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I heard an interesting analogy the other morning concerning all the whining from the left that Hillary won the popular vote and thus 1) should be President and/or 2) this delegitimizes Trumps victory and Presidency. This came from Newt Gingrich who seems about as tired of this as I am; and we’ve only got four more years of this incessant whining to go.

Having learned the new phrase “mansplaining” the other day, I wonder if this falls into that category. I suspect it does (though it’s not addressed to women, but rather leftist) 🙂

I’m paraphrasing and expounding on what Gingrich said here…

It doesn’t happen that often but every now and then a football team achieves more yards or forces more turnovers or achieves more of some other statistic BUT still loses the game. It seems that while they were concentrating on these things and having great success at it; the other team was more focused on scoring points. When the clock runs out the winner is pretty clear. Even the most die-hard fans of the losing team don’t whine, bitch, and throw hissy fits (too much). They don’t protest, or vandalize the stadium. They don’t insist that the NFL or the NCAA (college) change the rules to favor them in the future. And they don’t display the gall of insisting that their team be awarded the victory over technicalities. Nope… Hands are shuck, backs are slapped, analysis is done publicly and privately, some celebrate, some suck-it-up, and everybody looks forward to and begins preparation for the next game.

Hey, butter-cup… there’s a lesson to be learned here.


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American Movie - SniperSo I got a chance to see American Sniper. And I’ll try to get my thoughts about it down in this posting. Nothing in this original post contains any spoilers. If anything is posted in the comments with spoilers I ask that we add a [Spoiler Alert] warning.

Quality of the Movie:
Mentally for years I’ve ranked movies on a scale of 1-10. For me the scale is probably weighted in the negative end of the scale. Ninety percent of movies ever produced fall in the range of five or less. Five is an average “meh” movie. It was OK but I’ll never see it again. Ten is a phenomenal masterpiece that I have seen many times. There are very few tens (Blade Runner, Brave Heart, 12 Monkeys). One is a movie so boring or stupid or insulting that all involved in it’s production should be flogged (The Neverending Story, Highlander II, The War of the Roses). Hopefully with this explanation you can judge my ranking of American Sniper

The Movie:
American Sniper was a seven… so not bad. It keeps your interest, doesn’t really drag anywhere and it’s easy to become emotionally invested in the characters (especially Chris Kyle). Chris is also not portrayed as one dimensional. Many viewers will see Chris as a hero (some not), but we are exposed to some of his weaknesses and faults as well. Dealing with the war and his job in it; being a brother, husband, and father; and carving out a life of service once he leaves the military. He’s not perfect, and like the rest of us succeeds sometimes and falls short others.

I’m no movie critic nor an expert in theater so my review of the movie is simple as a lay person. The performance by Bradley Cooper, who plays Chris Kyle, is very good and from what I understand he did a good job of capturing the man he portrayed. I can only judge the direction by the fact that I was never in a position of wondering what was going on or wishing that things would move forward or change pace.

I will say that the scenes with the fake baby were noticeable, but I question if they would have been so noticeable had I not been looking for them based on the criticism. It didn’t take away from the movie that much for me. I understand that directors have severely handicapped (due to laws) when it comes to shooting scenes witch children (and especially babies). The complaints were nitpicky and petty (but that could be the politics talking).

I particularly like the ending of the movie [still not a spoiler here unless you are completely uninformed about Chris Kyle] in that it did not go into the details of Chris’s murder. The scenes of tribute from his memorial service put a nice punctuation on the story of his service.

The Story:
It’s hard for me to know how accurate the actual story behind the movie is. What happened, what didn’t, and to what degree were aspects toned down or turned up? For example, I saw Unbroken and then read that the producers greatly toned down the emaciation suffered by the main character (and his friend) after forty days at sea in a raft. They also toned down the abuse suffered at the Japanese prisoner of war camps. They thought the truth would distract from the story they wanted to tell concerning the perseverance.

Assuming the basic premise and scenes in American Sniper realistically depicted what happened in Iraq, I can only conclude that 1) War is hell, 2) There is (and always will be) great evil in the world and 3) that evil will flourish so long as good men do nothing (or allow nothing to be done).

It is terrible that such hatred and evil exists, and it is shame good men must address it; but that is the nature of man. The only greater shame would be… doing nothing.

The Politics (from the Left):
A vast majority of the leftist vitriol over the movie has nothing to do with the movie, it’s merits, or it’s faults and everything to do with the lefts hatred of our role in Iraq, the military, and what they perceive America’s role is in the 21’st century. Their hatred is so consuming that everything having anything to do with American Patriotism (especially in relation to Bush, or Iraq) must be demeaned and torn down. Thus the attacks personal attacks on Chris Kyle (and that is what they were).

The left has basically shown that they can dish it out (and boy can they dish it) but they can’t take it. Every now and then a movie (or TV series) is produced that doesn’t subscribe to their social dogma and they go into hysterics and personal attack mode. Why can be explained by nature of a monopoly; which the left holds on Hollywood. Monopolies by definition can’t stand 1) Competition and (even worse) 2) Successful competition.(1)

American Sniper turned out to be one of those movies. We conservatives have to deal with most movies having leftist slants, digs, or outright propaganda; but we (for the most part) take it stoically (in comparison).

(1)Hollywood monopoly explanation from someone on the O’Reilly Factor (sorry I don’t remember who).

Poltical Cartoon - Michael Moore - American Sniper

The Politics (from the Right):
We on the right have a patriotic reverence for America, her role as a force for good in the world, and her military that makes that role possible. That reverence is instinctively extended to men like Chris Kyle. That reverence may also cause us to instinctively extend a benefit of the doubt to some dubious behavior. (Example: Abu Ghraib was a bad thing and people needed to be held accountable. Does it even come close to the vile actions of those we are fighting? No. Meanwhile the left would assign moral equivalence at best.) This bring up the quest of “Are we conservatives as blinded by our reverence as the left is by their hatred”? I don’t think so (not even close)… but I’m coming from a certain perspective.

The Bottom Line:
American Sniper just surpassed Hunger Games for the top grossing film with a 2014 release date. That’s a good thing. Like most things, a free marketplace is a good test for a good product.

There are two reasons that happened. 1) American Sniper is really a pretty good film telling an intriguing story. 2) Word got out that American Sniper is something completely missing in the products coming out of Hollywood… a film that support traditional American ideals.

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President Obama won’t go to the border to see for himself just how bad things are. Why…

Political Cartoon - 2014 07 12 - Not Interested in Photo Ops

What a lying sack of $#%@! This presidency has been nothing but one photo op after another… and little else. #Incompetence

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Politicians and especially presidents are always sending messages. Some are mean to mislead, a few are meant to inform. Some are meant for American consumption, some are meant for foreign nationals. And often the messages being sent to various groups contradict each other. Obama (as are most successful Democrats) are masters of this art. (*See pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining.)

Unfortunately for the practitioners of this art (and fortunately for their marks), when abused, the ability to have one message completely ignored or both contradicting messages simultaneously believed is compromised.

Thus Obama’s messages on amnesty directed to illegal immigrants and future democratic voters and Obama’s messages directed at American serfs…

Political Cartoon - 2014 07 - Message from the White House

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People - Krauthammer, Charles

“This administration does not learn constitutional lessons. It continues marching until it meets resistance. And it hasn’t met nearly enough.” — Charles Krauthammer

The Imperial President (Barack Obama) and his minions (the Federal Bureaucracy) are running roughshod over the Constitution. Barack Obama may have been a professor of Constitutional Law. He may even know the material. What is evident is, he doesn’t agree with it nor does he feel any compulsion to uphold his oath to protect it. #Incompetent

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Pearls Before Swine - 2013 12 18 - Hobbes

Of course some liberals never grow up and live in Never Neverland forever… 🙂

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Turd - (cartoon) - 001The Obamacare implementation is a debacle, a bureaucratic and technological nightmare. The administration won’t give any meaningful information on how many have successfully navigated it; instead going into campaign mode to spin this as much as they can. Spin is what they do (and do best) after all. For the left; spin is the only answer they have for any and all problems.

Their message? “Look at the concept, look at the policy, not the implementation… we’ll work it out over time.”

Translation? Look at our intentions not the actual result… which is the leftist mantra if there ever was one.

Meanwhile Obama had a Rose Garden dog and pony show that showcased a few people who “successfully” navigated the system. As usual it was heavy on appearance and non-existent on substance… but don’t just take my word for it (see below).

I know, I know… I’m just a hateful tea party type who wants Obama to fail. And that’s a fair (and somewhat true) assessment. I do want Obama to fail in many, many aspects of his policies; for the simple fact that I think his failure would be best for the nation and our posterity.

But nothing I can say will convince anyone on the left that Obama has laid yet another steamy one on America’s doorstep.


So let me turn this over one of the main spokesmen for the left who has recently given a rare (very, very rare) objective, intellectually honest assessment of what we have in Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) in his own humorous way.

[Side Note: If you haven’t seen the segment, it’s really funny… unfortunately Viacom has removed it from YouTube and it’s much harder to find now… I’m sure the WH had nothing to do with it.]

John Stewart on The Daily Show (Oct. 21, 203)

[Democrats needed only a] “mildly competent implementation” of Obamacare to soar in the polls and toss Republicans out of office. But they couldn’t do even that.

[After watching a report that the main problem is… logging in] “Ok, so the first step doesn’t work… I get a feeling after that it’s smmmoooth sailing…”

[After watching a report that the calculator has problems] “The %$#$ calculator doesn’t work!? The one thing that’s been included in computers since 1972!? You couldn’t make that work!? What!? Is the only thing the calculator does is spill out the word boobs no matter what you plug into it!? How does the calculator not work!?”

[After watching a report that fewer than 10% who try successfully enroll] “Oh my god! Less than ten percent! How bad is that? [Answering his own question] Twenty percent is the number of dentist who recommend sugared gum. How low is it? According to a recent poll, more people in this county believe Obamacare has been repealed than have been able to sign up for Obamacare. The whole point of web sites is to design them so that it is nearly impossible to NOT sign up for something. If I go to Amazon there’s a forty percent chance I’ll mistakenly overnight myself six seasons of Night Court. It’s just the way it’s designed… Are you sure you want to leave this page… Yes I am… Ooops, it turns out I ordered something…

“So how are the Democrats going to spin this turd.” (Cue Chuck Schumer spin)

[After watching Obama try and sell this monstrosity from the Rose Garden] “When did the President of the United States turn into Gill from the Simpsons.”

(Cue Gill [the desperate salesman from the Simpsons] Clip) “You can’t beat a Colico… so how many can I put you down for… A lot? Please say a lot… I need this…”

“He didn’t stop baby [referring to the President], Ron Popeil kept on selling.”

(Cue Obama clip from Rose Garden) “You just saw Janis’ story… she owns a small business… she recently enrolled through Delaware’s exchange…”

“So… that’s… one… [making a check mark on his notes] People say you can’t use the web site… have you told them about Janis!? From Delaware!? You know what? God Bless, She signed up. She deserves to be up there to prove it can be done easily.

To which we learn from a news clip “It took her seven hours on the phone and online. She had to go through and clean out all the cookies from her cache; but eventually she was able to sign up, she was able to sign up from the small state of Delaware…”

Stewart’s reaction “She had to move… She had to move and she is no longer married but it is done… She had to do a giant tattoo of a spider… on her neck… but it’s done, she has it… it’s done…”

Stewart: As it turns out, even the photo-op to address the poorly planned rollout of Obamacare suffered from a clear lack of planning… As evident by the decision, perhaps unwise in hindsight… to place the pregnant woman with diabetes in the sun next to the President. [Clip of President supporting the fainting woman] Good save… [Fakes fainting]…

Stewart: But fear not, help is on the way.

Obama (clip): We’ve had some of the best IT talent in the country join the team, and we’re well into a tech surge to fix the problem.

Stewart: A Surge! Your website is so $#@$ed!, we have to use the same strategy we used to salvage the Iraq war.

Back to Texas Lynn:

So back to Stewart’s main question. “How are the Democrats going to spin this turd?”

Who can even begin to fathom that answer? But spin it will.

If Iran had the centrifuge this thing is going to be subjected to they would have weapons grade plutonium in a week.

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