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This week Dennis Hastert was indicted by the FBI.

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Hastert was the longest serving Republican Speaker of the House ever (1998-2006). He took over from Newt Gingrich when the “chosen” successor Bob Livingston (LA) couldn’t because of extra-marital affairs. After he left office in 2007 he eventually cashed in as a lobbyist and was considered a “Washington power player”.

Indictment Process:
Hastert over the years has been withdrawing money from the bank; at first 50K at a time, and then in chunks of 10K. (In case you’re not aware, 10K is the magic number where banks have to fill out federal paperwork.) So Hastert has been doing this for years now and the FBI became aware of it. And with Hastert being a “Washington power player” they were concerned the money could be going to nefarious causes and people. And good for them (the FBI); they should be watching for this kind of corruption. (Side Note: If only the FBI showed the same concern for Democratic Washington power players with billion dollar foundations used as slush funds… but that’s another story…)

Eventually the FBI approached Hastert and asked him “Why all the withdrawals?” I would suspect they already knew the answer to that before they asked, but it’s just speculation on my part. Hastert gave the perfect right-wing answer. He didn’t trust the banking system anymore and was hedging his bets by getting his money in cash. That was unfortunately not the right (as in truthful) answer.

Thus the indictment. He lied to the FBI.

Black-Mail - LetterWhy Did He Lie:
So why did he lie. Well we’re not sure but we’ve been given bits and pieces of the story. It was black-male and involved a student he knew back during his high-school teaching/coaching days. We believe the student was male. We know Hastert was paying this man off (currently 1.7 of a 3.4 million dollar agreement). And… it involved “SEX”.

So Let Us Move On:
Thus the indictment should be dropped and we should all must “move on”.

Sure the former speaker committed a crime similar to perjury; in essence lying when by law he was required to tell the truth. That crime is well and good when applied to some people (like Scooter Libby); but not so much for others. But if we take the left on its word, the key to escaping any responsibility for such lies is the word “Sex”. It’s OK, and who wouldn’t lie about sex?

Of course you can never take the left at its word. It was never about the sex. It was about protecting power… to the point of truth, morality and the law not mattering. And now look how far that core principle has taken them (and us along for the ride).

It Should Be About All of That:
It is (should be) about the sex … and the power … and the honesty. All those things matter when it comes to the people we allow to steer this Republic… or even a business or even our communities and families. No man is without sin, but how we deal with our mistakes is as (I would say more) important as the mistakes themselves.

But It Isn’t, So Shall We Reap:
Still… there should be standards of conduct. If those standards were tossed aside for whatever reason decades ago; we should reclaim them today . It is the loss of those morals and mores that is THE foremost reason this nation is one in such decline.

And if sex and power and honesty isn’t enough? There is always the LAW. But all of those things have been pushed aside and it all started a long time ago. We are simply reaping what we have sewn.


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Religion - Christianity - Jesus - with Staff by StreamMatthew 7:15-20 (NIV) True and False Prophets
“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

Religion - False - Islam - Not MohammadQur’an (33:50) – (Pithall) – O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war…

Qur’an (23:1-5) – (Paraphrased)- (Believers will be successful who pray humbly, who shun vain talk, who pay their poor-tax, and who abstain from sex…) [OK sounds pretty good so far] (23:6-7) (Pithall) – Save (having sex with) from their wives or the (slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy, But whoso craveth beyond that, such are transgressors. (Repeated almost verbatim in Qur’an (70:29-31))

Qur’an (4:24) – (Pithall) – And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you.

[It must really suck if you’re a left-handed Islamist.]

I’ve tried my best to rewrite this posting a couple of times but how do you do it. But how to you temper your comments when confronting evil? Did Jesus show restraint when confronting the money changers? Did he seek compromise?

So let me plead guilty right now. I am guilty, guilty, guilty… of that worldly sin of “intolerance”. I freely admit that I am loath to tolerate evil, loath to tolerate those who practice it, and loath to tolerate those who support it by their silence and inaction. And I’m proud that I refuse to tolerate such things and pretend they don’t exist while the worldly encourage and even require one to practice such self-delusion.

Religion - Fals - Islam - Reading Quran

The flavor of the month of “radical” Islamic terrorist is none other than Boko Haram (lead by Shekau) in the African nation of Nigeria. They’ve been pillaging, and burning, and killing for years now; concentrating mostly on schools. Why… because they believe “western education is sinful”. It’s literally what their name, “Boko Haram” means.

Boko HaremThey are in the news because they recently kidnapped, raped, and sold into slavery about 300 young schoolgirls they captured as “spoils of war” (as Muhammad called them). That is terrible and something needs to be done about it; even if it’s us (Americans, Christians, Non-Muslims) who have to do that something.

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah… the girls should not have been in school in the first place, but rather should get married… God instructed me to sell them, they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions.” – Shekau, leader of Boko Haram (Nigerian terrorist and follower of Muhammad)

But why now? Why all the concern about the Islamic terrorist now? It’s not as if Boko Haram popped up yesterday. They’ve been around for years. They’ve killed thousands. And they’re no strangers to atrocities. In September of 2013 and again in February of 2014, they attacked schools in Nigeria that offended them. The few girls they found, they told to run away… but as for the young boys… they killed them… over 100… shot, hacked to death, or burned alive. Ahhh, but NOW, they’ve crossed one of those little red lines. Now they’ve done something allowing us to identify with their victims.

These type atrocities happen all the time, and I agree that we can’t be the policemen of the world. But I say we can be a good neighbor. We can help when asked (and we have been asked by Nigeria) and the circumstances warrant it. The scope and nature of that I help I leave up to my elected officials. That’s their job, after all. I just wish we could have taken these bastards out a year or two ago; with drones if possible, special ops and helicopters if necessary.

But back to the cause of all this sh%t! Islam…

Religion - Islam - Symbol and Book

I’ve done my best over the years to pretend (part of that peer-pressured worldly self delusion) that there were a few Islamist that are “moderate”, even honorable… No more. I’m done with you people. You’re at best cowards… at best numerical infinitesimal…

This is not a problem of “radical Islam”. I’ve come to the conclusion that the words “radical” and “Islam” are virtual synonyms. The only reason you would speak the two words together would be to adhere to political correctness. When it comes to atrocities in the name of Allah, the best you can hope for from “moderate Islam” (known as an oxymoron) is silence or vague platitudes. You’re more likely to get indignant shrieks demanding tolerance in the form of silence from the infidels (see the Council on American–Islamic Relations – CAIR).

But what do we (non-Muslims) expect? Really? Exactly what fruits do we expect from such a “religion”? Life for the prophet Muhammad was one big Allah approved booty call after another. The whole of Islam was created to protect Muhammad’s 1) power 2) wealth & 3) private parts… and little else. Those were and remain the three pillars of Islam. After Muhammad’s passing new war lords and tyrants picked up his mantle for the same purposes. We’re now 1400+ years into that cycle.

With a “religion” based on such worldly things, is it any wonder we (non-Muslims) have had to deal with pirating, pillaging, enslaving, and fornication from Muhammad’s followers for these many centuries? Today, fourteen centuries later, we’re still dealing with and cleaning up the constant messes created by these thugs; while inundated with constant propaganda that they saved civilization during Medieval times, or respect and protect others peoples in their culture, or that they are a “religion of peace”. All bullshit!

Religion - False - Islam - Slave Girls - 003

The problem isn’t that the group Boko Haram are distorting or misinterpreting Islam (or it’s “prophet”)… it’s that they are following Islam all too well… and worse emulating by example the “prophet” Muhammad to a tee. Pillage? Sex with slave girls? It’s all spelled out “they are not blameworthy”; so go for it radical little soldiers of Allah. And even better, Muhammad assures you that if you die during this booty call, there’s an even better one waiting for you in the after-life. What a religion!

I would concede the argument that these nut-balls are perverting the teachings of Muhammad IF I could just see some evidence of something good coming from Islam. What I’d really like to see is for Muslims (for once) to actually clean up one of these messes on their own. If these thugs are to be dealt with, it will probably have to be done by the West (non-Muslims). So let me ask you this… where are the Saudi “advisors”, where are the Egyptian “special forces” where is one %$#@ing Muslim taking any responsibility for this crap what-so-ever? Even more, when WE finally take care of it… how about a little recognition or gratitude from you &^%$#ers? … … … I won’t hold my breath.

For all these fourteen centuries, the overall fruits of Muhammad and Islam have been death, pillage, greed, persecution, fornication, and slavery. Why? A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

Religion - Christian - Bad Fruit

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We’ve got another one! Another Democrat is caught up in a sex scandal. Once again I remind you that this is generally the best entertainment our tax dollars can buy.

Our latest performer is Representative David Wu of Oregon. Mr. Wu has a history of unwanted advances toward the fairer sex dating all the way back to college. Wanting to relive those by-gone days David (56) accosted the teen-age daughter (pre college) of a long-time friend and campaign donor.

Wu doesn’t deny the encounter, but simply says it was consensual. Whether or not the girl was a minor at the time is unknown… but it was probably a close call either way.

Of course this all begs the question concerning supporters of these dirt-bags. Exactly what does one have to do to lose your support, much less file a report with police? Sure, this was nowhere near driving off a bridge and drowning her, but come on…

While Wu has given indications that this could last awhile by refusing to resign and declaring that he will serve out his term through 2012, I don’t think it will even go as long as the Weiner show. Democrats are already bailing on him and calling for investigations.

I think the age of the victim and the tiger outfit has them scared.

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