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People - Bergdahl, Bowe - Deserter Was He Worth ItThere’s a lot of hype (from the left and right) about Bowe Bergdahl floating around out there, so I thought I cut through some of it and give my two cents. Let’s start with this.

“[Bowe Bergdahl was] an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield… [who] served the United States with distinction and honor.” — Susan Rice (National Security Adviser for President Barack Obama)

There is a lot of stuff out there concerning Bowe Bergdahl that we can honestly say we just don’t know the facts. The above statement by Susan Rice… isn’t one of them. Anyone who says that Bowe Bergdahl served with “distinction and honor” is either 1) a Liar or 2) an Idiot. And that goes for the Obama administration for whom Susan Rice was speaking.

How do I know this? From those who did serve with distinction and honor.

People - Bergdahl, Bowe - Investigation Needed

The Soldiers:
The soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit and others searching for him were told not to talk about it (Bergdahl’s defection, possible treason, or efforts to retrieve him); ostensibly so as not to put him in greater danger. Some were even forced to sign legal documents that they wouldn’t say anything. The things they couldn’t talk about weren’t just about the logistics of the search for Bergdahl; but the facts behind his departure and the cost (in lives, and effort) of the search.

To a man, they all say he deserted; some say it goes further than that. Many say (and a Pentagon investigation in 2010 confirms) that Bergdahl walked away from his unit AND left a note in his tent concerning his disillusionment with the United States and that he no longer supported the war. It has also been pretty well confirmed that he wasn’t just trying to desert the army, but left in search of the Muslim extremists. He found them. The only question is why.

Of all the information coming out… these soldiers are the guys I trust.

The Decision to Get Bergdahl:
I support the decision to try and bring Bowe Bergdahl home whether he is victim, deserter, or even traitor. I simply question the effort extended and the price paid given the circumstances; and I think that is a valid question to ask. Those who don’t want that question asked or discussed are acting indignant and resort to disingenuous clichés…

“When you’re in the Navy, and you go overboard, it doesn’t matter if you were pushed, fell or jumped. … We’re going to turn the ship around and pick you up.” — Rear Adm. John F. Kirby (Pentagon spokesman)

That plays on the emotional marine tradition of “no man left behind”, an honorable tradition mainly in reference to actual battle; but it ignores the circumstances of the man trying to be left behind while not in actual battle. Deserters. And… in practice it’s never been the case.

We, the United States government and military, left over forty men behind in Vietnam who deserted there. Some slipped into neighboring countries, some became tools of the Communists, some still live there today with their families.

The point is, there was little or no effort to turn the proverbial ship around and pick these deserters up. The attitude was, they made their decision, let them live with it. That decision could have been made here but rightly or wrongly it wasn’t; but to imply that the decision is always to repatriate them is simply not true.

The Cost:
I said that I do not agree with the price paid for Bergdahl, so let me clarify that statement. The deaths (of U.S. soldiers) likely resulting in the search, the final release of five terrorists, and the repercussions (encouraging more hostage taking) was an exorbitant price for one who deserted (or worse) in my opinion.

History - 2014 06 - Taliban Five Traded for Bergdahl

The Father:
I can understand the joy of the family and the father with the return of their son. I also understand that to them the price paid (five freed terrorist) was worth it. If it had been my son or a family member no price would have been too high.


Something smells when it comes to dad (Bob Bergdahl). I’m not talking about what he looks like or his history or his reaction to trying to get his son back. I base this on his recent words and actions… and more specifically his words at the White House press conference with Obama.

I think at a minimum, Bob Bergdahl has bought into the ultra-leftist ideology concerning the war in Afghanistan. These are the loons who use the words “illegal” or “Bush” when describing Afghanistan (or Iraq) with Rasputin-like glares of intensity. Unfortunately, it is not out of the question that dad has gone the extra step of adopting the Islamic ideology on the war. (I’ll explain below why I think that.)

Granted it’s sometimes hard to tell the two apart (liberal vs. Islamic). For example, either would confirm “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.” which Bob Bergdahl supposedly tweeted. It’s the next part that gives evidence that Bob has gone to the next (Islamic) step adding “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, amen!” Now that’s uniquely Islamic.

One might offer a theory that Bob Bergdahl was simply trying to garner favor with his son’s captors; he supposedly learned Arabic (or some subset of it) in order to communicate with them directly. This was in order to circumvent his government which he considered incompetent or unwilling to properly seeks his son’s release. (Something I can understand and relate to.)

People - Obama, Barack - Bergdahl Dog and Poney ShowBut the fact that this bullshit didn’t stop after his son was safe… that is my primary concern with Bob Bergdahl.

At the dog and pony show put on by Obama at the White House, Bob said “I’d like to say to Bowe right now, who’s having trouble speaking English, bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.” Translation? “I give thanks in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”.

I’ll be blunt. THAT is offensive to me and hopefully many other Americans who remember 911 and who support our troops trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again… AND hold the bastards responsible to account.

Forgetting for a moment that it is Allah, and Muhammad, and their nut-ball followers that are the secondary party responsible for Bowe’s captivity for the past few years (Bowe himself being the primary party responsible); who did that statement serve exactly? Did it help Bowe? Only if he’s now a nut-ball Muslim himself. Did it help our soldiers in the field? I don’t think so.

It’s only benefit was to Bowe’s captors and those who would do us harm (here and on the battlefield); and Bow Bergdahl knew that. It’s was a propaganda gold mine for this man to praise Allah in the very seat of power of their enemies with our clueless “commander in chief” strutting around like a peacock for the cameras.

So Now What:
Now that all this damage has been done… what do we do to clean it all up… to make it right.

1) Concerning the released terrorist; we need to keep an eye on them as best as we can. If there is any… ANY… inclination that they are up to no good we need to take them out as best we can. I like the way the Israelis handled the Iranian nuclear scientists. A guy on a motorcycle would simply drive up to their stopped car, place a bomb (with a short fuse on their window), drive off, and booom. I wonder if Islamic nuclear nerds dyeing like pussies get a booty call in the afterlife? Probably not.

Unfortunately much of this damage will continue as the most incompetent boob to ever hold the office remains commander in chief for two more years.

People - Obama, Barack - Burn Constitution2) Concerning Obama breaking the law and not notifying congress of the release of terrorist from Gitmo. Doing something about that would require “cojones”; something the Republicans have repeatedly shown they lack in spades. Republicans are to Obama what Obama is to the rest of the world… pussies. Instead, Republicans should whine and stomp and claim dire consequences IF and when Obama crosses this or other red line. I’ll probably get my wish on this one.

3) As for Bowe Bergdahl… the system of military justice should be allowed to take its course. This system should determine exactly what Bowe is (deserter or worse) and he should then face those consequences. Unfortunately as political as this has become… I really doubt this will be the outcome.

One has to ask, exactly how much integrity, justice, or logic is there left in the federal government or the military establishment? Answer: We just sent Bradly Manning to a facility to begin the process of becoming Chelsea Elizabeth Manning. That should tell us all we need to know about how bad things are in America. Allahu Akbar.

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Main Stream Media - Bias - Bet Your Sweet AssSuspending Disbelief:
State Department spokesman Jen Psaki was actually mocked by the press on Thursday (5/29/14) after saying “[President Obama] doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s done around the world.”

Some would say this (laughter at that statement) is proof that the main stream media isn’t biased after all. They, of course, would still be wrong. There is, after all, a difference between being biased and being blind. What this really shows is frustration on the part of the press in doing their jobs… which is selling the liberal narrative that all is well thanks to Obama. When things are as bad as they are in foreign policy (and just about everything else) the people can only be led to suspend disbelief so much or for so long.

This also falls right in with the departure of Press Secretary Jay Carney. Imagine having the job of pushing this crap day in and day out. One has to ask “Do they put your soul in a jar for safe keeping while you do that job? Do you ever feel clean again?” Sure all press secretaries have to shovel crap to some extent. And chalk it up to partisanship; but I say the degree and volume dished out by the Obama Administration is well above and beyond what we’ve seen in the past (from any administration). There is little equivalency here; and of course the Republican Administrations have the excuse of actually being challenged by the press.

Political Cartoon - 2014 05 00 - Benghazi EmailsFor Example: The Administration releases emails from the White House that specifically instructed Susan Rice to lie on the Sunday talk shows concerning Benghazi. This only happened after a judge ordered the release of all emails involving Benghazi because of a “Freedom of Information Act” ruling. Jay’s spin? Oh… THAT email wasn’t about Benghazi… (all said with a straight face). To which a reporters ask “Then why did you release it as part of a court order to release Benghazi related emails?” To which Jay acts befuddled and repeats “That email wasn’t about Benghazi…” It’s the art of repeatedly pissing on someone and telling them it’s raining with a straight face. Normally the media doesn’t mind this from a leftist administration… but the public is increasingly noticing that they’re all wet (and stinky)… and that’s a problem when credibility has some effect on the bottom line.

OK One More: Any release of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay requires 30 days’ notice to Congress. It’s the Law. It’s the law passed by a Democratic controlled Senate and singed by Obama himself. Obama actually complied with the law in the past concerning some of the same prisoners but abandoned the idea when he got pushback (from Democrats, Republicans, and the military). Setting aside the wisdom or logic of the decisions, with the swap for Bowe Bergdahl, Obama decided not to follow the law?

Why? Was it A) Because time was of the essence (Bergdahl was sick) B) Because they has re-interpreted the law and decided it didn’t apply here OR C) They decided they couldn’t trust Congress with the information? If you answered D) All of the above you are correct. Various statements from various people at the White House have given all three as the reason for ignoring the law. It’s like these pople just throw crap against the wall to see what will stick.

People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse Ears

    This is but the latest debacle to demonstrate the overwhelming characteristics of President Barack Obama and by extension his administration:

  1. No respect for the rule of law. The rules and the law just don’t apply to this President.
  2. The propensity to lie all the time. These people would rather climb a tree to shout a lie when standing on solid ground and telling the truth would suit them better.
  3. No adult supervision. This administration can’t even coordinate its message/lies; which points back to amateurishness, incompetence, and a lack of engagement.

Again & Again & Again…
Meanwhile, this process of stating absurdity as fact (with a straight face) is repeated again… and again… and again… on every issue and scandal imaginable from the Obama Administration; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Political Targeting, Foreign Policy, The Economy, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap…

It is well past time for the Obama Administration be called out on the absurdities they spout as answers to legitimate questions (no matter the source of the questions). Unfortunately, with the state of journalism today; it may be up to History to do that.

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Want sure-fire proof a liberal has no argument on an issue? Watch for the race-card to be played.

Case in point, Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., said the use of the word “incompetent” may have been racial when used to describe Susan Rice (current U.N. Ambassador and possible future Sec. of State nominee).

There’s no mention of Rice’s credentials or “accomplishments”; no explanation for the evidence (the Benghazi lies) that give creed to the term incompetence; just attacks and slurs against those who question her ability and fitness for office.

Those who question her ability do so based on recent behavior; that being her dispersal of misinformation immediately following the terrorist attack in Benghazi Libya that killed four Americans. Either Ms. Rice was duped into spreading the lies (suggesting incompetence); or knowingly spread the lies (suggesting moral malfeasance). Both scenarios suggest she is “unfit” to hold higher office, especially the position of Sec. of State.

“These are code words, these kinds of terms that those of us — especially those of us who were born and raised in the South — we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them.” – Rep. James Clyburn

But to the likes of Rep. James Clyburn it’s all about race. Everything is all about race. It never occurs to him that the term “incompetent” actually refers to a level of competence (or lack thereof). I will admit that Mr. Clyburn’s claims do legitimately raise the question of racism; but only concerning his own character.

You want some code words that expose a racist? Easy; the first is “code”, the second is “word”, when used referring to another word (like incompetent) that has nothing to do with race.

(click to enlarge)

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Yesterday, President Obama chivalrously defended U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice concerning the lies she spread when she hit the Sunday Morning talk shows right after the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

“If you want to pick a fight with my U.N. ambassador, and blame her for something that was not her responsibility on Benghazi, then you come after me, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Don’t come after Susan Rice.” — President Barack Obama (11/14/12)

To which I say Bullshit! If you make a decision to propagate information you know is wrong; it speaks of your character. It speaks of your qualifications to hold higher office. Susan Rice is fair game and should be held responsible for her actions as should you, Mr. President.

For example, Mr. President, if you told Susan Rice to break into a car and steal a stereo; and she does it; you are responsible for instigating the crime. But so is she responsible for perpetrating the crime. Both have (or should have) consequences.

Too bad there weren’t any “journalists” at that press conference. One might have asked something like:

“Why would the White House have sent Rice out to be the voice of the administration on Benghazi if A) She didn’t know what was going on, and B) they didn’t want her held responsible for the explanation she gave?” — Charles Krauthammer

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