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I don't understand the question...

I don’t understand the question…

Remember this idiot? Rachel Dolezal was the white girl who “identified” as black. She lied about it in order to run an NAACP chapter somewhere (Spokane, Washington). I know many of us had hoped this nut’s 15 minutes of fame were up… but it seems she intends to squeeze a few more seconds out of society.

She recently did an interview on “Today” (a vapid network morning show) and explained she’s ready to come out and talk about… herself and write a book and generally make us revisit the train-wreck that is her life and mental state.

A lot of people it seems have reached out to Rachel over the past year because they don’t quite fit in either. They too are “somehow caught between boundary lines of race or culture or ethnicity, and so [it’s] this larger issue of you don’t fit into one box and if you don’t stay there your whole life being identified from birth, as who you are”. This, of course, would only confirm our suspensions that there are many, many, similar nuts out there… or at least nut enablers.

I guess the quote from Rachel that really caught my attention was…

“Race is such a contentious issue because of the painful history of racism… so I think it’s really important to really think through some of those kind of topics and questions people have… What is race? Is there one human race, or is there… you know? Why do we still want to go back to that world view of separate races?”

From a rational person this is actually a pretty insightful, philosophical statement; a step away from the abyss of racial identity and division. But coming from the likes of Rachel Dolezal (and the NAACP, and the left) it’s absurd. The central ideal behind Rachel’s entire life, career, and mental dementia is a “world view of separate races”. It is how Rachel Dolezal made her living in Spokane, Washington. It is how the NAACP makes millions of dollars every year. And it is how the left maintains much of its power.

I would hope that the final seconds quickly tick off this 15 minutes of fame, but why? I’m sure there another one, just like this one, skulking around the corner. It’s a never ending cycle of leftist, politically correct bullshit we are forced to watch over and over again as this nation is fundamentally changed.

Society is doomed; not because Rachel Dolezal identified as black and lied about it and got away with it for so long. We’re doomed because of the percentage of the population who entertain the idea that she is black simply because she “identifies” as such. Rationality is utterly lost for too large a segment of the population for the whole to survive. Nuts and perverts have always existed (and always will). Societal embrace of nuts and perverts? That’s the real problem.

Rationality - Not Allowed


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The Daffy Duck Parable
I often reference pop culture (and literature, and history) in conversation and writing; which is bad when you reach my age because nobody gets the references anymore. For me personally it’s less of a shock because my references were so obscure to begin with. I use it in my everyday speech too. You ought to see my nieces roll their eyes when I use one my nuggets of wisdom.

One of my common sayings and obscure references has always been “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one.”

So let me explain this reference. It comes from a Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck. It is hunting season and Elmer is trying to shoot Daffy, who convinces him its rabbit season so Elmer switches to Bugs, and vice versa and so on. The gag is Elmer is completely confused and Daffy always ends up getting shot no matter what happens.

Towards the end of the cartoon, Daffy loses it and exclaims, “Shoot me again. I enjoy it. I love the smell of burnt feathers… and gunpowder… and cordite… I’m an elk! Shoot me! Go on… It’s elk season! I’m a fiddler crab! Why don’t you shoot me? It’s fiddler crab season!” And there is the reference. 🙂

If this were a parable, Daffy Duck is me, Elmer Fudd is society with its slings are arrows (a shotgun; and another reference), and Bugs Bunny is the left convincing Elmer (society) of whatever nut-ball notion fits his agenda.

Daffy Duck Loses It

Daffy Duck Loses It

Qualifications to Work for NAACP

Rachel Dolezal "FEELS" black and that's all that matters in a society that has discarded truth.

Rachel Dolezal “FEELS” black and that’s all that matters in a society that that has discarded truth.

There a woman in Spokane Washington, Rachel Dolezal, who is the president of the NAACP chapter there. She isn’t black or mixed race or so claim her white biological parents.

Now the NAACP has stated (and I agree) that being black is not a requirement to be a member or participant or even president of that particular organization. No. Those requirements would be close to: 1) Having a victim mentality 2) Pushing racism incessantly & 3) Drinking the leftist Cool-aid (another reference).

Over Qualified
Under those criteria… there is little doubt in my mind that Rachel was immanently qualified for her position as chapter president for the NAACP. A perfect example of her “qualification” would be what brought attention to this woman in the first place. That being the hate mail (found in a PO Box) sent to Rachel Dolezal in February (2015). Upon investigation, it seems the mail in question had not been processed by the Post Office… which means the only way it was delivered into her mailbox was from the recipient side of the mail box… which means the person who put it there had a key. (I’ll only connect the dots so far…)

Rachel’s simply made the decision to publicly and legally (admissions forms) claim to be “black”; which seems to have helped her financially. Rachael publicly claimed a man, a black man, who was not her biological father to be her father (maybe she used the word dad).

Complicated Questions

I don't understand the question...

I don’t understand the question…

So let me ask you a question or two? “Is your father an African American man?” “Are you an African American?”

Exactly how complicated and confusing are these questions? For Rachel Dolezal they were extremely complexing. After identifying a black man in a photo as her “dad”, she was asked these two questions. She wouldn’t answer them, became befuddled and walked away from the reporter.

Feeling Black
I can already see her defense (probably crafted by a crack-pot PR firm). She identified the black man in the picture as her “dad” because he was such a great mentor and supporter. She has always felt that he was like a daddy to her, even more so than her hateful white dad. She didn’t answer the other two questions (which have more narrow objective definitions), so… she never lied. This really should be called the “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is defense” (another reference). Eventually, Rachel will simply claim that she has always “felt” like a black woman. She will then hope her leftist credentials carry the day for her with the NAACP and MSM (Main Stream Media). I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked.

And in today’s society it should work. Today, it’s all about FEELINGS. What one feels defines ones reality; and that reality is just as good as anybody else’s. In a nutshell our society is embracing and celebrating the subjective in all things social and political. It rejects truth (which it calls false) as backward and evil. How far this societal evolution (and revolution) will go is unpredictable and scary.

Left Behind
Concept - Left BehindWe who can’t adjust to this subjective world (and don’t even want to) are harangued as backward, narrow, and bigoted. Some of us consider it as a badge of honor; some as even a cross we gladly bear (another reference).

In trying to explain the world from our perspective, let me ask you, what is 2+2? (I don’t think society has reached this point of irrationality yet) If…you answered 4; I would the like to follow-up and ask why YOU are so narrow minded? Why can’t it be 3 or 5 OR 2 if I really, really FEEL that is the answer? Who are YOU to tell me I’m wrong and try to force upon me your narrow, outdated, definition of 2+2!? And who are you to deny my a job (as a bridge builder or architect) based on what I really feel to be the right answer?

Update Say to Feel
I’ve got to update my old Daffy Duck reference from “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one” to “And me feeling like I’m a fiddler crab…”

Without regard to my degree of “feeling” that I’m a fiddler crab… alas, I am not one. Not even if I scuttle sideways and eat rotting crap on a beach. But I’m just as much a fiddler crab as Rachel Dolezal is a black (or mixed race) woman… as Bruce Jenner (or Catelyn if you prefer) is a woman… and as Elizabeth Warren is of American Indian heritage… Again the key word in all of this is NOT (zero, nata, zilch); and the fact that society doesn’t realize that is proof of just how far down the road to oblivion we have traveled.

Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

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