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America IslamiphobicA Self-Evident Truth:
The media is throwing a hissy-fit over recent comments by Dr. Ben Carson that “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that. If [a president’s faith is] inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter.”

Ben Carson is exactly right. A Muslim commander in chief would be a travesty for this nation. Further, the incompatibility would endanger its very existence.

I believe the media (and even some conservatives) missed the point of Dr. Carson and lamented that he should learn a little civics. This included Senator Ted Cruz (of Texas) who said “You know, the Constitution specifies there shall be no religious test for public office and I am a constitutionalist”.

Carson did not address whether or not Muslims should not have the right to run for the office. He simply made two points.
1. We (the voters) should not put a Muslim in charge of the nation.
2. It the candidate’s faith is inconsistent with the values and principles of America (which Islam is) then that should matter in the selection of our leader.

Both points are not only true, they are self-evidently so… or at least should be.

Islam is antithetical to democracy and freedom. It’s very nature seeks to destroy any system that is not Islamic. It is a religion of subjugation and slavery; and not so much your submission and slavery to Allah, but to those who would set themselves up to define who/what Allah is… thus by it’s very nature Islam promotes fascism, totalitarianism, and oppression.

But it goes beyond just the U.S., Islam’s morals and mores are antithetical to western civilization as a whole. Just the basics of civil rights, slavery, pedophilia, and murder prove the two are incompatible. It is probably too late for Europe to realize or reverse the damage of this cold hard fact. “Mass immigration by Muslims is altering the culture of Europe because Muslims don’t join the culture of their new homelands. Muslims do not so much enhance European culture as supplant it, and are patiently conquering Europe’s cities, street by street”. (paraphrasing author Christopher Caldwell)

Protecting the Republic:
So, If we (the people, the voters) are to protect the principles upon which our nation (and civilization itself) was founded, then no… No Muslim (defined as “a follower of the religion of Islam”) should be allowed anywhere near the Presidency. And as if by prophetic warning, we’ve already seen first-hand the damage one who simply identifies with Muslim culture can do.

Does that mean that no Muslim should be allowed to run for office (any office). No… freedom and democracy demand it. They should just never be elected. If we are that stupid; if we are that willing to open the gates to the invading hordes who seek to destroy us (and we may be); we deserve what we get.

Attacking the messenger of an obvious truth such as this is just a tactic of the hordes who threaten our freedom.

I will also go one step further… In fact, considering Europe, Islam should be a mitigating factor within our immigration policy. These hard truths and resolutions to address them may seem harsh… and by western standards, they are. But they are far less harsh than what the true followers of Mohammed have planned for us (long and short term).

The leftist administration is planning on importing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into this nation. This process will include screening each for diseases such as tuberculosis. Shouldn’t we screen for another sickness just as dangerous (if not more so) to our very existence?

Texas is a state that sees great population growth. Why? Because we still understand the principles that made this nation great. So we produce jobs and grow at the expense of those states that have abandoned those founding principles. Thus a common refrain from Texans is “Welcome to Texas, try not to screw it up like the place you just left”. Is it too much to ask Muslims who are fleeing a cesspool to abandon and denounce the very %$#* that made it a cesspool.


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Jesus warned us of false prophets and the evil men who would follow them. He also said that we would know them by their fruits or more precisely the results of their faith and the actions they take in its name. (Matthew 7:16)

With pictures being worth a thousand words… I present to you the fruits of Islam.

(As Usual, click on the image to enlarge)
Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Are all who follow Islam evil? No, but the serve evil. At best moderate Muslims are irrelevant; but I’m not so kind. They actually empower the evil among them… just like the Germans in the 1940s made Nazi Germany possible. That little foray into evil only cost 20+ million lives.

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

Knowing Islam for What It Is - Examining the Fruits of Islam

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People - Prope FrancisGreat! First, I’m dissing Islam and Muslims… Now I’m having issues with the new Pope! What’s a good Christian boy to do!? I kind-of liked the last one (the Pope that is), Benedict (he called a spade a spade); but I’ve really had no opinion on this new one, Francis, until now. He seems to have recently decided to bend to the world’s demands for political correctness. And that is bad; very bad for a Christian religious leader such as him.

So what’s my beef? His answer to the theological question of “If even atheists have been redeemed by Jesus?”

He kind-of answered the question (incorrectly) and then beat around the bushes for a while. (In my humble opinion.) His initial answer that was wrong was “Even them, everyone.” He proceeded to beat around the bush by including. “We all have the duty to do good… Just do good, and we’ll find a meeting point.”

THIS is pretty well what I would call an Oprah answer, a worldly answer; and it is probably shared by a majority of the people who would call themselves “Christians”. And it is wrong, dangerous, and the exact opposite of what Christ taught. I’ll explain further.

It’s an Oprah answer:
I remember years ago that Oprah (who I think considered herself a Christian, maybe she still does) stated that there are many paths to God/Heaven and it’s up to each of us to find the way that works for us. I think Pope Francis’ answer kind of takes this approach… the wrong approach.

Religion - Christian - Leave World for ChristThis is a Worldly Answer:
The World likes this approach and idea also. It’s the “Can’t we all just get along” approach. It pretends that we’re one big happy, equal, community; that everyone considers everyone else’s religious beliefs just another of many truths. Like the concept of Communism; it really sounds great on paper. In practice it requires a lot of rationalization and ignoring of obvious truths (see Islam as “the religion of peace” for example).

A majority of “Christians” probably believe this to be true and not knowing any better would profess as much. Most are Christians because of birth, they rarely attend services much less study the teachings of Christ and really don’t want to be bothered with the details of faith. That knowledge may require change and inconvenience and who wants that? Their desire for things not to be as screwed up as they are causes them to embrace this “We are the World” philosophy. I generally think of these people as CINOs (pronounced see-no’s); Christian in Name Only.

When people accept this world view they disregard the biblical warning of if you are of (embrace) this world you are not of the next (heaven/salvation). Thus Jesus’ warning, Matthew 7:21-23 (AMP) – Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven…

This answer is wrong from a Christian perspective because it’s not what Christ taught; plain and simple. If that (what Christ taught) is the standard by which you answer that question then no, atheists have not been redeemed by Jesus.

Now if you want to go by gut feelings, or what you think is right or should be… then that answer is perfectly fine; but be sure to clarify that it is not the answer taught by Christ. In other words, take off the Pope hat and say… now this is how I feel as a human being…

I know this may sound judgmental and even harsh; and I don’t mean it to be; so let me clarify further from what I believe IS a Christian (as taught by Christ) perspective. It is not my intention to scream at anyone that they are going to hell (that is not my place to say). I just want to make it clear that we ignore what Christ taught (if He is the Son of God) at our own peril.

Christ DID give his life for the remission of sins for every last atheists in the world. It is a gift of grace He offers to every atheists; just like he offers it to every sinner (that’s all of us). Thus he did what he did so that everyone (even atheists) have hope, have a chance, to be redeemed by Him. BUT this gift must be accepted. He is not going to grab you and force you to accept what he offers… You (We) have a choice to make.

    I believe the plan of redemption through Christ is this.

  1. Hearing (The good news, the gospel, who Jesus is and why He walked the Earth)
  2. Believing (That the good news, the gospel, is true)
  3. Repentance (Regret that our sin caused Jesus to have to pay the price He did so that try and change our ways and follow his example)
  4. Confession (Confess to the world that Jesus is who He says He is)
  5. Baptism (Part of Repentance and Confession; we are “reborn”; we die to this world and share in his resurrection unto the next. We rise from a watery grave so that we may share in his resurrection from the literal grave.)
  6. Salvation (We accept the gift of redemption; not because we deserve it or eanred it; but because we have faith that God LOVES us and wants us to be with Him.)

That’s it. That the base, the foundation.

Religion - Christian - Salvation - Cross as Bridge

With that plan in mind, an atheists is caught in a paradox. He can’t accept the gift of redemption without believing in the redeemer; but he can’t believe in the redeemer without ceasing to be an aethiest.

The most quoted verse in the New Testament it John 3:16… and properly so because in one sentence it sums up the key to the whole gospel.

John 3:16 – (KJV) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

It’s doesn’t say “that whosoever is a good person and does good deeds should not perish… It specifically states belief (and implies following) in Jesus Christ.

As for being a good person, the apostle Paul explained this in his letter to the Roman Christians. Romans 3:10 (AMP) – As it is written, None is righteous, just and truthful and upright and conscientious, no, not one. No one understands; no one seeks out God. All have turned aside; together they have gone wrong and have become unprofitable and worthless; no one does right, not even one!

This concept (express by Paul above) also helps us understand that the gift of salvation offered us us just that; a gift and not something we earn by doing good things.

Works versus Faith in Christ

So if God tells us accepting Jesus is the way to redemption, does He want us to do good things, to work for the betterment of our fellow men. Absolutely. BUT he doesn’t want us to do them in hopes that they will pay the price of admission into heaven or unto redemption. Why? Because he knows that we can never save enough through our works to earn what we seek. Placing our faith in our works (our good deeds and charity no matter how great) is a poor and inadequate substitute for where (actually Who) our faith should be placed. Which brings us back to John 3:16 and the plan of salvation. Knowing we lacked the ability to ever pay that price he sent his Son to do it for us. In fact He (Jesus) was the only one who could pay that price in all of creation. God knew this, LOVED us that much, and sent Him on our behalf.

So here we are beating around those bushes from earlier. “Just do good, and we’ll find a meeting point.”

No! We won’t. No as far as redemption is concerned; if Christ IS who He said he is. Sure He will be the meeting point. Sure every tongue will confess who He is. But it will not be a confession of joy for all.

The idea of “can’t we all just get along”. The idea that we’re all right. The idea that we all need to accept and respect and praise the many paths to salvation (or Jesus). This universal, worldly view is just that; worldly.

So let’s be clear. Redemption from a Christian perspective is not for sale at any price. Just doing good does not get you (or us) there; and we (Christians) do a horrible disservice (if we are right) to infer otherwise.

As Christians we should bend over backwards to embrace and acknowledge the good non-believers do. We should lead by example and show our faith by our works (doing good). We should be ready to give an answer for our faith and joy. We should pray for all to find what we have.

But we should not leave the drowning to their own devices because the world wants to pretend they’re not drowning. You don’t tell a drowning man that he isn’t really drowning and to try different strokes. You tell him the life preserver is to his right and help him find it. And the Pope, of all people, should know that!

(View from the Left… who of course get it wrong also)

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Texas Flag - WrongThe left is creating an “independent” group aimed at turning Texas into a battleground state and eventually blue. It’s a long term commitment by the left AND it is very likely to work. No, not in the next election cycle but in the next decade, absolutely. Of course I think the Democrats want results by 2016 which would be extremely tough… but possible.

They’re calling themselves “Battleground Texas”. They’ve got an Obama bigwig (Jeremy Bird) running the show. They’ve got a multi-million dollar budget. They’re recruiting Hispanic poverty pimps like San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, and “diversity” icon Houston Mayor Annise Parker (a lesbian). And let’s not forget the entire Peoples Republic of Austin behind them.

Texas’ doom is virtually assured (and I mean that). It’s just a matter of time. And of course, once Texas goes Blue, the nation is doomed to unfettered democratic socialism and eventual tyranny.

You listen to all Battleground Texas’ rhetoric and it sounds high minded about turning out disenfranchised voters; especially the Hispanic vote. But behind all of that, their whole game plan, and success (by 2016) rests on one proviso; that being, they must encourage, turn out, and then protect the illegal alien vote in Texas. There is no other way and they know it (they just can’t say it). With no respect to sovereignty, or rule of law, I promise you this group has NO PROBLEM with that.

Texans! Santa Anna and his barbarian horde have just knocked on our gates and declared their intentions. I would set my hair on fire and advise fleeing for your lives… but we’re the last bastion of freedom. There is nowhere to run to. So instead I ask you to Remember the Alamo! Fight to the last man and make them pay for every inch!

Picture - Crocket - Alamo

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Flower - RoseRecently the left celebrated the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Who did not celebrate this monument to “individual freedom” were 55,000,000 (that’s 55 million) individuals who were never born because of Roe v. Wade. That’s over a million children a year for four decades that never saw the light of day. These were carpenters, artists, doctors… some with brilliant minds who might have cured diseases or made any number of astounding contributions. Discarded for convenience…

Recently Obama surrounded himself with children (living children) to promote his upcoming attacks on the Second Amendment. He called them “the most vulnerable” in our society. Really? If Obama’s plans come to complete fruition (let us pray that they don’t) the left claims it will save upwards of 7,500 lives over the next several decades… vs. millions he is willing to let die…

We Christians catch a lot of grief defending the rights of children to be born; children who are wanted desperately by adoptive parents. But the world says we don’t “respect the woman’s right to her body”; not that we do respect the lives of the innocent.

We Christians also catch a lot of grief when we theorize that perhaps our national woes are because we have turned our collective national backs on God and are now suffering the consequences. But I admit, I feel this to be true; abortion being the greatest of our many national sins against God.

Abraham Lincoln said as much concerning American slavery over a Century ago “If God wills that [the war] continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said, ‘the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

Lincoln also said, “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.”

I have to admit I don’t live up to that latter ideal. I have malice towards those I see perpetuating the great sins of our nation; especially the sin of one million plus dead children in just the past year. I have malice toward those do not or will not see the right that is obvious.

I do hope and pray they see the error of their ways. I pray for wisdom which (I believe) would result in repentance (change). Failing that, I pray that their days in power be numbered and few.

For myself, I pray for the same. Wisdom, though it is sure to bring sorrow; Obedience, though it is sure to bring scorn; Faith, for I do not know His plans; and Patience, for I do not know His timing.

[Hat Tip: Columns from Cal Thomas & Marvin Olasky greatly influenced and contributed to this blog posting.]

Hebrews 12:5-7
Don’t make light of the Lord’s discipline, and don’t give up when he corrects you. For the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child. As you endure this divine discipline, remember that God is treating you as his own children. Who ever heard of a child who is never disciplined by its father?

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Obama - Newsweek - Second ComingThe left is so full of hate; especially in the media. And worse than that, they’re sore winners. The latest salt in the wound inflicted upon us conservatives comes from defunct publication (now internet blog) “Newsweek”. They published an inauguration issue with a picture of Obama which would be fine and even relevant. But they just couldn’t resist the salt… So they added the title “The Second Coming”.

Of course everyone gets the not so subtle references. Obama is considered by many in the secular world (which includes Newsweek) as their messiah. Thus the various references, halo photographs and godly depictions produced by the left in the media for the past five plus years. False gods and prophets are understandable and even foretold of by Jesus Christ. But the Devil (and his servants) can read the Bible too; and they can’t help but taunt us poor, distraught Christians with yet another comparison of Obama to Christ.

This won’t be the last irreverence we must endure from the likes of Newsweek (they need web hits and more than that subscribers). And I wish I could say petty words are the worst the left has in store for us; but it’s not. We live in evil times; and it’s not going to get any better any time soon.

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Christianity - Bible - Old Timey - OpenI’m hoping to start another series in my blog. One of a religious nature where I can take verses I’ve studied recently and contemplate on them. Maybe I can also use this as a springboard to help in my goal of better being able to accurately quote from the Bible from memory.

Up Front: As I quote scripture I like to use the King James version of the Bible. I find King James very poetic and inspiring. That does not mean that I do not find other translations very useful in my study. I am very fond of the Amplified Bible in this regard. So sometimes I will quote other version (particularly the Amplified Bible) in my posts.

Basis: This commentary assumes the Bible is the word of God for the benefit of men. If you don’t believe that, God bless you but we have no basis for debate. Two people who can’t agree on the definition of truth (or even that it exists) are wasting each other’s time. I have no interest in doing that.

So here we go…

Hebrews 11: 1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11: 3
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Hebrews 11: 6
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Christianity - Faith - WordFaith. Is there no other subject more discussed and debated in the Christian community; especially in connection to Works?

Hebrews 11 is widely known as the “Faith Chapter” in the Bible. Paul discuses faith and early on gives examples of men and women of God who distinguished themselves through their faith. His examples are really kind-of inspiring, because when you look at some of the people in the examples their faith isn’t always perfect… giving me hope. 🙂

Faith is mentioned in the Bible many times and I don’t think that is by accident. It is VERY important to one’s salvation. And God wants us to be very aware of that importance. It’s dominance in the Bible is God telling us “If you are looking for absolute proof of my existence, stop wasting your time… I want my children to have faith.”

So What is Faith?
Hebrews 11:1 gives us a pretty good definition. “substance of things hoped for”, “evidence of things not seen”. And I admit, this definition requires us to circumvent the skeptical portion of our nature. And by my nature (I’m very skeptical), it’s an amazing accomplishment. But I seem to be able to compartmentalize my skepticism. My faith in God/Christ is strong. My faith in man and his institutions is weak. That’s OK, though. God tells us to be that way. 🙂

But I also base my faith on the experiences in my life. God may not give me absolute proof via a burning bush or angels on high; but he doesn’t say there is NO evidence. It’s there, and I’ve have come to see it and rejoice!

As an outdoorsman (a hunter), I have opportunity to see it on a regular basis. I see it in his handiwork. I see it in nature. When hunting or fishing it is rare that I don’t pause in wonder of his creation and say a prayer of awe and thanks.

Romans 1:20 For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes, that is, His eternal power and divinity, have been made intelligible and clearly discernible in and through the things that have been made (His handiworks). So [men] are without excuse [altogether without any defense or justification]

Psalms 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows and proclaims His handiwork.

Christianity - Prayer - Hands Clasped (pic)I’ll go one step further an say that in these moments of “pause” there have been a few; a handful; where I believe I have personally felt His close presence. I can describe it only as an overwhelming feeling of calm washing over me… and one “message” is engraved on my conscience… “BE STILL, and know that I am God!” — Psalm 46:10

And it is not just my observations that I see as proof. There are points in my life where God took an active role; directing me or my family. There are key moments where I can see his hand in play. The tornado that destroyed the family farm, my more recent exodus from Houston being examples.

So faith is the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

So What is Not Faith?

Romans 8:24 For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? — King James

Romans 8:24 For in [this] hope we were saved. But hope [the object of] which is seen is not hope. For how can one hope for what he already sees? — Amplified

If we see something (have absolute proof) what need do we have of faith that it exists.

So What is Faith Enough?
Many say “I believe in God and I’m basically a pretty good person. The scales will tip in my favor on judgment day.” — average “Christian”

Really? You believe in God? You do well… but devils also believe and tremble in fear. (paraphrase of James 2:19) So what you’re really saying is you believe and that’s good enough… which makes your faith on par with evil spirits.

So is just believing in a god enough? Of course not (from a Christian perspective).

You must also believe “that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

“Sure I do… I said I believe I’m good and my good will easily outweigh my bad to get me into heaven.”

And that is the summation of the “faith” of many who would call themselves Christian. And they are WRONG. Very wrong. So wrong, that this very idea is one of the most un-Christian statements you could utter! This idiotic idea is the world’s definition of faith and Christianity; based on nothing said by Jesus Christ or his apostles. It is the lazy man’s definition; who doesn’t want to be bothered with religion; but likes the comforting thoughts of heaven. It is not by any means the definition of those who “diligently seek him.”

A warning…

Matthew 7:21-23
21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Christianity - Hell - Broad is the Way

Christian faith is to believe in God, that he is good, and will keep his promises for us through His Son Jesus Christ. How can you do that if you don’t know what his promises are, or who Jesus Christ is?

Who was Jesus Christ? Stop! Answer the question in your mind… Was He the Son of God and your personal Lord and Savior? If not… you may want to be a little more diligent in your seeking.

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