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So… it’s a few days after the Oscars… the Super Bowl of the movie industry and I don’t know who won (any category); nor do I really give a rats-$#@! Movies just aren’t as good as they used to be. Sure, there’s a gem every now and then; but they are seldom Oscar material. That’s been the case for decades. Oscar movies are generally mediocre and usually leftist and preachy. The last really good Oscar nominated picture is (I suspect) Braveheart.

TV is the medium that has really expanded in quality over the past decade (see Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul); but only because of massive increase in volume. If you produce a few tons of material, a few pounds are bound to be pretty good.

But I digress… the Oscars…

Preachy Limousine Leftist:
I would rather suffer a stick to the eye than to be forced to watch a bunch of painted, primped, shallow, limousine leftist celebrate each other and in-between preach to me that I’m not dedicated enough to whatever the cause-de-jure is hip in Hollywood.

Now I haven’t seen the 2016 Oscars mind you… and I certainly haven’t read anything about them… but let’s see… Race (as in black) had to be the cause-de-jure based on all the no black actors nominated hype going around. On the plus side it’s good to see leftist suffer the attacks of the monsters they create. 🙂 My advise to the monsters (black liberal actors who obviously been cheated) is to either 1) act better so as to have a memorable performance 2) Get better parts (so as to have the opportunity to do the former) AND/OR 3) Burn that %$#@er down if you are denied what Hollywood owes you. A final note. I support your cause 100% as long as your wrath is directed at your true leftist tormentors. 🙂

OK (race pimping aside) so what other issues did these enlightened beacons of truth and decency drone on and on and on about during their acceptance speeches. My guess (based on the horrible state of society) is gay rights and climate change. And there had to be a plug or two for Bernie and/or Hillary in there; am I right? Yeah… who would want to deny themselves exposure to all that arrogant, self-righteous, leftist, hypocrisy?


But I digress… the Oscars…

The Exception:
This year is the exception to the rule. I actually saw one one of the nominated films; “The Revenant”. It was… not good. I won’t say terrible, but there wasn’t much there. It was like watching a wil-e coyote cartoon without the humor. I just cringed through the whole movie and this guy (Leonardo DiCaprio) just kept getting up to quickly move on to the next “mishap”; even literally riding a horse off a cliff. The only things missing was the Indians throwing an anvil right behind him.

And it’s not as if there isn’t material out there to make good, interesting movies. The problem is in the execution (the making) of the movies. I think there was a movie about the previous financial collapse (The Big Short, I think) and that would be something I’d be interested in seeing if it were half-way intellectually honest. But were talking about leftist Hollywood here… so what are the chances? (That question was rhetorical.) So nope… probability says the risk reward ratio just isn’t there; even if you go the wait for the DVD route.

That’s why when I see “Oscar nominated” I’m pretty well ready to run for the hills. I just wish I had listened to that gut instinct a week or so ago; but I guess the good news is whizzing on that electric fence has insured I won’t do it again any time soon. It’s like going to the only crappy Chinese restaurant in a small town. You want Chinese food so bad, you try it about once every 6 to 9 months and promise yourself each time you’ll never make that mistake again. With Oscar movies you just extend that to 6 to 9 years. With the Oscars themselves? Decades. So I’m hoping to reach the end of my mortal life without ever seeing that awards show again. So far so good… 🙂


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Concept - DiscriminationThe Once Diverse Meaning of Discriminating:
Discrimination wasn’t always a word with the total negative connotation it has today. We can say thanks to the lefts Ministry of Truth for that. Once when someone was “discriminating”, they had “good taste” and/or “character”. Who your friends are, who you do business with, who you are willing to associate with says something about who you are. Guess what? Who you exclude from your association says something about who you are too. Be that something good or bad, shouldn’t we at least have the right to make that choice? The left says… “No”; sometimes correctly in the case of race and sometimes not in the case of homosexuality. It really comes down to choice, morality and where that line is drawn.

Golden Calf - ScienceThe god of Science:
The left, of course, justifies this by stating (falsely) that homosexuality is genetic… completely genetic… god/nature made me this way… I had no control over this… it’s just like race… This is of course religious belief disguised as science. The left (and sodomites themselves) want this to be true, so they have their god, “Science”, decree it to be so. Anyone who uses actual science to refute this is branded a heretic.

Science (not the god) may confirm that there is a genetic component to homosexuality, but that also infers other factors which give credence to choice. The lefts arguments fall apart if choice is in the equation at all. Equating sodomy to race no longer applies. Some blacks are aware of this and justifiably outraged by the comparison.

So the world (the left) builds its house on the sands of appearance and half-truths and seek to remake the world and those in it in their image.

Examples of Being Discriminating:
Should a pet store have the right to refuse service to individuals it deems will be abusive to the animals they sell? Can they elect not to sell a puppy to someone who admits they plan to eat it? Or is that culturally and racially insensitive? Can pet store owners elect not to sell to perverts or are they being judgmental?

Should a Jewish (or Muslim) deli be forced to prepare and serve ham sandwiches (or a whole roasted pig) to gentile gatherings?

Should a black business be forced cater, photograph, or decorate for a Neo Nazi or Klan event? Or should they be free, in good conscience to tell those seeking their services to “get bent” which translates into “please take your business elsewhere”?

While I would hope the answer to the above questions are self-evident; in this day and age, I’m not so sure anymore. While a majority of Americans could easily and quickly come to the right conclusions above, they lack the logic and empathy to apply the same basic human rights to a most hated of groups among them, Christians. Today, treading upon fundamental and sacred rights of that hated group is the social and political norm.

Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution

The Approaching Storm:
We Christians had better get used to it. Because it’s going to get worse… a lot worse… and soon. Individuals and business will soon face bankruptcy and jail if they dare live by their faith. Churches will be punished and persecuted (beginning with their tax-exempt status) if they refuse to teach homosexuality as normal and moral…

Of course individuals and companies should be free to discriminate (yes, discriminate) against individuals they find morally objectionable and/or against their religious beliefs. It is a basic and core tenet of the First Amendment (freedom of religion AND association clauses). But the precepts of our Constitution and the freedoms it confirms is alien and offensive to the secular left who will sacrifice them on an altar of political correctness.

A Christian business (caterer, florist, bakery, photographer, etc…) should not be forced to provide services to people engaged in abhorrent (from their religious perspective) behavior; especially when the service they are being compelled to participate in has religious overtones.

Of course we immediately think of homosexuals and weddings. But who would disagree that religious people and businesses have the right to refuse and not participate in services of pagans, wiccans, polygamists, etc? We’re not asking that these idiots be branded, marked, or even beheaded (as would occur in countries practicing the “religion of peace”). We’re just asking you to go do your thing and leave us the #$@% alone!

But that’s not going to happen. Want to preach that homosexuality is a sin? Get ready to be fined or go to jail. Get ready to be silenced. Want to exclude gay weddings from your church? Get ready to lose your tax exempt status or worse. But it’s not as if we should be surprised, Christ and the apostles warned us of the world and what it would do to us for His sake. We are not commanded to win (He did that), just to try, just to run the good race.

And make no mistake about it; this is a worldly attack on Christians and Christians only… else you would see the same issues brought against the businesses owned by practitioners of “religion of peace” (see video below). You will not see this for two reasons. 1) Islam is not as hated by the left as Christianity is AND 2) Islam has made it very clear what it thinks about sodomites and heretics and what it is willing to do to them. The left has got that message loud and clear. The worst leftist can expect from a Christian is honest disagreement and an attempt to legally secure the rights leftist seek to take away. They have courageously deduced it better to attack the “hater” who won’t make his point by cutting off your head…

Political - Republican - White Flag - SurrenderThe Lost Cultural War:
The Cultural War has been lost (or won from the lefts perspective) and now all that is left to be done is to deliver a coup de grâce to the wounded and dying conservatives that still struggle. That’s pretty well what’s happening with the attacks on Religious Freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas.

It’s both sad and scary that the only barrier between us (conservatives & Christians) and the fascist left (led by the LGBT gestapo) are a bunch of eunuchs that make up the Republican Party. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Republicans legislators threw up the white flag within hours of being attacked.

Briefly it looked like Arkansas, led by Gov. Asa Hutchinson would do the right thing, but after a quick phone call from Wal-Mart, he backpedaled pretty quickly. The bottom line (at Wal-Mart & state governments), does not sound policy make.

Meanwhile, there has been no pretense (not even from Republicans) that religious people have rights not to be compelled to participate in homosexual events. We’ve lost so much ground within country and the Republican Party, no one will even take to the field of battle/debate on our behalf. The left instead puts forth that if you are not willing to serve everybody (and by that they mean if you do not acquiesce to their beliefs 100%) then you are not entitled to even be in business, not even entitled to make a living.

Supreme Court - Gay IssuesThe Lost Rule of Law:
The whole issue of gay marriage is about to be settled (in the affirmative) by the U.S. Supreme Court where over 300 Republicans signed an amicus (friend of the court) brief in support of homosexual wedding being made legal nationally. “Among the signatories are 23 current and former Republicans members of the House of Representatives and Senate and seven current and former Governors… including Sens. Susan Collins and Mark Kirk, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman. Other notables include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal and billionaire GOP mega-donor David Koch.”

This issue is the ultimate proof that the Republican Party never has and never will be part of the solution. On all issues (moral and fiscal) they surrender and advocate for a slower march to hell. But alas, we reached the point of no return years ago. To paraphrase a great leftist “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”.

The answer of course is none, except that these Republicans can rest assured that when the losers are put against the wall… they… will be last. I only regret, I won’t be around to see it. The leftist can rest assured that when the nut-ball Islamics behead the heretics, they will be last (after paying jizya for a few years). I really regret, I’ll miss that. 🙂

Video: See Stephen Crowder go and do what leftist homosexuals would not dare…

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“The fact that the president is on vacation is a factor, but its not nearly as big a factor as any of those things. Because even though President Obama was on vacation with his family in Honolulu, he was still the president of the United States. And on Martha’s Vineyard the past few weeks, he was still president of the United States. Forget those who say there was too much going on this August: When you have a job that intense, there’s never an ideal time to be off the clock, yet you need to recharge just like everybody else does.” — Leftist Bill Burton, executive vice president at Global Strategy Group and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress

People - Obama, Barack - Golfing

When you’re right, you’re right… and I (facetiously) agree with Bill on this one.

The problem isn’t that President Obama is in fact often vacationing and/or golfing so much; but rather that no matter where he is or what he is doing “he was still president of the United States.” Obama is an inept, unengaged boob. Obama will be an inept, unengaged boob whether he’s putting around in a golf cart, sitting in the oval office, taking selfies at funerals, walking his poodle, apologizing on behalf of America to Muslims, surrendering Iraq, or letting Putin bend him over a table.

The key fact of Obama being a boob is not going to change, thus the only relief in sight is changing the fact that this boob holds the office of the presidency. With two years left, it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

People - Biden, Joe - Hands Up

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Main Stream Media - Bias - Bet Your Sweet AssWASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent cut that would mean fewer audits of taxpayers and make it more likely that people who cheat on their taxes will get away with it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent cut that would mean fewer government thugs to harass conservative organizations and citizens, finally protecting their already ravaged civil rights from this corrupt government bureaucracy.

Both of these introductions to a news story concerning a cut to the IRS budget would be true. But which one would be biased? Answer, both.

Main Stream Media - Associated Press LogoWhich one was actually written and published by the Associated Press. 🙂 As if the question even needs to be asked…

THIS is the state of journalism in this nation. This is the Associated Press.

Before closing let’s give the left-wing “journalists”, Andrew Taylor, credit for this steaming pile of journalism . Ohh, and “writer” Stephen Ohlemacher contributed.

Liberal Media Bias? You Bet Your Sweet Ass!

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Concept - HypocrisySo I turn on the news this morning (6/23/14) and there is this state legislator from great state of Massachusetts complaining that planeloads of illegal immigrants are being flown to his home state. Ostensibly, his main concern was the diseases (such as tuberculosis and measles) these refugees might be bringing to his state. He was worried the state may be sued or some such like.

Then I read another report that a Massachusetts mayor of Springfield (Domenic Sarno) is complaining about all the Somalis being dumped in his fair city.

Note: The refugee population in Springfield of about 1,500 — around 380 of them Somali — represents about 1 percent of the city’s total of 153,000.

“I have enough urban issues to deal with. Enough is enough. You can’t keep concentrating poverty on top of poverty.” — Mayor Domenic Sarno of Springfield, Mass.

Sarno also complained that resettlement agencies are bringing in “warm-weather” refugees and dumping them into cold climates only to leave them dependent on the city.

Translation: Not in my back yard. Send these people to the southern states where they belong.

And isn’t it interesting that all these immigrants (legal and illegal) produce untold of wealth and prosperity when it comes to justifying amnesty; but when it’s in their home state they seem to produce “urban issues” and “poverty on top of poverty”.

This is the epitome of the leftist mindset when addressing consequences of leftist policies; in this case immigration of the generally low skilled and poor. They want the warm fuzzy feeling of “doing the right thing” while not suffering or seeing any of the ramifications themselves. Wind Power? All for it, just don’t mess with my view of Nantucket Sound with those ugly turbines. Amnesty? All for open borders and amnesty, as long as the riff-raff is confined down south for those hicks to deal with.

It’s high time the yanks got a taste of the medicine they make us border states endure. Maybe that bitter pill would wake them up to the problems they create for the rest of us.

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Political cartoonist Nick Anderson is a “moderate” in the same sense that the Houston Chronicle (his employer) is a credible newspaper. Meaning neither is either. Nick’s editorial cartoons often display the wishful thinking and arrogant derision of the left. Thus his insight is often as loony and off-the-mark as he depicts his enemies to be. And true to “moderate” form; he’s probably oblivious of this fact.

Not too long ago, Nick depicted the Tea Party as dead (and stupid and crazy). Now (with the removal of Eric Cantor) he’ll go back to depicting them as just stupid and crazy again and lament that they’re taking over the GOP; in other words standard marching orders from the Democratic Party.

Keep up the good work Nick… Credibility? Highly overrated…

Nick Anderson - Idiot Moderate

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Main Stream Media - Bias - Bet Your Sweet AssSuspending Disbelief:
State Department spokesman Jen Psaki was actually mocked by the press on Thursday (5/29/14) after saying “[President Obama] doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s done around the world.”

Some would say this (laughter at that statement) is proof that the main stream media isn’t biased after all. They, of course, would still be wrong. There is, after all, a difference between being biased and being blind. What this really shows is frustration on the part of the press in doing their jobs… which is selling the liberal narrative that all is well thanks to Obama. When things are as bad as they are in foreign policy (and just about everything else) the people can only be led to suspend disbelief so much or for so long.

This also falls right in with the departure of Press Secretary Jay Carney. Imagine having the job of pushing this crap day in and day out. One has to ask “Do they put your soul in a jar for safe keeping while you do that job? Do you ever feel clean again?” Sure all press secretaries have to shovel crap to some extent. And chalk it up to partisanship; but I say the degree and volume dished out by the Obama Administration is well above and beyond what we’ve seen in the past (from any administration). There is little equivalency here; and of course the Republican Administrations have the excuse of actually being challenged by the press.

Political Cartoon - 2014 05 00 - Benghazi EmailsFor Example: The Administration releases emails from the White House that specifically instructed Susan Rice to lie on the Sunday talk shows concerning Benghazi. This only happened after a judge ordered the release of all emails involving Benghazi because of a “Freedom of Information Act” ruling. Jay’s spin? Oh… THAT email wasn’t about Benghazi… (all said with a straight face). To which a reporters ask “Then why did you release it as part of a court order to release Benghazi related emails?” To which Jay acts befuddled and repeats “That email wasn’t about Benghazi…” It’s the art of repeatedly pissing on someone and telling them it’s raining with a straight face. Normally the media doesn’t mind this from a leftist administration… but the public is increasingly noticing that they’re all wet (and stinky)… and that’s a problem when credibility has some effect on the bottom line.

OK One More: Any release of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay requires 30 days’ notice to Congress. It’s the Law. It’s the law passed by a Democratic controlled Senate and singed by Obama himself. Obama actually complied with the law in the past concerning some of the same prisoners but abandoned the idea when he got pushback (from Democrats, Republicans, and the military). Setting aside the wisdom or logic of the decisions, with the swap for Bowe Bergdahl, Obama decided not to follow the law?

Why? Was it A) Because time was of the essence (Bergdahl was sick) B) Because they has re-interpreted the law and decided it didn’t apply here OR C) They decided they couldn’t trust Congress with the information? If you answered D) All of the above you are correct. Various statements from various people at the White House have given all three as the reason for ignoring the law. It’s like these pople just throw crap against the wall to see what will stick.

People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse Ears

    This is but the latest debacle to demonstrate the overwhelming characteristics of President Barack Obama and by extension his administration:

  1. No respect for the rule of law. The rules and the law just don’t apply to this President.
  2. The propensity to lie all the time. These people would rather climb a tree to shout a lie when standing on solid ground and telling the truth would suit them better.
  3. No adult supervision. This administration can’t even coordinate its message/lies; which points back to amateurishness, incompetence, and a lack of engagement.

Again & Again & Again…
Meanwhile, this process of stating absurdity as fact (with a straight face) is repeated again… and again… and again… on every issue and scandal imaginable from the Obama Administration; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Political Targeting, Foreign Policy, The Economy, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap…

It is well past time for the Obama Administration be called out on the absurdities they spout as answers to legitimate questions (no matter the source of the questions). Unfortunately, with the state of journalism today; it may be up to History to do that.

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