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GOP - Trump - LogoSo I’m watching a news program featuring a bunch of Trump supporters and one in particular stood out in my mind. The gentleman identified himself as gay (though not trans-gendered) and complimented Trump on not bothering with the issue of where he peed and was concentrating on more important issues.

This gentleman helped me clarify several things in my mind…

One: New Republican Voters
Trump and his supporters keep bragging about the record number of new voters he will bring to the Republican Party. This (I suspect) is the quality of the new voter. And if this is the new inclusive Republican Party, I’ll have no part in it. In Trumps defense, this is exactly what the establishment GOP has been pushing for years. But when politicians (and shysters) brag about “growing the party” or creating a “big tent” they are simply using codes words for “compromising conservative principles” as the price to be paid for winning, and power, and money which are their real goals. That’s a trade-off I’m never going to be interested in. If you become your enemy to win the war, have you really won the war? Of course not.

Two: The Election is Already Settled
The 2016 election is already lost. Trump (by his nature) and his followers assure it. There will be no game unless he’s the nominee. They will support nobody else… So Hillary wins and the GOP most likely looses the Senate (if not the House also). It’s a done deal.

In all fairness, I’m no better. I’ll support Trump under no circumstances. BUT also to be fair I was never going to support Bush, or Christie, or Kasich for the same reason as I won’t support Trump. None are conservatives and I’ve vowed never to support another non-conservative for office. Romney was the last. The GOP label is not enough anymore; nor is throwing me a VP bone. I’ve abandoned the GOP and my sole hope for this election cycle is that it tears the GOP apart and creates one of two new parties. I hope the same for the Democrats in the near future.

Insane - StampThree: National Insanity
Western civilization is in the throws of committing suicide by reason of insanity. How long that will take I have no idea; but the process is now at full speed. The new Trump supporter is aghast that we’re having the debate over restrooms. So am I… but for a different reason. He’s aghast because it is so un-important and obvious that we should be inclusive and let people be who they are or identify as. I’m aghast because it is so obvious that men (biologically speaking) should not be allowed in any female facility. That we’re even debating such a fundamental fact is proof of irreversible societal insanity.

Yes; there are some very important issues out there like the debt, immigration, terror… so why aren’t we addressing them? Because each has a moral component that we repeatedly prove we lack… We continually spend what our children and grandchildren must repay. We allow those who would do us harm free access across our borders, not to mention seek to fundamentally change our nation by allowing in those will will never assimilate (this being the price for votes and cheap labor). We have such self-loathing that we espouse moral equivalence with our terrorist enemies. And… We grant men (all men) free access to the private facilities of our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

On issue after issue, we demonstrate decay. And don’t even get me started on rationality… We are insane with NO sign or hope of recovery.


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