs and destroy businesses (and lives), but that’s considered a small price to pay for the lives saved from COVID-19.

So, what I really support is self-determination and the marketplace of ideas. Decisions, risks, analysis, action, consequences … that’s life before and after this pandemic.

The leaders (governors, mayors, etc…) of states that open up should be held accountable. If the disease is resurgent and too many people die from it, they should be removed from office.

The leaders (governors, mayors, etc…) of states that close down should be held accountable. If their businesses go under for good and their citizens lose their jobs (and savings, homes, etc.), the leaders should be removed from office. For these leaders, there is the added variable of possibly skirting the Constitution (which would be inexcusable.)

Perhaps providence gave us a non-Democrat President at this time in our history; otherwise, this would have been a purely statist (as in one-size-fits-all federal) response.

It comes down to supporting how all this (these United States) was supposed to work in the first place, autonomous states making their own way in the marketplace of ideas with the advice and support of the federal government. With fifty little experiments (or at least a handful as opposed to one), we can see who was right (or more right) and who was wrong (if we can cut through the propaganda).

Joe Biden took another stab at addressing the Tara Reade allegations this week (5/15/2020). Why? I don’t know. Responding to these accusations assumes the #MeToo gals (and their supporters) meant what they said. That 1) We must always believe the female accuser and 2) We will hold the accused responsible based on that unfailing belief. Both of these professions were lies from the beginning (and they knew it).

I guess Joe has to answer questions brought up by reporters (as sparse as they are), but the fewer words from Joe, the better (IMO). I would say “It never happened, next question,” verbatim and every time. But thanks to the political correctness ingrained in the left (#MeToo) and Democratic Party, Joe has to hem, haw, and dance all over the place. Good. Call it karma, or reaping what you sew, I like it (when applied to my ideological foes).

But what all the dancing around and excess explanation does is remind the not-so-crazy and not-so-lefty voters that “Oh yeah, that hair sniffing, girl groping, finger sucking old guy is kinda creepy.”

Specifically, Joe said in the interview, when it comes to Reads allegations, Americans should “vote their heart” in November. To clarify, if you believe the assault accusations made against him, then you “probably shouldn’t vote for me.”

Joe has nothing to fear from the hypocrites on the left (especially the #MeToo movement). But he had better hope the suburban “moderate” voters (especially women) don’t take his advice too seriously; because there is something there, if you bother to look.

I’ve already said that I don’t believe Tara Reade’s specific accusations based on her character and actions. (see What Tara Reade Reveals) But I do believe something sexual and predatory happened. Reade told way too many people back then (when she was a Biden sycophant), and they confirmed it then and now.

So Creepy Joe, could you be more specific and go into a lot more (very verbose) detail on how we should “vote our hearts”? To what extent do we have to believe the allegations? Up to penetration? Is groping or sleazy advances sufficient?

Let’s have a town hall on the subject so that we can make sure the proper respect for Tara Reade is observed. Oh, and let’s review and analyze this pattern of perverse grabbing, groping, and sniffing that’s been going on for decades. I mean, it’s only fair (by #MeToo standards) to respect all these women (and children) you’ve (at a minimum) made uncomfortable. 🙂

In an interview recently (5/14/2020), Joe Biden was informed that he is seen as “old” and “lame.” More specifically, the three top slogans for Joe Biden memes are “Dementia Joe, Sleepy Joe, and Creepy Joe” in that order. TikTok (the latest platform for the youths) postings concerning Joe are majoritively negative.

The interviewer asked, “Basically, there’s an entire discourse on the internet right now that’s painting you as creepy and old and out of touch and kind of lame. How do you fight back against that?”

Joe’s response, “I can hardly wait to get onto the stage with Donald Trump. Look, I certainly miss being out on the trail connecting face-to-face to people. Trump is a master at laying nicknames on people, and it’s this whole deal.”

Joe Added, “But the vast majority of the voters out there, including young people, are not getting all their news from the internet. But I’m trying to compete there. We’re getting started late in the comparative sense.”

And finally, “And in terms of energy, I don’t have any problem comparing my energy level to Donald Trump, who I’m really resisting giving a nickname to.”

TexasLynn Notes:
OK, I could be wrong, but the last thing Joe Biden’s team wants is for him to be on stage with Donald Trump. As proof, in the near future, watch the debate negotiations. The Biden team will insist on very few of them and will even push for “virtual” (as in not physically present) debates using the Rona as an excuse.

OK, I could be wrong, but the last thing Joe Biden’s team wants is for Joe to be more face-to-face with people. The guy is a gaffe machine and a disaster. As proof, look for a lot of surrogates on the campaign trail in his place (if and when he comes out of his basement).

The coup de grace in all this is Joe saying that voters, including YOUNG PEOPLE, don’t get their news from the internet. He just reinforced the dementia, sleepy and stupid narratives.

Trump has been hurt by COVID-19. A lot of his chances will hinge on what the economy does between not and November.

The only reason Trump is still in this (November election) is because of what the Dems are offering as an alternative, and Joe Bide (I again assert) was the best Trump could hope for out of the whole bunch.

Good or bad, Joe Biden is the last, best hope for Trump 2020.

The Narrative

The Wall Street Journal today (5/14/2020) had a short and sweet “unmasking” of what has been behind “Russian Collusion” narratives for the last three years. Nothing.

All the Adam Schiff Transcripts

This comes on the heels of the House Intelligence Committee, finally releasing transcripts of testimony concerning Russiam meddling in the 2016 election.

Again… we learn what corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok knew all along, “There’s no big there there.”

But that didn’t stop the liars from trying to create a “there there” out of thin air; led by the likes of Adam Schiff.

A lot of the people (like James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Power) have hinted at “Russian Collusion” publicly (where lying is not illegal). Under oath (where lying is illegal), they have said something completely different. Of course, they knew that transcripts of their testimony behind closed doors would be hidden (as long as possible) by leftist politicians and their lapdogs in the media.

Today, we still have disingenuous liars (Adam Schiff chief among them) still supporting and vaguely referencing the “Russian Collusion” narrative leaning on the liberal proverb that if you “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

Side Note: I have noticed them trying to pivot to Covid-19 attacks now when confronted. This is orchestrated, by the way.

The sad part of all this is how well that narrative (and proverb) has worked. Aside from his character or performance or anything else, there are still many, many people out there that believe Donald Trump and/or his campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. And NOTHING will convince them otherwise; because that is their truth, the one that affirms what they want to be true.

The Coup

In 1972, corrupt petty criminals paid by the Richard M Nixons re-election committee tried to wiretap a single phone in the opposing Party’s headquarters located in the Watergate hotel in Washington, D.C.

President Nixon knew nothing about it and certainly didn’t order it. He did, however, learn about it later and tried to cover it up. And that is considered the greatest act of political corruption in U.S. History, and it cost Nixon his Presidency.


Imagine, instead, if Nixon had known, and worse had directed the operation, and worse orchestrated not petty criminals but government agents to perform the wiretaps. Imagine if top-level agents were corrupt enough to go along with it, and the power of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (the FBI) was brought to bear to entrap, bankrupt, and blackmail (with threats against his family) no one less than the National Security Advisor of the next opposing Party President. Imagine the operation snow-balling from there into fake-dossiers, insurance policies, misleading FISA courts, timed leaks, unmasking, more moles, and eventually impeachment proceedings.

It would have made Watergate look like a slumber party.

A popular and famous phrase during the Watergate investigation was, “What did the President know, and when did he know it.” Well, what’s good for the goose (Nixon), is good for the gander (Obama and his underlings).


The house of cards surrounding the FBI’s entrapment and Gestapo-like tactics used against National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, recently came tumbling down. As a result (of the corruption), the DOJ has dropped the case against Flynn. There should never have been one.

It’s my understanding (and no big surprise) that the left and the MSM (Main Stream Media) are depicting this as a “white privilege,” good-old-boy thing. That’s total bullshit.


What is clear to many (and will never be clear of many others) is that the entire narrative of “Russian Collusion” was an invention and hoax perpetrated by a few corrupt Washington insiders intent of damaging, or better yet, removing a duly elected President. “There is no there, there,” and there never was.

Accompanying the collapse of the DOJ case against Flynn is a lot more information coming out and quite a bit of apparent nervousness from members of the previous administration. Good. I don’t think there is any reason for nervousness (given the sad state things), but I like to see it anyway.

False Hope:

A lot of conservatives are giddy over the prospects of someone FINALLY being held accountable for the mess perpetrated on the Amerian people over the last three years. It’s sad, really, because I’ve seen it (false hope) before. To be clear, if the likes of Hillary Clinton can do everything she has done, and still breathe free air (as in not behind bars), nobody of consequence in her Party will ever be held accountable for anything. Understanding that sad truth can go a long way in maintaining sanity.

Given that fact (there will be no accountability), the DOJ and prosecutors should still pull on every loose thread they can find to get to the truth. Shining the light on darkness and revealing corruption is always a good thing, whether the media, or the powers that be, or the people see it or not.

One Thread in Particular:

On January 5, 2017 (about two weeks before Trump would take office), then-President Barack Obama met with the FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Vice President Joe Biden, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. In this meeting, they discussed the FBI’s investigation of allegations of collusion between associates of President-elect Donald Trump and the Russian government. This included the infamous Steele dossier.

In hindsight (as more and more documents are proving), James Comey (and probably everyone else in that room) knew collusion was bullshit, the dossier was bullshit, and all that bullshit was the basis for lieing to FISA courts as the FBI continued to conduct it’s “investigation.”

The real question here is (say it with me), “What did the President know, and when did he know it.” And really, what did each and every person in that room know and when?

One person in that room did later kind of spill the beans as to what went on. Two weeks later (January 20, 2017), National Security Advisor Susan Rice panicked and wrote an “oh shit, cover my ass” email to herself. It was one of Rice’s last official acts as Secretary of State.

Rice told herself concerning that meeting … “The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.”

Remember, Susan Rice is writing this to herself on her last day on the job, knowing it will be archived. Ask yourself why? Why does she remember and document Obama insisting on “by the book” several times?

In hindsight, does anything Comey and the FBI did seem even remotely “by the book?” Why would Obama even have to mention following the law in the first place? Susan Rice knew that nothing in that meeting (or what came after) even remotely resembled lawful action; if it had, there would have been no reason to email herself with the message “nothing to see here” for others to find.

No. This is (IMO) nothing less than a cover-my-ass email, written by someone panicking. This is banana republic coup level %$#@! She could feel the breeze blowing up her backside, and would soon have even less power when it came to covering her precious posterior. Joe $#@%ing Biden was in that room; one of the biggest morons to ever grace Washington! #@$@! $#@$%! $%#@! 🙂

Answers Under Oath:

Joe Biden recently stated (after stumbling all over the place) that he was aware of the “investigation” but didn’t know anything more than that at the time. That’s nice. Joe has reached a point in his career where he’s believable when he says he doesn’t remember something.

Still, Joe, if we can just get that under oath and threat of perjury (since lying to the media and people isn’t a crime), that would be great. Oh, and we might throw another question or two at you.

Because it’s not unreasonable to ask what did the President (and Vice President, and National Security Advisor, and others in the room) know and when did they know it, under penalty of law?

I don’t think I believe Tara Reade when it comes to her full accusations of Joe Biden assaulting her. Don’t get me wrong, Reade is a thousand times more credible than Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of wrongdoing back in college. Ford has ZERO credibility; it never happened and was a political hit. Reade has some credibility (people remember something happened), but some of her actions make me question if events were as traumatic as she claims.

To be specific, I think something happened. There was a complaint, and there are witnesses who corroborate that she was upset, including her mother, who called the Larry King show on the subject. (Ford had none of that, and her own memory was loopy.)

But, back to my original assertion of disbelief. There is ONE thing in particular that gives me doubt that things went as far as Reade claims or was as traumatic as she claims.

Around two years ago, Tara Reade publically praised Joe Biden for his work on “women’s issues.” I’m sorry, but you don’t experience what Tara Reade claims and then praise the man that did that to you… You may seith or suffer in silence, but you don’t praise the man… EVER.

So, I call bullshit.

That said, this story isn’t about Tara Reade or even Joe Biden (or Donald Trump). It’s about liberalism and the people who subscribe to that ideology. It’s about the systemic hypocrisy that permeates the left.

Most leftists are taking the tack of dismissing Reade’s claims as false. It soothes their consciences so they can move forward and do what they want; facts or consistency be dammed.

The only problem is, these are the same people who pushed the mantra that we must “believe all victims,” when that suited their purposes. Now that it doesn’t, that mantra conveniently gets tossed in the trash. Want to bet if these hypocrites would dig it back out when the circumstances changed back? (see Sen. Dianne Feinstein in this category)

#MeToo? Give me a break. #MeTooIfYoureNotADemocratOrLeftist

Of course, some display their full frontal hypocrisy with pride. You don’t know whether to admire their honesty or be repulsed by how they can embrace such a double standard.

“I Believe Tara Reade. I’m voting for Joe Biden anyway… Compared with the good Mr. Biden can do, the cost of dismissing Tara Reade … is worth it.” — Linda Hirshman, feminist in a New York Times Op-Ed.

Tara Reade hasn’t exposed Joe Biden so much as she has revealed the duplicity of the left (of which she is a member). Granted, that’s like publicly announcing that water is wet, but in this day and age of boundless deceit, even the apparent needs publicity.

There are a lot of race hustlers out there plying their despicable trade using Covid-19 as the backdrop.

First, there is the assertion that the virus disproportionally affects the minority community. This may or may not be accurate. I would like to see a bit of actual (as in real, not pulled out of their posterior) science/stats on that. Of course, this claim is closely followed by systemic racism being the cause.

Skeptical as I am, let’s assume it is true (minus the racism part), and minorities are coming down with Covid-19 proportionally worse than the racial majority. Why would we assume racism is the cause? Sickle Cell Anemia affects blacks disproportionately. It that because of “whitey?” No. Correlation (race) does not equal cause.

Granted, minorities often work in some of the industries that are deemed essential right now, but by what proportion, I don’t know. Meat processing comes to mind when I consider my own home town. Farming comes to mind on the other end of the spectrum; nursing somewhere in-between. It’s not something I give a lot of thought to or concern over.

Another assertion is that any calls to “reopen the economy” are racist. The charge is both absurd and insulting.

Absurd: Holding the opinion that the cure (massive economic shutdown) is worse than the disease is not racist. One might argue it is wrong, but to say it is racist is just hate-filled racist (yes, minority racist) baiting.

Deciding that you are willing to go back to work to make a living (taking your chances) is not racist. Deciding that you are willing to go back to work is NOT a decision that anyone/everyone else is obligated to choose.

Insulting: It’s insulting to the minorities themselves because it assumes they lack choice or the intelligence to exercise it. The last time I checked, no man in this nation is forced to work anywhere. If you think the risk of injury (any kind of injury) is too significant, don’t work there. Find another job. It’s called the free market.

“Whites” can throw a party, but blacks or browns or purples are not required to attend. It’s called freedom of assembly. The state is responsible for protecting our freedoms; we are responsible for protecting our health and prosperity. We all value our health, but we risk it every time we get out of bed or cross a street. At some point in time feeding the kids and living life factors into that risk assessment.

If in your state, a business opens up and you aren’t comfortable patronizing it (for whatever reason), DON’T. It’s your choice. If you are comfortable, DO patronize it. That applies to work, play, meals, rearranging furniture (a euphemism for sex), and everything in-between… It’s that simple. Making choices and decisions weighing the risks and consequences; it’s what adults do.

Making everything about race and class? It’s what poverty and race pimps do; and there’s a special corner of hell reserved for such reprobates.