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You know it’s bad when even the leftist late night guys are turning against you.

And don’t let it be said that I didn’t learn anything from this video. I never would have guessed that we (taxpayers) (through Medicare) have paid $172 million dollars for penis pumps. To be fair that was between 2006 through 2011 so that only averages out to $28.6 million dollars a year on those things. Chump change.

I often say that our society is terminally ill… and catch grief for that opinion. Not that we need any more evidence; there are thousands of examples just like this one… but really? Have we reached a point where someone has to say the words “We should not be paying for anybody’s penis pump? Not one dollar, much less 28 million of them?” Really?

Nero fiddled as Rome burned… Obama will take a selfie… as the rest of us pump like crazy…

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