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I often touted the term “appearance over substance” in my writing; attributing this character flaw to the left. By this I mean the left values appearance above and beyond reality. As long as things appear as they want them to appear, substance (reality) can go to hell.

The left has many reasons to value and push “appearance over substance”.

  • Cover up some blunder (Benghazi caused by video, Hillary losing because of Russians)
  • Not having to deal with an inconvenient truth (Syrian Chemical Weapons, Global Warming Data)
  • Pushing a policy that requires obfuscation (Obamacare)
  • Pretending something was accomplished (Iran Deal, Syrian Chemical Weapons Destruction)

    While the right is far from the ideology of substance, they do value substance over appearance more often than not; whereas appearance is a defining characteristic of the left. Granted, the right might be more prone to this failing if they had the great enabler the left does… the Main Stream Media. It hard to push appearance when the MSM calls bullshit all the time (even when it’s not)… it’s easy when given a free ticket.

    The reason I bring this up is every now and then we are witness to events where someone has to clean up a mess created by the left when they have pushed appearance over substance (reality). This happened recently when Trump launched missiles on Syrian targets that had just used chemical weapons against civilians.

    Now, I’m simply looking at the why Trump felt the need to do this. Not whether or not I agree with the decision; not whether or not it was the right decision, and not whether or not Trump is a hypocrite based on earlier statements concerning Syrian intervention…

    Why Trump felt the need to respond in such a manner is totally valid; dead civilians (about 80), especially dead children, at the order of Bashar al-Assad via chemical weapons. Unless you’re just absolutely intellectually bankrupt, these are the facts. And unless you’re completely heartless, you have to admit those facts warrant consideration.

    But back to the appearance over substance.

    In 2012, President Barack Obama “drew a red line” on Syrian use of chemical weapons, and then did nothing when that line was crossed. That was a problem for Obama, but nothing appearance over substance couldn’t fix. The Obama administration went to work diplomatically. In a deal with the Russians, and with oversight of the United Nations, Syria identified 1300 tons of chemical weapons. These were destroyed and the left crowed about this great success.

    2014, “We got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out” of Syria — Former Secretary of State John Kerry
    2016, January “All chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic.” have been disposed of. — Veolia (the firm contracted to carry out the process)
    2017, January “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.” — Former national security adviser Susan Rice (NPR)

    Get the picture, Obama (and his administration) was so ingenious, that he accomplished diplomatically what he and others failed to do militarily. The only problem was the reality (substance)… Obama didn’t accomplish anything militarily, and he didn’t accomplish anything diplomatically. BUT he was able to give the appearance of accomplishment and that is all he (and the left) thought was needed.

    Now, the argument could be made that Obama (and team) “thought” that they had actually accomplished the removal of chemical weapons from Syria, but I don’t think they are that stupid. For Obama’s “diplomacy” to work 1) The Russians had to do what they promised 2) The Syrians had to do what they promised and 3) The United Nations had to be competent in verification. See where I’m going with this? NOBODY is that stupid! Which gets back to the original premise… the goal was never substance (the removal of all chemical weapons) but rather the appearance (of that goal). And for the past several years, as far as the left was concerned… Mission Accomplished.

    But NOW, substance has decided to bite us on the ass. Early in the Trump Presidency Bashar al-Assad has again decided to use chemical weapons (that he 100% “voluntarily and verifiably” doesn’t have) on civilians. Trump, faced with the facts (substance), must now make decisions on how to clean up a mess that appeared not to exist for many years now.

    Obama’s choice to embrace appearance years ago recently cost a few dozen people in Syria their lives when the (substance) bill came due; no so much in the grand scheme of the cluster-#$@% that is the Middle East. As sad and enraging as this should be… the cost of this choice will pale by a factor of 1000s if/when the bill covering the substance of the Iran Nuclear deal ever comes due.

    The wages of embracing deceit over truth is always disastrous and sometimes deadly. There are many such legacy messes left to posterity by Obama and his ilk. We will continue to pay the price, until and unless someone… anyone… applies a little substance.

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  • Animal - Snake - ViperChristians, hundreds of thousands of them, are losing their homes, their churches, their businesses, their communities, and their lives at the hands of ambassadors to the “Religion of Peace” (Islam). Persecution by practitioners of this massive cult has recently reached an apex; this, in the days following the “Arab Spring”, another exercise in Orwellian propaganda.

    (Note: Here, Orwellian refers to words or slogans that in practice and reality are the exact opposite of the message they intend to impart… “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, “Ignorance is Strength”, “Islam is a Religion of Peace”, “Arabs are Awakening (as in Spring) and Receptive to Freedom and Tolerance”)

    There has never been an Arab Spring; and most definitely not one in recent history. It is as much an invented myth as the “Religion of Peace” phrase causally tossed about today. At best one can hope the viper sleeps, but it will always be a viper. And it hasn’t slept in a long, long time.

    Religion - Islam - Words

    Practice another religion in a Muslin land? Islam will “tolerate” you only for so long; and only then through the practice of extortion (Jizya). The question is, which of two eventualities will happen first? Will you run out of money (tribute) or will the “Religion of Peace” run out of reason (and thus peace).

    Religion - Islam - Moderate MythModerate Muslims out there? Both of you… I (and many others) may have bought into your bull$#@% a few years ago (for a little while), but no more. You’re silence is (yet again) deafening. Shame on you and your god! We know you! We know you by your fruits! (Matthew 7:15-20 in case you’re curious)

    At the turn of the 20th century Christians made up 26% of the Middle East’s population. Now it has dwindled to less than 10% and much of that is due to the recent “Arab Spring” years. And this isn’t just happening in the tyrannical Muslim nations like Iran and Syria. It is also occurring within “allied” nations of Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and it’s all state sponsored (or state tolerated).

    No, of course we shouldn’t be surprised. After World War II the Arab armies tried to annihilate the re-established state of Israel. Failing that, they proceeded to purge 800,000 Jews from their lands. Such is now the fate of Christians; a fate that awaits all non-Muslims in those lands; and all non-Muslims in their own lands if Islam (the “Religion of Peace”) has its way.

    There is only one bright spot in the whole Middle East where the Christian population has increased (having more than tripled in the last half century) and where Christians enjoy equality and actual peace with the non-Christian majority. In Israel.

    Religion - Islam - Freedom Go to HellAgain, I would say that Islam needs to clean up its own mess; something we Americans have tried to do (rightly or wrongly) for decades with little success or even gratitude. I submit that it is the nature of Islam that is the problem; being the antithesis of tolerance, freedom, and democracy.

    With that in mind, we Americans should wake up to that reality. At a minimum we need to change our immigration policy to limit the infiltration of such a malignant influence into our society. We should look to the troubles Europe is now facing to see our future if we do not rid ourselves of this viper.

    “Did you not know that there is enmity and natural antipathy between your kind and mine? Did you not know that a serpent in the bosom, a mouse in a bag and fire in a barn give their hosts an ill reward?” (* From the Aesop’s Fable “The Farmer and the Viper” )

    * This blog posting inspired by the following Editorial in the Wall Street Journal (The Middle East War on Christians)

    Other Posts on the Subject of Islam and Jizya:
    Jizya, Welfare, and State Sponsored Terrorism
    Jizya – Defending my Position
    More Jizya Anyone?

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    People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse EarsWe as a nation continue to pay the price of electing (twice) a progressive, ideological, incompetent boob as our Commander in Chief. President Obama is increasingly proving himself to be one of the worst Presidents in U.S. History. At this point… I’d say even worse than Jimmy Carter.

    The latest price is a resurgence of al Qaeda in Iraq; which has recently (Jan.2014) taken control of the cities Fallujah and Ramadi. If these cities sound even remotely familiar… taking them accounted for one third of the deaths in the Iraq war. Ramadi was the key objective in the final “surge strategy” that put Iraq on the right path.

    And what did we get for all those lives and spilt blood? In the long run… (it seems) nothing. Not because the marines (and other fighting men and women) didn’t do a good enough job; but because in 2008 we elected a “Commander in Chief” who placed politics over everything, even our long term national security.

    Yes, President Obama was against the Iraq war. I don’t agree with his assessments, but I can understand and even respect that position. But the war had been won when he took office. All that was needed was for someone to continue the effort to secure the gains made in Iraq; to help it continue on the path to democracy and peace or at least American interests.

    Instead, Obama and his progressive coalition just walked away. They claim that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki and his government were being unreasonable in demanding that troops that remained in Iraq would be placed under Iraq jurisdiction for any disputes etc. They claim that this was unacceptable and in that point they are right. But Obama simply used this as an excuse to quit Iraq; making no effort to negotiate. They didn’t want to be there and that was the excuse they used.

    It was a political decision, which Hillary Clinton shared… as is now being confirmed by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. And when the U.S. walked away, guess who filled the void… Iran. Now, Iraq is headed back in the Islamic nut-ball camp and we have only ourselves (and by ourselves, I mean the Obama administration) to blame.

    And… we (meaning Obama) are in the process of repeating that process in Afghanistan…

    When Obama stated on the campaign trail the equivalent of “Afghanistan is the good war, Iraq the bad war”; he lied. In his mind neither was a good war and he wanted out, out, out of both of them. I don’t agree with his assessment… but if he really believed that he should have pulled the troops our immediately and completely. But again, his decisions are all political and the lives lost and blood shed are the cost to cover his political ass. He can rationalize it as Bush’s fault.

    2012 - Benghazi BurnsIn the 2012 election cycle Obama said “Now, four years ago, I made a few commitments to you. I told you I’d end the war in Iraq, and I did. I said I’d end the war in Afghanistan, and we are. I said we’d refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9/11 — and today, al Qaeda is on its heels and Osama bin Laden is no more.” Another lie wrapped in rhetoric. There was no “refocus” on anybody. Obama isn’t interested in the “war on terror”. He hardly even acknowledges its existence. And al Qaeda is (as we now see more and more clearly) not “on its heels”. Benghazi was clear evidence of that; but was adequately spun by Obama and his minions in the media. Get ready for similar efforts concerning Iraq (on behalf of the 2014/2016 election cycle).

    If Obama had his way (though he can never admit this) he’d fling open the doors of Guantanamo, pull all troops out of Afghanistan (and other places in the Middle East) and let Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other allies fend for themselves. He hates that these distractions have prevented him from focusing on his true passion; which is fundamentally transforming the U.S. into a European styled Socialist Republic.

    This is what happens when America elects a commander in chief who is more interested in the politics of withdrawal than the national interest of winning. We elect men to the highest office in the nation to see and act on what is good for America’s national security despite the political price or expediency. This requires honor, integrity, and competence. President Obama is none of these things.

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    So here we go into the year 2014. So I thought I’d do a New Year’s posting… first looking back at 2013 and then looking forward to 2014.

    I really consider myself a pessimist when it comes to human affairs; so I’ll reiterate that we are doomed. As a whole (humanity) and as a nation (the U.S.), we continue ploughing forward in the wrong direction and I see no signs of slowing, much less tuning around. We count right as wrong and wrong as right and proudly boast our iniquities as rights and then are surprised at what we reap.

    Some still try to stop the rising tide; and I guess I’ll continue to do the same; but after decades with little or nothing to show for it… I’m just sick and tired of the whole mess.

    At best… personally… I’ll continue to try and carve out a bit of sanity within little niches of friends, family and community; then fortify these against the constant onslaught from bureaucrats and dunce filled confederacies.

    My attitude right now can be summed up with a quote from Atlas Shrugged… “Why ask useless questions? How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky? Who is John Galt?”

    Political Cartoon - 2014 01 00 - New Year - No Right Turn

    Looking back at 2013:

    George Zimmerman Trial:
    The Positive: Sure it’s good that Zimmerman was acquitted.
    The Negative: The sad and scary part is that he was ever tried in the first place. The prosecution got it right the first time by not arresting or charging the man in a clear-cut case of self-defense. Only after race-pimps did their thing was the man prosecuted.
    The Media: The media handling of the case was also abysmal. They immediately sided with the race pimps. They also depicted Martin as much younger and more innocent.

    Paula Dean Using the N Word:
    The Positive: None.
    The Negative: Paul Dean supposedly went through her witch hunt because she said the N Word something like 20 years ago. This again shows the poor state of race relations and the dominance of political correctness in our society.

    The Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing:
    The Positive: Kudos go to the authorities who quickly found, killed and captured the two terrorist responsible.
    The Negative: The two nuts and their families never should have been allowed in the country in the first place. The process that allowed them in was (and still is) severely flawed. We supposedly have an NSA going nuts with intelligence gathering, but it somehow missed these guys who gave us all the signs of being terrorists.
    The Media: The media handling of this story was, as usual, horrible. The cover of Rolling Stone was particularly atrocious… but… not surprising.

    The New Pope:
    The Positive: Pope Francis seems more humble than Pope’s past and in this regard he walks the walk.
    The Negative: I still haven’t figured this guy out, but my suspicions are not on the bright side. I get the feeling this Pope is a numbers man. He wants more bodies in the pews and has decided capitulation of the word is a small price to pay for that. Actually the price could be very high… for him and his church.

    North Korea:
    The Positive: There isn’t any
    The Negative: New dictator Kim Jong Un (aka Little Chubby) has wasted no time in solidifying power and ramping up North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. As a bonus he has made the Commander in Chief of the United States look like a pansy (like that was a hard thing to do). This guy will be trouble for years to come.

    The Birth of the Royal Baby:
    The Positive: Yawn…
    The Negative: Yawn… A whole 24 hour news cycle shot to hell. No telling what Obama got away with during that period.

    The Positive: Maybe, just maybe this will help Americans see the true price of progressive policy.
    The Negative: Obamacare was a debacle wrapped in a debacle inside a debacle. Based on the competence of the instigators it’s no surprise. The results? Net? Millions have lost their insurance and millions more have seen premiums double and triple. The system was broke, now it’s more broke, and nobody is even remotely discussing the real solution which is to scrap the insurance model as the means to healthcare.

    Ammunition Shortage:
    The Positive: There isn’t any
    The Negative: If you’re not a hunter or gun sportsman you probably have no clue that there is a severe shortage of ammunition in the United states. There are several calibers you just can’t buy. There is much speculation as to the cause. If the federal government isn’t involved in some negative way, I would be surprised.

    The Positive: Snowden is freezing his ass off in Russia.
    The Negative: There is no telling the damage done to the U.S. by Snowden’s leaks. I might have had sympathy for Snowden and his “stated” cause (I think his stated cause is a lie); but he took his product (stolen secrets) to our enemies. Had he instead taken this information to his Congressman or even to the (gulp) “free” press or somehow made sure our enemies didn’t get this information I would have called him a whistle blower and maybe even a hero. As it is… he’s a dirt bag and traitor and should be treated as such.

    The NSA:
    The Positive: Don’t know of any.
    The Negative: The NSA as it is now is just a symptom of the real problem… BIG GOVERNMENT. This could be said about a dozen or so other government agencies and departments that ALL should be severely cut, brought down to size, and put on a short leash. But we’re well past that aren’t we.

    Middle East:
    The Positive: Hmmmm… Hmmmm… Nope can’t think of any.
    The Negative: Obama has basically negotiated away our victory in Iraq and is in the process of a surrendered withdrawal from Afghanistan. Meanwhile he allows our ambassador and three others to be assassinated in Benghazi and tries to cover it up as a spontaneous protest over an internet video. His ass was just handed to him by Putin and the Syrians. He has basically thrown Israel, Saudi Arabia, and just about any other ally we have over there under the bus. Iran develops nuclear weapons unabated. It’s hard to imagine this inept buffoon handling this barbaric region of the globe any worse.


    Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Other Brain Dead Celebs:
    The Positive: Their 15 minutes will expire.
    The Negative: There are 10 more waiting to take their place. We will always have these useful idiots clawing to extend their 15 minutes of fame, doing stupid ass stuff to make the headlines (any headlines). They are a pox on society; but an embraced pox.

    The Stock Market:
    The Positive: It’s hit record highs.
    The Negative: It’s all sitting atop a bubble called quantitative easing; which is the federal government printing money out the wazoo and using it to buy up all “safe” investments forcing money into the market. This is basically making our savings worth a lot less and hurts the elderly on a fixed income. All this so money is cheap (meaning interest rates) and Obama can afford to borrow on behalf of Uncle Sam. Every time the feds even mention that they might ease up on this policy the market begins a free fall; to which the feds quickly release a message of “just kidding”. This bubble will be deflated in the long run; either slowly or eventually imploding on its own. So far there is virtually no political will to do it the right way. The fact that’s it has even reached this point is another indictment of Obama ineptitude.

    Phil Robertson Controversy:
    Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) basically extolled on his Christian beliefs that homosexuality is a sin. For that, he whipped up a &$#@-storm of controversy.
    The Positive: The leftist gay organizations (GLADD) got their asses handed to them; and it’s been a long time coming. GLADD is an evil and fascist organization bent on using the jack boots of political correctness to extinguish any opposition to their agenda. It’s good to see these guys finally get what they deserve. Meanwhile companies like A&E and Cracker Barrel got the message loud and clear also. These companies ended up making the right decisions though for the wrong reasons.
    The Negative: It’s just further evidence that this nation is lost.

    Looking Ahead at 2014:

    2014 is looking to be the same crap as 2013 socially. The fundamental transformation of this nation is well underway and has been even before Obama took over.

    2014 is looking to be the same crap as 2013 financially. There is no way the Feds are going to ease quantitative easing. Obama needs cheap money for the system to even have a chance at working. This will mean expanding the bubble currently supporting the stock market. The only question is does the bubble have room for expansion or will it burst? We’ll find out.

    2014 is looking to be the same crap as 2013 politically. We still have the most inept President is recent history if not centuries. He’s still got two years. At best he’s an early lame duck; at worst… (I shudder to think).

    The only fly in the political ointment of 2014 is that it is an election year; which means there is hope that we can slow our dead run to hell down to a trot again. Whooopeee… that prospect just doesn’t excite me as much as it used to. I expect… stalemate… The Republicans holding on to the House and picking up a few seats in the Senate (but not control).

    2014 is not something to be looked forward to and hoped for. It is something to be attacked and brought under submission is at all possible… or die trying.

    2014 00 00 - Tea Party - Sick of Your Shit

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    Concept - Credibility - DictionaryWe (and by “we” I mean Obama and his administration) have really screwed the pooch on this one. It’s just the latest example of the wages of “Pussy Diplomacy”.

    Our main problem with Syria (and our foreign policy in general) is in the value of words. Words mean things. People, (and governments and tyrants) watch them and the actions that follow to back them up… they then place value (capitol) on the words based on how true the original words were. (On a side note this is a currency still accumulated and spent on the world stage… but has completely lost its value domestically. Here rhetoric is king thanks to the Main Stream Media.)

    We (and by “we” I mean Obama) have little or no capitol in our words. Our enemies don’t fear us (because of the past actions behind our words); and our allies don’t trust us. And who can blame either of them?

    Instead of rehashing all the situations that have brought us to this low point, you can read my previous entry (Been There, Done That, Doing it Again – The Consequences of Being Seen as American Pussies).

    People - Obama, Barack - Red LineOne More Example:
    I will recount one instance here that happened since that posting that is a great example of the problem I am describing. It’s even specific to Syria.

    Of course Obama talked big a year or so ago; warning Syria not to use Chemical weapons… or else that would be a “red line”. Of course this was nothing less than Obama spending the capitol of words backed by the actions of previous Presidents. As an amateur he gave no thought to the capitol that would need to be built by his actions. Obama understands only the concept of spending and consuming… not saving or building up.

    When that line was obviously crossed months ago… Obama hemmed and hawed and finally… finally… announced that we would send “small arms” to the rebels fighting Assad. Everybody knew this was wuss-out. He might as well have sent them boxes of condoms to throw at Assad’s tanks and jets. But that’s not the end of it… He didn’t even follow through on that meager threat. Nothing to date has been sent. He wussed-out on the wuss-out. His words… his threat… meant nothing. The man IS an amateur and a pussy!

    As I said a couple of weeks ago… “If we say we’ll act when a line is crossed, we act. If we’re not really willing to act then we shut the $#@# up! Just doing what we say will go a long way in gaining the respect we need to operate in the world.”

    Now the line is crossed again. And Obama seems ready to act this time. No really… Assad has gone tooooo far…

    So Obama says this is “not about regime change” so Assad can rest assured he isn’t going anywhere. There will be no boots on the ground and this will be an exercise that is completed in hours, not days, so Assad can just wait it out. We can do this anytime we want (days, weeks, months) so we’re not really committing to anything here other than lobbing a few hundred missiles at most. And even though he doesn’t need it; he’s going to let Congress vote on it, seeking their approval; but it’s not so important that we’re going to actually call them in now. We’ll just wait until they get back.

    All this is just another look at amateur hour.

    And where are our allies in all of this? The UK? They’re out. Germany? Nope. Italy? Insists on a U.N. mandate (which is laughable). France? Still In? One out of four… and the one is France! But again, who can blame them. I don’t. Our words no longer have any value. Depend on actions behind the words or Barack Obama and you’re bound to get screwed. Just ask Dr. Shakil Afridi doing 33 years in a Pakistan prison for helping us get Osama bin Laden.

    Sure all this is Obama’s fault. His words and actions on the world stage; which I term “pussy diplomacy” is little more than one “amateur” mistake after another.

    But what did we expect from a junior Senator with little or no experience in anything other than rabble rousing (community organizing) and teaching a few college classes. Sure he’s pretty (hansom), and talks the talk (rhetoric), and… and… that’s about it. But that seems to be all you need to be President of the United States these days.

    I guess what I’m saying is we get the government (and President) we deserve… and boy are we getting it. Twice now! Buy hey, who can really put a value on a “light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” — Harry Reid. Just look at the dividends that fact is paying in domestic policy and race relations.

    People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse EarsNow What?
    So where do we go from here?

    Long term? We as an American people need to elect real men (I don’t mean this as sexist) to the office of the Presidency. Rank amateurs no matter their skin pigmentation are still rank amateurs. Even Bill Clinton knew that.

    “Obama doesn’t know how to be president. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent. He’s an amateur!” — Bill Clinton

    “A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would be getting us coffee.” — Bill Clinton (reportedly to Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.))

    Short term? I’ll admit I’m not sure what we need to do in Syria. My complaint and this post has more to do with how and why we are in such bad shape globally and diplomatically.

    As in most of the Middle East, there are few if any good guys in these conflicts. If the rebels were half-way decent (not Sharia-law pushing radical extremists) and really wanting democracy and freedom… I’d say we take action. Real action and make sure they won. I would even be willing to help… If I thought they would set up a dictator or junta that was favorable to us for a decade or two; but I don’t.

    They’re not our friends. They’re Islamic (which is the antipathy of democracy and freedom). And not the watered down Islam we pretend is prevalent (there or here). They’re nut-jobs vying for power; who will kill Jews and Christians (and their own people) and turn on us at their first opportunity. Who needs this crap?

    Religion - Islam - Symbol and Book

    The Obama “plan” (if it could be called that) will not protect the people being slaughtered by Assad or from the next tyrant who will take his place if we get him. As Obama campaigns (the only thing he is good at) to try and convince Congress and the American people that we should lob a limited number of missiles at Syria; to convince me, he’s got to show me a real plan to really help those people AND protect our interests over there. But this would have to appeal to reason and facts, which is not something Obama can do… his only tool is emotional manipulation. With that said, and with the understanding of what Obama has planned right now… I say No.

    We need to shift our Middle East policy to reflect that we have few friends in the Muslim world; and if we do they’re really just rich secularist dictators from a Muslim culture. We need to weigh the benefits to us and take actions that support those benefits… and that’s it. We need value for our buck and nothing else. If anybody over there wants to be our “friends” let them prove it first.

    The Syrian rebels want our help? OK. A few questions first. How will you purge the Al Qaeda elements in your ranks? What do you have to offer in return and what will you do to guarantee delivery? And please understand your answer will directly affect the level of support… if any…

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    People - Obama, Barack - Throw Like a GirlPerception is Reality:
    Let me start out by saying that when Obama ordered the closing of scores of embassies and consulates in the Middle East (08/04/2013), he made the right decision. Keeping our people safe is the right thing to do, especially when we find ourselves in our current predicament.

    That said… It’s finding ourselves in our current predicament and why we are here that’s the problem.

    When Osama Bin Laden attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, he expected the United States to lob a few missiles from a warship in response. He saw the United States as weak and lacking in resolve. Why? Well, in his own words in December of 1998 (Osama bin Laden: American Soldiers Are Paper Tigers)…

    “We have seen in the last decade the decline of the American government and the weakness of the American soldier. He is ready to wage cold wars but unprepared to fight hot wars. This was proven in Beirut when the Marines fled after two explosions, showing they can run in less than twenty-four hours. This was then repeated in Somalia. We are ready for all occasions, we rely on God…”

    People - Osama bin Laden - Tent in Camo

    “After leaving Afghanistan they headed for Somalia and prepared for a long battle, thinking that the Americans were like the Russians. They were surprised when the Americans entered with 300,000 troops… The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the America soldiers are paper tigers. After a few blows, the Americans ran away in defeat.”

    “After a few blows, they forgot about being the world leader and the leader of the new world order. They left, dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat, and stopped using such titles. They learned in America that this name [i.e., God] is larger than them.”

    Why would he think that? Well… back in August of 1998 Muslim terrorists (al Qaeda) attacked American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people (12 Americans) and injuring 5,000.

    Our response by then President Bill Clinton? Operation Infinite Reach! (Insert dramatic crescendo here) Which translates to… we lobbed about 75 cruise missiles at a few targets (mostly camps) in Afghanistan AND we lobbed a few more at a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. Problem solved!

    It was after this that Osama Bin Laden became a wanted man. U.S. Intelligence either couldn’t find him or didn’t consider him a high priority. I guess it was a higher priority for John Miller of ABC News who found him in the mountains of southern Afghanistan in order to do an interview that yielded the quotes above.

    Of course there was also the attack on the U.S.S. Cole a couple of years later and our response… about the same.

    2011 09 11 - Twin TowersThe Consequences:
    This attitude eventually lead to 246 dead on four airliners, 125 dead at the Pentagon, 2,606 dead at the World Trade Center; at the cost of 19 Muslim hijackers.

    My point in remembering all these events is this. It was our weakness, actual and perceived, that led to 911. Osama bin Laden got more than he bargained for in Bush and the United States. I guess he didn’t study history very well or thought it no longer applied. He woke the sleeping giant and that giant opened up a can of whoop-ass on him.

    But now, through great effort from the left, and complacency on the right; that giant has returned to square one. We are sleepy, complacent, and in the eyes of our enemies wimpy and weak.

    President Barack Obama cited Guantanamo, our bad reputation with Muslims, and Bush’s cowboy diplomacy with being a big al Qaeda recruiting tool. And maybe he had a point. He made dam sure that would no longer be the case (except for Guantanamo in which case the Republicans stopped him). But now we’re faced with an even bigger recruiting tool for terrorist. Being seen as a pussy again. But why would they come to think of us that way again? Because it’s practically the only message we’re sending them…

    2013 - Guantanamo Protestors

    Prisoners of War:
    We coddle our captured enemies in Guantanamo. We give them TV, libraries, a soccer field; and all the while we ring our hands about the morality and injustice of keeping them (prisoners of war) in the first place. We release many who simply return to the battle field. As for those we still keep; we consider bringing them to our home soil, extending to them rights that our citizens enjoy and few (foreign) Muslims can even conceive. Who could watch this absurdity and not think we are a bunch of idiots and pussies?

    2013 - Rolling Stone - Terrorist CoverHome Grown Terrorists:
    Look at what we do to Americans who join our enemies. Back during World War II they would have been quickly tried and hung (or shot). Today, we take years to actually hold a trial. We allow them to make a mockery of our justice system. In some cases we don’t even acknowledge what they are (terrorists). We call their terrorists attacks “work place violence”. We glorify them on covers of magazines (for money). Who could watch this absurdity and not think we are a bunch of idiots and pussies?

    Declaring Victory:
    We announce strategic information for political purposes. When will our commitment to Iraq or Afghanistan end? Here’s the date within a few month window. Just sit tight; then you’ll have free reign again. We declare our enemies to be “on their heels” and that “wars must end” as if our very words make it so; facts be dammed. We not only demonstrate a lack of commitment or resolve, we announce it to the world. Who could watch this absurdity and not think we are a bunch of idiots and pussies?

    Our Friends:
    Our policy towards Israel is that they should immolate us; in respect to pussy diplomacy. We pressure Israel to capitulate and not target or respond as their enemies build nuclear weapons. This is what we do to our only real ally in the entire region.

    Our main informant that made it even possible to kill Osama bin Laden, Dr. Shakil Afridi, is in prison in Pakistan. He has been sentenced to 33 years and his family claims he is now being tortured. How did he get there? Instead of getting him and his family out of the country like we promised; we leaked the information that identified him. After he was arrested we just let him rot. Sure we talked big but what is that worth when your target knows talk is all it is. Pakistan told us to “respect their legal process” which is Arabic for “go $#@* youself”.

    The U.S. through Barack Obama betrays our allies and supporters.

    Dr Afridi isn’t the only ally we’ve screwed and continue to screw. Congress set aside 5000 visas to help and protect informants and translators who help us in Afghanistan. 200 have been approved, and the bureaucratic process is mind-numbingly slow. We let thousands who will do little more than suck off the public tit cross our borders every day, but actually help us defend American lives… actually take up arms and kill our enemies… actually put your life and that of your family at risk? You wait… we need to be extra careful with you. This is even after our embassies and military generals do their part (quickly) to vouch for the invaluable service these guys provide.

    Who could watch this absurdity and not think we are a bunch of idiots and pussies?

    Response to Attacks:
    On the anniversary of 911 or enemies organize, attack, and burn a U.S. Consulate. They kill four Americans in the process, including our Ambassador, Christopher Stevens. Our response? Declare the attack as “a spontaneous demonstration”; shift blame to an internet video we know had nothing to do with it; we even imprison the creator of the video. We then proceed with a massive cover up. We bribe or bully our citizens who were there to keep quiet. Our Secretary of State chastises the people who make a minimal effort to find out what happened by saying “At this point, what difference does it make”. The President himself calls attempts to uncover the truth “false scandals”.

    2012 - Benghazi Burns

    2012 - Benghazi Molehill

    And as for accountability to the terrorist perpetrators? Almost a year later we have finally taken decisive action AND Federal authorities have filed the first criminal charges. Your heard me. We’ve filled out paperwork on the bastards! That’ll teach them to mess with us.

    An idiot congressman (Adam Schiff ) on the House Intelligence Committee explained our “progress” this way.

    “It’s been frustrating for many of us that it hasn’t moved faster, but it is a very difficult working environment for our agents. Gathering evidence in Libya, you might imagine, is very difficult, finding, interviewing witnesses, extremely difficult. We have identified many of the parties involved. We’re still trying to identify what the command-and-control structure would be. A lot of missing pieces still, but we are finally making progress.”

    Translation: We’re back to the mindset of treating these acts not as terrorism, or even acts of war, we’re treating them like a crime… sort of like robbing a liquor store.

    Who could watch this absurdity and not think we are a bunch of idiots and pussies?

    United Nations - Host TyrantsForeign Respect:
    We host and assembly of dictators and thugs on our own soil who routinely denounce us and thwart our diplomatic efforts. We invite our enemies to come and mock us. Our universities embrace them with crowds of adoring (leftist) students.

    Foreign dictators give us a total screwing even when there’s nothing really to be gained. They do it simply for the pleasure of doing it. Our traitors find refuge with ease. We don’t even put that much pressure or effort into getting them back.

    Talk to China or Russia about giving up an American traitor? Obama’s response? “I have not called President Xi personally or President Putin personally and the reason is … number one, I shouldn’t have to.”

    President Obama is absolutely correct in that statement, “shouldn’t” being the key word. And he “wouldn’t” have to if not for the fact that both nations, the dictators involved (and pretty well the whole world) know he’s a pussy.

    But it’s more than just that. Obama finds himself in the same position of a mad little boy who has once again lost his lunch money to a bully. He could fight and even likely get a bloody nose; but that embarrassment is worse than anything he can imagine… so he avoids the confrontation and his reputation (and ours) solidifies further.

    So Obama cancels his meeting with Putin. He had to. To use the urban vernacular, Putin (and just about everybody else) has treated Obama like a bitch from day one. Someone in Obama’s position doesn’t sit down across from a bully who has repeatedly bent him over without reminding everyone in the world which one of the two is always on the receiving end. The really sad part is watching Obama try and explain his relationship with Putin…

    2013 - Obama Putin Meeting - Frosty

    Michele: “Is Putin still picking on you?”

    Barry: No, No… we’re buds, we have a great relationship. 🙂

    Michele: Do you have your lunch money today?

    Barry: Ummm… no I gave it to my buddy, Putin.

    Michele: Where’s your “Snowden” bicycle?

    Barry: (in a hushed voice) Putin’s uhhh… borrowing it… I didn’t like it that much anyway…

    Michele: Are you sure everything’s OK between you two?

    Barry: Great! great… love the guy…

    Who could watch this absurdity and not think we are a bunch of idiots and pussies? Thus we find ourselves in a position where we must close our embassies and consulates. We must hide. And we’ll keep doing that until we elect a leader (years from now) with some balls; and even then he’ll have to use them effectively for some time before we regain what we’ve lost under Obama and the Democrats.

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    Who would have thunk it? Obama’s impotence with Syria (not to mention North Korea and Iran and a host of other fiascos)… is Bush’s fault.

    2013 04 30 - Eugene Robinson - Iraq Constrains Obama on Syria

    “…it’s clear that the Bush administration did not foresee how the Iraq experience would constrain future presidents in their use of military force. Syria is a good example. Like Saddam, Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless dictator who does not hesitate to massacre his own people. But unlike Saddam, Assad does have weapons of mass destruction. And unlike Saddam, Assad has alliances with the terrorist group Hezbollah and the nuclear-mad mullahs in Iran.”

    “I do not advocate U.S. intervention in Syria, because I fear we might make things worse rather than better. But I wonder how I might feel–and what options Obama might have–if we had not squandered so much blood and treasure in Iraq.” — Eugene Robinson (Washington Post)

    Obama is indeed constrained in Syria, Iran, and North Korea; but not because of history or anything Bush did. He is restrained because when he opens his proverbial toolbox he has but one tool. “Community Organizing”. In a less politically correct decade it would have been called “rabble rousing”. This tool is good for winning elections. It’s also useful for directing public opinion; though a main problem with it is that as it is used over and over again it becomes less effective (as Obama is now learning). But the tool of “community organizing” is pretty well worthless when it comes to leading and being an executive (as we are unfortunately learning).

    “So far I haven’t seen any commentary on the correlation between Mr. Obama’s training as a community organizer and the sequester fiasco. Community organizers’ main efforts are to stir up public sentiment to achieve special goals without implementing any solutions. Solutions are the province of someone else. The present administration has used this tactic endlessly, most noticeably with the White House tour shutdown during spring break and now flight-controller furloughs. This is definitely not an effort to solve problems but rather an attempt to stampede citizens to a desired result. We don’t need a community organizer in the White House. We need an executive, but of course Mr. Obama abhors that category of human endeavor.” — Harriet Hart (just an observation from an everyday reader of the Wall Street Journal)

    So what we have is an impotent executive officer and commander in chief for the next three years; which basically means we as a nation also suffer his affliction. Syria, Iran, North Korea, and a whole host of those in the ever expanding Axis of Evil know that. Unfortunately, these are times where we really need a leader. The results may well be nuclear proliferation in the Middle East (first Iran then others to protect themselves from Iran), a nuclear North Korea (practically already there), and an “Arab Spring” which will quickly turn to winter as radical Muslims (pretending to be our allies) show their true colors.

    2012 - Political Cartoon - Nuclear Proliferation Under Obama

    All we can really put our hope in is that blind hogs find occasional acorns. Obama kind of found one with Libya; before screwing it up afterward (and hiding it very well, thus assuring re-election) with Benghazi.

    We needed an executive leader; but decided instead to elect an impotent rabble rouser. And it’s STILL Bush’s fault…

    (Hat Tip) Quotes from Wall Street Journal collection of Best Daily Editorials

    Still Bush Fault Question

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