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I’m about to follow up (on an earlier post) with a review of the movie, Star Wars – Rogue One. I have in the past mentioned that I grade movies on a 10 point scale… and been given grief that I never give a movie a 10. To help clarify my review of Rogue One… I’m preliminarily posting a guide to TexasLynn’s movie rating scale.

  1. The Best Movie Ever – The Holy Grail of Movies – I’ll never watch another movie other than this one ever again. (Haven’t seen it yet.)
  2. This was an excellent movie – One of my favorites of all time. I will watch it again and again. (Blade Runner, Braveheart)
  3. This was a really good movie – Often a surprise, and one I look forward to seeing again. (Monty Python’s – The Holy Grail, Looper, Groundhog Day, Mad Max – Fury Road)
  4. This was a good movie – But doesn’t quite get over that hump. I may eventually see it again, probably. (Ant-man, Prometheus)
  5. This was a “meh” movie – It was not a complete waste of my time to see it, but I probably won’t watch it again. (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Suicide Squad, Ex Machina, Batman vs Superman) A lot of movies fall in the 5-6 range.
  6. This is a sub-par movie – I would just as soon have that two hours of my life back. (Star Wars: Episode III, Jurassic World, most sequels)
  7. This is a bad movie – I’m mad at somebody, the producer for making it, the theater for showing it… (Star Wars Episodes I & II, Independence Day)
  8. This is a really bad movie – I’m not only mad, I want my money back (This is the End) (I’m pretty good a avoiding here and below)
  9. This is a really, really bad movie – I’m mad, I want my money back, and I want to be reimbursed for my time. (The Never Ending Story, Highlander II)
  10. This movie is not only bad, it is a stain on and harm to society. The producers/directors/actors should be punished; preferably by being prohibited from every working in the film industry again. (Most stuff produced by Michael Moore and Al Gore)

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This was yesterday’s Ziggy, which pretty well described by TV watching. Again, it just scares the crap out of me where we find ourselves. The whole system is rigged against producers.


I heard this on the radio earlier… though I don’t know if the numbers are true. There are 90 million (working age) adults not working for whatever reason. There are 10 million (working age) adults on disability (not included in the first number). There are 140 million (working age) adults working. Even considering the safety net and compassion and charity and all that stuff; the math doesn’t work… eventually the system based on those numbers will collapse.

The “good news” is the left will then have finally reached it’s goal in equality in outcome. 🙂

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Execution - Gurney - OKSo an execution didn’t go too well in Oklahoma the other day (Tuesday, April 29, 2014). The condemned supposedly suffered for 40 minutes before having a heart attack. I think there was a technical problem in that a vein ruptured and thus not enough of the drugs getting into his system.

I could be a heartless bastard and say good and I don’t care; but I do. As a supporter of the death penalty I want its implementation to be humane and constitutional. This is in spite of the fact that the condemned tortured his victim well beyond anything inflicted by the state (he shot and buried her alive). This fact is often omitted by those reporting on the botched execution.

So I want the bastards responsible for the debacle to be identified and called to task what they have done… so here it goes.

The left should be ashamed of themselves.

So why is the left responsible for this mess? Because they have created through their lawsuits and other actions a system specifically for the purpose of producing the exact result we saw in Oklahoma. Their only regret is that the legal system has managed to prevent them from getting the whole thing on YouTube. Once this inevitability (a botched execution) occurred they moved swiftly to the next phase which was to use it as a cudgel against capital punishment as a whole.

But make no mistake about it, everything the left has done for decades has been designed abolish the death penalty either through costs or through changing public opinion. This debacle is part of the public relations arm of their campaigns. The strategy has been to cause (or feign) as much suffering as possible in hopes that the public will lose its stomach for the whole process.

    Here’s How It’s Worked:

  1. Force states that execute to move away from other methods to execution to lethal injection as the sole means.
  2. Challenge the drugs and process making it increasingly more difficult and complex to administer.
  3. Pressure drug companies in the U.S. to stop producing the drugs.
  4. Pressure foreign governments and companies not to provide the drugs.
  5. Seek the identities of independent pharmacist the states now depend on in hopes of bullying them.

The botched execution in Oklahoma should indeed spur a debate in the nation, or more specifically in the states that still enact the death penalty. But that debate should center only on the means by which we execute the condemned.

I submit this episode should allow us to return to the basics; a rope (and gallows) and or a bullet (firing squad or to the back of the head). These methods are quick, simple, humane, and much less prone to mistakes or accidents.

It’s time we recognize the disingenuous of the left’s arguments and actions and do what is right for all involved.

The debate as the left would have it…
Politicla Cartoon - 2014 04 30 - OK Execution

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