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There are a few political axioms that I hold to be true. I have repeated them verbatim (and in general) in my writings for years. They include…

“A moderate is someone who pauses in the middle of the road… before turning left.” — TexasLynn

“The Democrats are taking this nation straight to hell at a dead run. Every now and then we elect enough Republicans to slow us down to a trot.” — TexasLynn

“The Republican Party has proven that it will NEVER be part of the solution to this nation’s problems.” — TexasLynn

All three of these (and especially the last two) have proven themselves out over the past few months.

A particular case in point… This week the GOP will again not do anything on health care. After wailing and gnashing their teeth for seven years concerning Obamacare, after passing a repeal SEVEN times (when Obama was President), today they will do NOTHING.

This might confuse the political novice who might ask… “Why don’t they just pass the same bill of repeal they passed seven times before”. The answer is they can’t (or won’t… take your pick).

This might confuse the political novice who might ask… “Why not?” The answer is they don’t have the votes.

This might further confuse the political novice again, who might ask… “But they passed it before?” The answer to that is yes, but that was when they knew that the vote meant nothing, that was when they knew it would be vetoed. The GOP (mostly the moderates) was willing to stand on conservative principle when conservative principles were guaranteed not to be applied.

That was the proverbial pause in the middle of the road… with their blinkers bright and shiny, flashing on the right side for all to see. Today, where the road meets the rubber (as they always do)… they turned left.


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Hillary Clinton just announced that she will indeed run for the office of President of the United States. I think her campaign slogan should be “At this point, what difference does it make”… but I don’t think she’ll use it. I suspect her campaign will be based on “income inequality” so as to hopefully tact far enough left to dissuade the likes of another Obama (like Elizabeth lying cow Warren) from running.

I think the Republicans will have a chance against her. I even think I prefer her as the Socialist Democratic candidate over many others (with the exception of Joe Biden). ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course my support of the Republican candidate is not a foregone conclusion. I don’t even consider it likely this year. The slogan mention earlier is pretty well apt for both parties…

Comic - Prickly City - 2015 04 11 - Doomed

Comic - Pooch Cafe - 2015 04 11 - Apocalypse Scale

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Concept - DiscriminationThe Once Diverse Meaning of Discriminating:
Discrimination wasn’t always a word with the total negative connotation it has today. We can say thanks to the lefts Ministry of Truth for that. Once when someone was “discriminating”, they had “good taste” and/or “character”. Who your friends are, who you do business with, who you are willing to associate with says something about who you are. Guess what? Who you exclude from your association says something about who you are too. Be that something good or bad, shouldn’t we at least have the right to make that choice? The left says… “No”; sometimes correctly in the case of race and sometimes not in the case of homosexuality. It really comes down to choice, morality and where that line is drawn.

Golden Calf - ScienceThe god of Science:
The left, of course, justifies this by stating (falsely) that homosexuality is genetic… completely genetic… god/nature made me this way… I had no control over this… it’s just like race… This is of course religious belief disguised as science. The left (and sodomites themselves) want this to be true, so they have their god, “Science”, decree it to be so. Anyone who uses actual science to refute this is branded a heretic.

Science (not the god) may confirm that there is a genetic component to homosexuality, but that also infers other factors which give credence to choice. The lefts arguments fall apart if choice is in the equation at all. Equating sodomy to race no longer applies. Some blacks are aware of this and justifiably outraged by the comparison.

So the world (the left) builds its house on the sands of appearance and half-truths and seek to remake the world and those in it in their image.

Examples of Being Discriminating:
Should a pet store have the right to refuse service to individuals it deems will be abusive to the animals they sell? Can they elect not to sell a puppy to someone who admits they plan to eat it? Or is that culturally and racially insensitive? Can pet store owners elect not to sell to perverts or are they being judgmental?

Should a Jewish (or Muslim) deli be forced to prepare and serve ham sandwiches (or a whole roasted pig) to gentile gatherings?

Should a black business be forced cater, photograph, or decorate for a Neo Nazi or Klan event? Or should they be free, in good conscience to tell those seeking their services to “get bent” which translates into “please take your business elsewhere”?

While I would hope the answer to the above questions are self-evident; in this day and age, I’m not so sure anymore. While a majority of Americans could easily and quickly come to the right conclusions above, they lack the logic and empathy to apply the same basic human rights to a most hated of groups among them, Christians. Today, treading upon fundamental and sacred rights of that hated group is the social and political norm.

Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution

The Approaching Storm:
We Christians had better get used to it. Because it’s going to get worse… a lot worse… and soon. Individuals and business will soon face bankruptcy and jail if they dare live by their faith. Churches will be punished and persecuted (beginning with their tax-exempt status) if they refuse to teach homosexuality as normal and moral…

Of course individuals and companies should be free to discriminate (yes, discriminate) against individuals they find morally objectionable and/or against their religious beliefs. It is a basic and core tenet of the First Amendment (freedom of religion AND association clauses). But the precepts of our Constitution and the freedoms it confirms is alien and offensive to the secular left who will sacrifice them on an altar of political correctness.

A Christian business (caterer, florist, bakery, photographer, etc…) should not be forced to provide services to people engaged in abhorrent (from their religious perspective) behavior; especially when the service they are being compelled to participate in has religious overtones.

Of course we immediately think of homosexuals and weddings. But who would disagree that religious people and businesses have the right to refuse and not participate in services of pagans, wiccans, polygamists, etc? We’re not asking that these idiots be branded, marked, or even beheaded (as would occur in countries practicing the “religion of peace”). We’re just asking you to go do your thing and leave us the #$@% alone!

But that’s not going to happen. Want to preach that homosexuality is a sin? Get ready to be fined or go to jail. Get ready to be silenced. Want to exclude gay weddings from your church? Get ready to lose your tax exempt status or worse. But it’s not as if we should be surprised, Christ and the apostles warned us of the world and what it would do to us for His sake. We are not commanded to win (He did that), just to try, just to run the good race.

And make no mistake about it; this is a worldly attack on Christians and Christians only… else you would see the same issues brought against the businesses owned by practitioners of “religion of peace” (see video below). You will not see this for two reasons. 1) Islam is not as hated by the left as Christianity is AND 2) Islam has made it very clear what it thinks about sodomites and heretics and what it is willing to do to them. The left has got that message loud and clear. The worst leftist can expect from a Christian is honest disagreement and an attempt to legally secure the rights leftist seek to take away. They have courageously deduced it better to attack the “hater” who won’t make his point by cutting off your head…

Political - Republican - White Flag - SurrenderThe Lost Cultural War:
The Cultural War has been lost (or won from the lefts perspective) and now all that is left to be done is to deliver a coup de grรขce to the wounded and dying conservatives that still struggle. That’s pretty well what’s happening with the attacks on Religious Freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas.

It’s both sad and scary that the only barrier between us (conservatives & Christians) and the fascist left (led by the LGBT gestapo) are a bunch of eunuchs that make up the Republican Party. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Republicans legislators threw up the white flag within hours of being attacked.

Briefly it looked like Arkansas, led by Gov. Asa Hutchinson would do the right thing, but after a quick phone call from Wal-Mart, he backpedaled pretty quickly. The bottom line (at Wal-Mart & state governments), does not sound policy make.

Meanwhile, there has been no pretense (not even from Republicans) that religious people have rights not to be compelled to participate in homosexual events. We’ve lost so much ground within country and the Republican Party, no one will even take to the field of battle/debate on our behalf. The left instead puts forth that if you are not willing to serve everybody (and by that they mean if you do not acquiesce to their beliefs 100%) then you are not entitled to even be in business, not even entitled to make a living.

Supreme Court - Gay IssuesThe Lost Rule of Law:
The whole issue of gay marriage is about to be settled (in the affirmative) by the U.S. Supreme Court where over 300 Republicans signed an amicus (friend of the court) brief in support of homosexual wedding being made legal nationally. “Among the signatories are 23 current and former Republicans members of the House of Representatives and Senate and seven current and former Governors… including Sens. Susan Collins and Mark Kirk, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. Other notables include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal and billionaire GOP mega-donor David Koch.”

This issue is the ultimate proof that the Republican Party never has and never will be part of the solution. On all issues (moral and fiscal) they surrender and advocate for a slower march to hell. But alas, we reached the point of no return years ago. To paraphrase a great leftist “What difference โ€“ at this point, what difference does it make?”.

The answer of course is none, except that these Republicans can rest assured that when the losers are put against the wall… they… will be last. I only regret, I won’t be around to see it. The leftist can rest assured that when the nut-ball Islamics behead the heretics, they will be last (after paying jizya for a few years). I really regret, I’ll miss that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Video: See Stephen Crowder go and do what leftist homosexuals would not dare…

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People - Obama, Barack - Burn ConstitutionIn November 2014, President Barack Obama has issued executive orders to basically not enforce immigration law for some 5 million people. This is an attempt to begin the process of de facto amnesty. So… here’s my take…

What Obama did was indeed beyond his Constitutional authority. He knows that. He’s stated it point blank many times. The problem is that Obama doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about the Constitution (the principles of which he has sworn to protect). It’s a character thing.

Concept - Straw Man BorderThe Straw-men:
Obama claims that he is doing nothing that Republicans like Reagan and Bush did. This argument is simply slight or hand meant to cloud the issue. Other Presidents have indeed used executive orders to affect the enforcement of immigration law, but always in an attempt to enforce the letter and spirit of legislation duly passed by the Congress; NOT to create law Congress should have (in the President’s opinion) passed.

It’s generally pretty easy to find an equivalent situation that demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to these scenarios. The Keystone XL pipeline offers such an opportunity. This would be like the House of Representatives deciding that the Senate and President should have acted on the pipeline instead of keeping the project in limbo for years. What if the House had approved the project, appropriated the funds, found someone to make it happen and bypassed the Senate and the President. Harry Reid refused to allow a vote (which would probably have passed before the election), just as the House did on “Comprehensive Immigration”. Neither legislative branch is required to vote on every bill passed by the other. Reid, in fact has been much more guilty of this sin than Boehner. And then there is Obama, who claimed he kind-of might think about support the pipeline if it ever reached his desk… But the logic goes… with no action taken, surely the House would be justified in moving forward on such an important issue.

But in reality, NO, they wouldn’t. In fact, if the House and Senate can’t get the Keystone XL pipeline though in 2015 (possibly having to override a Presidential veto), then it should not go forward. It should become a possible issue in the 2016. But the process should be followed.

In another example, tax reform is every bit as important is immigration reform. Do you think the next President (possibly a Republican) should have the same prerogative on enforcement of tax law if Congress fails to act? Can the President simply instruct the Treasury and IRS to not collect taxed for a certain group or enforce certain tax laws. Of course not. The idea is absurd, and THIS is no different.

Republican Action:
Political - Republican - White Flag - SurrenderSo what should the Republicans do? What the President has done here is impeachable. And in a perfect world, one in which the rule of law means something, that is exactly what should and would happen. But alas, we do not live in such a world. (In such a world, Lois Lerner would already be in jail.)

Republicans should stay calm and collected and look at the ramifications of their options. They should define their real goals, and evaluate what options/actions can realistically move us towards those goals during this time of Constitutional crisis. They should choose options that achieve goals while minimizing the damage to the nation.

The Republicans in the Legislature should use what power (Constitutionally) they have to directly thwart the President. That begins with the “power of the purse” in the House of Representative. While I understand that it is next to impossible to use that power to get the President to do something he is refusing to do (like secure the border); it can be used to prevent any money from being spent on what little requires bureaucratic action (like the issuing of green cards). This is precisely how the Republicans (and a few Democrats) prevented Obama from closing down Guantanamo. They basically told the President, “You and Holder want to bring all the terrorists over here and put them in American courts? Knock yourself out. You just can’t spend one red cent of federal money doing it.”

Now when it comes to the “power of the purse”, I’m not saying we have another government shut-down. Don’t get me wrong, I like and support government shutdowns; but they have proven to be ineffective due to the main stream media amplifying the feigned leftist hysterics to great effect. Thus the Republicans need to be smart in how they use this power.

The Senate (once controlled by the GOP) too should extract some costs from Obama for his actions. I like Ted Cruz’s idea of using the Senate’s Constitutional power of “advise and consent”. Thus, no more hearings on Obama nominations, with a few exceptions for positions that may have some affect on public safety.

The main point here is that we can use lawful and Constitutional means to thwart lawless behavior by the Commander in Chief. Will there be much wailing and gnashing of teach by the left (and amplified by the main stream media)? Yes. That is where cojones (balls) come in; and granted those are not a Republican strong point.

Concept - Devil in the DetailsComprehensive?
At the same time. The Republicans should move forward putting legislation on the desk of the President; starting with the Keystone XL Pipeline. In some cases, this is simply a means of exposing the lefts feigned support of issues (like Keystone XL) and in others an opportunity to get things done in a bipartisan manner. Legislation sent to the President should also include simple straight forward bills concerning fixing immigration.

But know this. “Comprehensive” when describing desired legislation is Washington speak for “Obfuscation”. Comprehensive means to design something so enormous that the devil can easily been hidden in the details. Comprehensive means that the “Stupidity of the American Voter” (see Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare Architect) can be used to deceive and hide costs, results, and ramifications. After the Obamacare fiasco, nothing coming out of Washington should ever again be “comprehensive”. Not immigration reform, not health care, not twiddly winks… NOTHING.

“Comprehensive” is the bill that came out of the Senate. THAT is what the Obama and the left want; and it should remain dead on arrival in the House.

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Lollipops and AsswhoopingsI guess I should comment on the mid-term election. OK…

First off, no matter the spin (and there has been lots of it) 2014 was an ASSWOOPING. The Republicans hold more of the House than they have since World War II. They have (minimal) control of the Senate and may expand on that control. (Though when you count the RINOs from the North-East there’s not much there.)

I guess the results we saw were the best we could have hoped for. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just disappointed that the best we could hope for will matter so little in the lives of the American people and the decline this once great nation.

Looking at what I expect this election to mean, my opinion can be summed up in the words “Meh… whatever…”

I stick by my continued assessment of the two party system. That being… “The Democrats are taking this nation straight to hell at a dead run… and every now and then we elect a few Republicans who slow us down to a trot.”

We’re still heading in the wrong direction… still going straight to hell… just a little slower. So here’s to trotting along for a while. I guess it beats the alternative of the dead run but it’s really hard to get excited.

My regret is there isn’t a third alternative… and won’t be until conservatives realize the Republicans are NEVER going to turn around, never going to be part of the solution. And this “oh sh!t” moment may never come.

You Are StupidDemocrats Reaction:
It’s hard to really know what the Democrats think about the elections. By this I mean it’s really hard to tell if they are just continuing the lies or if they are deluded enough to actually believe the lies. They’re that good!

We’re a bunch of racist is one of the main assessments of the election. “I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans.” — Senator Mary Landrieu LA on Obama and why she’s in so much trouble. The race pimps like Al Sharpton are pushing worse… Meanwhile, these conservative racists elected black conservative Senators and Representatives…

Obama was shunned and every Democrat on the face of the planet ran away from him and his policies. Some would not even say publicly that they had voted for him. Really? Unfortunately (for the Dems) as Obama said himself, his policies were “on the ballot, every single one of them”. He was right… thus the ASSWOOPING.

Dont Want to Be a GrownupObama’s Reaction:
Obama’s initial reaction was… “To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.”

Translation: “To the majority of voters who voted against me… kiss my ass…” In defense of this tact, I’m absolutely positive that Obama won overwhelmingly among those two-thirds of non-voting idiots.

In Obama’s favor in all of this, what he lacks in competence he more than makes up in hubris. It’s amazing that a man so completely devoid of balls when it comes to dealing with our foreign enemies, can suddenly find them when it comes to fundamentally destroying the Constitution and the nation in general.

Look Better Without YouRepublican Reaction:
The Republican reaction remains to be seen. If history is any indication they will fold lawn chair. This is what I expect and I dare not hope for anything else.

If they find a pair, I would recommend the following… and it wouldn’t even be that hard to do. It could be bipartisan even. Put on Obama’s desk bill after bill after bill supported by a vast majority of Americans (Republican and Democrat). Obama will veto many of them. Good. Let the Democrats explain it for the next two years.

Bill 1: Keystone pipeline (easy peasy)
Bill 2: No bailout money for Insurance companies (as promised by Obamacare)
Bill 3: (you get the picture) Broad support

Can the Republicans get around trying to actually address hot button issues like immigration. Absolutely. But nothing “comprehensive”. Comprehensive is just leftist speak for behemoth and unintelligible so that no one knows what’s in it. Obamacare was comprehensive.

Do the Republicans have the brains (or balls) to actually lead? Probably not… but once again they have the opportunity to prove me wrong.

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Political - Donkey & Elephant - Boxing, Donkey WinsToday, we should see “progress” on the government shutdown and debt limit. Meaning… it is well past time for the Boehner and the Republicans to cave. There is hardly a set of cajones among the lot of them, so I admit I’m surprised they lasted this long.

Meanwhile the Dow opened up about 100 points. Why? Why positive if we’re on the brink of default; on the brink of insolvency?

Because we’re not. And people whose money depends on them knowing the facts know… we’re not on any brink. People who listen to the propaganda and mindlessly bump into things as they go about their day don’t know. And that’s a tool the left uses to great advantage.

But what about the debt and its impact on the market? Again, it’s all because the guys with vested interest are looking at the facts.

    And those facts are:

  1. Obama is about to install a new Fed Chairman (Janet Yellen) who is ready to continue to print money out the wazoo.
  2. Obama is about to get a debt limit increase so we can borrow more.
  3. Obama is about to get the ability to spend more.

All these things point to making money in the market; at least in the short term… say the end of Obama’s term. So why not take advantage of that? Which is exactly what Wall Street is doing. Sure the Obama Economy is a house of cards; but with the Feds willing to print, and borrow, and print some more the market is betting that house will stand a few more years.

Ironically, the cost of keeping this house of cards standing is a very low interest rate which really, really hurts those who save or are on a fixed income (namely seniors). But the left knows that fact will never be exposed.

Eventually though; the piper has to be paid. We are basically mortgaging our future (or more specifically that of our children and grandchildren) for gratification today. The moral ramifications of a generation (and political movement) that would do that are staggering. But that is the distant, distant future; and the American public is incapable of looking past the here and now.

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Government Shutdown - Step One - Propaganda Machine Steps and Rules used by the left during Government Shutdowns
Government Shutdown - Step Two - Mobilize Supporters Steps and Rules used by the left during Government Shutdowns
Government Shutdown - Step Four - Punish Those You Hate Steps and Rules used by the left during Government Shutdowns
Government Shutdown - Step Five & Six - Punish Steps and Rules used by the left during Government Shutdowns
Government Shutdown - Patriots who fight the forces of tyranny and oppression on the left.

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