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star-wars-rogue-oneIn reference to the release of Star Wars – Rogue One this week (12/16/2016)

All of you (who know me) are aware that I think George Lucas destroyed the Star Wars universe many years and movies ago. The first two movies were spectacular… and then… the sell-out commercialism of Return of the Jedi took us to the edge of a cliff… and then… Lucas jumped… with each succeeding movie being a bone pulverizing impact as we plummeted to asininity.

Jar Jar Binks… oooff… midichlorians… ouch… every stinkin’ character related somehow… arghhhh… the pain… make it stop…

Then (recently) Disney bought the Star Wars universe and took it in a direction Lucas didn’t want to go. And… meh! Sure, it was probably better than were Lucas was ready to tread… but … meh… none the less…

star-wars-midichloriansNow today we see the release of Star Wars – Rogue One, a prequel; and yet another oportunity to recover from decades caustic characters and insipid contrivances to explain and relate things (and people) that didn’t need explaining or relating.

I blame Lucas’ initial success and thus access and exposure to leftist Hollywood for the Star Wars crash and burn… either that or he was abducted and held for years by evil forces (also from Hollywood). My guess goes on which is the truth is 50/50 either way.

I’m so jaded on Star Wars that it has reached the point where I think I’m really in favor of the dark side and the Empire (when it comes to the Star Wars Universe not the real one). I really can’t see a whole lot of good the Jedi are doing in comparison to the Empire. Nobody’s perfect on both sides, but at least the Empire offered a bit of stability vs total anarchy. Exactly what does the Rebellion intend to replace the Empire with? Reading the following, written fourteen years ago, might clarify things and bring you closer to my side/perspective.

The Case for the Empire – Everything you think you know about Star Wars is wrong.

Meanwhile there’s Rogue One. I feel about it the same way I felt about the last movie “The Force Awakens” (I had to Google the name which shows you just how much of an impression it left on me). Too much damage has been done for me to really hope this thing can be turned around. By now… money is too much a factor to affect quality (and by quality we’re talking about writing, and plot… not special effects and other BS). Sure, I’ll go see it… when the crowds die down and hopefully at my small home-town theater. But in my wildest dreams, in my best-case scenario… all I can muster up to hope for is… meh…


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