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People - Manning, Bradley, ChelseaBradley Manning, the army intelligence officer who leaked 100s of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, was just sentenced to 35 years in military prison. This was half what the prosecutors asked for.

What was Bradley’s first reaction to the sentence? Announce that it’s not “Bradley” anymore, it’s “Chelsea”. And thus in one swift action he solidified himself into a Leftist Twofer; representing two things his supporters want more than anything, damaging the U.S. (specifically her military and war efforts) AND pushing the gay agenda.

“I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. I hope that you will support me in this transition… I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun. I look forward to receiving letters from supporters and having the opportunity to write back.” (signed) “Chelsea E. Manning.”

My Reaction to His Request:
To which I say “No. No, Bradley, I don’t support you in this decision. I wish I didn’t have to give a rat’s ass, but unfortunately I do… because of two social dysfunctions we currently suffer from. 1) Enough people in our society DO support your decision and that fact weakens us on so many levels, particularly militarily. 2) Enough people in our society DO support your decision to the point that we (taxpayers) would actually be required to pay for your bullshit.

It is not currently Army policy to provide this type of “therapy” or surgery. (At the rate of our decline… just give them a few more years…)

The Left’s Reaction:
So, as if on cue, Bradley’s lawyer, David Coombs said “If Fort Leavenworth does not (make Bradley a girl), then I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure they are forced to do so.”

And of course, the LBGT community immediately jumped in and supported Manning “It is illegal for the Department of the Army to deny medical treatment to a prisoner… It’s really clear cut. If a person gets diabetes, you treat the diabetes. If you break a leg, that gets treated. If you have schizophrenia, that gets treated. It doesn’t matter if it is mental or physical health problem.” This was from Mara Keisling with the National Center for Transgender Equality.

This all means that there is sure to be court battles concerning Bradley’s “right” to be Chelsea; exposing our dysfunctional dirty laundry for all to see. This includes our mortal enemies, thus Bradley and his allies on the left can continue to give them aid comfort for years to come.

I realize our legal system is a separate national crisis also well beyond rational repair; and who can say what the solution to that is. Me? I’ve reached a point where I want to try public flogging… and not the kinder, gentler, organized through some kind of due process flogging. I talking about a fed-up mob dragging these idiots out of their offices and ivory towers and beating the living %$#@ out of them.

[Deep Breath]

Of course many on the left have been supporting this nut and traitor from day one. They’re the ones currently protesting his detention, conviction and sentencing. They’re the ones who think Obama should give Manning a pardon (better late than never). Much of it has to do with he’s one of theirs (obviously). Another part of it is, his only crime was to hurt the United States (military) and our foreign policy; isn’t that pretty well every enlighten person’s wish?

2013 08 00 - Bradley Manning Protests

The amazing part of the left’s support is watching the mental gymnastics and rationalization involved in his defense. Bradley’s defense was that the hissy fit in which he released all that information was caused by his “gender identity” issues at the time. And the left’s response to this defense? [crickets chirping]. Doesn’t that speak loud and clear as to why these nuts and perverts shouldn’t be allowed to “serve” in the armed forces (or any position where they could be such a danger) in the first place?

The left argues this crap is “normal” but ignores the argument (by other leftist) that it can be the cause of and excuse for major intelligence leaks and traitorous activities. By this “logic”, breaking the law or expecting the law to naturally not apply to you and your cause, committing treason, and aiding our enemies are just a side effect of normal. Wait a minute… that kind-of is what the left thinks…

The Crime:
Concerning the crime perpetrated by Bradley Manning. He may have had real and valid concerns. I may have even shared some of them had he done the right thing. But I believe his intent was not exposing information for the sake of doing good (as he claims) so much as revenge against the United States and the military for doing him harm; for not adequately accepting and embracing his “identity”.

Had he collected the information and gone through a Congressman, Senator, agency, or used some process where the world and our enemies could not obtain access to the classified information; I would have called him “whistle blower” instead of the traitor I believe he is. The same goes for Snowden.

The Punishment in Another Time:
In another time in history Manning would have been summarily shot. Can you imagine this stuff back during WWII or the Cold War? Can you imagine protestors during that war defending this guy? No one would have dared. But we have moved beyond that; we’re more civilized now. We’re on the decline as a society and as a world power. Our current dysfunctional handling of our traitors and enemies is simply a symptom of the real disease we suffer from.

The Punishment Today:
I wish we weren’t in such horrible shape but that’s where we are. I claim to be someone who wants to follow the rule of law (something the left ignores continually); so while I wish the law were different, we should follow it; if for no other reason than as a nod of respect to what our nation once was.

Manning was tried under the law. The death penalty wasn’t sought by the prosecution. The prosecution sought 60 plus years and got 35. I’m OK with that. Let him do his time like anybody else doing theirs; with no special treatment. The goes both ways with no harsh treatment or pandering perversions.

What I Really Want from This Case:
When all is said and done, all I really want from the Bradley Manning fiasco is closure.

Concept - Fifteen Minutes of Fame - 002I just want Bradley’s fifteen minutes to be over with already. Throw his ass in Leavenworth, lock the door and be done with him. When he’s out… if he still wants to be Chelsea… all I can say is knock yourself out… on your dime or that of your supporters. Hopefully you’ve got 35 years to think it over.

Let this idiot and pervert fade away… Is that too much to ask?

Of course the answer is, Yes. There is no way the left is going to let Bradley Manning fade away. Now that they have a twofer; they can damage the U.S. and push their gay and transgendered agenda with this guy.



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Obama's Base

Liberals are ashamed of the United States. Liberals hate this country. They express and prove it with action every day. How anyone can deny this after two years of Obama is beyond comprehension.

The Obama administration has been apologizing for us from day one. He’s bowed to every two-bit dictator. He’s sought to fundamentally change this great nation into another socialist state. And I’m sick of it!

The last straw was two recent apologies, well one apology and one attempted.

It has recently been disclosed (reportedly by WikiLeaks) that when President visited Japan in 2009 and bowed low to the Japanese Emperor, he sought to visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima and APOLOGIZE for America’s use of atomic bombs to end World War II! Luckily our Japanese allies saw how stupid this was and told him it was a “nonstarter”.

And recently the State Department (that’s Hillary’s domain) sent an apology through a letter of condolences to the family of a terrorist. Samir Khan was an al-Qaida recruiter who happened to be riding in the car with his boss, Anwar al-Awlaki, when we blew it to hell. Everyone in that car needed killing, but the State Department is sorry it came to that.

Well, I’m not sorry! I hope Satin had the SOB bent over a rock, breaking in his new virgin within seconds of us blowing him literally to hell. If that family produced any other terrorists, I hope they’re next.

But the main problem we have is the hatred and absolute contempt this administration (and the left) has for the nation they have pledged to defend. Would you bastards that feel the same way, please get the hell out? Move to Canada; they’ll love you up there. You “talk” about how great Cuba is, give it a try. At least consolidate in the North East and Left Coast so when the break-up finally happens we won’t have to deal with your dumb asses anymore. Just think, when the break-up comes you can actually feel good about yourselves and hate us.

I’ve had it! That’s It! This guy (Obama) IS the WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Jimmy Carter’s got nothing on this moron!

If this SOB wants to apologize to someone, why doesn’t he start with the American people for what he has done to our economy, our moral compass, and the level of discourse in this country?

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Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Like a lot of people, I’ve been following the saga of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  The case intrigues me in that in general I support outing government and corporations, and even individuals for corrupt, immoral, and illegal behavior.  But I also believe you can’t endanger the lives of operatives or soldiers.  This endangerment can generally be avoided by removing detail and blocking out names; something WikiLeaks has decided not to do.

So where do I fall on this issue… I fall back to researching what and who is behind the scenes.

Assange / WikiLeaks Timeline:

As a type A, just the facts guy who likes bullet points, here’s what I think I know.

♦ Assange created this web site a few years ago as an outlet for government and corporate whistle blowers to tattle on their employers.  The web site didn’t get too much press or action for some time.

♦ Assange is a lefty anti-capitalism, anti-war in Iraq/Afghanistan guy.  It’s the crowd he hangs around with.

♦ Early to Mid 2009 – Pfc. Bradley Manning, stationed near Baghdad, Iraq was working as an intelligence analyst.  Here he took a blank CD labeled “Lady Gaga” and downloaded many Gigabytes of classified data.  What isn’t reported is that Pfc. Bradley Manning is a homosexual who complained in chat rooms at the time of his crimes that he was in an awkward place both emotionally and psychologically.

♦ Late 2009 – Early 2010 – Manning gets in touch with Assange at first to simply confirm sources of earlier leaks, and later to give him classified information including attack helicopter footage.

♦ Late 2009 – Early 2010 – Manning also gets in touch with former hacker (now journalist), Adrian Lamo and confides in him who he is and what he plans on doing.

♦ Feb through April 2010 – WikiLeaks starts releasing Manning’s information; starting with the Apache helicopter footage.  They call it “Collateral Murder”.

♦ May 2010 – Manning sends Assange 260,000 classified State Department cables.  Manning is still confiding in Lamo.  He proves to Lamo that he is leaking information through WikiLeaks.

♦ May 26,2010 – Lamo, worried about family and national security, turns Manning over to the authorities.  Manning is immediately arrested.

♦ Early June 2010 – The Pentagon has supposedly been looking for Assange.  How hard they are looking or on what charges… I have no idea.

♦ Late 2010 – Pfc. Bradley Manning is in Kuwait (I believe) and undergoing a court martial.  If convicted he should receive up to 50 years.  I wonder if he will consider Leavenworth “an awkward place”.

♦ Mid to Late 2010 – Assange has been globetrotting, partying, getting busy with the “ladies”, and giving the occasional speech to liberal organizations.

♦ Late 2010 – Assange gave a speech at one such event in Sweden not too long ago, and slept (had sex with) two willing ladies he met at the event.  Unfortunately, in Sweden it is a crime (akin to rape) to 1) sabotage a condom or 2) refuse to wear a condom when asked.  Assange allegedly did both of these horrendous acts.  He has now been arrested in the U.K. and faces extradition to Sweden.

Assange/Floozy timeline here.>

My Analysis:

Where to begin?

Pfc. Bradley Manning
Manning is a traitor to the country and is lucky he isn’t facing a firing squad.  He should be convicted and serve the maximum sentence under the military law.  This looks to be exactly what is happening. 

Manning should then be put up as the poster boy for why we should get rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and replace it with “ask, tell, and get the hell out”.  All we need in this country is a few more of these boys finding themselves in an awkward place and throwing a hissy fit.

<See more info on the Bradley Manning timeline here.>
<See more about Bradley Manning being gay here… not found in the MSM.>

Julian Assange
Assange is your typical narcissist liberal.  With no moral footing, he is enjoying his fifteen minutes to the utmost.  The funny thing is that liberalism and political correctness may be his downfall. 

Assange (and his lawyers) claim that his “rape” charges were a “honeytrap”.  This is a Swedish/European term describing when someone hires bimbos to sleep with you and then claim rape or some such.  This claim is just stupid.  The bimbos were long time (decades) left-wing-nuts who are part of that clique.  There is no way they would cooperate with the U.S., the Pentagon, the CIA, etc. to entrap Assange.

Don’t get me wrong, Assange didn’t commit rape.  He may have sabotaged the condom… the bimbo still continued willingly.  He may have refused to wear a condom… the other bimbo continued willingly.  These acts don’t rise to the level of rape no matter what the Swedish law says.  So what have we learned here?
1. Assange is a ladies’ man.
2. He is not lacking in opportunities being that the liberal clique have plenty of floozies.
3. Liberal floozies can’t say no, even when the condom breaks, even when he simply says no condom.
4. Hell hath no fury like two floozies scorned.  These two find out days later that Assange is an asshole, they feel used, they are ashamed at being used floozies (why now, I have no idea)… soooo… they go nuclear and file rape charges against him.
5. Sweden is so %*&^% up, it’s possible to file rape charges against him.

There’s got to be a moral here… let’s see… Ahhh… If you lie down with dogs (no references to floozies intended), you will get up with fleas.  That’s it.

Assange has centered his life on associations with people with little or no moral foundation.  People with little or no moral foundation tend to do that.  Sure the parties, the sex, and the attention are fun; but the consequences are real.  With nothing dictating good or evil, fairness, or even rationality; there is nothing to prevent these people from turning on you for the smallest slight; making you a victim of the system you have embraced.

Assange will invent grand conspiracies pulled off by his right-wing tormentors.  I only wish we members of the VRC (Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy) had the balls, intelligence, or logistics to pull something like this off.  If so, we would truly be a POWER to be reckoned with.

Alas Assange is only the victim of political correctness (embraced by his side), a left-wing victim oriented society and its nutty legal system (again something embraced by his side), and two pissed off women (embraced by him… literally).

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