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We (Western Civilization) have a problem. We have a problem with Middle Eastern relations, with Muslim immigration (and refugees), with terrorism (foreign and homegrown). The common factor and thus the actual problem is Islam; not “radical” Islam… just Islam. But why? Why is Islam a problem? Why has Islam been a thorn in the side of Western civilization for 1400 years? And why has it reached a point of being an existential problem today?

Religion - Islam - Freedom Go to HellWhy Islam is a Problem – It’s Nature:
Islam has always been, is today, and always will be a problem when exposed to Western civilization. This is because Islam (through the teachings of Muhammad and Sharia law) contain at its core the seeds of fascism, and terrorism. These are the two main fruits of that “religion”.

Islam produces fascism/totalitarianism, when those in control of the state (government) are Islamic. Islam produces terrorism in individuals (who are Islamic) when the state is not. Again, those two seeds are there by the nature of the ideology created by Muhammad; the questions is whether or not the seeds take root and when.

Two Conflicting Ideas About Islam:
How can this be if Islam is a “religion of peace” one may ask. The simple answer is that it can’t be. One of these premises is false. Either Islam is a “religion of peace” OR it is a religion of “fascism and terrorism”. I submit through empirical evidence that if you simply read the words of Muhammad (on the whole), if you simply look at the actions of Muhammad, if you simply read the moral and legal code found in Sharia, if you look at the overall consequences of Islam (ignoring the myth and propaganda)… it’s pretty easy to ascertain which premise is true and which is not.

Jesus (the non-Islamic Jesus) said “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing (a claim to be a religion of peace), but inwardly they are ferocious wolves (fascist and terrorists). By their fruit (results of their faith and actions) you will recognize them. (We have had 1400 years of Islamic fruits on which to base our judgment) Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matthew 7:15-20)

Religion - Christian - Bad Fruit

To wit, Islam isn’t some religion of peace (good tree) hijacked by a few extremists… it’s a religion of extremism (death, destruction, and slavery) sometimes constrained by a slim majority of moderates and secularists. The true, faithful practitioners of Islam (as intended by Muhammad) are the fascist dictators and terrorists.

islam-fascismSeed of Islam: Fascist State
In the case of a nation, the seeds (of fascism) almost always take root in an Islamic state. If the controlling authorities of a nation are Islamic, the results is fascism. The two words are practically synonymous. The state is brutal towards anyone who does not fall into lockstep with Muhammad (and his current servants). To resist draws attention, imprisonment, and death. The idea of a minority religion receiving protection from an Islamic state in exchange for “jiyza” is a lie that has never existed. “Protection” and “jiyza” is Islamic code (and an excuse from Allah) to subjugate, enslave, and extort… until the Muslim decides to just go ahead and kill the offending infidel population.

Moreover the fascist Islamic state finances and exports terrorism to some extent to other Muslim nations that aren’t fascist (Islamic) enough, and to infidels who must (by Muhammad’s command) be subjugated (enslaved) and converted (by the sword if necessary) or killed. THIS, is a key facet of Islam that the world has been subjected to for fourteen centuries.

Seed of Islam: Terrorists and the False Hope of Moderate Islam
In the case of the individual (when the state is not Islamic and the individual is), the seeds are much less likely to germinate. (Yayyy…) In fact, western society generally produces a “moderate” Muslim/Islamist with little interest in their religion. This tendency to not put much effort or faith into a religion is not a trait of Islam or Muslims but of mankind in general (which is also why you see so many secular Jews, and “Christians”).

So, “moderation” mostly occurs with “secular” practitioners of Islam who have inherited their religion by birth; but pay little or no attention to its edicts to subdue, force tribute, hate and/or drive into the sea… One might call these practitioners “luke-warm” Islamists. Fundamentalists Islamists would call them apostates and seek to convert, subdue, or kill them (in that order). This “moderation” is about the best a host/infidel nation can hope for from an Islamic community or individual.

The biggest problem with a “luke-warm” Islamic population is that they cling just enough to the religion to keep the seed of terror alive (buried… dormant… but alive). Eventually someone in this community bothers to read (and believe and practice) the teachings of Muhammad (and/or Sharia) and the next thing you know they’re shooting up an office, school, or nightclub (screaming “Allahu Akbar” and looking forward to a little virgin nookie). Even if the groups of refugees or immigrants themselves don’t germinate the seed of fundamentalist Islam, their progeny (latter generations) are susceptible to getting pissed-off at their adopted country (that they haven’t assimilated into for some reason). Once disillusioned, they fall back on the religion/culture that made their fatherland the hellhole it was (and probably still is today).

The greater the population of the Islamic community the greater the probability you’re going to have a spontaneous combustion of Islamic terrorist events (manmade disasters to those of you on the left). By that standard Europe is royally #$@%ed for several generations (if not existentially). The U.S. is… slightly less #$@%ed; and will reach the state of Europe if the left is not stopped from carrying out its fundamental transformation (as implemented by Obama and the left). Unfortunately, the damage (fruits of death and destruction) the relatively small number of Islamists will do and the terror they will inflict on society will really never go away. As long as Islam is present… that seed will be present.

Back to the “moderates”, I would have to agree with Winston Churchill (1899) that “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Yes… granted… Percentage wise the number of Islamic spontaneous combustions (in Europe and the U.S.) is small in comparison to the overall population of Islamists (though huge when compared to other races/religions). So let’s look at the good… moderate… majority… practitioners of Islam.

Generally, a “moderate” Muslim/Islamist doesn’t want to actually pull the trigger on the infidels of his adopted nation; but will “understand”, “sympathize”, (and sometimes celebrate) with the ones who do. They will scream with indignation (“they don’t represent my peaceful religion”) when Islam produces yet another rotten fruit (terrorist attack, socially abhorrent behavior, etc.)… but when it comes to actual action to reclaim their “religion of peace” from the terrorists? The “moderate” Muslim is the same as the moderate German (during WWII), moderate Japanese (during WWII), moderate Russian (during the cold war), and moderate Chinese (during Mao reign). The proper term would be IRRELEVANT. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS died during these evil regimes. “Moderate” Muslims are no more the answer to the evil Islam would impose upon the world if given half a chance than their predecessors.

Proof? Half (51%) of Muslim Americans support the implementation of Sharia law over U.S. law and over the U.S. Constitution for Muslim communities. A quarter (25%) of Muslim Americans believe “violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad.” (Source Center for Security Policy) Remember that Sharia would implement the subjugation (and death at the whim of Islamic leaders) of non-believers who won’t convert, horrific oppression of women, the execution of gays, the extermination of Jews, and the beheading of anyone who draws Muhammad. Islam is malicious by nature; Sharia is Islam on steroids. Half of Muslim Americans say “Yep… that’s what we need”.


And these are the “moderates” that are embraced by the useful idiots in the media, and the halls of power. Vladimir Lenin reportedly said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” He was only half right. We seem ready to sell the rope to our executioners, but it will be to the fascist Islamists (not the communists) we sell the rope to, and the paltry price will be the warm fuzzy feeling of inclusion and political correctness.

Useful Idiots Embrace is Islam
By useful idiot standards, I am an Islamophobe, exhibiting a “hatred or fear of Muslims/Islam or of their politics or culture”. In my defense, I neither hate nor fear any man based on his race. It is his actions, his fruits if you will, and the fruits of what he embraces (be that a culture or religion) that I base any reaction to (hatred, fear or even respect). Also, a phobia implies an irrational fear of something. Being afraid of Islam is not irrational. Only a fool ignores an apparent danger for the appearance of diversity and open minded acceptance. Any rational man who loves life, liberty, individualism, and freedom should fear Islam’s encroachment and influence on our society. Islam, by its fascist and totalitarian nature, is antithetical to these founding principles. (Fundamentalists) Islam has plans for us; and the “moderates” will watch passively (and eventually celebrate) if that horror ever comes to pass upon America and western society.

Another scary aspect of this posting (concerning how far Western civilization has fallen) is that it would be illegal in Canada and Great Britain (two Western nations) and deemed a hate crime. It will be illegal in the U.S. soon enough.

Rome - Fall of EmpireProgressivism is to blame. In fact, progressivism is actually the existential threat to Western civilization. Islam will simply prove to be the barbarians who loot and pillage what remains when the progressives have their way. Progressivism invites the barbarian hordes through the gates. Progressivism seeks to destroy and dilute western culture. Progressivism makes it a crime (or at least socially egregious) to speak the truth (any truth).

The only solace the sane have is that the progressives will be put against the wall right after us.

Actually the real solace the sane have is found only in God and His Son, Jesus Christ! As bad as we (men) seem to make things, we (the sane) must remind ourselves that He is in control.

Psalm 97:10 (NIV) Hate evil, you who love the LORD, Who preserves the souls of His godly ones; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

Romans 12:9 (NIV) Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.


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Jesus warned us of false prophets and the evil men who would follow them. He also said that we would know them by their fruits or more precisely the results of their faith and the actions they take in its name. (Matthew 7:16)

With pictures being worth a thousand words… I present to you the fruits of Islam.

(As Usual, click on the image to enlarge)
Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Are all who follow Islam evil? No, but the serve evil. At best moderate Muslims are irrelevant; but I’m not so kind. They actually empower the evil among them… just like the Germans in the 1940s made Nazi Germany possible. That little foray into evil only cost 20+ million lives.

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

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Political cartoonist Nick Anderson is a “moderate” in the same sense that the Houston Chronicle (his employer) is a credible newspaper. Meaning neither is either. Nick’s editorial cartoons often display the wishful thinking and arrogant derision of the left. Thus his insight is often as loony and off-the-mark as he depicts his enemies to be. And true to “moderate” form; he’s probably oblivious of this fact.

Not too long ago, Nick depicted the Tea Party as dead (and stupid and crazy). Now (with the removal of Eric Cantor) he’ll go back to depicting them as just stupid and crazy again and lament that they’re taking over the GOP; in other words standard marching orders from the Democratic Party.

Keep up the good work Nick… Credibility? Highly overrated…

Nick Anderson - Idiot Moderate

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Concept - Welcome to My WorldA friend (from work) asked me recently what I thought of the direction of the Republican Party and their chances in 2016. My response was an exasperated groan. All I see is the GOP establishment searching for the next moderate to force on us conservative serfs. Christie may be out (for now) but there are plenty more in the wings.

My friend didn’t share my gloom and doom. He’s hopeful, and thinks the GOP will finally nominate someone of substance (meaning conservative). There’s no doubt that his pick would be Rand Paul (being a true Libertarian); but he would be happy with a Cruz or Huckabee. I too would be happy with any of those three.

I just don’t think they have a chance. Don’t get me wrong; the problem isn’t the general election where they WOULD have a chance (despite the conventional moderate/liberal wisdom); they don’t have a chance in the primary because of the GOP establishment.

At least this gentleman realizes that time is running out. It’s now or never. Unfortunately this is something else we disagree on. I think it was now or never over a decade ago. Now it is most likely too late. With record numbers having bought into the social welfare state, and record immigration (and future legalization) of those with no concept of the real American dream or culture… never is here to stay.

What we really need in a candidate is someone with a fire in his gut, someone who wants a fight. I want this guy to call out the lefts policies as stupid, as evil, or both. I want a man who will not even try to hide the fact that the Main Stream Media is leftist, biased, and his enemy. If this candidate thinks he going to win by five points, I want that to piss him off and try and win by 20.

Does the above describe Romney, McCain, or Dole? Of course not, nor will it describe the likely milquetoast moderate the GOP establishment has in mind for 2016; thus my enthusiasm of an exasperated groan when I think of the future.

I told my friend that I understand his optimism. And I do; but only because I’ve been there… years ago…

One day, in the near future, we will meet again and one of us will say something to the effect of “Welcome to My World”. I hope that honor is his… but I don’t expect it.

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Well, it had to happen. I disagree with Ann Coulter who recently said…

“I think the candidate — it is going to be and is the strongest candidate to beat Obama is Mitt Romney. And you know, I’m a little tired of these Johnny-come-lately conservative purists. Where were they when we were running John McCain? For Pete’s sake, Romney is a million times better than McCain. Romney speaks absolutely beautifully, he’s been magnificent in the debates. I think he’s a little bit of a country club Republican, too, but let’s just get a Republican in there and get Obama out.” — Ann Coulter

>> I think the candidate — it is going to be and is the strongest candidate to beat Obama is Mitt Romney.

I agree the most likely candidate is Mitt Romney. I also agree that Mitt Romney probably has the best chance to beat Barack Obama. But I don’t agree that these two things mean he should be our nominee. He is stuck around 25% and will go no further until we conservatives are finally scared/convinced into caving on their principles. I personally hope it doesn’t happen; but even I’ll admit that from experience it’s likely.

>> I’m a little tired of these Johnny-come-lately conservative purists.

Ann, I love you to death, but I’m no Johnny-come-lately. I’ve been around and fighting this fight for decades; just like you.

>> Where were they when we were running John McCain?

Where were we!? We were doing then exactly what then what you want us to do now. Settleing, because it was so dam important to nominate a “moderate” the middle cold get behind. You seem to be saying we were wrong then for settling and wrong now for not.

I personally publically stated that I would not vote for John McCain and I didn’t. I did eventually vote for Sarah Palin, holding my nose at the dead fish running beside her.

>> For Pete’s sake, Romney is a million times better than McCain.

I wouldn’t say a million times… but yes, he is better. Slightly, kind-of better would be my description. The man has flipped on every conservative stance he now holds for Pete’s sake.

>> Romney speaks absolutely beautifully, he’s been magnificent in the debates.

If I wanted a beautiful speaker and someone good in debates, I could keep the dirt bag I currently have in office.

Can’t we instead have someone who’s right on the issues.

>> I think he’s a little bit of a country club Republican

That’s exactly what he is and exactly what the Republican Party needs to rid itself of.

>> but let’s just get a Republican in there and get Obama out.

I would rather we just get a conservative in there and get Obama out.

We conservatives (who have been the foundation of this party for decades) have been told election cycle after election cycle that WE have to compromise and WE have to settle for the moderate. Exactly when are WE going to get to try it our way. If now is not the time with this boob in office, then what you’re telling me is our time is NEVER to come.

Like I said, I may end up holding my nose and voting for Romney; but not in the primary and I’ll be dammed if I’ll roll over this early in the process and anoint this guy because of good hair, beautiful speaking and debate ability.

It’s not too late for us to stick what we know is right and kick this guy to the curb, and let the country clubbers hold their nose for a change.

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Well here we are at the beginning of the 2012 Presidential Election and the process to select the Republican nominee is well underway. There are two factions currently competing in choosing the Republican nominee. Let’s take a look at them.

    “The Establishment” wing of the party:

  • Have just about always chosen the nominees (President, Senate, etc…)
  • Gave us McCain, Dole, even Bush (both of them)
  • Are the movers, shakers, and deal makers.
  • More likely to be the Country Club Republicans
  • Less concerned with ideology than if candidate will play ball.
  • Agree with the left that the Republicans need to moderate to be viable.
    “Tea Party” wing of the party:

  • The base voting bloc of the party. Only recently (2010) gained a little power.
  • Gave us Reagan (and that’s about it). They tried to give us Huckabee on the last election cycle.
  • Recently decided to try and change the party from within rather than form a new party. (Smart)
  • More likely to be the down-to-earth, grass roots, working man members of the party.
  • More interested in conservative ideology and wants candidates to shake things up.
  • Ignores the left’s advice and wants to just choose the best candidate for the job.

The two candidates that currently represent the two factions are Mitt Romney (for the Establishment) and Herman Cain (for the Tea Party).

    Mitt Romney Credentials:

  • He’s put in his time, it’s his turn. (Like McCain last time)
  • Has plenty of executive experience in politics (and business). He knows how the system works and can play ball.
  • Raises lots of money and has infrastructure in place.
  • On economic issues, Romney is a conservative.
  • On Taxes, Romney wants to tweak away at the current system.
  • On Social Issues, Romney has reversed himself on many issues in recent years.
  • Can beat Obama.
    Herman Cain Credentials:

  • Has not put in his time or paid his political dues (not a politician). He’s just the real conservative.
  • Has plenty of executive experience, but only in business. He has never worked within the system before and is ready to shake it up.
  • Has not raised a lot of money and does not currently have infrastructure in place. He is taking it one state at a time.
  • On economic issues, Cain is a conservative.
  • On Taxes, Cain wants to gut and replace the current system.
  • On Social Issues, Cain has been a steadfast conservative.
  • Can beat Obama (Despite what the Establishment and Left says)

What it really comes down to it this. With the Democratic candidate so weakened by his own incompetence, do we really need to settle this election cycle? We settled for Dole and McCain in order to have an “electable moderate” candidate. How did that work out for us? Now the Left and the Republican Establishment say we must do it again.

I say NO! We didn’t settle for anyone less than Reagan and we got not only two terms but the destruction of the evil empire and a quarter century of prosperity to boot! If ever there were a year, a situation, or a crisis that screamed don’t settle… This is It!

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Want to really play dirty politics. Run a stealth candidate in the other party’s primary for President. Sure it’s a long shot, but what do you have to lose? Of course it helps if the entire national media is on your side and will go along with your ruse. The only thing you really have to worry about is the idiot Republicans catching on because your people can’t contain their enthusiasm for him.

    Enter John Huntsman:

  • Huntsman supported cap-and-trade, and the “stimulus” (positions he now backs away from).
  • Huntsman is a staunch Global Warming supporter saying not supporting that position is anti-science. He signed the Western Climate Initiative along with other left leaning Governors. Huntsman says “Until we put a value on carbon, we’ll never going to be able to get serious about dealing with climate change long term.”
  • Huntsman supports civil-unions for gays.
  • Huntsman accepted a post as President Obama’s ambassador to China (just to serve his country and be bipartisan).
  • The Liberal Media is falling head-over-hills in love with Huntsman. (see here) “Democrats who fear that Huntsman would do well against Obama in next year’s general election are busy pelting him with rose petals — take that, you wonderful man!” — By Melinda Henneberger (Time Magazine)

  • The Huntsman Family has close ties to Harry Reid; contributing tens of thousands of dollars to Harry. Huntsman appointed Reid’s son, Josh, to Utah’s Board of Regents. Harry Reid actually endorsed Huntsman for his Republican primary run along with Bill Clinton.
  • Unions support Huntsman.
  • The Obama administration has announced that Huntsman is the “candidate” they fear the most (which means just the opposite).

Does Huntsman have one or two conservative stances he can hang his hat on? Yes, abortion and gun rights to be specific… but that’s about it.

Besides the facts above, listen to his Huntsman’s own words…

“When you look at the number of Democrats who support our campaign, when you look at the number of independents who support our campaign; we’ve had a crosscutting approach to managing issues and embracing non-traditional issues; that I think would suggest that we’ve been anything other than traditional Republican.” — John Huntsman (RINO)

John almost got it right. He just needed to omit the word traditional.

The Democrats, and Media (redundant) love to give the Republicans advice like “You’ve got to nominate a moderate to appeal to the middle if you want to have any chance of winning.” Really, because every time we’ve done that (Bush Sr., Dole, and McCain) we’ve lost; and every time we didn’t do that (Reagan, W. Bush), we won? How do you explain that?

Now they’re doing it again… “Ohhhh, don’t throw me in that briar patch… don’t nominate Huntsman; we really FEAR him…” Man, I wish my sworn enemies where that gullible and stupid.

Sorry, Dems; I don’t think it’s going to work this go round. The Tea Party’s not going to put up with it. Nice try though.

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