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I often touted the term “appearance over substance” in my writing; attributing this character flaw to the left. By this I mean the left values appearance above and beyond reality. As long as things appear as they want them to appear, substance (reality) can go to hell.

The left has many reasons to value and push “appearance over substance”.

  • Cover up some blunder (Benghazi caused by video, Hillary losing because of Russians)
  • Not having to deal with an inconvenient truth (Syrian Chemical Weapons, Global Warming Data)
  • Pushing a policy that requires obfuscation (Obamacare)
  • Pretending something was accomplished (Iran Deal, Syrian Chemical Weapons Destruction)

    While the right is far from the ideology of substance, they do value substance over appearance more often than not; whereas appearance is a defining characteristic of the left. Granted, the right might be more prone to this failing if they had the great enabler the left does… the Main Stream Media. It hard to push appearance when the MSM calls bullshit all the time (even when it’s not)… it’s easy when given a free ticket.

    The reason I bring this up is every now and then we are witness to events where someone has to clean up a mess created by the left when they have pushed appearance over substance (reality). This happened recently when Trump launched missiles on Syrian targets that had just used chemical weapons against civilians.

    Now, I’m simply looking at the why Trump felt the need to do this. Not whether or not I agree with the decision; not whether or not it was the right decision, and not whether or not Trump is a hypocrite based on earlier statements concerning Syrian intervention…

    Why Trump felt the need to respond in such a manner is totally valid; dead civilians (about 80), especially dead children, at the order of Bashar al-Assad via chemical weapons. Unless you’re just absolutely intellectually bankrupt, these are the facts. And unless you’re completely heartless, you have to admit those facts warrant consideration.

    But back to the appearance over substance.

    In 2012, President Barack Obama “drew a red line” on Syrian use of chemical weapons, and then did nothing when that line was crossed. That was a problem for Obama, but nothing appearance over substance couldn’t fix. The Obama administration went to work diplomatically. In a deal with the Russians, and with oversight of the United Nations, Syria identified 1300 tons of chemical weapons. These were destroyed and the left crowed about this great success.

    2014, “We got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out” of Syria — Former Secretary of State John Kerry
    2016, January “All chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic.” have been disposed of. — Veolia (the firm contracted to carry out the process)
    2017, January “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.” — Former national security adviser Susan Rice (NPR)

    Get the picture, Obama (and his administration) was so ingenious, that he accomplished diplomatically what he and others failed to do militarily. The only problem was the reality (substance)… Obama didn’t accomplish anything militarily, and he didn’t accomplish anything diplomatically. BUT he was able to give the appearance of accomplishment and that is all he (and the left) thought was needed.

    Now, the argument could be made that Obama (and team) “thought” that they had actually accomplished the removal of chemical weapons from Syria, but I don’t think they are that stupid. For Obama’s “diplomacy” to work 1) The Russians had to do what they promised 2) The Syrians had to do what they promised and 3) The United Nations had to be competent in verification. See where I’m going with this? NOBODY is that stupid! Which gets back to the original premise… the goal was never substance (the removal of all chemical weapons) but rather the appearance (of that goal). And for the past several years, as far as the left was concerned… Mission Accomplished.

    But NOW, substance has decided to bite us on the ass. Early in the Trump Presidency Bashar al-Assad has again decided to use chemical weapons (that he 100% “voluntarily and verifiably” doesn’t have) on civilians. Trump, faced with the facts (substance), must now make decisions on how to clean up a mess that appeared not to exist for many years now.

    Obama’s choice to embrace appearance years ago recently cost a few dozen people in Syria their lives when the (substance) bill came due; no so much in the grand scheme of the cluster-#$@% that is the Middle East. As sad and enraging as this should be… the cost of this choice will pale by a factor of 1000s if/when the bill covering the substance of the Iran Nuclear deal ever comes due.

    The wages of embracing deceit over truth is always disastrous and sometimes deadly. There are many such legacy messes left to posterity by Obama and his ilk. We will continue to pay the price, until and unless someone… anyone… applies a little substance.

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  • Is it me… or is this “hashtag advocacy” fad as pathetic and sad as it looks?

    Would you people participating in this crap PLEASE place a black “L” on your forehead for clarity?

    We’re doomed…. Dooommmeed!


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    Concept - Credibility - DictionaryWe (and by “we” I mean Obama and his administration) have really screwed the pooch on this one. It’s just the latest example of the wages of “Pussy Diplomacy”.

    Our main problem with Syria (and our foreign policy in general) is in the value of words. Words mean things. People, (and governments and tyrants) watch them and the actions that follow to back them up… they then place value (capitol) on the words based on how true the original words were. (On a side note this is a currency still accumulated and spent on the world stage… but has completely lost its value domestically. Here rhetoric is king thanks to the Main Stream Media.)

    We (and by “we” I mean Obama) have little or no capitol in our words. Our enemies don’t fear us (because of the past actions behind our words); and our allies don’t trust us. And who can blame either of them?

    Instead of rehashing all the situations that have brought us to this low point, you can read my previous entry (Been There, Done That, Doing it Again – The Consequences of Being Seen as American Pussies).

    People - Obama, Barack - Red LineOne More Example:
    I will recount one instance here that happened since that posting that is a great example of the problem I am describing. It’s even specific to Syria.

    Of course Obama talked big a year or so ago; warning Syria not to use Chemical weapons… or else that would be a “red line”. Of course this was nothing less than Obama spending the capitol of words backed by the actions of previous Presidents. As an amateur he gave no thought to the capitol that would need to be built by his actions. Obama understands only the concept of spending and consuming… not saving or building up.

    When that line was obviously crossed months ago… Obama hemmed and hawed and finally… finally… announced that we would send “small arms” to the rebels fighting Assad. Everybody knew this was wuss-out. He might as well have sent them boxes of condoms to throw at Assad’s tanks and jets. But that’s not the end of it… He didn’t even follow through on that meager threat. Nothing to date has been sent. He wussed-out on the wuss-out. His words… his threat… meant nothing. The man IS an amateur and a pussy!

    As I said a couple of weeks ago… “If we say we’ll act when a line is crossed, we act. If we’re not really willing to act then we shut the $#@# up! Just doing what we say will go a long way in gaining the respect we need to operate in the world.”

    Now the line is crossed again. And Obama seems ready to act this time. No really… Assad has gone tooooo far…

    So Obama says this is “not about regime change” so Assad can rest assured he isn’t going anywhere. There will be no boots on the ground and this will be an exercise that is completed in hours, not days, so Assad can just wait it out. We can do this anytime we want (days, weeks, months) so we’re not really committing to anything here other than lobbing a few hundred missiles at most. And even though he doesn’t need it; he’s going to let Congress vote on it, seeking their approval; but it’s not so important that we’re going to actually call them in now. We’ll just wait until they get back.

    All this is just another look at amateur hour.

    And where are our allies in all of this? The UK? They’re out. Germany? Nope. Italy? Insists on a U.N. mandate (which is laughable). France? Still In? One out of four… and the one is France! But again, who can blame them. I don’t. Our words no longer have any value. Depend on actions behind the words or Barack Obama and you’re bound to get screwed. Just ask Dr. Shakil Afridi doing 33 years in a Pakistan prison for helping us get Osama bin Laden.

    Sure all this is Obama’s fault. His words and actions on the world stage; which I term “pussy diplomacy” is little more than one “amateur” mistake after another.

    But what did we expect from a junior Senator with little or no experience in anything other than rabble rousing (community organizing) and teaching a few college classes. Sure he’s pretty (hansom), and talks the talk (rhetoric), and… and… that’s about it. But that seems to be all you need to be President of the United States these days.

    I guess what I’m saying is we get the government (and President) we deserve… and boy are we getting it. Twice now! Buy hey, who can really put a value on a “light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” — Harry Reid. Just look at the dividends that fact is paying in domestic policy and race relations.

    People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse EarsNow What?
    So where do we go from here?

    Long term? We as an American people need to elect real men (I don’t mean this as sexist) to the office of the Presidency. Rank amateurs no matter their skin pigmentation are still rank amateurs. Even Bill Clinton knew that.

    “Obama doesn’t know how to be president. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent. He’s an amateur!” — Bill Clinton

    “A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would be getting us coffee.” — Bill Clinton (reportedly to Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.))

    Short term? I’ll admit I’m not sure what we need to do in Syria. My complaint and this post has more to do with how and why we are in such bad shape globally and diplomatically.

    As in most of the Middle East, there are few if any good guys in these conflicts. If the rebels were half-way decent (not Sharia-law pushing radical extremists) and really wanting democracy and freedom… I’d say we take action. Real action and make sure they won. I would even be willing to help… If I thought they would set up a dictator or junta that was favorable to us for a decade or two; but I don’t.

    They’re not our friends. They’re Islamic (which is the antipathy of democracy and freedom). And not the watered down Islam we pretend is prevalent (there or here). They’re nut-jobs vying for power; who will kill Jews and Christians (and their own people) and turn on us at their first opportunity. Who needs this crap?

    Religion - Islam - Symbol and Book

    The Obama “plan” (if it could be called that) will not protect the people being slaughtered by Assad or from the next tyrant who will take his place if we get him. As Obama campaigns (the only thing he is good at) to try and convince Congress and the American people that we should lob a limited number of missiles at Syria; to convince me, he’s got to show me a real plan to really help those people AND protect our interests over there. But this would have to appeal to reason and facts, which is not something Obama can do… his only tool is emotional manipulation. With that said, and with the understanding of what Obama has planned right now… I say No.

    We need to shift our Middle East policy to reflect that we have few friends in the Muslim world; and if we do they’re really just rich secularist dictators from a Muslim culture. We need to weigh the benefits to us and take actions that support those benefits… and that’s it. We need value for our buck and nothing else. If anybody over there wants to be our “friends” let them prove it first.

    The Syrian rebels want our help? OK. A few questions first. How will you purge the Al Qaeda elements in your ranks? What do you have to offer in return and what will you do to guarantee delivery? And please understand your answer will directly affect the level of support… if any…

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    Pig - Talk - ResetBack in 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with her Russian counterpart Sergey V. Lavrov. She brought with her a gift. It was red plastic button with two words on it. The English word “reset” and the Russian word “peregruzka”. All this of course was a play on the leftist propaganda that U.S. relations had been damaged by Bush’s “cowboy” diplomacy; but there was a new sheriff in town…

    When they met and she handed him the “reset button” she said “We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?”

    His reply… “You got it wrong”; and then he explained the Americans had come up with the Russian word for “overcharged”.

    It might as well have been the Russian word for “incompetent” or “amateur”.

    Poster - Inspirational - Condescension

    Hillary - Russian - Reset Button

    Four years later, things are going about as well…

    “In any case, I would rather not deal with such issues [Obama in regards to Snowden and obviously other issues (thus the plural)] because it is like shearing a pig: there’s lots of squealing and little fleece.” — Vladimir Putin

    Wow… Obama is like a squealing pig. Now that’s respect. One can only surmise that Putin meant the comparison only in the most enduring and respectful of terms.

    My question to Barack, John (Kerry) and Hillary is “How’s that reset button workin’ out for you”?

    Putin may be an evil rotten bastard; but he’s no amateur and he understands Obama (and his administration). He knows incompetence when he sees it and he knows how to take full advantage of it.

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    I love the caption on these pictures from some news service… “Poker faces”. Really? Of all the pictures these guys took of Kerry; that’s the best they could come up with for a “poker face”. Putin has a poker face (and a good one I might add). Kerry’s face is saying “Come on depends, don’t fail me now!”

    2013 05 00 - Kerry Faces Putin, Poker Faces

    Kerry flew to Moscow to try and garner some support (any support) in our efforts to end or at least control the brutal dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria before it expands in the Middle East. So basically Kerry sought the help of a dictator (Russian President Vladimir Putin) to shackle his ally dictator (Assad).

    The idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds. You can’t choose who you have to deal with on the world stage. You can only have some effect on the circumstances under which you engage world leaders. And we have certainly done that… just not for the better.

      If you have to deal with a dictator like Putin you need one of three things going in.

    1. Common ground and/or interest in outcome.
    2. Something the dictator (Putin) is willing to trade for.
    3. Something the dictator (Putin) fears and knows or thinks you’re willing to follow through with.

    AND… we’ve got none of those.

    The first two are kind of obvious. Dictators like dictators not democracies… and we really don’t have anything Putin needs or wants that badly. [I semi take that back. He does want the power and influence of the U.S. to diminish and we’ve certainly delivered that in spades lately]

    That brings us to the Third option and that one is the real problem.

    People - Obama, Barack - Bowing to DictatorsObama came into office complaining that we, the United States, weren’t respected by the world community because of Bush’s “cowboy diplomacy”. This can be translated as Bush was showing some balls; and standing up for the U.S. Obama and the Left can’t stand that and would have none of it in this new, enlightened administration. Instead they would apologize for Bush and America in general and then they would use Obama’s diplomatic skills to woo the world with charisma and reason. Step one was an apology tour of the Middle East… Step two on went about as well…

    And this strategy did work in the one corner of the world… the Socialist Republics of Europe love us (or at least our current leader). They are headed for bankruptcy and are glad to see us following close behind.

    But in another part of the world, the part that really affects our future, the more dangerous parts of the world? The bad guys (Putin, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Jong Il, The Chinese Authoritarians, et al) took one look at our “poker face” and said to themselves. “We’ve got free reign to do anything we want for a while.” And they are definitely taking advantage of this “crisis” in American leadership.

    Back to Kerry… Putin had him (the U.S. Secretary of State) wait for three hours before finally seeing him. Was this by accident… of course not. Putin even told Obama to his face last year that he considered him (to paraphrase) a pussy. And he’s right. We’re essentially holding a pair of deuces. We know it, they know it, and pretty well the entire audience (the world) knows it.

    What the United States needs right now is a little more “cowboy diplomacy” and a lot less talking and blustering and line drawing and balking and reasoning with the unreasonable. Our actions (or rather the lack thereof) have pretty well given our hands away every time.

    2013 05 00 - Kerry Faces Putin, Inept, Nothing

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