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“Well, this is it. Today is your last chance to enroll in a medical insurance plan under Obamacare. There will be no exceptions, other than people who haven’t yet enrolled. And if you don’t have insurance, you will pay a penalty. Make that a tax. Unless the tax would be a hardship in any way, in which case just don’t pay it and the IRS will be totally cool.” — JAMES TARANTO (WSJ)

So today is the first (of many) final deadlines to sign up for Obamacare.

    Here are a few things we know (or can logically deduce since information from the administration is rather sparse):

  • 4 out of 5 plans are subsidized
  • 3 out of 4 now have a higher premium
  • A large majority of those who have signed up already had insurance before (it was just canceled because of Obamacare).
  • Of the 30 plus million who didn’t have insurance before, only about 1 million (3%) (maybe) are now covered. That’s OK (as far as the left is concerned) healthcare was not the goal here. Control was the goal.
  • Billions (in tax dollars) will soon be paid to the insurance companies (it was part of the bill) in a planned initial bailout. It’s why the insurance companies signed on to the scheme in the first place.
  • The administration will be touting the over 6 million “enrolled” but claim (a lie) that they don’t know the percentage that have actually paid.
  • The administration also claims (a lie) that they don’t know the percentage of young (healthy) versus old.
  • The administration doesn’t see fixing Obamacare as a technical or logistical problem. A better message is what is needed.

Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) comes down to another ill-conceived, bureaucratic, behemoth, debacles, pushed on America by the left. In the long run it may work… in the since that it becomes another popular entitlement pushing us (actually our children and grandchildren) with even greater momentum to hell (insolvency). But control and government dependency in the meantime is the goal of the left and eventual hell (insolvency) is a small price to pay for that.

In the short term (2014 & 2016), let’s hope there is a price to be paid by Obama but more specifically his Party. We’ll see.

But good news for the left… in the end you win. We can no easier turnaround from this fate you have set us on than turn back the tide. Conservatives may manage to build a dam of sand but really we have no chance of fixing this. Obamacare is not the problem, but rather a symptom of the real disease of socialism slowly replacing the great experiment of freedom and self-determination.

Heathcare - dot gov

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People - Jackson Lee, Sheila - IdiotWant proof the Democratic lead apocalypse of the United States is at hand; proof that we are Rome all over again on the verge of collapse as we enjoy our bread and circuses and our leaders fiddle about?

Sheila Jackson Lee (Houston Democrat) has actually been suggested as a new replacement for the position of Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Granted it is being pushed by the “Congressional Black Caucus”, but even they should know better. We’re talking SHEILA JACKSON LEE after all! We’re talking about probably one of the dumbest (if not THE DUMBEST) people to ever hold public office.

I mean take how stupid the media pretended Dan Quayle was (and tried to smear Bush as) and multiply that by a factor of ten and you may touch on the stupidity of this woman. And that’s not her only qualification to hold public or appointed office.

Stupid: Sheila actually asked NASA officials if a Mars rover was close enough to take a picture of the flag left by our astronauts.

Race Pimp: Sheila threw a hissy fit that Hurricanes weren’t given “African” names. She constantly plays the race card in her professional and personal dealings.

Shallow: Sheila is a known publicity hound. The inside joke in Houston (my old stomping ground) is that “[such and such] is more dangerous than standing between Sheila Jackson Lee and a camera.” She is known as the “Queen of the Aisle Hogs”; in that she sits for up to eight hours in order to claim an aisle seat before the State of the Union address. This is for that special Presidential hand shake and TV time.

Arrogant: During a Town Hall meeting she actually talked on her phone and ignored the questions of one of the participants.

Entitled: She flaunts (than means breaks with impunity) House rules in that she is chauffeured a block from her Washington D.C. home to the Capitol Building on the public dime. This process is notorious for blocking traffic. She has been known to be very abusive of airlines and their staff. Once airline executive called her office to make sure she had all the information she needed… on their competitor’s schedules and flights.

Of course these are but a few of the many, many examples exposing the kind of person Sheila Jackson Lee is. The woman lacks the character (and ability) to perform even the most simple or menial of jobs. The fact that she is an elected Congresswoman is a travesty and indictment of the system and her district. To have Sheila Jackson Lee become Secretary of Anything (much less Homeland Security) would be nothing less than a sign that we have gone too far; that our ability to reason and govern ourselves has been utterly lost; that our downfall is eminent.

But I’ve known that for years.

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A lot of political hay is trying to be made by the political left concerning Romney’s statement about 47% of people in this nation have an attitude of entitlement and will vote for President Obama no matter what… or something like that. The left thought they had found their silver bullet; their “September/October Surprise”… BUT it’s not working. It’s getting little if any traction what so ever. Why?

So why is it not working? It’s a great class warfare argument that Romney handed to them gift-wrapped. SO WHY ISN’T IT WORKING? Because… those this message is addressed to… those who pay the bills (and I’m talking about the upper AND middle class here)… they know… that even if the 47% number may not be spot on… they know… the substance behind the statement is dead on.

(And before some leftist starts screaming about paying our military or people collecting social security. The statement was never intended to include them. But of course you knew that before you started throwing the hissy fit. Spare me…)

Today, there are more people riding the cart than are pulling it. And every day more and more people, who were never really doing much of the pulling or pushing in the first place, have decided to pile on.

That could just be attributed to the bad economy (and Bush if you listen to the left). But it doesn’t take a genius to look at the number of people added to welfare, food stamps, and disability over the last four years to realize that the Obama administration has not only perpetuated the economic conditions to create these multitudes of “riders” but facilitated their jumping on.

The great American cart pullers know that if you go to a government run “jobs program” it will help you apply for unemployment, welfare, food stamps, and eventually disability; but finding you a job is NOT what they do.

It’s Not Taxes, It’s the System:
Taking a brief tangent concerning the tax code… The left thinks we conservatives are concerned that the poor aren’t paying enough. But that’s not really the case. Our concern isn’t with what the poor pay in taxes so much as what they take in “services” and “entitlements” with NO intention of ever removing themselves from the public tit.

Don’t get me wrong. We want the tax code abolished (there is no fixing it); not because of who pays what rate, but because it is incomprehensible and rife with corruption; and because it creates and empowers an enormous gestapo like bureaucracy.

The key being, we should be able to read and understand the entire U.S. tax code within say, an hour. Of course that goes for any legislation…

We too think that the very poorest in our nation should receive a break from taxes; but it dam sure shouldn’t be as high as it is. Perhaps it should be based on a percentage and not a dollar amount. Say the bottom 10%. In every flat or consumption tax proposal I’ve seen proposed by conservatives; the first 20 or 30K is always exempt.

Back to THE Problem:
Back to our conservative concerns on the poor and welfare… The biggest problem we have today is the entitlement mentality which gets worse year by year. We’re now entitled to health care, birth control, free food, housing, a job, a living wage, higher education, cable TV, rent subsidies, internet, phones… the list is absurd and growing.

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a social safety net; but that net should be minimal and encourage self-reliance and getting off and back on your feet. You’re not going to starve, you’re not going to freeze, and you ARE going to want to get off the dole and make a better life for yourself. And the government bureaucracy needed to runt it… equally minimal and highly controlled.

That is a far cry from our behemoth self-perpetuating system of systemic dependency that has evolved over the years.

The System:
We have millions of children on school lunches; not because that many children were going hungry; but because the government bureaucratic system that doles out the lunches needs to be sure it continues to justify its existence and generate the government jobs. So Schools are ensnared in getting as many kids to sign up with stipends on a per child basis. One of the requirements to qualify? “I just don’t have time to fix a good breakfast every morning.” Donald Trump could answer yes to that…

We have millions more people on food stamps today than four years ago. Like the school lunch program the food stamp bureaucracy must be fed and perpetuated; and more and more dependency is what makes that possible. There is zero, NO, incentive on the individual or the system to eventually move on from food stamps… only to get on and stay on.

We not only have people on these programs for years; we have people on these programs for generations. This fact alone should tell us this isn’t working and it’s time to start from scratch.

We provide hundreds of days in unemployment insurance. This program is slowly transforming into a welfare system. I’ve talked to managers at plants who can tell you to the day certain employees will leave his/her job because that is the day they qualify for unemployment.

And NOW people have learned the next scam of the system… after unemployment insurance runs out don’t just get another job go for retirement through disability. A check for life for nothin’. Again a perfectly good system for a valid cause corrupted by government bureaucracy. Millions of men and women who are perfectly fit to work are now on permanent disability.

The whole government bureaucratic system has evolved to where it seeks out and encourages people to give up and become wards of the state. And once they are part of this system you can depend on each and every one to vote to perpetuate it.

Who is John Galt?
The mentality that this is acceptable is the biggest problem we have in this nation. It is what is driving our debt; and it ignores the fact that eventually there will be too few “rich” (and middle class) to pay for the “entitlements”, collapsing the system. We see the end result of the road we are taking in Europe and still refuse to face the facts.

Ultimately this is what the 2012 election is all about. We’ve got to tear this mentality and the system that perpetuates it up by the roots or this nation is lost. Unfortunately one party is the Great Enabler becoming more and more powerful by perpetuating the system of dependency with more and more riders. And the other party… the other party is led by a bunch of pussies.

Is fundamentally changing our entitlement mentality even possible? Yes… maybe…

Is it probable? No… not by a long shot.

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In England, there are protests going on concerning a 24 year old man shot by police. These protests have been going on for days now or should I say nights. The only thing missing from the protesters is any mention as to the reason they are protesting (the slain man). No signs, no chants, no calls for justice… What isn’t missing is the burning and the looting. As a matter of fact, you really wouldn’t call this a protest so much as a mob of thieves, rioting and looting.

In the English riots, over 600 have been arrested so far. Even middle-class kids have been caught up the debauchery.

At Wisconsin State Fair, 31 young black teens have been arrested for forming a mob to attack and rob people. But they weren’t indiscriminate. They (in their own words) targeted white people. If they are changed with a “hate crime”, which is highly doubtful; their defense will be that they didn’t target the white people because of their race, but because they considered them “easy targets”. And, it will work; because we all know it’s impossible for a black person to be racist.

In North-Eastern cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington D.C. randomly organized gangs (mostly black) are using social media and cell phones to meet and commit crimes. Usually they form a “flash mob” to quickly rob a particular store and then disperse into the general public. Sometimes they rove through a park, mugging and robbing whoever they find there.

These gangs aren’t interested in some injustice in society. They aren’t trying to right a wrong. They’re not starving. They’re not trying to just feed their family. They are there burning and pillaging for one reason. They are an amoral mob acting like one.

They are there for the excitement. They are there to get what they can for themselves in that moment. For many this is a game they get to participate in, and it’s the most fun they’ve ever had. The swag is just a bonus.

But, How did they reach such a point? Socially, Morally?
Socially, they reached this point because everything essential to life is provided for them… food, shelter. Even non-essentials are provided… a little money, TV, entertainment. In school they were given a pass to the next grade, to protect their fragile self-esteem and the sanity of the teachers. They’ve never really worked for anything. They’ve never felt the pride and motivation of real achievement.

Morally, many grew up without much parental guidance. Few were ever instructed on moral or ethical absolutes. As a matter of fact their whole life has been subjective. They have essentially been raised by the street, by the mob.

The System:
And the circumstances that brought these young people to this state of being, was created by compassion and good intentions; liberal compassion and good intentions.

One of these little urchins (they were all once urchins) might have missed a meal, so free food. And shelter is an essential so it was free to. And they can’t be deprived of this that or other because of class, so free TV, internet, etc… And we can’t expect them to act responsibly so we’ll reward Mom for each new kid… but only if Dad’s not around. Oh, but we can’t have them feeling bad for taking all this free stuff; so we’ll call them “entitlements”.

I’m not saying that there should not be a social safety net. But a social safety net that removes all work, and all responsibility, also removes all self-respect, all gratitude, and all incentive to do better for yourself and society. A social safety net that is helping the same people year after year and not motivating and/or helping them become self-sufficient would be incompetent. One that services the same people generation after generation is intentional and is really just a plantation network for slaves.

These young people are the product of our social safety net plantation. They are little more than feral animals, existing in the moment. They eat, drink, poop, and have sex. Beyond that, what do they have to look forward to in western society? It’s not as if they’re going to enter the job market and advance into a career. Generally, they can’t speak proper English, can’t read, or do simple math. Socially, they show up to job interviews aloof, unkempt, and with half their ass or underwear on display.

The Solution: Another Great Depression?

I’ve said in the past that there is nothing wrong with the U.S. that another great depression wouldn’t fix. Now, I didn’t mean the newly re-defined version of a depression created by the left to imply they inherited a bad economy. I meant the real thing. Like what we had in the 30s; market crashes, mass unemployment, inept government, soup kitchens, food shortages, everybody having to work hard just to survive.
I’ve said that another great depression could fix all that ails us. I thought that such an event would pull us together, and re-invigorate the American spirit of hard work and self-reliance. I WAS WRONG.

The people of that time not only endured the Great Depression, but they persevered to re-build a foundation upon which their children could defeat the evils of WWII. The main thing that allowed them to accomplish this great feat was personal CHARACTER.

Many of today’s youth as demonstrated by their actions, are devoid of character.

In the event of such hardship, this generation of feral animals would not rise to the occasion. They can do it no easier than they can construct a coherent sentence. They would do what they know; burn, loot and pillage. Those of us, who might have a chance to weather such hardship, would have the added burden of having to protect ourselves from these hoodlums. I’ve heard this referred to as the 3Bs defense… Bacon, Beans, and Bullets. Of course we can hope that the education system has gotten so bad that these idiots don’t know where food comes from. Hopefully after looting the grocery store, they would slowly stave in the parking lot wondering why the shelves aren’t magically replenished for their taking.

The Real Solution
So what is the real solution to a lost generation, with no work ethic, no useful skills, no allegiance to society, and no moral compass?

I don’t know.

As a religious man, I say we must pray. We must approach them and try to instill some idea of morality that should have been part of their upbringing. It’s very hard to do at that age; and it’s impossible to do from a secular stand point which the left insists on.

Compassion is still the answer, but compassion that focuses on turning lives around, not just addressing various physical and feel good needs. Compassion must be focused on results, not initial intention. What is true compassion? Good intentions (that seem compassionate) that produce moral ambiguity and slavery; or good intentions (that seem cruel) that produce good free moral citizens?

To help these young men and women leave the plantation, we must defeat their masters and remove the system that enslaves them. We must then help them learn, even if the tool used is a sharp kick in the back-side. We must give them the tools they need to work and thrive outside the plantation. If we don’t, future generations will share the same fate.

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