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There is a lot of talk about the “nuclear option” concerning the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court. There are a lot of facets to this whole mess. Among them is the left being (again) total hypocrites on the matter… The karma in all of this brought on by the likes of Harry Reed… Forcing the nuclear option being about the dumbest thing the Dems could do… Questioning if the GOP has the cojones to push that button…

But… I’d like to blog on the idea of the filibuster itself. To the point, I like the filibuster… or at least the classic idea of the filibuster. The classic obstructionist (not always a bad word) tactic of a lone Senator (or at least a minority of them) opposing the bad legislation (or nominees) of the majority. Toeing the line by refusing to close debate on the issue (or nominee). Debate, being the key word. Picture the classic scene in “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” with Jimmy Stewart speaking on the Senate floor until he collapses from exhaustion.

The problem is… that’s not the filibuster anymore. The filibuster was neutered (I think back in the 70s) so that there’s not skin in the game, no pain to the process. Now all you have to do is say the magic word (filibuster) and everything stops and everybody scuttles off to their nice cozy lives. If you really think about it, the neutering of the filibuster (so that there is actually no physical pain, or exhaustion, or even inconvenience) is a good metaphor for the neutering of our society in general.

I don’t know why I’m mentioning this. There’s no way the honorable, classic filibuster will ever see the light of day again. So… instead… I think it best that we put the poor decrepit (neutered) filibuster out of its misery. Just end it already.

The Republicans should not only call the Dem’s bluff… but call it in spades. They should not wait for the Dems to filibuster Gorsuch… but rather push the button right NOW. Change the rules of the Senate before the vote; ending the filibuster once and for all. Not only that, end it for everything; not just for judges, and cabinet position, but for legislation, for EVERYTHING. Fifty-one votes… done…

Once the filibuster is no more, the GOP should move forward with making hay while they can; meaning moving their legislative agenda forward while they have the majority. Obama and the Dems sure as $#@% showed no hesitation in doing this when they held the House, Senate, and Oval Office. Unlike Obama, I would encourage the GOP to constantly offer an olive branch (compromise) to ANY on the other side of the aisle (legitimately) willing to deal in good faith. Failing that (the likely outcome in today’s environment) quickly move on, shaking the dust from your feet (paraphrased by someone famous in Matthew 10:14).

And finally, I would advise the GOP to learn the lesson that Harry Reid and the left never saw coming. The shoe will eventually be on the other foot… and likely sooner than you think. (Thus the hay making now and as fast as you can.)


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Frog - Charming Prince SignWe’re in our second week of a Barack Obama “Charm Offensive”. He’s been wining, dining, and “talking” to Republicans. He’s visited Capitol Hill, and both Republicans and reporters say calls and e-mails from the White house have become “less confrontational and less vulgar”.

Call me cynical… because I am… but this crap is just another exercise in appearance with absolutely no substance behind it.

    Here is why I say that.

  • This kinder, gentler Obama only appeared after his attempts to blame the sequester on the Republicans. He spent a month trying to convince the American people sequester would be a disaster (of biblical proportions) and that the Republicans had created this monster. For his efforts the American people gave him a collective “yawn”.
  • This kinder, gentler Obama only appeared after a big drop in his approval rating. (Lowest is over a year.)
  • White House insiders admit it’s a joke… “This is a joke. We’re wasting the president’s time and ours. I hope you all (in the media) are happy because we’re doing it for you.” — Anonymous White House Staffer
  • Jay Carney (White House Press Secretary) threw a hissy-fit on Monday (3/11/2013) when asked about Obama meeting with the group “Organizing for Action” created by Obama campaign people to take the House in 2014.
  • Jay Carney (in the same Hissy-Fit) continued to try and blame Republicans for the sequester. “Republicans made a choice. The sequester is here, it’s being implemented…” [Yeah! Their choice was a rare decision not to cave to a bully.]
  • This moron (Carney again) then argued that Obama by his very nature was “bipartisan” “[Obama] is inherently bipartisan. There’s nothing partisan about deficit reduction [Actually, deficit reduction is VERY partisan. Democrats, including Obama are totally against it.] There’s nothing partisan about comprehensive immigration reform… I would argue that there’s nothing partisan about common-sense solutions to reduce gun violence in America.” [You see what I mean about appearance over substance… It’s all about propaganda with these guys.]

People - Obama, Barach - CharmingWhat all this tells us, is Obama is being nice because the blame game didn’t work to his satisfaction and he’s decided to try giving the appearance of reaching out. (Kind of like a beer summit.) BUT as Jay Carney pointed out there nothing behind it. Obama and his administration have NO intention of really “compromising” with Republicans in any way. [Unless you use the liberal/Democrat definition of “compromise” which is allow the Republicans to totally capitulate.]

On a side note slightly related to this. I was very impressed with the young maverick Republicans who filibustered John Brennan’s confirmation as CIA director. This was done to bring attention to the Obama Administrations lack of clarity on our drone program; especially how it may be applied here in the United States.

This effort was led by Rand Paul and greatly assisted by Texas’ own freshman Senator Ted Cruz (I doubt David Dewhurst, Cruz’s Establishment Republican opponent, would have done as much). Both men have really earned my respect early in this session.

And while they were demanding answers; old, tired, establishment Republicans were having a nice expensive meal and rubbing elbows with Obama; all for appearances for both sides. Afterwards these RINOs, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham had the gall to criticize their fellow senators for the “stunt”.

These two events that happened at the same time are the perfect examples of what is wrong with the Republican Party and the potential for making it right. It’s time to clean House (and Senate) of these dinosaur Republicans.

The perfect campaign slogans for their opponents; “I would have stood with the Senators defending freedom while my opponent decided to dine with Obama instead.”

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