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technology-hacker-locksContinuing with a series on the various aspects of the lefts, lashing out, grasping and blaming… we now visit The Russian Hacking…

It was just a few short years ago that Obama zinged Romney with “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”
This was in response to Romney identifying the Russians as the biggest threat to global security.

Fast forward to today and… those insidious Russkies have hacked, false newsed, and thrown the election for the left’s beloved Hillary; stealing our election for Trump and thus putting the world on the brink of destruction. The motivation for all this is supposedly Putin’s hatred of Hillary. Yeah… right…

The left even implies (as they justified recounts) that the Russians MAY have hacked into voting machines. There’s just one thing missing in all of this. Proof of exactly who, when, where, and what actually happened in this regard.

Before getting into the details the concerning the claims and likely reality of the Russian hacking, I’ll say that I think it’s much ado about nothing; but then, that’s the whole point. While many on the left will allow themselves to be bamboozled by the conspiracy theories (much as the right was by the birther crap), some know it’s pretty well BS but will use it anyway as one of many means to try and delegitimize Trumps election as well as raise wheel-barrows full of cash. All’s fair in and politics.

OK… Let’s look at the various claims in no particular order…

The Democrats were hacked:

There is no doubt that the Democrats were hacked. The proof is in the WikiLeaks. The only question is by who? The CIA says it was the Russians, the FBI says maybe, WikiLeaks says nope (somebody else), and the Russians say prove it… Meanwhile I (TexasLynn)… don’t care. I just grateful to whoever did it. 🙂 Not because it hurt Hillary Clinton’s election prospects (it didn’t), but that it (to be honest) exposed truth that needed exposing. That’s always a good thing.

As a tech guy, I see this as two separate hacking incidents. First John Podesta’s Gmail (where much of the information came from) and then the DNC (Democratic National Committee) server. Why the separation? One (the DNC) was (technologically) fairly sophisticated leaving supposedly Russian digital fingerprints while the other (Podesta) was completely (technologically) unsophisticated, meaning just about anybody could have done it.

Targeting Idiots:
So first, Podesta…

people-podesta-johnMuch of the (WikiLeaks) material released was from John Podesta’s email. The hackers gained access by “phishing” for account login information (in this case a Google Gmail account). This is equivalent to sending an official looking email and convincing the recipient (John Podesta) to log in using the link provided in the email. Instead of logging in, the link sends the information to the hacker. Two things generally prevent these attacks from working; 1) a modicum of common sense on the part of the mark (which John Podesta obviously lacked) 2) delayed common sense in realizing something is amiss and thus changing your password (yeah… that didn’t happen either).

The Russians may indeed have been the ones to send this phishing email and gain access from the reply. OR it just as easily could have been any one of millions of semi-technical losers out there. The point being… this wasn’t rocket science; which is exactly what the left would have you believe was involved so they can infer the talent needed to accomplish this is only available to some big sinister foreign government with hundreds or thousands of hackers at their disposal. But no, the means of obtaining this information could have been generated by any ONE semi-technical miscreant on the face of the planet. Its success was completely dependent on the ignorance and idiocy of John Podesta. And it worked…

Targeting Easy Marks:
party-logo-democraticSupposedly the Democratic National Security (DNC) hack was more sophisticated, which goes without saying; it’s harder to hack a server than an email account. Supposedly, here is where we find the little Russkie fingerprints all over the place… And granted, this is the most plausible in the Russian hacking accusations.

But… from what I understand (and this is from CNN and the NYT) the Democrats were warned of the intrusion (by the FBI) and did little or nothing for a YEAR; before finally addressing the issue. This is what is known in the hacking world as an “easy marks” and “the mother lode”. One excuse by the DNC was complaining that the FBI didn’t properly inform them of just how serious they were concerning the warning. This is like complaining that the guy who tells you that you were on fire, does so in too calm a tone.

So the Russians (or whoever) had access to a lot of DNC data and emails for over a year. The DNC is largely to blame… to which I say good… (see below). The Russian (or whoever’s) success in this regard really speaks to the incompetence of the Party leadership (if not the whole org-chart top to bottom); and why should we be surprised at this. Have you seen these idiots govern?

The Republicans Were Hacked:

party-logo-gopTo get around the inconvenient truth of being hacked because they were idiots, the Democratic Party asserts “Well, the Republicans were hacked too”. This has a two-fold advantage: 1) It excuses their incompetence in regards to technical security and 2) It allows them then to assert a new conspiracy that since nothing (or little) was released concerning the Republicans it proves they (and Trump) are in leages with those pesky evil Russians.

Following this train of logic, proof that the Russians and Trump and the Republicans were all in on this giant conspiracy is 1) The Russians didn’t release any/much Republican emails/information and 2) The Russians seemed to concentrate on Democrats as time went on. The ever obedient main stream media follows along reporting this as “news”. Involvement of Nessie, Big Foot, and Elvis can’t be far behind…

Another explanation of these two events might be 1) The Russians were unsuccessful in infiltrating Republican systems (as is asserted by the GOP after looking into it) and 2) When a thief (the Russians) is targeting two marks, one of which is thwarting their efforts and the other of which is easy (showing themselves to be idiots)… you naturally concentrate your efforts on the easy and profitable idiots.

There is little doubt the Russians tried to hack the GOP. $%#@! The Russians pretty well try to hack any and every business, government agency, public organization, and private Secretary of State email server they can shake a stick at. So do the Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans, U.S (to them)… It’s their nature. You don’t blame a shark for doing what sharks do… but you also don’t slather yourself in chum, take a dip, and wonder why you just got bit on the @ss.

If the Russians really, wanted to hurt Hillary, why didn’t they release emails from… her private server, which they also supposedly hacked? THAT would have done more damage than anything on the DNC; proving that Hillary had indeed broken the law AND compromised national security. I don’t know if they have those emails or not. But if they did, and they really intended to affect the election, THAT would have been their trump card (no pun intended) but they never played it.

Looking At the Data (Despite the Source):

OK let’s assume the worst case scenario. It was the Russians. It was completely the Russians (Podesta, the DNC, all of it). What exactly did hey accomplish for all their effort? Name THE false-news story they put out there that did Hillary in. Name THE one thing (the main thing) that put the nail in Hillary’s coffin. Not generalities… specifics. There is NOTHING there; it’s a leftist shell game to distract from the truth. The Democratic Party, and Hillary herself are to blame for the loss.

    So What did we learn from the Russians?

  1. We learned that the DNC was COMPLETELY in bed with the Clinton campaign seeking to torpedo Bernie Sanders (and yet the socialist shill supported her all the way). This caused the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who went to work for Clinton) and should have caused the resignation of Donna Brazil (who replaced Debbie) when it was revealed that she passed on debate questions to Clinton. Instead Brazil got a pass because of ideology and race.
  2. We learned that the Main Stream Media (MSM) was COMPLETELY in bed with the Clinton campaign to the point of having them review articles before they were published.
  3. We learned John Podesta’s secret creamy Risotto recipe.


The leftist leadership isn’t pissed that Russia was spreading lies… but rather that Russia was spreading inconvenient truth. As far as the Democrats were concerned the problem, the travesty, was that the voters had too much (true) information at hand when they voted.

To be blunt; the release of this information was a service to the American people. THIS is information that needed to be out there and information that the MSM was never going to look into… 1) because they were co-conspirators and 2) because they have no interest in exposing the corruption of the left.

SO… if this was the Russians? On behalf of Americans with some interest in the truth… Thank you. Please continue. And if you come up with crap like this on the GOP… or any other politician or company or organization; please, please release it also. It’s not as if we have a free-press that’s going to do their #$@%ing job anytime soon…


The left is mainly mad that they were exposed for fraud, dishonesty, and possibly criminal activity. Removing as big a moron as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from the DNC was no service to the GOP. The fact that Donna Brazil can even show her face in public is a testament to how ingrained leftist hypocrisy is. The fact that many in the main stream media still have jobs (as journalists even) exposes the bias and corruption of that estate.

I’m glad these facts were exposed, though many of us have known or at least suspected all along.

No… I’m not rooting for the Russians to have success in hacking anybody, especially when they can do some real damage. This was not one of those times. It is the job of entities to make hacks as hard as possible and I expect my government (at all levels), businesses I patronize, and organizations I support to do the Job. When incompetent, corrupt idiots fail and are exposed… I can’t help it… that’s a good thing for everyone, no matter who was responsible for taking them down.

Had the election turned out as the left expected, Russia would still be the pas see villains of the 80s. This nothing, this trifle that they are screaming their little head off about would have remained what it is… little or nothing to it.


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2013 03 25 - Cyprus Bank RobberyThey actually did it. Well, sort of. Facing mobs in the streets (as well they should); the Cyprus government, the European Union (EU), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), looted billions (of euros) from the state owned Cyprus banks this weekend (3/25/2013)

    So what exactly happened? I like bullet points (Type A Analytical), so let’s go with that.

  1. Cyprus is a European Socialist Democracy run by leftist. Thus spending has never really matched income.
  2. This system eventually collapsed; just like every system that mirrors it will (are you getting this EU and US?)
  3. Cyprus is just ahead of the rest of the EU so they are seeking a “bailout” from their “not there yet” cousins; namely Germany. Italy and Spain can’t really help because they are just a few steps behind Cyprus.
  4. The EU (mostly Germany) and the IMF have demanded that Cyprus pony up some money in exchange for the €10 billion in bailout funds. Recently they got specific and demanded that Cyprus raise this money (about €5 billion) by raiding Cyprus banks.
  5. Conveniently or by design all this crap just happened to come down during a week-long “bank holiday”; making it impossible for people to withdraw lots of money. The Cyprus government used this as an opportunity (“never let a serious crisis go to waste” after all) to limit daily withdrawals to 100 euros. The peasants could still go crazy after all and need to be protected from themselves. Oh, and the government made it impossible to transfer accounts anywhere; basically telling foreign depositors “WE have your money and WE will decide how much of it you get back.”
  6. The Cyprus Government floated the idea of “taxing” ALL accounts about 6-10%; which is what it would take to raise the demanded €5 billion.
  7. This idea didn’t go well with the Cyprus citizens (also known as peasants). So the Cyprus Government instead decided to NOT tax the peasants (they are local and have pitchforks); but instead tax just “the rich”; who have fewer pitchforks and many of whom are not local. (Victims with pitchforks thousands of miles away are a good thing in the eyes of those who are doing the robbing.) But because the looters aren’t spreading the pain; the percentage “tax” on each account affected will be more in the 40% range (the government estimates 30% so I assume 40-50) for confiscation. “An EU spokesman said NO across-the-board levy or tax would be imposed on deposits in Cypriot banks, although the hit on large account holders in the two biggest banks is likely to be far greater than initially planned. A first attempt at a deal last week collapsed when the Cypriot parliament rejected a proposed levy on all deposits.” – Reuters
  8. This scheme made the EU and IMF happy (they got the concession), and the peasants happy (they kept their money and their bread and circuses). The only few people who are mad are a few rich people in Cyprus and a lot of rich Russians who are far, far away.
  9. Problem solved. Well, kind of… Cyprus is still a Socialist Democracy run by leftist… so it’s really just a band-aid. But why squabble over semantics?

Some Thoughts on the Whole Mess:
Concept - Bread & CurcusesPlacating the Masses
This really seems to have worked as far as placating the Cyprus peasants. “Many in the capital appeared intent on enjoying a sunny holiday morning, drinking coffee at pavement cafes and watching camera crews filming people drawing money from bank machines.” – Reuters

I’m also sure the bread and circuses have not abated in the least.

Make no mistake about it, the Cyprus banking system would have collapsed without a deal of a bailout from the EU or the IMF.

“It is a bad deal, but the extreme scenario we had to contend with was worse.” — Lefteris Christoforou, vice-chairman of the ruling Democratic Rally party

Guess what. It’s still inevitable. When you subsidize bad behavior (socialist deficit spending), even with stolen money you get more of that behavior.

Thieves Stealing from Thieves
“There is no honor among thieves.” Much (though not all) of the money looted was taken from Russian mafia oligarchs. As Charles Krauthammer said “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.” But we (Charles and I) know this was just coincidence. Had the money been the lifesaving of little old ladies from Peoria, it would have been just as gone, just a quickly.

Why Stop There
Cyprus was a “safe haven” for the foreign (Russian) money; kind of like the Cayman Islands are for American money. My question is why did the Greeks/Cyprus stop there? Why not take ALL of it or 90% or 80%? Why so little?

Do they think the Russians (and the rich) will just say “Man, what a rip.” And leave what remains of their deposits within the clutches of those who just robbed them? Of course not, they will transfer every cent as soon as they are able.

To get this deal, Cyprus has sacrificed its foreign banking industry. It will never recover. I’m just asking was €4 or €5 billion worth it when they just as easily could have taken €10 billion? It’s not as if those being “taxed” had ANY say in the matter or the amount.

The answer to my question “Why Stop There?” is, of course, they stopped at the point where they rationalized they could get away with it… without Russian missiles streaming in or Russian tanks rolling down the streets. Vladimir Putin does have his limits. Just ask his enemies… well those not poisoned or dead under mysterious circumstances. 🙂

People - Putin, Vladimir - Return to Power

Who’s Next
Spain and Italy are just a step or two behind Cyprus. Those guys are in terrible, terrible shape.

So I ask you… If you had any amount of money in Spainish or Italian banks; would you leave it there? I wouldn’t.

Sure, other European banks are fine (for now); and the same can be said for U.S. banks… so do we have nothing to worry about?

This is stuff that could have easily been in “Atlas Shrugged”; and it’s why that book is so relevant to today’s society. The looters as depicted in that book are alive, well, and active in Europe. They bide their time here (in the U.S.).

Concept - Boil Frog SlowlyMany on the left will say that this could “never” happen here. By “never” they mean today… and they are wrong.

It is already happening here; jut much, much more subtlety. Every time Ben Bernanke prints another dollar (and he’s printing billions of them) he IS in effect devaluing the dollars we own to finance big leftist government. It is, in all practical purposes, the same thing. He’s just boiling the frog (us) slower.

But could we ever reach a point where our creditors demand that our government “tax” deposits, or savings accounts, or retirement accounts, etc… OR they will not lend us any more money? Could you see China doing that? I sure could.

But could you see the government (currently run by leftist with the same mentality as those in Europe) actually doing that… not all of us… just the rich? Yep! They would do it and the people would let them. Even today the propaganda has convinced us that those evil rich bastards deserve it.

No; it’s not going to happen literally tomorrow; but tomorrow as in within a decade? It could easily happen here; and it’s the direction we are headed at a dead run.

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