A Pot to Piss In

North Carolina is in the process of watering down it’s “bathroom bill” that required transsexuals (everybody really) to use the restroom based on the sex designated on their birth certificate. Good for them. I think that is something each state should decide for itself along with a lot of other issues. Meanwhile Texas (my home state) is considering a similar measure. Good for us; for the same reason.

But while we’re at it, I would like to propose a different approach to solving this particular social/legal dilemma. My approach to this problem is to recognize that the world (meaning the left) has decided to move another objective truth (male/female) to a subjective question. (This seems to be a leftist inclination.) Approaching the problem from this reality, the solution is to come up with a new objective criteria that will do the trick (route everyone to the correct facility).

Granted, whatever solution you come up with will only work until the left manages to subjectivity that. But that’s an ongoing problem I have no idea how to solve. It’s like the old adage goes; you can’t fix stupid (or immorality).

So… back to my solution. I say get rid of male/female designations for restrooms (and other private facilities) all together. And replace it with a penis/non-penis designation being the only criteria to be considered in the determination. If you have a penis right here, right now… you use the penis facilities. No penis right here, right now? The non-penis facilities. Done!

We don’t care what’s on your birth certificate, what’s on your driver’s license, how you’re dressed, or what you “identify” as (male, female, or fiddler-crab). This is not a comment or judgment on how you identify, or what you’ve done about that identity, or plan to do about that identity. It’s simply an objective criterion to restore order and sanity. Penis here… non-penis there.

I know, I know… I can already hear all the “buts” followed by special circumstances from the left. So, let me address a few of the obvious ones to help make things clear.

  • Wish you didn’t have a penis (when you do)?… penis facilities.
  • Wish you did have a penis (when you don’t)?… non-penis.
  • Think you’re a gal in a guy’s body (and vice-versa)? Immaterial! DO YOU HAVE A PENIS?
  • Think you’re a fiddler crab in a human body? Immaterial! DO YOU HAVE A PENIS?
  • Think you’re a gal in a guy’s body to the point that you’ve had Mr. Happy removed?… Congratulations! You have earned non-penis facility privileges. Why? Because you now don’t have a penis. (See the pattern?)
  • Think you’re a guy in a gal’s body to the point that you’ve had a Mr. Happy constructed (How do that do that by the way)?… Congratulations! You have earned penis facility privileges.
  • In therapy or consultation, taking preliminary drugs, intending or considering a Mr. Happy addition or removal?… Immaterial! DO YOU HAVE A PENIS?

    I know this solution may add a little additional pressure to the trans-gendered community in that it requires a certain level of commitment (some more than others). But I think commitment is a good thing. Like the old adage goes. Piss or get off the pot… or step away from the pot… or… you know what I mean.

  • Adding insult to injury (costing them the 2016 election), Russian hackers still seem to be targeting leftist groups, hacking their data and then extorting money out of them to not release said data. The Russians generally demand “small sums” of around $30K to $150K in untraceable bitcoins.

    See Here: Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups

    I think this is hilarious, but then my ox isn’t being gored here. Unlike the left, I don’t equate attacks on non-government political organizations as attacks our government or our election. Also, it would be easy for the left to thwart these attacks by following two simple steps.

    1. Don’t be hypocrites. Have your internal emails/data match your public face. Hackers don’t blackmail you because of your “Creamy Risotto” recipe.
    2. Be competent in protecting your data (obviously more competent than you are at doing just about anything else).

    Of course, we are talking about leftist here. Those two things (authenticity and competence) are by definition, exclusive.

    We know it’s the Russians because of the tools they use to access the data. In a TexasLynn exclusive, I’ve duplicated the means by which these insidious hackers have acquired their ill-gotten data.

    WARNING: Liberals read no further!!! (If John Podesta fell for this what chance do you have?)

    Please reply to: HelloThisIsPeggy@NoRussia.ru

    Transgender - Pronouns[Note: This post covers a topic related to transgenderism. Usually when people write on this subject they use the pronoun preferred by the individual and insisted upon by politically correct society. I’m afraid I don’t do that (for clarity/accuracy purposes). A female identifying as a male is “she”. A male identifying as a female is “he”. Anyone identifying at a 15th century aristocrat isn’t “his or her majesty” but rather “idiot” or “he” or “she” (as gender dictates), as would anyone identifying as a fiddler crab.]

    The headline in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reads “Trinity’s transgender wrestler credits teammates for his state title“. You have to read further, much further into the article to get into the details of what happened here and even then it gets convoluted due to the politically correct pronoun replacements and politically correct bull$&*%…

    I’ll try to step through it.

  • Mack Beggs, a girl, has won the Class 6A girls wrestling state title in Texas.
  • Mack Beggs has decided she is male. I believe the politically correct term is “identified” as male.

    Daffy Duck Loses It

    Daffy Duck Loses It

    This should have the same impact as identifying as a unicorn or fiddler crab. 1) From a reality perspective identifying as something does not mean you are that something, nor does any amount of assertion, affirmation, or surgery get you one step closer to being that something. 2) From a psychological mental health perspective, the response should be the same. You are not that something. You never will be that something. Now let’s help you accept and deal with that.

    But look at our society! It has degraded to the point that we will go along with the charade and take pride in the fact that we are so open minded, and all it costs us is objective truth.

  • Mack Beggs has “identified” as a “boy” since the age of three according to her parents. (Which is as much a statement on the parents as it is the girl.)

    “This is about Mack wanting to do what Mack wants to do.” — Marco Karam (father)

    Yes, exactly, and about parents not correcting that problem and guiding the child from an early age…

    It’s also about Mack not having to face consequences when Mack does what Mack wants to do… something continuing today with her UIL wrestling.

  • Mack Beggs, is still a girl by gender, meaning she has not yet mangled her body, though she has begun the process by taking testosterone (for more than a year now).
  • As a side note that may have a little tiny bit of relevance to this story… Testosterone is a performance enhancing drug, pretty well illegal in most organized women’s sports. (Texas UIL seeming to be the exception here.)
  • Mack gives credit to her teammates, lots of practice and training, and a hard work ethic. She regrets the spotlight was on her and not them… She doesn’t mention the role of the testosterone treatments for some reason…
  • There has been a lawsuit filed that would prevent Mack from wrestling in the girls division next season. Which begs the question… how did she do so this season.

    Of course in our sick society, too many would immediately assume this means she would get to wrestle in the boys division. That’s what Mack wants…

    “The overwhelming sentiment here is that Mack should be allowed to wrestle, but should be required to compete against the boys.” — Coppell attorney Jim Baudhuin, who filed the suit.

    This coming from the guy representing the girls cheated out of their opportunity to fairly compete. His solution is to shuffle this mess to the boys division.

    Look at just about everyone interviewed… the fascist left has them scared to death to speak the truth of the matter. This just goes to show you, that we are so indoctrinated or scared of political correctness we can’t reach the truth, no matter how obvious.

    Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

    Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

    The Star-Telegram explains it this way… “More than 600 Texas school district superintendents voted nearly unanimously last year to determine gender by birth certificate forcing Beggs to face girls despite taking testosterone, a decision that runs counter to NCAA policy and International Olympic Committee guidelines.”

    The 600 Texas superintendents got it right. My question is exactly what is forcing Beggs to face girls despite the drugs. It’s hard for me to believe that there is not some rule/law concerning performance enhancing drugs in UIL competitions, but that is indeed the case under Texas law. It shouldn’t be.

    So here is where we should be, but can’t seem to get there… even in Texas.

    Mack should not be wrestling with the boys (this season, next season, or ever), because… Mack is a girl and always will be.

    Mack should not be wrestling girls because she is taking performance enhancing drugs. Mack (under her current condition) shouldn’t be wrestling at all. Texas law should be changed to ensure that in the future.

    concept-consequencesIn a perfect world, Mack would have weighed the consequences of her decisions (with the help of loving parents with a modicum of common sense) and perhaps waited until she was an adult (at least 18) before she moved forward with her “treatment”. She might have waited even longer if she showed promise at a college or professional level.

    Common sense… consequences… common decency… where are they today? You want to see Barack Obama’s legacy. It’s the Mack Beggs’ of the world. This crap is insane… literally!

  • star-wars-rogue-one[Warning: Spoilers]

    [Warning: This review goes all over the place…]

    [Note:Feel free to read my previous post (and ALL the comments) concerning my expectations on Rogue One here.]

    Well, I finally saw Star Wars – Rogue One. My buddy Chris was so incensed that I’m not the biggest fan of the franchise, he insisted on buying my ticket when it came to my home town theater. Uncharacteristically… he was late so I’m not sure if he paid for my ticket or not. The ticket-lady said she would hit him up for it. (He did buy me a Rogue One T-Shirt though). Chris also got ill (cold or flu) right after that night. Thank goodness I didn’t catch it or I would have had to dock the movie a point. 🙂

    But I digress…

    OK… Rogue One is the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back. 🙂 But that’s not a fair statement given my opinion of all the movies since Empire Strikes Back. Rogue One could have been “meh” and still have been the best movie since ESB.

    So let me further say that Rogue One was a pleasant surprise. It was actually a good movie. A seven… maybe seven and a half… I’ll have to digest it a bit more. But by my standards, seven is pretty good. (See my rating system here) I don’t see more than one or sometimes two movies of that caliber a year. But then I’m pretty picky with the movies I go see. If I go to a movie theater more than six times a year, I’d be surprised. Usually I just wait to see it at home and usually, that’s the right decision given the quality of movies over the last decade.

    But I digress…

    Rogue One was a good movie. The character development was pretty good if not a bit rushed because of the number of characters they had to get through. I thought the story flowed pretty well and I liked the premise. Bringing back a lot of characters (big and small) worked because the big ones were crucial to the plot and the not so big ones were used only for nostalgia, and oh-that-was-neat purposes.

    [Real Spoiler Here] Chris suspected (correctly) that I would really like the movie based on one major aspect of the plot. Everybody dies… It seems to be no coincidence that my favorite movies are the likes of “Blade Runner” and “Braveheart”; which have bittersweet endings. It’s easy to have a ship swoop in and save the heroes at the last second (which Rogue One could have done). It also adds to the possibility of sequels… but I admire a production that can say… the story is over for these characters.

    Side Track – Blade Runner
    In a side note, my one and only complaint concerning “Blade Runner” (my favorite movie) is the closing narration of Deckard (main character) concerning Rachael (love interest). It was a slight cop-out to the tendency to soften the blow of the ending.

    The main motivation of the bad guys is to live longer (beyond genetically programed termination dates). It is the whole reason they come to Earth, to see their creator (Dr Tyrell) and demand more life. When the main bad guy (Roy) meets his creator he is informed there is nothing to be done. It is scientifically not possible… BUT… we’re informed it was done… for the love interest (Rachael) at the end of the movie for the sake of a softer ending…

    Deckard: [narrating] Gaff had been there, and let her live. Four years, he figured. He was wrong. Tyrell had told me Rachael was special. No termination date. I didn’t know how long we had together… Who does?

    Here is how the movie should have ended.

    Deckard: [narrating] Gaff had been there, and let her live. Four years, he figured. He was wrong. Tyrell had told me Rachael was special. No termination date. I didn’t know how long we had together… Who does?

    But I digress…

    Rogue One, goes to prove that the franchise could in fact be saved, if only Disney can get away from the idiocy ingrained into the over-all story by Lucas (cough Midichlorians). This would involve concentrating on good writing at the expense of interjecting social commentary/guidance and other horrible story line mistakes. Rogue One had only a smidgen of that stuff, and overall proves it’s possible. Can Disney continue along this path? I doubt it.

    Which bring me to the one complaint that I have… which really has little to do with the story itself. I saw an interview with the two actors of the main characters and the whole thing was about “diversity”; meaning Disney checked off a whole lot of boxes concerning various races, genders, and chosen/perceived genders.

    Whooops… I didn’t see any trans characters (unless I’m totally blind). I would (sarcastically) recommend protests and riots over that fact, but some idiots might actually follow through with that. So let’s give them another movie or two to correct this oversight… and let’s not forget about polygamist and robo-sexuals.

    I bring this up only because it was no accident that these two actors droned on and on about the diversity of the film (above and beyond and superior to previous Star Wars films – their sentiments, not mine). This was the image and message Disney wanted to push and I guarantee you the actors were coached in exactly how to do this.

    They Just Can’t Help Themselves:
    So, in the spirit of the diversity check list, Disney (being a leftist company) could not help but introduce two gay characters. (Star Trek did the same with the character Sulu recently.) They (Hollywood) can’t help but ram that crap down our throats as a service to society. But I digress… Disney, was at least as subtle about it as they could be and I appreciate that. I assume the mugging (as in massive passionate kissing) scene is on the cutting room floor, or perhaps it never existed. Either way… I’m grateful. I guess, I even question if I would have caught it (the two gay characters), if I were not expecting it… (I think I would have… but at least that question does enter my mind.)

    Where Rogue One Really Succeeds – Subtlety:
    One major flaw of the franchise is that everything/everybody is related, either genetically or by coincidence. It’s taking the “I am your father” thing and going nuts with it. Vader is Luke’s father and Lea is the daughter/sister. You’ve now reached the limit of plausible associations… any sane director/producer would go no further. (I’m talking to you, Lucas.)

      A Couple of Examples of Franchise Failures:

    1. C3PO was the droid of young Anakin Skywalker. Why? It adds nothing to the story. I’s too much of a coincidence… and it’s stupid.
    2. It turns out that Chewbaca fought with Yoda… and became friends with Luke… who later trained under Yoda… again, stupid… Knock yourself out, throw some wookies in there (the movie)… just not Chewbacca (or even related to Chewbacca)
    3. And what do you want to bet Rey (from The Force Awakens) isn’t just some random girl who happens to be gifted with the force… What do you want to bet she’s related (literally) to the Skywalker line.

    To the point of Rogue One… they did this too, BUT on much more subtler scale and in a non-plot-exploding manner.

      A Couple of Examples of Rogue One Successes:

    1. Jyn literally bumps into the two ruffians later encounter by Luke and Obi Wan in the bar scene. Nostalgic, neat… and the plot moves on three seconds later.
    2. We see R2D2 and C3PO on a rebel base (and… that’s it). It’s even logical that they would be there.
    3. The Red and Gold leader pilots lead the attack on the planet Scarif, later attack the Death Star… again, nostalgic, neat, but more importantly logical that they would be there.

    Of course there were also main characters brought back (via CGI), but again… it was logical and key to the plot… versus what we’ve seen in past films.

    On the subject of returning characters, it is amazing how they brought them back long after the actors have died or aged. This will open up whole new possibilities of longevity for characters and legal questions when companies buy not just the actor’s services, but their likeness in perpetuity.

    But I digress…

    In conclusion, Rogue One was a refreshing departure from the train wreck of the prequels and even better than the not-that-bad awakening. Do I still need convincing? Am I still the figurative (maybe literal) crazy old man yellin’ from his porch? Oh yeah…

    But if I dig deep down, way past the decades of disappointment… What has Rogue One given me (and many others). Exactly what Princess Lea exclaimed in the last line of the movie… “Hope”. 🙂

    I’m about to follow up (on an earlier post) with a review of the movie, Star Wars – Rogue One. I have in the past mentioned that I grade movies on a 10 point scale… and been given grief that I never give a movie a 10. To help clarify my review of Rogue One… I’m preliminarily posting a guide to TexasLynn’s movie rating scale.

    1. The Best Movie Ever – The Holy Grail of Movies – I’ll never watch another movie other than this one ever again. (Haven’t seen it yet.)
    2. This was an excellent movie – One of my favorites of all time. I will watch it again and again. (Blade Runner, Braveheart)
    3. This was a really good movie – Often a surprise, and one I look forward to seeing again. (Monty Python’s – The Holy Grail, Looper, Groundhog Day, Mad Max – Fury Road)
    4. This was a good movie – But doesn’t quite get over that hump. I may eventually see it again, probably. (Ant-man, Prometheus)
    5. This was a “meh” movie – It was not a complete waste of my time to see it, but I probably won’t watch it again. (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Suicide Squad, Ex Machina, Batman vs Superman) A lot of movies fall in the 5-6 range.
    6. This is a sub-par movie – I would just as soon have that two hours of my life back. (Star Wars: Episode III, Jurassic World, most sequels)
    7. This is a bad movie – I’m mad at somebody, the producer for making it, the theater for showing it… (Star Wars Episodes I & II, Independence Day)
    8. This is a really bad movie – I’m not only mad, I want my money back (This is the End) (I’m pretty good a avoiding here and below)
    9. This is a really, really bad movie – I’m mad, I want my money back, and I want to be reimbursed for my time. (The Never Ending Story, Highlander II)
    10. This movie is not only bad, it is a stain on and harm to society. The producers/directors/actors should be punished; preferably by being prohibited from every working in the film industry again. (Most stuff produced by Michael Moore and Al Gore)

    Happy Valentine’s Day. I decided to celebrate by posting my favorite valentine themed comic this year. Enjoy.

    Link to Comic Strip Buni: Here

    Ryan Pagelow actually had several V-Day themed strips over the last week that were pretty good.


    shit-smellsSomething Smells
    The defamation lawsuit of the “Clock Boy” (Ahmed Mohamed) was summarily dismissed in a Texas Court last week (this week, Feb 2017). This was the lawsuit against Fox News, Glenn Beck, and others. I think other lawsuits may still be pending vs the school district, city, etc…

    Revisiting this mess, from the beginning I’ve said something doesn’t pass the smell test here; call it an Islamic conspiracy if you will. I still believe dear old dad (Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed) decided to use his son to game the system. One, he wanted to promote Islam; two, shame/scare the infidels (into silence); and three, make a little scratch on the side (if not lots of scratch).

    My guess, it this is a case of “civilization jihad”. This is an actual thing, pushed by the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists encouraging sympathizers to use the freedoms of the West against the West. These attacks are meant to weaken western civilization from within. With the help of the left… they are actually quite effective, especially when applied in the northeast or left coast… no so much in Texas.

    With that in mind I say when Ahmed Mohamed (the son) left for school that morning he had clear instructions (from dad) not to come home without causing a scene or worse. The fact that worse happened was just icing on the cake for these miscreants.

      Here is why I say this was all orchestrated:

    1. The “clock” wasn’t “invented” so much as a fully functional and working clock being taken apart and reassembled in a pencil box (by the boy “genius”).
    2. The “clock” in the pencil box was intentionally made to look suspicious. (Look at the dam thing and tell me if you didn’t know already, you would say, “Yeah, that’s a clock”. Tell me it would have breezed through airport or White House security checks.)
    3. All this happened around September 11 (2015)
    4. When a teacher earlier in the day was shown the “clock” he instructed the student (Ahmed) to put it away and not… NOT… to show it to anybody else.
    5. Little Ahmed (the genius inventor) did just the opposite. Even making sure an alarm triggered later in the presence of another teacher.

    Ahmed and Clock

    Initial Response
    The left (Media, Islamic Organizations, and politicians) played their predictable parts (more icing for the Mohamed’s) and threw a hissy fit that Ahmed was detained. In the weeks to come, Ahmed got money, gifts, trips, scholarships, etc… though this was chump change compared to what Mohamed E. Mohamed initially had in mind. It didn’t take long for the family to try and extort (yes EXTORT) $15 MILLION DOLLARS (said with a Dr. Evil flair) from the city of Irving and the school. Failing that (as in not getting an immediate cashier’s check), it was off to court. (Side Note: this is a perfect example of why we need “loser pays” tort reform with the lawyers being on the hook for half of it)


    Texas Response
    Now, as this is all playing out, Mohamed is discovering his one miscalculation in all of this… TEXAS. It fills me with great pride that we (Texas) can be the state to tell Mohamed to go $%#@ himself; preferably in Qatar surrounded with the terrorists buddies he’s been hanging out with for the past year and a half.

    Religion - Islam - Symbol and BookHow Islam Figures into All of This
    But this problem goes beyond this particular Mohamed. We see here an issue with Islam overall that has been perplexing the west for centuries. That being, lying and deceit is a central tenant of Islam.

    Sure followers will point to verses in their holy book that say be honest and tell the truth, BUT… Muhammad (the “prophet” and by extension Allah) only require honesty when dealing with other Muslims. When dealing with infidels pretty well anything goes as long as you’re promoting Islam. The phrase “it will be forgiven you” seems to come up repeatedly.

    Look, I’m not saying all those that practice Islam are lying weasels; I’m just saying that the founder of the “religion” said it was OK to be lying weasels. I guess I’m also saying Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed (and by extension his son Ahmed) are taking Muhammad’s (the “prophet”) teachings to heart and thus are in fact… lying weasels.

    I would really like to see some “moderate” Muslims stand up and point out that these miscreants don’t represent them or their faith; but I won’t hold my breath. First of all, because they do represent Islam… perfectly; and second, because “moderate” Muslims are kinda like the moderate Germans leading up to WWII… invisible, silent, and inconsequential.

    Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed has gamed the system with the help of his son and the American left. He’s got plenty of goodies for his efforts so far. Meanwhile, Texas has just given him (and the leftist) the middle finger when it comes to a big legal lottery ticket.

    I say we (Texas) keep that up. And let’s make it perfectly clear that we would just as soon see the Mohamed’s not darken our door (all of Texas) again. Might we suggest that the left coast (California), north east, or Middle East will be more to their liking.