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I can’t help but give a few drive-by TexasLynn insights into the Trump 2016 Presidential victory.

First, to reiterate, I was not a Trump supporter (as many who read my blog know). I was even less of a Hillary supporter, and slightly less for Johnson (Libertarian), and Stein (Nutso/Green).

Trump’s election is the worst possible outcome… except for all the rest.

(See the conclusion of where we go from here…)


What Trump’s Election Means:
The following is a bullet point list of what Donald Trumps’ election means; what those who put him in office are trying to say to the world and to their leaders. There seems to be

  1. This is a repudiation of multiculturalism
  2. This is a repudiation of globalization (same as the Brexit vote)
  3. This is a repudiation of the establishment elites (GOP, Democrats, Media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, etc…)
  4. This is a repudiation of Obama and his legacy (see more below)
  5. This is a repudiation of Clinton (all things Clinton)
  6. This is a repudiation of the status quo (see change below)
  7. This is a primal scream for change… CHANGE! (Can you hear me now?!)

What Trump’s Election Doesn’t Mean:
Lest we read into this what we want…

  1. This is not an embrace of conservatism (Donald Trump and his policies are not conservative)
  2. This is not a repudiation of liberalism (I wish it was…)

newspaper-trump-winsWhy He Won:
Elections are more and more divisions of urban vs. rural mindsets. That’s bad news for us rural guys. We’re outnumbered and it’s only going to get worse. Our only hope for influence is for the urban turnout to be muted and for rural turnout to be impassioned. If urban turnout is average or better… it doesn’t matter what we do… they win. Luckily urban turnout is often muted in off-year elections and that, I think, is what happened here. Normal urban voters (particularly blacks) were not inspired by Hillary.

Hillary Knew:
Now this is hindsight, but I really should have seen the signs that a Trump victory was in the works. In my defense, that is hard to do with the entirety of the main stream media (MSM) (and to a lesser extent the minute conservative media); screaming “it’s a done deal”.

There were three signs in the past few days indicating that Trump was likely to win and that Hillary (including her campaign, and the Obama administration) knew it.

  1. Hillary canceled the fireworks over New York. She would not have done that had she not known there was trouble ahead.
  2. (And this is the big one) Every big name Democrat (Obama, Hillary, Bill, Biden, etc…) were campaigning in blue states the last few days of the election. That (in hindsight) was a desperate defensive play (and the proof that they knew). It would have been like Trump having to come and campaign in Texas. If you as a Republican must defend Texas, all is lost. If you, as a Democrat have to defend Michigan or Pennsylvania… all is lost.
  3. (And this is the most consistent bellwether one) TexasLynn thought it was without a doubt going to be a Clinton victory. TexasLynn is never (or at best seldom) right about these things. 🙂

hugsBringing the Nation Together:
Everybody is talking about how, now, the future President must try to bring the nation together. It sounds nice, and both sides of the aisle like to say and hear it. But, really… As a nation, we’re just too divided. I’m just not that interested in pretending.

Obama and the left may have parroted the words early in 2008, but you dam sure didn’t see them doing something as stupid as acting on it. I’m OK with that. “Elections have consequences.” Say the words, but do what you got to do.

Want to be the first to extend the olive branch? Want to hope we can have less rancor and demonization on both sides of the aisle? OK, make the offer. I just don’t see it as even in the nature of the left. So work together and actually compromise where you can… but other than that… push on.

Left - Liberal - Rabid - Hate AmericaThe Left:
This is one of the few times every few years that I make an effort to watch the MSM. I admit the guilty pleasure of watching them rend their garments and lash out at the uneducated, unwashed, racist, sexist, backwards, basket of deplorables… who just gave them a screwing.

The left over the past eight years has celebrated unconstitutional dictates from the oval office with the excuse that “if Congress won’t act then the President must/should”. Do they still hold that view? If you are changing these types of views dependent upon if you’re guy holds the office, then 1) you’re an idiot and 2) you’re a hypocrite.

Is there some glimmer of hope that the left will actually return to supporting the checks and balances between the three branches of government (if they ever did)? Sure… for four/eight years… but can we ever hope they’ll have the wisdom to see this is the way we should always govern. I admit my doubts that they can make that leap.

Also… get ready for real leftist contortions. In just two short months, the idea that “opposition is racist” will transform into “opposition is virtuous”.

People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse EarsObama:
Trump’s election pretty well cements the legacy of Obama as a failure. This didn’t have to be the case, but was a political decision made by Obama (and the left) during his tenure. Law (passed by Congress and signed by the President) is law. Executive orders and fiats, with the stroke of a pen endure (or wiped away) just as easily by the next guy. If it’s your guy/gal, you’re golden; if not, it’s the bed you made.

If you choose to govern in this manner, you risk your legacy being wiped away (like with a cloth or something) in the same manner by the next administration. And… it should be. If you choose not to work within the framework of the Constitution, then your policy deserves the same respect (or lack thereof) you afforded the rule of law.

Obama’s signature accomplishment, Obamacare, too should suffer a similar fate (as his executive fiats). While actually passed by Congress (into law), it was done so with no opposition input, was by design deceptive, and once in practice a disaster. It should be ripped up by the roots and thrown on the ash heap of history. That said, it will be up to Trump and the Republicans to come up with something that actually works and helps. Let’s see if they can do any better.

So that’s Obama’s legacy. A repudiation of pretty well eight years of trudging along at best. Eight years of the world getting more and more dangerous for America and her interests. The man was a boob, and history will record him as such.

people-clinton-bill-and-hillaryHillary and Bill:
Hillary and Bill Clinton are co-conspirators in an organized crime ring; selling influence and worse from the State Department for many years. The Clinton Foundation was the means of access, the means of funneling, and the means of laundering the money.

“When the director of the F.B.I. laid bare her gross negligence for arrogantly setting up her own email system while secretary of state and announced there would be no prosecution, you could hear the heavens thunder for justice. Not since O.J. Simpson had someone so obviously guilty by the facts, walked away.” — Kevin Dowd, Maureen Dowd’s more conservative brother

But we have a tradition of peaceful transition of power. We do not jail our opponents after an election. We should err on the side of freeing the guilty in order to maintain that practice.

My advice for Trump is to let the justice system (the FBI) run its course with no interference or input on his part.

Now the Obama Justice Department has rigged the system and protected the Clintons so far. That obstruction needs to be rectified once Lynch is gone. One of the main impediments put in place is the DOJ refusal of allowing a grand jury to be seated; which gives more leverage in investigating wrong-doing.


FBI director Comey has been an idiot throughout this whole ordeal, BUT… if it is Trump’s gut feel that Comey has been on the up-and-up… then I would allow him (and more importantly the career FBI investigators) to continue the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

But, to be honest, we’ve reached a point where a special prosecutor needs to pick this up and bring it to a conclusion. Trump should seek Democratic input in this process (like selecting someone as impartial as possible) as an olive branch. If they refuse, or (as is more likely) seek to demagogue and obfuscate the process then %$#@ them, and move forward making the process as honest and transparent as possible.

So.. make sure the process is fair and let it take its course. While that works its way through the system… Shut up about it until the results are in and then live with those results (no matter what they are) and move on.


Now assuming there were an indictment (and/or conviction) in the future. And I understand that’s a big IF. There is already talk of a pardon. That’s the President’s call… BUT I would say that no pardon should be on the table unless there were some public admission of guilt and some display of contrition.

All of this may be mute based on the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama still has two plus months left in office. I wouldn’t put anything past that man…

The time left in the Clinton’s allotment of fame (well beyond the 15 minutes of mere mortals) are not going to be pleasant ones. Not for the public, not for them. Nor should they be… (the heavens want what they want). But even Clinton’s supporters, apologists, and protectors wish they would just go away now… so quickly they turn on you when you fail them…

“The Clintons remind me of the Universal horror movies where you thought the monster was dead and then the monster would show up in a bad sequel. I’m glad now that they’re finally gone.” — Maureen Dowd, New York Times

The Market:
Dow futures were down 600-700 points the night of the election when it became obvious that Trump had won. By this morning, everything had stabilized. Why? Because the conjecture arose that NOW the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates.


This is further proof that the entire 18K stock market is built on a bubble of artificially low interest rates (the horrendous Fed policy). This basically means for almost a decade the Federal government has kept money cheap so as to make it possible to maintain huge deficits. All this on the backs of people who save and are retired (aka, the responsible). It’s is delinquent and immoral.

It will hurt (the economy). It will hurt a lot. But this needs to be rectified… before it’s too late.

The Polls:
In the last Presidential cycle (Obama/Romney), I didn’t believe the polls and they ended up being right. (I found it inconceivable that we would elect such a boob for President… TWICE.) This time, I believed the polls (partly because of their accuracy last time) AND they were wrong. (I think they fell for the same bias I did last time.)

A good half or more of the polls are less concerned with accuracy than with pushing voters in a particular (mostly left) direction. A few are actually interested in the scientific prediction of what is statistically likely to happen. Unfortunately, it is generally hard to know which is which. (Though if you see an MSM tag on one… you can pretty well easily classify and dismiss it.)

OK, so the polls were wrong this time, and giving them the benefit of the doubt (on bias), why were they so wrong?


The theory I am most apt to believe is that their samples were corrupted by the distrust and disdain conservatives and Trump supporters have for the main stream media and by extension the polls.

I’ll admit it right now. If a pollster approached me, the first thing I would want to know is who he was affiliated with… and the answer to THAT question would affect my answers to his questions. No answer to my question on affiliation equals no answer to his; and any association to the MSM will likely result in me either 1) refusing to participate or 2) lying to them. The increasing prevalence of this attitude makes it harder and harder for these guys to gather the data their models are so dependent on.

I hope this is the reason, and I hope this problem continues.

Again, I will follow the lead of others and start with a clean slate. I’ll do my best to maintain an open mind and allow Trump to lead and govern. I hope he turns things around, since I and a majority of this nation think we are headed in the wrong direction. As we move forward, I’ll call balls and strikes as I see ‘em… I hope that four years from now, I am a Trump convert.

I can’t claim to be optimistic, but I can give my hopes and prayers to the man. God speed…



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Jesus warned us of false prophets and the evil men who would follow them. He also said that we would know them by their fruits or more precisely the results of their faith and the actions they take in its name. (Matthew 7:16)

With pictures being worth a thousand words… I present to you the fruits of Islam.

(As Usual, click on the image to enlarge)
Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Are all who follow Islam evil? No, but the serve evil. At best moderate Muslims are irrelevant; but I’m not so kind. They actually empower the evil among them… just like the Germans in the 1940s made Nazi Germany possible. That little foray into evil only cost 20+ million lives.

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

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If you really want to see where leftist policy is taking this nation; you need only look at government where liberals reign supreme. City governments. They are microcosms of our national problems and policies. They show us a glimpse of our national future.

Washington DC
People - Barry, Marion - Mayor of Washington DCAll the way back in the mid-1990s Washington DC was fiscally insolvent due to waste and mismanagement by the series of liberal city council and mayors leading up to the fiasco. Does anyone remember Mayor Marion Barry? He was the crack smoking mayor who was re-elected after serving his time in the pen. [We get the government we deserve.]

Congress had to remove city authority over its own budget just to restore sanity in the nations capitol. About five years later they returned control but things are still terrible in the city.

A Michigan state review team tasked with reviewing Detroit’s dire financial straits has just reported that city is in fiscal emergency with “no satisfactory plan” to resolve it. The city of Detroit (with an annual budget of $2.6 billion [I think]) had a deficit of $900 million dollars last fiscal year. It covered that deficit with careful, responsible, thought out, spending cuts… Ha Ha… just kidding… they covered it with massive borrowing. Detroit has been running a deficit (covered with borrowed money) since 2005 so it’s not as if this is a problem just caused by the “Great Recession”. Things are improving though… this year’s deficit is projected to only be $327 million.

The culprit that caused this mess according to the report is the “city’s bureaucratic structure”. They forgot the word liberal.

Under state law, (Republican) Governor Rick Snyder chosen the option to put the city under the charge of an emergency financial manager. This person would make ALL financial decision for the city (the council and mayor would be stripped of these powers). This person could void contracts and even decide to take the city into bankruptcy.

So now the state politicians are involved.

“It’s our hope at the state level that this is a partnership. It doesn’t have to be adversarial. A lot of the ingredients for the turnaround of the city are in place. Now we just need to execute. I do believe strongly that Detroit is fixable.” — (Democratic) State Treasurer Andy Dillon and a member of the review team.

Translation: “There are still a lot of votes in Detroit. It’s time for the state to bail them out.”

And of course the city politicians are still involved

“I stand with Detroiters and other stakeholders that the pace of change has been frustratingly slow. The political will has often not been there to make the necessary and bold fiscal reforms. … Without a doubt we need the support and accountability that a State of Michigan partnership offers. We cannot address our legacy obligations alone.” — Gary Brown, City Council president pro-tem.

Translation: (Gary said a lot here)… First we want bail outs from the state of Michigan since we’re just not going to quit spending. The last sentence concerning “legacy obligations” is very telling. He has basically said; “We (the liberal city government) gave away the farm to golden Union pensions and retirement benefits. We will never be able to pay those… so it’s time for the state to do it.

“My administration has been saying for the past four years that the city is under financial stress. If the governor decides to appoint an emergency financial manager [as I believe he has], he or she, like my administration, is going to need resources — particularly in the form of cash and additional staff.” — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing

Translation: I (and my boys) have known for years this crap is going on and we did NOTHING about it. Now that everything is collapsing around us we’ll accept the emergency financial manager. BUT we’ll use him as an excuse to hire more bureaucrats. And this guy should just be a rubber stamp to a bail out. [Wow! Now this is the leftist mindset that has created the Detroit and the other microcosms of fiscal chaos we see today.]

In a nut shell Detroit is simply the culmination of what liberal government and unions will do to a system economically over time. It’s is our national future.

Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire Crisis

[Texas Lynn Side Note: Have you ever tried to research the budget of a city (any city). Sure you can get documents with 100s of pages of numbers strewn all over the place. But have you ever tried to just search the web and get a number for the overall budget. It’s harder to do than you think… and there’s a reason for that. They don’t want you to be able to really look at those numbers.]

Baltimore, Maryland
Though not as onerous as many examples of liberalism at work; the city of Baltimore just learned that it has a $750 million shortfall over the next 10-year budget. And it only cost the city half a million dollars ($585,000,000) to be told that by a consultant. Hopefully! The consultant will provide a little more (like where the deficit is and how to address it) when it releases its report.

BUT a caveat was released with that original $750 million dollar number. It seems that number is good ONLY if you don’t include infrastructure maintenance or the city’s liability for retiree health care benefits. But of course! Who in their right mind would include those numbers? But hypothetically… IF you did include those numbers (for grins maybe), that shortfall will increase only slightly (195%) to $2 billion dollars. It seems Obamacare isn’t really helping the leftist who supported it; in fact it’s screwing them too.

Baltimore is simply going the way of Detroit; a collapsed economic base largely created by leftist policies and union parasites. The population of Baltimore has decreased from 950,000 in 1950 to 619,000 today. Median income is 40K and 22% of the population “live in poverty” according to the Census. Vacant property in the city is rampant (16,000). OK. Yes. While the “Great Recession” (started under Bush and exacerbated under Obama) has had an accelerating impact; this is a problem that has been in progress for decades.

To address the problem Baltimore has the highest property taxes in Maryland (the highest allowed by law). This is twice as high as its neighboring county. Of course that’s in addition to other high taxes on everything from bottled drinks, to hotel and parking taxes. The result? Minimal returns in tax revenues as a result of people and businesses saying “Enough is enough!” and leaving. This creates a cycle of lower revenue and more taxes needed. Spending is mentioned as a problem… but is never really addressed. Taxes are always the “solution” implemented. (Sound familiar?)

So why doesn’t Baltimore really address their financial issues? Because the city is controlled by leftist, and these guys don’t get gratification in solving problems. They get it by having good intentions (that give them feelings of superiority), and appearances of compassion and action.

Their intentions in implementing the tax increases (despite the results) were good. And the appearance of doing something is there for the populace to see. There is no need to examine any further. Now they just repeat that process over and over again and feel good about themselves.

People - Obama, Barack - Emperor No Clothes, MediaThose of us on the right have a nasty habit of pointing out the emperor has no clothes. What has been tried in the past (the results) has not solved the problem. As a matter of fact it has made things worse. Nothing is really being done. And the city just wasted half a million dollars to be told the equivalent that the sun rises in the East.

Paying big money to tell us we have huge deficits may appear to be addressing the problem; but unless you ACT on the information (with solutions that work and not make things worse) what have you really done? At best you’ve kicked the can down the road. In practice you’ve kicked it down the road and then filled the can with rocks so the next time you (or your successor) try to kick it; it will be that much harder.

What Baltimore has done is really just follow Obama’s lead from his last term. Obama formed an all-star commission to study and recommend solutions to a problem; and then completely ignored their conclusions and recommendations. Now that his second term is secure; he feels less inclined to even pretend that he thinks spending is a problem. His Democratic allies (equally emboldened) feel and express the same sentiments. So why shouldn’t his philosophical comrades in the provinces do the same?

Rome - Fall of EmpireGet used to this (Cities and Counties and even States sliding into bankruptcy grinning and doing the same things the whole way down). We’ll be seeing more and more of it in the near future; and they’ll soon be expecting us (through the federal government) to bail them out. It’s the new American way.

Finally, it is impossible to look at the parallels between what is going on in the cities and the correlation to states (like California) and the nation. Look at the mess these guys are in and there but for the scope and passage of time goes we the United States of America. It’s Rome all over again. We had a good run. Two hundred plus years… not quite half Rome’s endurance record… but not bad.

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