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Food - Meat - Bacon - Couple Enjoy on Grill - 50sThe restaurant, Sneakers Bistro put up a sign outside its business that read “Yield for Sneakers Bacon”; toward which a Muslim woman resident was quickly offended, calling it insensitive to those who don’t eat pork. Pause right here and think about that… would it ever occur to you to be offended that people eat something that you don’t?

In Texas (my home state and one of the last dwindling bastions of freedom and sanity), this would have immediately resulted the offended Muslim woman being told in so many words to take her business and offense elsewhere; at a minimum out of the state and preferably out of the country. We Texans would also feel it to be our obligation to give her directions to a much, much warmer climate (than even Texas) where her offense might be more openly received. The restaurant in question would double its business and bacon sales in the process.

That’s not what happened in this case; and here are some key words in the account given that may clue you in as to why… “Bistro”, “Winooski”, “Vermont”, “diverse”, “French”.

Religion - False - Muslim - OffendedSo the Muslim woman was offended; complained; did an internet thingy (Facebook & Yelp); got a bunch of local, open minded, inclusive, leftist on board that “sparked a massive backlash”; the diner (probably leftist) owners contacted the Muslim woman and apologized; they removed the sign; to which the city Mayor sang the praises of all involved. Yeaaaaa….

“We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics. We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community.” — Owner of the Sneakers Bistro

Concept - Diversity - Hands“The cool part of living in a diverse community is that it’s not always comfortable. It’s a fascinating place with lots of opportunities for conversation. The city has to pay attention to a lot of factors while acting within what we can regulate. Winooski has always welcomed immigrants, including my ancestors who spoke only French (which would explain your propensity for surrender) in 1835 when they arrived here.” — Katherine Decarreau, Mayor of Winooski Vermont

Translation: We are all a bunch of leftist weenies. We kowtow to the Muslims in the name of political correctness and suffer under the delusion that they would spare us under an Islamic state as we share the enemies of Christians and conservatives.

I guess I can understand why one might yield to Muslim offense. Put a cross in a jar or piss and fascist Christian bastards are likely to be offended and complain, and worse demand that your art not be publically funded.

Put up a sign about bacon with no mention or thought to Islam and you might get your restaurant blown to hell or your head cut off (not necessarily in that order). The owners of the restaurant were lucky, in this case the offended Muslim was a “moderate”; meaning intolerant, irrational, but not completely homicidal (but that threat is always hanging in the air isn’t it).

Thus we have constant attacks on Christians who (for the most part) react in accordance to the teachings of their founder and savior (Love even your enemies), while Muslims likewise react according to their prophet (subjugate, enslave, or kill all who do not join your fascist little party).

Thus today in Vermont we get a glimpse of three things pointing to our imminent demise. 1) Our refusal to recognize Islam as tyranny and fascism disguised as religion 2) Our refusal to see “moderate” Muslims as inconsequential at best when it comes to that tyranny & 3) Leftist who think they can appease and coexists with such evil.

Attacking bacon is one thing; allowing it to stand? Who will end this campaign of terror?

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False ProphetsSo today (1/21/2013) Obama, family, and friends attended “church” before the inauguration ceremony. On the face of it, which is all the public will ever see, that sounds humble, solemn, and reflective… It wasn’t.

Obama’s current pastor, the “Reverend” Ronald Braxton, delivered a sermon reminiscent of Barack’s former pastors (Jeremiah Write & Joseph Lowery). Where does he find these dirt bags?

Braxton stated that Obama was just like Moses (a demotion for Obama) facing the Red Sea… “forward is the only option… The people couldn’t turn around. The only thing that they could do was to go forward.”

Obama - as Moses

And like Moses, Obama will have to overcome great obstacles. “Mr. President, stand on the rock.” [by this he didn’t mean Jesus].

Braxton also compared conservatives and Republicans (Obamas enemies) to the Biblical enemies of Moses; stating that “sometimes enemies insist on doing it the hard way.”

This so-called pastor ended the service by leading the “worshipers” in a chant of “Forward”!

This was indeed a worship service, but it was in worship of an arrogant, narcissistic, bully of a man. There is no way a Christian would have sat through such an attack against our faith; so I assume all in attendance sat with smarmy confidence and joined in the irreverence at the appropriate times.

Sometimes you look for a sign that you are right; that you are on the side of what is good and decent in the world. And sometimes you get that confirmation. This is one of those signs.

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