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Religion - Islam - Jizya - Spitting WaterBack in May (2013), I debated a Muslim concerning Islam in general and the Jizya tax in particular. My victim (MustafaHoward)’s mistake in the debate was assuming I was a milquetoast American interested in pretending Islam (historically and functionally) is something other than what it is… specifically a religion of peace. It’s not, never was, and never will be. Islam was created by a war lord and pedophile and its tenants and practices are exactly what you would expect from such a “prophet” of such character.

The left and specifically Obama make up many of the milquetoast Americans MustafaHoward likes to encounter. He can bully them into submission and pretending through political correctness. This dangerous capitulation has led to real consequences in places like Egypt where Obama and the left threw a dictator (bought and paid for by the U.S.) under the bus and replaced him with the Muslim Brotherhood. (This by the way is exactly what Jimmy Carter did to produce that wonderful Islamic state of Iran we have today.)

The left has these grandiose ideas that new enlightened Muslims will usher in democracy and peace without any thought that Islam is the antipathy of democracy and peace. What is political and policy folly to them is death and slavery to thousands at the hands of Islamist. Egypt is only the latest scene in this ongoing crime against humanity.

The latest…

“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Coptic Christians: Convert to Islam, or pay ‘jizya’ tax” — Washington Times Headline

All this comes from the Koran 9:29 which allow Muslims to take this money in exchange for “benevolent” protection. The Koran definition of jizya is tribute “that conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay to their Islamic overlords ‘with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued’ to safeguard their existence” (Raymond Ibrahim) Of course in practice (historically and today) it’s just dogma sanctioned extortion.

It seems the Islamist thugs are extorting money (that’s what jizya is) from around 15,000 Christians in a village called Dalga in Egypt.

ALL Christians (every last one of them) in the Egyptian village are being forced to pay anywhere from 200 to 500 Egyptian pounds per day. It’s hard to quantify just how onerous this is. Taking the average of 300 Egyptian pound would be about $43 a day ($15,000 a year) using the current exchange rate. How would you like to pay that to your Muslim overlords/protectors? What makes it worse is the average per person income in Egypt is… $16 a day or $5,680 a year.

Religion - Islam - Jizya - SubjugateBut don’t worry, these benevolent Muslim existence protectors offers other options, renouncing Christ (ooops that’s not even good enough, you must also embrace Islam), or if that doesn’t work for you… death (and likely the death of your family).

Think this is just a few nutballs in Egypt? The Syrian rebels (yeah… the latest batch of good guys we’re supporting) recently went to a Christian shop owner and gave him three options: 1) become Muslim 2) Give them $70,000 dollars in jizya (I wonder if they’d give him a receipt) OR 3) be killed… oh and they’ll kill his family too.

THIS is Islam! The real Islam! These are the guys following the true “take and plunder” philosophy of Muhammad. And it’s hard to tell if the Muslims who say otherwise really believe it or if they are just practicing the verses in the Koran that lets them lie and betray infidels.

I lot of people like to say “we’re not at war with Islam”. That’s too bad because they’re dam sure at war with us (Christians). The sooner we face that the better for us and humanity. Unfortunately, where the American (Western) mindset is today, it is much more likely our descendants will be sticking their collective asses in the air several times a day… at least those who eventually submit rather than die when they run out of jizya to pay the extortionists.

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