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shit-smellsSomething Smells
The defamation lawsuit of the “Clock Boy” (Ahmed Mohamed) was summarily dismissed in a Texas Court last week (this week, Feb 2017). This was the lawsuit against Fox News, Glenn Beck, and others. I think other lawsuits may still be pending vs the school district, city, etc…

Revisiting this mess, from the beginning I’ve said something doesn’t pass the smell test here; call it an Islamic conspiracy if you will. I still believe dear old dad (Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed) decided to use his son to game the system. One, he wanted to promote Islam; two, shame/scare the infidels (into silence); and three, make a little scratch on the side (if not lots of scratch).

My guess, it this is a case of “civilization jihad”. This is an actual thing, pushed by the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists encouraging sympathizers to use the freedoms of the West against the West. These attacks are meant to weaken western civilization from within. With the help of the left… they are actually quite effective, especially when applied in the northeast or left coast… no so much in Texas.

With that in mind I say when Ahmed Mohamed (the son) left for school that morning he had clear instructions (from dad) not to come home without causing a scene or worse. The fact that worse happened was just icing on the cake for these miscreants.

    Here is why I say this was all orchestrated:

  1. The “clock” wasn’t “invented” so much as a fully functional and working clock being taken apart and reassembled in a pencil box (by the boy “genius”).
  2. The “clock” in the pencil box was intentionally made to look suspicious. (Look at the dam thing and tell me if you didn’t know already, you would say, “Yeah, that’s a clock”. Tell me it would have breezed through airport or White House security checks.)
  3. All this happened around September 11 (2015)
  4. When a teacher earlier in the day was shown the “clock” he instructed the student (Ahmed) to put it away and not… NOT… to show it to anybody else.
  5. Little Ahmed (the genius inventor) did just the opposite. Even making sure an alarm triggered later in the presence of another teacher.

Ahmed and Clock

Initial Response
The left (Media, Islamic Organizations, and politicians) played their predictable parts (more icing for the Mohamed’s) and threw a hissy fit that Ahmed was detained. In the weeks to come, Ahmed got money, gifts, trips, scholarships, etc… though this was chump change compared to what Mohamed E. Mohamed initially had in mind. It didn’t take long for the family to try and extort (yes EXTORT) $15 MILLION DOLLARS (said with a Dr. Evil flair) from the city of Irving and the school. Failing that (as in not getting an immediate cashier’s check), it was off to court. (Side Note: this is a perfect example of why we need “loser pays” tort reform with the lawyers being on the hook for half of it)


Texas Response
Now, as this is all playing out, Mohamed is discovering his one miscalculation in all of this… TEXAS. It fills me with great pride that we (Texas) can be the state to tell Mohamed to go $%#@ himself; preferably in Qatar surrounded with the terrorists buddies he’s been hanging out with for the past year and a half.

Religion - Islam - Symbol and BookHow Islam Figures into All of This
But this problem goes beyond this particular Mohamed. We see here an issue with Islam overall that has been perplexing the west for centuries. That being, lying and deceit is a central tenant of Islam.

Sure followers will point to verses in their holy book that say be honest and tell the truth, BUT… Muhammad (the “prophet” and by extension Allah) only require honesty when dealing with other Muslims. When dealing with infidels pretty well anything goes as long as you’re promoting Islam. The phrase “it will be forgiven you” seems to come up repeatedly.

Look, I’m not saying all those that practice Islam are lying weasels; I’m just saying that the founder of the “religion” said it was OK to be lying weasels. I guess I’m also saying Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed (and by extension his son Ahmed) are taking Muhammad’s (the “prophet”) teachings to heart and thus are in fact… lying weasels.

I would really like to see some “moderate” Muslims stand up and point out that these miscreants don’t represent them or their faith; but I won’t hold my breath. First of all, because they do represent Islam… perfectly; and second, because “moderate” Muslims are kinda like the moderate Germans leading up to WWII… invisible, silent, and inconsequential.

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed has gamed the system with the help of his son and the American left. He’s got plenty of goodies for his efforts so far. Meanwhile, Texas has just given him (and the leftist) the middle finger when it comes to a big legal lottery ticket.

I say we (Texas) keep that up. And let’s make it perfectly clear that we would just as soon see the Mohamed’s not darken our door (all of Texas) again. Might we suggest that the left coast (California), north east, or Middle East will be more to their liking.



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Every now and then there is some really good news out there; one of those circumstances where two @ssholes tear into each other so that no matter who gets their @ss handed to them, we (the good guys) win. And then there’s the slight chance but even better result that both sides will lose valuable posterior flesh! 🙂 So when these rare stories come along its good to sit back, enjoy the show and smile a little bit. 🙂

People - Gore, Al - Dumbass

Al Gore (and various other former Current TV fat cats) are suing Al Jazeera for not paying them the full contracted $500 million for the former America-hating leftist TV channel.

    Here is what’s going on as best I can decipher:

  • Al Jazeera agreed to buy Current TV for $500 million. Part of payment was to be spread over time (via escrow) and dependent on Al and company playing ball in the transition. Playing ball had to do with taking on some of the risk of lawsuits involved with making the deal before the transition. (This is called indemnifying in lawyer speak). “The Gore-Hyatt group had promised to indemnify Al Jazeera if, after the sale, the company was sued for breach of any contracts while Gore and Hyatt ran the channel.”
  • I think Al Jazeera is saying (and they are probably right) that Al and Company used smart lawyer tricks to somehow delay lawsuits so that they came to fruition later and thus not when Gore and Hyatt ran the channel. Thus all those costs where shifted to Al Jazeera. This would probably be one of those loophole things where you can follow the letter of the law to circumvent the original intention of the agreement.
  • Now Al Jazeera is not paying the next/last installment of the $500 million in order to cover the sneaky costs Al and Company screwed them over with. They say Al is still liable for those costs which exceed the value of the remaining payments.
  • Thus Al and Company are suing for the remaining payments and Al Jazeera is saying “$%#@ you!”

So what this all boils down to is… “No honor among dirt bags and thieves.” Exactly what did the two parties expect to happen here? Al Gore is a snake oil salesman and Al Jazeera is Islamic (Allah himself says lie, cheat, steal, enslave, and kill infidels (and don’t forget the Jews) all you want; all is forgiven you… all praise Allah…)

These guys deserve each other. I just hope they can burn through as much of that original payment as possible in the courts. The only downside is that all parties involved (Gore and Company, Islamists, and lawyers) are all dirt bags… so no matter the results all the money will be distributed among @ssholes.

But wait! Ever the intermediary maybe I can offer a compromise here. 🙂 Perhaps Al Jazeera can pay Al and Company in… wait for it… CARBON CREDITS! And I (for a nominal $1 million fee) would even be willing to design and print nice fancy carbon credit certificates (with clip art and everything) for them to use as currency. I can probably even find a service to have them printed on 2-ply. Everybody wins! Everybody is happy! Especially Me!

Carbon Credits

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Execution - Gurney - OKSo an execution didn’t go too well in Oklahoma the other day (Tuesday, April 29, 2014). The condemned supposedly suffered for 40 minutes before having a heart attack. I think there was a technical problem in that a vein ruptured and thus not enough of the drugs getting into his system.

I could be a heartless bastard and say good and I don’t care; but I do. As a supporter of the death penalty I want its implementation to be humane and constitutional. This is in spite of the fact that the condemned tortured his victim well beyond anything inflicted by the state (he shot and buried her alive). This fact is often omitted by those reporting on the botched execution.

So I want the bastards responsible for the debacle to be identified and called to task what they have done… so here it goes.

The left should be ashamed of themselves.

So why is the left responsible for this mess? Because they have created through their lawsuits and other actions a system specifically for the purpose of producing the exact result we saw in Oklahoma. Their only regret is that the legal system has managed to prevent them from getting the whole thing on YouTube. Once this inevitability (a botched execution) occurred they moved swiftly to the next phase which was to use it as a cudgel against capital punishment as a whole.

But make no mistake about it, everything the left has done for decades has been designed abolish the death penalty either through costs or through changing public opinion. This debacle is part of the public relations arm of their campaigns. The strategy has been to cause (or feign) as much suffering as possible in hopes that the public will lose its stomach for the whole process.

    Here’s How It’s Worked:

  1. Force states that execute to move away from other methods to execution to lethal injection as the sole means.
  2. Challenge the drugs and process making it increasingly more difficult and complex to administer.
  3. Pressure drug companies in the U.S. to stop producing the drugs.
  4. Pressure foreign governments and companies not to provide the drugs.
  5. Seek the identities of independent pharmacist the states now depend on in hopes of bullying them.

The botched execution in Oklahoma should indeed spur a debate in the nation, or more specifically in the states that still enact the death penalty. But that debate should center only on the means by which we execute the condemned.

I submit this episode should allow us to return to the basics; a rope (and gallows) and or a bullet (firing squad or to the back of the head). These methods are quick, simple, humane, and much less prone to mistakes or accidents.

It’s time we recognize the disingenuous of the left’s arguments and actions and do what is right for all involved.

The debate as the left would have it…
Politicla Cartoon - 2014 04 30 - OK Execution

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Standard & PoorsThink you’ve got freedom of speech? Think you have the right to give an objective economic assessment of the economy or the credit worthiness of the U.S. Government to your clients? Think again! Don’t mess with Obama or disagree with his propaganda machine! And that machine says the economy is doing just fine, thank you, and if you disagree, the power of the President and the U.S. Government (through the DOJ) will be brought to bear on your ass!

The DOJ is expected to bring a “civil” suit against Standard and Poor’s because they have assigned “ratings” that aren’t always the best to government securities (like sub-prime mortgages and bonds, etc.).

The first question you might ask is why a civil suit and not criminal. That’s easy, because they (the DOJ) know they can’t meet the burden of proof a criminal case would require. Losing the case would be embarrassing; and kind-of prove S&Ps point.

No, better to go with a civil case where the burden of proof is much lower. Settle if you have to and declare that to be an admission of guilt. This is really only meant to send a message to S&P and the other agencies. Don’t #$@# with Obama!

This shit (what Obama and the DOJ is doing) is at best criminal, and really fascist. And by these terms, I mean heavy handed jack booted bullying and intimidation by the Federal Government.

Mafia - Hit MenOn the criminal side it’s equivalent to organized crime telling a newspaper, “It would be a shame for yous newspaper to get all shot up, or burned down; or for yous editors or reporters to gets broken legs and all… I’m just sayin’ maybe yous shouldn’t reports alls the truth is all.”

On the fascist side, it’s like the government intimidating and shutting down opposition newspapers. It’s kind of what tyrants do to silence the opposition and accumulate power.

And what are the lapdogs in the Main Stream Media going to say? Here’s Reuters assessment. “The lawsuit itself may prove less significant than the message it sends. Filing a high-profile lawsuit against S&P tells the rating industry at large that the government is serious about holding rating agencies responsible, and that they must be much more careful.” — Jeffrey Manns, a law professor at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

No Jeffrey (and by extent Reuters), the message isn’t about responsibility at all. It’s about NOT doing the responsible thing because that is not the message handed to Obama’s spoon fed propaganda machine (the MSM) which must not be questioned. You go against that message and we’ll hurt you! ^%$&er!

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Political consultants, Peter Daou and James Boyce are suing Arianna Huffington. It seems they attended a meeting in fall of 2004 where the plan for the Huffington Post was hatched. Of course there were about 30 other left-wing Hollywood types there as well; but they claim they were instrumental in coming up with the idea of the web site.

Arianna Huffington (air brushed) & Pricks Peter Daou and James Boyce

These guys weren’t that interested in the money, they just wanted credit for their idea; and it drove them crazy that Arianna never gave it to them in all these years. There’s little mention of how much of the idea was theirs. I mean who was the genius who decided to build much of the sites content through enslaved liberal bloggers? Poor things, not even paid a wage, much less a living wage. 😦

Then one day Arianna actually mentioned the fall meeting when discounting Andrew Breitbart’s contribution to the idea. This kinda coincided with Arianna selling the site for about $300 million to America On Line (I think they make buggy whips or something); but that had nothing to do with the boys immediately filing suit for an undisclosed sum of money. It was the principle, dammit!

    Yep, I’ll enjoy this one. It’s one of those rare win-win-win scenarios.

  • Arianna Loses – Win
  • Pricks Lose – Win
  • Lawyers take big chunk no matter who wins – Win

It just goes to show the old adage is true:

There’s no honor among liars, and liberals. (Redundancy unintended).

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