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So here we go into the year 2014. So I thought I’d do a New Year’s posting… first looking back at 2013 and then looking forward to 2014.

I really consider myself a pessimist when it comes to human affairs; so I’ll reiterate that we are doomed. As a whole (humanity) and as a nation (the U.S.), we continue ploughing forward in the wrong direction and I see no signs of slowing, much less tuning around. We count right as wrong and wrong as right and proudly boast our iniquities as rights and then are surprised at what we reap.

Some still try to stop the rising tide; and I guess I’ll continue to do the same; but after decades with little or nothing to show for it… I’m just sick and tired of the whole mess.

At best… personally… I’ll continue to try and carve out a bit of sanity within little niches of friends, family and community; then fortify these against the constant onslaught from bureaucrats and dunce filled confederacies.

My attitude right now can be summed up with a quote from Atlas Shrugged… “Why ask useless questions? How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky? Who is John Galt?”

Political Cartoon - 2014 01 00 - New Year - No Right Turn

Looking back at 2013:

George Zimmerman Trial:
The Positive: Sure it’s good that Zimmerman was acquitted.
The Negative: The sad and scary part is that he was ever tried in the first place. The prosecution got it right the first time by not arresting or charging the man in a clear-cut case of self-defense. Only after race-pimps did their thing was the man prosecuted.
The Media: The media handling of the case was also abysmal. They immediately sided with the race pimps. They also depicted Martin as much younger and more innocent.

Paula Dean Using the N Word:
The Positive: None.
The Negative: Paul Dean supposedly went through her witch hunt because she said the N Word something like 20 years ago. This again shows the poor state of race relations and the dominance of political correctness in our society.

The Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing:
The Positive: Kudos go to the authorities who quickly found, killed and captured the two terrorist responsible.
The Negative: The two nuts and their families never should have been allowed in the country in the first place. The process that allowed them in was (and still is) severely flawed. We supposedly have an NSA going nuts with intelligence gathering, but it somehow missed these guys who gave us all the signs of being terrorists.
The Media: The media handling of this story was, as usual, horrible. The cover of Rolling Stone was particularly atrocious… but… not surprising.

The New Pope:
The Positive: Pope Francis seems more humble than Pope’s past and in this regard he walks the walk.
The Negative: I still haven’t figured this guy out, but my suspicions are not on the bright side. I get the feeling this Pope is a numbers man. He wants more bodies in the pews and has decided capitulation of the word is a small price to pay for that. Actually the price could be very high… for him and his church.

North Korea:
The Positive: There isn’t any
The Negative: New dictator Kim Jong Un (aka Little Chubby) has wasted no time in solidifying power and ramping up North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. As a bonus he has made the Commander in Chief of the United States look like a pansy (like that was a hard thing to do). This guy will be trouble for years to come.

The Birth of the Royal Baby:
The Positive: Yawn…
The Negative: Yawn… A whole 24 hour news cycle shot to hell. No telling what Obama got away with during that period.

The Positive: Maybe, just maybe this will help Americans see the true price of progressive policy.
The Negative: Obamacare was a debacle wrapped in a debacle inside a debacle. Based on the competence of the instigators it’s no surprise. The results? Net? Millions have lost their insurance and millions more have seen premiums double and triple. The system was broke, now it’s more broke, and nobody is even remotely discussing the real solution which is to scrap the insurance model as the means to healthcare.

Ammunition Shortage:
The Positive: There isn’t any
The Negative: If you’re not a hunter or gun sportsman you probably have no clue that there is a severe shortage of ammunition in the United states. There are several calibers you just can’t buy. There is much speculation as to the cause. If the federal government isn’t involved in some negative way, I would be surprised.

The Positive: Snowden is freezing his ass off in Russia.
The Negative: There is no telling the damage done to the U.S. by Snowden’s leaks. I might have had sympathy for Snowden and his “stated” cause (I think his stated cause is a lie); but he took his product (stolen secrets) to our enemies. Had he instead taken this information to his Congressman or even to the (gulp) “free” press or somehow made sure our enemies didn’t get this information I would have called him a whistle blower and maybe even a hero. As it is… he’s a dirt bag and traitor and should be treated as such.

The NSA:
The Positive: Don’t know of any.
The Negative: The NSA as it is now is just a symptom of the real problem… BIG GOVERNMENT. This could be said about a dozen or so other government agencies and departments that ALL should be severely cut, brought down to size, and put on a short leash. But we’re well past that aren’t we.

Middle East:
The Positive: Hmmmm… Hmmmm… Nope can’t think of any.
The Negative: Obama has basically negotiated away our victory in Iraq and is in the process of a surrendered withdrawal from Afghanistan. Meanwhile he allows our ambassador and three others to be assassinated in Benghazi and tries to cover it up as a spontaneous protest over an internet video. His ass was just handed to him by Putin and the Syrians. He has basically thrown Israel, Saudi Arabia, and just about any other ally we have over there under the bus. Iran develops nuclear weapons unabated. It’s hard to imagine this inept buffoon handling this barbaric region of the globe any worse.


Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Other Brain Dead Celebs:
The Positive: Their 15 minutes will expire.
The Negative: There are 10 more waiting to take their place. We will always have these useful idiots clawing to extend their 15 minutes of fame, doing stupid ass stuff to make the headlines (any headlines). They are a pox on society; but an embraced pox.

The Stock Market:
The Positive: It’s hit record highs.
The Negative: It’s all sitting atop a bubble called quantitative easing; which is the federal government printing money out the wazoo and using it to buy up all “safe” investments forcing money into the market. This is basically making our savings worth a lot less and hurts the elderly on a fixed income. All this so money is cheap (meaning interest rates) and Obama can afford to borrow on behalf of Uncle Sam. Every time the feds even mention that they might ease up on this policy the market begins a free fall; to which the feds quickly release a message of “just kidding”. This bubble will be deflated in the long run; either slowly or eventually imploding on its own. So far there is virtually no political will to do it the right way. The fact that’s it has even reached this point is another indictment of Obama ineptitude.

Phil Robertson Controversy:
Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) basically extolled on his Christian beliefs that homosexuality is a sin. For that, he whipped up a &$#@-storm of controversy.
The Positive: The leftist gay organizations (GLADD) got their asses handed to them; and it’s been a long time coming. GLADD is an evil and fascist organization bent on using the jack boots of political correctness to extinguish any opposition to their agenda. It’s good to see these guys finally get what they deserve. Meanwhile companies like A&E and Cracker Barrel got the message loud and clear also. These companies ended up making the right decisions though for the wrong reasons.
The Negative: It’s just further evidence that this nation is lost.

Looking Ahead at 2014:

2014 is looking to be the same crap as 2013 socially. The fundamental transformation of this nation is well underway and has been even before Obama took over.

2014 is looking to be the same crap as 2013 financially. There is no way the Feds are going to ease quantitative easing. Obama needs cheap money for the system to even have a chance at working. This will mean expanding the bubble currently supporting the stock market. The only question is does the bubble have room for expansion or will it burst? We’ll find out.

2014 is looking to be the same crap as 2013 politically. We still have the most inept President is recent history if not centuries. He’s still got two years. At best he’s an early lame duck; at worst… (I shudder to think).

The only fly in the political ointment of 2014 is that it is an election year; which means there is hope that we can slow our dead run to hell down to a trot again. Whooopeee… that prospect just doesn’t excite me as much as it used to. I expect… stalemate… The Republicans holding on to the House and picking up a few seats in the Senate (but not control).

2014 is not something to be looked forward to and hoped for. It is something to be attacked and brought under submission is at all possible… or die trying.

2014 00 00 - Tea Party - Sick of Your Shit


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In Gulfport Florida, three black teens beat the crap out of a white kid (13 years old) on a school bus. The victim had two black eyes and a broken hand after being punched and stomped by his older black assailants. A video of the vicious beating can be seen on YouTube (here).

Authorities say this attack was not motivated by race! What are they thinking!

Race - Black Teens who Beat White Teen

Supposedly one of the black kids had tried to sell the victim drugs (marijuana) earlier. The victim told teachers about the incident which seems to have led to the attack on the bus. I don’t think the video picked up any racial slurs (like “cracker”) being used. I don’t think witnesses reported any racial slurs.

So what the authorities are thinking is there is no evidence of racial motivation. And they’re right. And until such evidence is brought forward that should be the end of it.

Race - Pimps - Jesse Jackson and Al SharptonBut at the same time this case brings up other issues in our society as a whole. Just imagine the story with reversed races; three white kids beating a young black kid (for the same reasons). Can you imagine the national coverage? Can you imagine the uproar from the black community? Can you imagine the race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson marching in the streets of Gulfport and proclaiming “It’s still open season on black youths”. It would have happened!

The lack of comment; the lack of anything coming from “black leaders” is deafening. We hear your message loud and clear. There’s nothing behind you outrage or your message, and when it really comes down to it; there’s nothing behind who you are as men.

Side Note: There has been criticism of the bus driver for not intervening. I don’t share in that view. The elderly bus driver (in his 60s) notified his dispatcher to send help but did not physically intervene. Take a look at the punks. There was nothing he could do. And taking into account the crazy legal world we live in, they probably would have hung him had he touched one of these urchins.

Side Note: Personally I think the three young perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that’s it. Had they yelled with every other breath “crazy ass cracker”; the prosecution should have been EXACTLY the same. “Hate Crime” = “Thought Crime”. We should prosecute people for their actions and not what we think is inside their heads.

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I missed several of his Hope N’ Change Cartoons over the last week or so and finally got a chance to catch up. This guy really know how to make a good point both in his cartoons and in commentary. Below are a few of his cartoon concerning Obama’s reaction to the Zimmerman verdict. They’re right on the money…

(*Click to Enlarge)
2013 07 00 - Home N Change - Obama on Zimmerman

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People - Washington, Booker T - Gream American HeroTwo quotes to consider…

“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

“I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.

Both of these quotes come from a great American hero (my opinion but shared by many). When someone like me (white) echoes this sentiment today… we are attacked as racist. If the messenger is black… the “Uncle Tom” label is applied. But I’ve often found giving voice to truth invites attack… it’s biblical after all…

Of course these quotes come from Booker T. Washington one of the generation of black leaders who were born slaves. He said this in 1911 (Chapter 5: The Intellectuals and the Boston Mob). Author of “Up from Slavery”, and founder of the Tuskegee Institute, Mr. Washington sought to raise up the black community though self-reliance, entrepreneurship, pride through accomplishment, education, economic advancement… (aka… conservative principles). To accomplish these goals he “mobilized a nationwide coalition of middle class blacks, church leaders, and white philanthropists and politicians”. (Wikipedia)

“Black militants in the North, led by W.E.B. DuBois,… set up the NAACP (in 1909) and tried to challenge Washington’s political machine for leadership in the black community. Decades after Washington’s death in 1915, the Civil Rights movement generally moved away from his policies to take the more militant NAACP approach.” (Wikipedia) …which is why the black community a century later finds itself with the same problems (only worse). They are still blindly following the poverty and race pimps beholden to the Democratic party.

A quote attributed to Booker T. Washington that was actually from George (our founding father and first President) says, “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” — George Washington (from a late 16th century French maxim)

Do you keep company with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, or Bobby Rush?

A century later there is nothing new under the sun…

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People - Young Black ManBen Shapiro had an excellent column of what the Zimmerman trial was all about (Why the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Give a Damn About Black Kids). Not the incident itself; but why there was a trial… fueled by media distortion and hype. Many say it’s about ratings, ads, clicks, and dollars… and money is part of it; but it’s not the underlying problem. The bias of the main stream media not only leads to an uninformed public, but it promotes a culture that ignores social problems because they don’t move the liberal agenda forward. It leads to a system that ignores and allows the deaths of thousands of black “children” every year.

While I encourage you to read the entire column… here are a few paragraphs to make the basic point.

“The left is committed to changing America in basic ways. But in order to create enough support for changing the greatest and most tolerant nation ever to grace the planet, the left must portray America as an evil, nasty place. Doing that requires promoting the lie that non-black Americans hate black people, and would dig their old white sheets and burning crosses out of storage if given half a chance. Both the media and the Democratic Party are complicit in that propaganda effort. Building on the fact that America used to be a racist place, and ignoring 50-plus years of American transformation, the left has convinced many Americans, both black and white, that America is a grotesque and monstrous place.

For many Americans, it feels so good to buy into that notion. It provides an easy dose of unearned moral superiority — “America is racist, but I’m not, because I believe America is racist.” It allows Americans to ignore real and pressing problems in favor of moaning about vague and undefined ones — “forget about Darryl Green, let’s talk about institutional racism.” Most of all, it carries with it an easy and dismissive solution — “let’s turn power over to a chosen few who can fix everything.”

Meanwhile, more Darryl Greens [a young black kid killed by young black kids] will die. So will more Trayvon Martins, given the fact that Martin was the product of a broken home, had a criminal history and a history of fighting, and was caught up in drug culture — all factors in his death, and all problems the media refuse to talk about. But the media don’t care about those deaths. All they care about is the larger goal: fixing America, one fake racial scandal at a time.”

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Concept - What Happened, Dart BoardI wrote a posting on the Zimmerman case, (before the verdict was reached). And in it I defend the actions of Mr. Zimmerman. I have to admit that defense is dependent on what I think happened based on the evidence. Change my mind on what happened and my position on the verdict would change.

Before I begin… I think I have some insight into the frustration George Zimmerman was feeling the night of the incident which caused him to ignore the instructions/advice of the 911 operator. So let me go into that first.

The key to this frustration is, if Zimmerman thought the police were going to do something about the crimes; if he thought they even cared; Zimmerman would have been much more likely to heed the 911 operator. But Zimmerman knew the police didn’t really care and weren’t going to put that much effort into it… thus his reaction. And Zimmerman in his assessment of the likely police attitude and response… was likely correct.

Why Zimmerman Reasonably Ignored the 911 Operator.
Now for a little clarity on why I think Zimmerman was put in a position by the system to reasonably ignore the 911 operator.

When I lived in Houston, I lived in the Meyerland area which can be a bit deceptive. Meyerland was (maybe still is) considered a decent middle-class neighborhood but it borders what I would call “the hood” and the closer you were to that border, the closer you were to a high crime area and that crime spilled over a bit. I… was pretty dam close. What did that mean to me? It meant I had to have a monitored security system; bars on many of my windows, and still my house probably got vandalized in some way or something stolen on average of once a year.

While I was in Houston, my car was stolen (and broken into many times). I had a box of checks stolen from my mailbox and I can’t begin to describe the damage… The police’s reaction to every event? Paperwork… for insurance purposes. On the stolen car I never even talked to an actual policeman… just clerical people to fill out paperwork. I did talk to the two truck driver who found my striped car. He told me he picked up two or three of these stripped cars at the same place very Friday morning and got $50 a pop from the city to tow them. He knew the night the cars would be stripped (Thursday) and where. The police did too; but it was not a priority for them to do anything about it. A system had developed, and actually trying to arrest or prosecute these criminals was not part of that system.

Yes, I blame the apathy of the Houston Police Department at the time; but I don’t completely blame them. I suspect they had great frustration with the system just letting these punks go. If that’s what’s going to happen; why bother. I can’t say I wouldn’t have eventually resigned myself to inaction under those circumstances either.

This, I greatly suspect, was what was happening concerning the crime in Zimmerman’s neighborhood. This was the source of frustration Zimmerman was dealing with.

With that in mind… when the 911 operator told him not to follow Martin, Zimmerman thought this was just the police letting “these assholes, … get away” because apprehension of these suspects didn’t fall within the system. AND… He was right.

What Happened (in my opinion):

    So with that in mind… let me go through what I think happened (with a bit of commentary)

  1. Trayvon Martin’s character as a 17 year old black kid had developed into something that was a bit thuggish (as evident by his school records, pictures on his phone, and his words “crazy ass cracker”). Martin had envy and adoration of the gangsta lifestyle. That said, it doesn’t mean Martin would have grown up to be a gangsta or a player. It is very possible Martin would have matured out of that crap.
  2. George Zimmerman’s character as a young Hispanic man was middle working class. George Zimmerman was not a racist. (as evident by his volunteer work, police reports, lack of witnesses claiming otherwise, and the federal investigation.) George Zimmerman may have been a police wanna-be (though I’m less convinced of that than I am the Martin/Thug angle)… which is no more a crime than Martin being thug poser. Zimmerman was frustrated because part of his American dream (a home in a safe neighborhood) was being attacked on two fronts. First it was attacked by a rash of burglars and robbers. Second, by a police department that had little interest in doing anything about those crimes short of helping with paperwork for insurance purposes. (I know this first hand from my experiences in Houston.) Thus Zimmerman got a legal carry permit and joined the neighborhood watch.
  3. Trayvon Martin went to the store just to buy some tea and candy and to get out of the house (away from adults) to talk to a girl. He had no criminal intent when he did so. It wouldn’t stay that way…
  4. While on neighborhood patrol, Zimmerman saw and suspected Martin, not because he was black… but because he didn’t look like he belonged. Any other race dressed and acting the in the same manner would have invoked the same suspicion. Zimmerman was legally carrying his gun. Zimmerman was legally on patrol of his neighborhood. Zimmerman legally following a suspicious person. Zimmerman ignoring the advice of the 911 operator was legal. With that said, these aspects of the case are key to my defense of Zimmerman. If I thought Zimmerman initiated any physical attack (tackling or punching) on Martin then my belief in his innocence would change to guilty (of assault or manslaughter).
  5. The 911 operator was following both a politically correct and legally exonerating script when telling Zimmerman not to follow Martin. It’s a “cover our ass” policy designed to allow the lesser of two evils in the minds of the authorities. Keep the “citizen” out of trouble even if that means the suspect gets away. I question if a policeman was even called to respond (before the shooting).
  6. Trayvon Martin noticed the “crazy ass cracker” following him and it pissed him off. Martin could have bolted and run home. Martin could have calmly confronted Zimmerman and told him who he was and what he was doing. He could even have confronted Zimmerman and told him it was none of his dam business. I believe he chose not to do any of those. He instead chose to hide and confront Zimmerman out of this anger. I believe he initiated a physical attack on Zimmerman.
  7. Trayvon Martin (again out of anger) attacked Zimmerman and pinned him. Trayvon Martin punched Zimmerman breaking his nose and was in the process of teaching this “crazy ass cracker” a lesson. Trayvon Martin at this point had criminal intent… Zimmerman at this point has done nothing illegal AND had reasonable fear for his life and physical safety.
  8. Zimmerman called for help during the beating; thus the few witnesses and other 911 calls.
  9. Zimmerman made the decision to use deadly force. It is simply a case of self-defense. Zimmerman is not “not guilty” of murder (any degree), manslaughter, or even assault… He is “innocent” of all three.

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“To the extent that the entire episode has any larger meaning, it is a tale of the left’s desperation to indict contemporary America as a land of rank racism… There was always a perverse wishfulness to the Zimmerman-haters: Look how rotten and backward this country is. Look at what white-Hispanics are capable of. Look at the corruption of our criminal-justice system. Look at this poor child murdered in cold blood… Justice, in the sense of a deliberate, lawful judgment consistent with the facts, was never the driving passion of the Zimmerman-haters. They wanted a racial morality play. If Trayvon Martin had been shot by another black person, no one would have cared. Al Sharpton (MSNBC) wouldn’t have made him a cause. Lawrence O’Donnell (also MSNBC) wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. No one outside his immediate family and friends would have ever known his name. Trayvon Martin’s shooting was an ideologically useful tragedy, and so the vultures did their worst.” — Rich Lowery, National Review

People - Sharpton, Al - VultureI think this best sums up what the country has been through over the past year (and especially the last few weeks) with the Zimmerman prosecution.

I think the only thing I would add is… “and they (the vultures) aren’t done yet.”

While this did not turn out to be the “racial morality play” the left had hoped for. This entire episode did turn into a different “racial morality play”. It has shown us the moral bankruptcy of the likes of Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell, just about anyone associated with MSNBC (and let’s not forget NBC) and pretty well much of the Main Stream Media. [As if some of us ever had any doubt…]

I agree with the left that a large segment within this country is backward, racist, and morally challenged (to be generous). They prove who they are every day as they bombast against the specs of racism in the eyes of whites and conservatives all the while beating us about the heads with the beams protruding from their own eyes. The main stream media in search of racist white-Hispanics is like OJ Simpson looking for the real killers. Do these dumb-asses have mirrors in those ivory towers?

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