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People - Huckabee, Mike“If the Republicans want to lose guys like me — and a whole bunch of still God-fearing Bible-believing people — go ahead and just abdicate on this issue (gay marriage), and why you’re at it, go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter, either. Because at that point, you lose me. I’m gone. I’ll become an independent. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this.” — Mike Huckabee, former governor or Arkansas, Fox News Commentator, and possible candidate for President for 2016 (The governor was speaking on American Family Association’s radio show Oct. 2014)

I’ve been where I hope Governor Huckabee and I hope others are heading for well over a year now. I’ve abandoned the Republican Party. They will NEVER be part of the solution. Their game plan is simply being less of a problem than the Democrats. The Republican Party’s moto might as well be “We’ll take you to hell in a hand-basket too… we’ll just do it slower than the Democrats.

Political Cartoon - 2014 08 08 - Lisa - On the Right Track

On social issues they have already abandoned us and on fiscal issues they are at best pansies or at worst hypocrites.

Case in point. The 2014 elections less than a month away. The Republicans think they have the Senate locked up; or at least the good chance of it… so what do they do before the election… Anyone, anyone (Ben Stein impersonation)? Nothing. They’re too afraid of the MSM (Main Stream Media) and their own stupidity. Granted both are real threats.

So what should they have done in your humble bloggers opinion? Take the easy layup; especially if that layup could possible achieve a goal these idiots haven’t been able to to even get close to in years; namely the dismantling of Obamacare.

The layup I am speaking of is…. Pass a simple, short, straight forward bill that basically reads “No bailouts for insurance companies. Period.” Of course most people would say “Huh? Of course those evil bastards shouldn’t get any government bailouts!” But that is exactly what it on the horizon, exactly what is the law of the land. It is the key part of Obamacare that paid off the insurance companies to go along. It is the corporate welfare, quid-pro-quo bullshit Obama and the Democrats pretend they are against, but practice all the time. It is exactly what was hidden in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and something the Main Stream Media has managed to keep hush hush.

Simply do the right thing. Do an easy thing. Something everybody and his dog would support. Remove the billions in bribes and pay-offs about to be sent to the co-conspirators in the Insurance Industry and they will abandon the Obamacare scheme. The whole mess will implode.

But what do the Republicans do? Anyone, anyone… they sit on their hands and grin stupid-ass grins with visions of power (the Senate) dancing in their heads.

Time to Cut Our Losses and Abandon the GOP.  It's time for a third part... the Tea Party

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Introduction :
A good “liberal” (my label, not his) friend of mine recently thought he had some insight into the left vs. right infighting. He asked if I agreed with the following:

I think this is a big part of what the whole left-right thing is about, ultimately. There are two different languages being used. When a liberal talks of gov’t assistance, the conservative hears “socialism.” When the conservative talks of family values, the liberal hears “theocracy.”

Does any of that ring true to you.. or are you just hearing the trombone sound from Peanuts?

Well I don’t hear the trombone sound from Peanuts, because I hear what you’re saying. But your words don’t ring true for me. I’m sorry to say that what we have here is a case of wishful thinking.

You want this to be about communications & misunderstanding each other’s motives, because if that’s all there is too it; there is no culture war and all we have to do to solve our problems is talk to each other more. Bless your soul… you want to believe it’s possible to bring everybody under a great big tent, with lots of hugging, drinking cokes, and teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony. It’s noble! It admirable! And it’s based on a false premise!

Sorry. We don’t have a communications problem and we don’t misunderstand each other. Well, at least the Right doesn’t misunderstand the left. (see below)

Three Cultures:
There are three distinct cultures in this nation and two of them are at war.
The Left: Fighting for a “fundamental change” of this nation to more resemble Europe. While not completely socialist, it’s dam close and based on fundamental assumptions that assure failure.
The Right: Fighting to return to the republican principles set forth by the Founding Father. We want to save and continue the “Great Experiment.”
The Oblivious: No clue what’s going on and don’t care to. They know nothing of history or civics. They don’t know the difference between the debt and the deficit. And as long as politics doesn’t affect their Snooky watching or their access to Facebook they are fat dumb and happy. Unfortunately about a third of these morons actually vote.

Two of these cultures are at war with each other; obviously the Left and Right. And it is nothing less that a battle of good vs. evil. If I’m on the Right, then obviously I think my guys are on the side of good. Does that mean I think the entire Left is evil? No, but the entire left serves evil… most members do so unwittingly. Nor does that mean everyone on the Right is good. We do our weeding as precisely and as regularly as we can.

A Conservative Take on Liberals
So you say, “OK, LJ, if you understand the Left so well, why don’t you break it down for us?”… OK, I present to you the The Left: (as understood by Texas Lynn)

    The rank and file of the left are made up of two types of people:

  1. Those who really believe in government solutions and have good intentions. They do however turn a blind eye towards the costs and results leftist government programs produce.
  2. Those receiving the “entitlements” and want to keep/expand them at the expense of those who pay the bills. THESE are the people who will ultimately bring about the downfall of the nation. Their numbers have been steadily climbing ever since the War on Poverty. When their numbers reach the tipping point where nothing can stop them from voting themselves more and more lagress from the public treasury, the jig is up.
    The Left Leadership: (To make the list, the description must fit a large majority of the Left.)

  • The Left is not dumb. They are generally very intelligent and believe in government solutions as strongly as I believe in free market solutions.
  • Their actions are based more on power than the good intentions of the rank and file.
  • The Left wants this nation “fundamentally changed” into a European Socialist-lite state.
  • Many on the left are racist (“Many” means a large majority doesn’t share this view. But I include this because a large majority of the left’s black leadership IS racist. And a large majority of the left supports racist policies in the form of “affirmative action” because of white guilt.)
  • Many on the left are anti-Semites. (Again I use “many”, but include this item because a large majority of the left is anti-Israel.)
  • The Left has a deep seeded hatred toward the Jewish/Christian religion. This partly stems from the Right receiving much of its support from the Christian community during the 90s and early 00s. But is also has a lot to do with the Christian community opposing on moral grounds the Left’s stances on homosexuality, and abortion.
  • The Left has a deep seeded hatred toward the U.S. military and all entities and companies that support the military.
  • The Left would repeal the second amendment and disarm the populace.
  • The Left supports the woman’s right to choose to end a pregnancy at any stage. Maybe with the exception of the 3rd trimester if asked, but it would be close. Meanwhile the left is certainly willing to turn a blind eye toward supported organizations that do support and provide “service” at any stage.
  • The Left has disdain for the U.S. Constitution. They think it is an outdated document written by white men who could not conceive of today’s issues. In reality, the limiting principles in the Constitution are based on the timeless understanding of the weakness of men and the dangers of an unbridled man made institution of government. The Left seeks to undermine the Constitutions through the courts with judges who share their disdain for the founding document.
  • The Left supports extreme environmentalism at great expense, even the expense of human life. The left uses their unique ability to focus on intent and ignore results to justify this belief. (I.E. DDT to fight malaria in the third world.)
  • The Left sees extreme environmentalism as a way to hide and further their socialist agenda.
  • The Left wants full amnesty for all illegal immigrants; no strings attached. The Left believes (rightly so) that this will help grow their entitlement base of support and help solidify their power.
  • The Left is opposed to all but minimal enforcement of immigration laws; especially along the southern border, again as a means of growing their entitlement base.
  • The Left supports forcing the public by law to accept homosexuals and people with other sexual “proclivities” (more like Europe).
  • The Left supports extreme spending (more than 20% GDP) supported by extreme taxes (more than 30%). Yes on the wealthy, but they won’t stop there (like Europe). They know this spending will help cement their power through the expansion of “entitlements”.
  • The Left does not care about the deficit or the debt. It is a non-issue for them. Because of the current political climate, they must appear to be concerned, but that is a lie. Like Greece, Italy, Spain (Europe) they somehow easily ignore the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. I suspect they think the debt can eventually be solved with enough cuts in the military and more (much much more) taxes.
  • The Left unquestionably support the unions (a socialist concept in itself) because of the philosophical and financial unity. The Left completely ignores the great damage unions do to our economy, and even the damage they do to the education and futures of our children.
  • The Left has no concept of market forces. But that’s OK, they want to do away with the free-market altogether. The left would institute strict governmental controls on the market if it could.
  • The Left has no concept of human nature in regards to governance. History has proven their system will not work because it’s foundation is based on the false premise that people will act outside their self-interest; and that those in power will not abuse that power.
  • The Left is arrogant, believing themselves to be superior morally, & intellectually. The Left believes the only reason ALL past and present Socialist/Communist systems did not work is because people of their caliber were not the ones in charge.
    The Left’s misunderstanding of the Right: (Again, the description must fit for a large majority)

  • The Left believes the Right to be racist, while as a whole, we are less racist than they are.
  • The Left believes the Right to be stupid, ignorant, hicks. (Part of their arrogance)
  • The Left believes the Right wants to create a theocracy. A majority of this irrational fear is caused by the Left’s deep seeded hatred for the Christian religion. It is also caused by the Right’s belief (and we are correct) that the religious clause in the First Amendment was intended to prevent the federal government from designating a state religion; and THAT’S IT. Thus public expression of religion (events, on property, memorials) is protected speech and celebrates our heritage. The left knows we are right on this issue which caused them to have further disdain for the U.S. Constitution and appoint judges to undermine it. (see above).
    The Left’s correct understanding of the Right: (Again, the description must fit for a large majority)

  • The Left believes the Right to be un-enlightened by the secular/enviromental philosophy of the day. That is correct. When considering the whole, the Right does not put it’s faith in man (or anything created by man) or nature.
  • The Left believes the Right to be philosophically opposed to almost everything they stand for. ABSOLUTELY!

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