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The Daffy Duck Parable
I often reference pop culture (and literature, and history) in conversation and writing; which is bad when you reach my age because nobody gets the references anymore. For me personally it’s less of a shock because my references were so obscure to begin with. I use it in my everyday speech too. You ought to see my nieces roll their eyes when I use one my nuggets of wisdom.

One of my common sayings and obscure references has always been “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one.”

So let me explain this reference. It comes from a Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck. It is hunting season and Elmer is trying to shoot Daffy, who convinces him its rabbit season so Elmer switches to Bugs, and vice versa and so on. The gag is Elmer is completely confused and Daffy always ends up getting shot no matter what happens.

Towards the end of the cartoon, Daffy loses it and exclaims, “Shoot me again. I enjoy it. I love the smell of burnt feathers… and gunpowder… and cordite… I’m an elk! Shoot me! Go on… It’s elk season! I’m a fiddler crab! Why don’t you shoot me? It’s fiddler crab season!” And there is the reference. 🙂

If this were a parable, Daffy Duck is me, Elmer Fudd is society with its slings are arrows (a shotgun; and another reference), and Bugs Bunny is the left convincing Elmer (society) of whatever nut-ball notion fits his agenda.

Daffy Duck Loses It

Daffy Duck Loses It

Qualifications to Work for NAACP

Rachel Dolezal "FEELS" black and that's all that matters in a society that has discarded truth.

Rachel Dolezal “FEELS” black and that’s all that matters in a society that that has discarded truth.

There a woman in Spokane Washington, Rachel Dolezal, who is the president of the NAACP chapter there. She isn’t black or mixed race or so claim her white biological parents.

Now the NAACP has stated (and I agree) that being black is not a requirement to be a member or participant or even president of that particular organization. No. Those requirements would be close to: 1) Having a victim mentality 2) Pushing racism incessantly & 3) Drinking the leftist Cool-aid (another reference).

Over Qualified
Under those criteria… there is little doubt in my mind that Rachel was immanently qualified for her position as chapter president for the NAACP. A perfect example of her “qualification” would be what brought attention to this woman in the first place. That being the hate mail (found in a PO Box) sent to Rachel Dolezal in February (2015). Upon investigation, it seems the mail in question had not been processed by the Post Office… which means the only way it was delivered into her mailbox was from the recipient side of the mail box… which means the person who put it there had a key. (I’ll only connect the dots so far…)

Rachel’s simply made the decision to publicly and legally (admissions forms) claim to be “black”; which seems to have helped her financially. Rachael publicly claimed a man, a black man, who was not her biological father to be her father (maybe she used the word dad).

Complicated Questions

I don't understand the question...

I don’t understand the question…

So let me ask you a question or two? “Is your father an African American man?” “Are you an African American?”

Exactly how complicated and confusing are these questions? For Rachel Dolezal they were extremely complexing. After identifying a black man in a photo as her “dad”, she was asked these two questions. She wouldn’t answer them, became befuddled and walked away from the reporter.

Feeling Black
I can already see her defense (probably crafted by a crack-pot PR firm). She identified the black man in the picture as her “dad” because he was such a great mentor and supporter. She has always felt that he was like a daddy to her, even more so than her hateful white dad. She didn’t answer the other two questions (which have more narrow objective definitions), so… she never lied. This really should be called the “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is defense” (another reference). Eventually, Rachel will simply claim that she has always “felt” like a black woman. She will then hope her leftist credentials carry the day for her with the NAACP and MSM (Main Stream Media). I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked.

And in today’s society it should work. Today, it’s all about FEELINGS. What one feels defines ones reality; and that reality is just as good as anybody else’s. In a nutshell our society is embracing and celebrating the subjective in all things social and political. It rejects truth (which it calls false) as backward and evil. How far this societal evolution (and revolution) will go is unpredictable and scary.

Left Behind
Concept - Left BehindWe who can’t adjust to this subjective world (and don’t even want to) are harangued as backward, narrow, and bigoted. Some of us consider it as a badge of honor; some as even a cross we gladly bear (another reference).

In trying to explain the world from our perspective, let me ask you, what is 2+2? (I don’t think society has reached this point of irrationality yet) If…you answered 4; I would the like to follow-up and ask why YOU are so narrow minded? Why can’t it be 3 or 5 OR 2 if I really, really FEEL that is the answer? Who are YOU to tell me I’m wrong and try to force upon me your narrow, outdated, definition of 2+2!? And who are you to deny my a job (as a bridge builder or architect) based on what I really feel to be the right answer?

Update Say to Feel
I’ve got to update my old Daffy Duck reference from “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one” to “And me feeling like I’m a fiddler crab…”

Without regard to my degree of “feeling” that I’m a fiddler crab… alas, I am not one. Not even if I scuttle sideways and eat rotting crap on a beach. But I’m just as much a fiddler crab as Rachel Dolezal is a black (or mixed race) woman… as Bruce Jenner (or Catelyn if you prefer) is a woman… and as Elizabeth Warren is of American Indian heritage… Again the key word in all of this is NOT (zero, nata, zilch); and the fact that society doesn’t realize that is proof of just how far down the road to oblivion we have traveled.

Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.


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In England, there are protests going on concerning a 24 year old man shot by police. These protests have been going on for days now or should I say nights. The only thing missing from the protesters is any mention as to the reason they are protesting (the slain man). No signs, no chants, no calls for justice… What isn’t missing is the burning and the looting. As a matter of fact, you really wouldn’t call this a protest so much as a mob of thieves, rioting and looting.

In the English riots, over 600 have been arrested so far. Even middle-class kids have been caught up the debauchery.

At Wisconsin State Fair, 31 young black teens have been arrested for forming a mob to attack and rob people. But they weren’t indiscriminate. They (in their own words) targeted white people. If they are changed with a “hate crime”, which is highly doubtful; their defense will be that they didn’t target the white people because of their race, but because they considered them “easy targets”. And, it will work; because we all know it’s impossible for a black person to be racist.

In North-Eastern cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington D.C. randomly organized gangs (mostly black) are using social media and cell phones to meet and commit crimes. Usually they form a “flash mob” to quickly rob a particular store and then disperse into the general public. Sometimes they rove through a park, mugging and robbing whoever they find there.

These gangs aren’t interested in some injustice in society. They aren’t trying to right a wrong. They’re not starving. They’re not trying to just feed their family. They are there burning and pillaging for one reason. They are an amoral mob acting like one.

They are there for the excitement. They are there to get what they can for themselves in that moment. For many this is a game they get to participate in, and it’s the most fun they’ve ever had. The swag is just a bonus.

But, How did they reach such a point? Socially, Morally?
Socially, they reached this point because everything essential to life is provided for them… food, shelter. Even non-essentials are provided… a little money, TV, entertainment. In school they were given a pass to the next grade, to protect their fragile self-esteem and the sanity of the teachers. They’ve never really worked for anything. They’ve never felt the pride and motivation of real achievement.

Morally, many grew up without much parental guidance. Few were ever instructed on moral or ethical absolutes. As a matter of fact their whole life has been subjective. They have essentially been raised by the street, by the mob.

The System:
And the circumstances that brought these young people to this state of being, was created by compassion and good intentions; liberal compassion and good intentions.

One of these little urchins (they were all once urchins) might have missed a meal, so free food. And shelter is an essential so it was free to. And they can’t be deprived of this that or other because of class, so free TV, internet, etc… And we can’t expect them to act responsibly so we’ll reward Mom for each new kid… but only if Dad’s not around. Oh, but we can’t have them feeling bad for taking all this free stuff; so we’ll call them “entitlements”.

I’m not saying that there should not be a social safety net. But a social safety net that removes all work, and all responsibility, also removes all self-respect, all gratitude, and all incentive to do better for yourself and society. A social safety net that is helping the same people year after year and not motivating and/or helping them become self-sufficient would be incompetent. One that services the same people generation after generation is intentional and is really just a plantation network for slaves.

These young people are the product of our social safety net plantation. They are little more than feral animals, existing in the moment. They eat, drink, poop, and have sex. Beyond that, what do they have to look forward to in western society? It’s not as if they’re going to enter the job market and advance into a career. Generally, they can’t speak proper English, can’t read, or do simple math. Socially, they show up to job interviews aloof, unkempt, and with half their ass or underwear on display.

The Solution: Another Great Depression?

I’ve said in the past that there is nothing wrong with the U.S. that another great depression wouldn’t fix. Now, I didn’t mean the newly re-defined version of a depression created by the left to imply they inherited a bad economy. I meant the real thing. Like what we had in the 30s; market crashes, mass unemployment, inept government, soup kitchens, food shortages, everybody having to work hard just to survive.
I’ve said that another great depression could fix all that ails us. I thought that such an event would pull us together, and re-invigorate the American spirit of hard work and self-reliance. I WAS WRONG.

The people of that time not only endured the Great Depression, but they persevered to re-build a foundation upon which their children could defeat the evils of WWII. The main thing that allowed them to accomplish this great feat was personal CHARACTER.

Many of today’s youth as demonstrated by their actions, are devoid of character.

In the event of such hardship, this generation of feral animals would not rise to the occasion. They can do it no easier than they can construct a coherent sentence. They would do what they know; burn, loot and pillage. Those of us, who might have a chance to weather such hardship, would have the added burden of having to protect ourselves from these hoodlums. I’ve heard this referred to as the 3Bs defense… Bacon, Beans, and Bullets. Of course we can hope that the education system has gotten so bad that these idiots don’t know where food comes from. Hopefully after looting the grocery store, they would slowly stave in the parking lot wondering why the shelves aren’t magically replenished for their taking.

The Real Solution
So what is the real solution to a lost generation, with no work ethic, no useful skills, no allegiance to society, and no moral compass?

I don’t know.

As a religious man, I say we must pray. We must approach them and try to instill some idea of morality that should have been part of their upbringing. It’s very hard to do at that age; and it’s impossible to do from a secular stand point which the left insists on.

Compassion is still the answer, but compassion that focuses on turning lives around, not just addressing various physical and feel good needs. Compassion must be focused on results, not initial intention. What is true compassion? Good intentions (that seem compassionate) that produce moral ambiguity and slavery; or good intentions (that seem cruel) that produce good free moral citizens?

To help these young men and women leave the plantation, we must defeat their masters and remove the system that enslaves them. We must then help them learn, even if the tool used is a sharp kick in the back-side. We must give them the tools they need to work and thrive outside the plantation. If we don’t, future generations will share the same fate.

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As a nation we:  

  • Fundamentally abandoned the founding principles of our Republic such as individual responsibility, the rule of law, inalienable rights, & private property.
  • Accept as subjective the very ideas of truth, justice, good, and evil.
  • Proclaim our Constitution a “living document” so that it can mean anything; and thus means nothing.
  • Accept all cultures as equal, failing to teach our children our history, our culture, and the principles that made this nation great.
  • Betray our allies, while we coddle evil men in vain hope to placate “peace”.
  • Allow our press to degrade into a de-facto mouthpiece for a political agenda.
  • Accept as normal sexual promiscuity and cohabitation.
  • Accept as normal that 40% of children are born out of wedlock; setting in motion a spiral into poverty.
  • Allow fathers to shirk their financial and social responsibilities to their children.
  • Accept as normal/acceptable, homosexuality, bisexuality, transvestites, transgendered and other sexual deviance.
  • Try to legalize same-sex marriage (which seems inevitable); not to mention adoption by same-sex couples and other perversions of family.
  • Look upon unborn children as objects, as trash to be discarded simply because they are inconvenient AND there’s profit in the process.
  • Allow 50 million (that’s 50,000,000) children to be killed and ease our conscience with a nonexistent right “found” in the constitution.
  • Removed prayer from our schools, both organized and individual and now indoctrinate children with secular philosophy.
  • Worship false idols of the earth, nature, crystals, human hubris, etc…
  • Use tricks, statistics, and pseudo-science to push political and profit driven agendas with the truth be damned.
  • Wrap Marxist doctrine in a cloak of religion, misrepresenting salvation as a group ability to implement wealth distribution. (see liberation theology)
  • Riot when we receive a verdict we don’t like, when a professional sports team wins (or looses).
  • Reward failure, betrayal, and immoral acts with golden parachutes, and government bailouts.
  • Show no semblance of common sense when it comes to our spending habits. This is true for individuals, communities, states, and as a nation.

The list continues, with people and society making a deal with the devil to tolerate the intolerable so as to excuse their vices and to be accepted by the world.  

We are like gods!


Every generations believes it is living in the most morally bankrupt of times. Maybe every generation is right because of the ever increasing slouching towards Gomorrah. That said; I’m one of those people. Since the Biblical flood and the raising of Babel, Sodom, and Gomorrah; I believe we are more morally bankrupt than ever before. That goes for all categories; the human race, the West, the United States, etc… I look at our decline, our hubris, and wonder how the ancient fallen cities could have been any worse than we.  

At an early age I was a deist (one who believes that God does not take an active role in things), but too many coincidences (blessings and corrections) in my life and those around me have convinced me otherwise. So if I believe that God had and does take an active role in my life; why would he not do the same for larger groups or even nations? I think he does.  

Now this brings up other issues that I’m not addressing in this post; mainly because I can’t. If God takes an active role then why does he allow evil things to happen? And we’re talking really unspeakable atrocities… The simple answer is I don’t know; but I do know that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy; and in those things I simply trust in the wisdom and grace of God.  

That said, I think that we as a nation are turning our face from God, a process that began a good half century ago. I fear the consequences of such hubris as documented in the gospel and history.  

Cal Thomas in a recent column stated, “A nation that loses its moral sense is a nation without any sense at all. Muslim fanatics who wish to destroy us are correct in their diagnosis of our moral rot: loss of a fear of God, immodesty, especially among women, materialism and much more. While their solution — Sharia law — is wrong, they are not wrong about what ails us.” (Read Full Article Here)  

Mr. Thomas is dead on. We are like children that are convinced there are no consequences for our actions. The rod has been spared for so long… “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”  

Psalm 111:10 (King James Version)… and we are a bunch of fools.  

As a nation we have endured for over 200 years. We have fought evil and tyranny. We have corrected ourselves when we strayed. We were great because we were good.  

But now, the great experiment has run its course. Now, the system has been broken (on purpose). Now we creep forward (never back) down the beautiful, well travelled, broad road of socialism; lead on by fools and villains.  

As we stand on the brink; though it is unlikely, though I doubt our resolve, though I doubt our character; it is not too late. We can turn from the promised man-made utopia. We can reject change and seek restoration. We can realize that this can’t be fixed by us. We can stop and turn around.  

2 Chronicles 7:14  

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.  

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