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Adding insult to injury (costing them the 2016 election), Russian hackers still seem to be targeting leftist groups, hacking their data and then extorting money out of them to not release said data. The Russians generally demand “small sums” of around $30K to $150K in untraceable bitcoins.

See Here: Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups

I think this is hilarious, but then my ox isn’t being gored here. Unlike the left, I don’t equate attacks on non-government political organizations as attacks our government or our election. Also, it would be easy for the left to thwart these attacks by following two simple steps.

  1. Don’t be hypocrites. Have your internal emails/data match your public face. Hackers don’t blackmail you because of your “Creamy Risotto” recipe.
  2. Be competent in protecting your data (obviously more competent than you are at doing just about anything else).

Of course, we are talking about leftist here. Those two things (authenticity and competence) are by definition, exclusive.

We know it’s the Russians because of the tools they use to access the data. In a TexasLynn exclusive, I’ve duplicated the means by which these insidious hackers have acquired their ill-gotten data.

WARNING: Liberals read no further!!! (If John Podesta fell for this what chance do you have?)

Please reply to: HelloThisIsPeggy@NoRussia.ru


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First let me say that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. This is not a statement on Clinton or Trump so much as one on the state of the union. We are a nation in irreversible decline having abandoned all that is logical and good… including God, the Constitution, and the principles upon which this nation was founded (not necessarily in that order).

In fact, the worst outcome for the country in this 2016 Presidential election would be a Clinton victory. The second worst outcome would be a Trump Victory, third and fourth followed closely by Johnson (the Libertarian) and the green idiot (WhatserName). In short, nothing good will likely come from this election.

Karma, She’s a Bitch:
All that said, I must comment on the latest circumstances which has caused the investigation into Hillary emails to be reopened. For me… there is just way too much irony or karma in all of this not to.

Case in point… It would be ironic beyond measure for Hillary to be brought down by the likes of pervert extraordinaire Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger). Hillary has had as a co-conspirator such a pervert, such a predator, for her entire sullied career. She has protected, enabled, and empowered such a miscreant in her endless conquest for money and power (not necessarily in that order). So again, I see irony that the perversion and incompetence of Huma Abedins’s resident miscreant is responsible for Hillary’s latest troubles.

The Nature of Criminal Organizations:
First understand this. The private server was set up by Hillary Clinton for one purpose and one purpose only. To hide criminal activity… RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) level criminal activity. Hillary, Hubby and a slew of co-conspirators systematically sold out the interests of the United States. Hillary delivered the good though her position as Secretary of State. She and Hubby amassed a personal fortune by accepting bribes disguised as speaking fees. And all of this was facilitated through the Clinton Foundation.

Fatal Flaws of Clinton Business Model:
One problem with criminal enterprises of this nature and scale is that you must surround yourself with fellow criminals and reprobates to carry out your schemes. Honest men and women just don’t do that kind of work. This business model offers two fatal flaws. One is the “rat” or “stool pigeon”. One guy gets caught, loses his/her nerve, cuts a deal and the whole thing unravels. So far… SO FAR… the Clintons have avoided this. The second fatal flaw is that some reprobates are smarter than others… and thus some (aka Anthony Weiner) are downright idiots.

First, there is John Podesta. The man may be very smart (though obviously there isn’t much too him morally). Sidney fell for a phishing scheme. That where someone sends you an email pretending to be a company (Google in this case) and tricks you into giving them your password. This is equivalent to falling for the Nigerian Prince email scam; but in this case it allowed the culprits to gain access to emails instead of a bank account. I have enjoyed the Democratic strategy in addressing these (particularly DNC Chairman Donna Brazil). They remind us that it was probably the Russians who gained access to these emails and thus they can’t be trusted (or even discussed concerning their validity or content) and thus we should instead concentrate on the squirrel they just pointed out to us. And as far as the main stream media is concerned… that works for them.


But now… we have Anthony (Carlos Danger) Weiner…

So What Happened:
So what happened here? Huma either lied or forgot in her sworn testimony that she and pervert hubby had set up her gmail account on one of his computers. (Side Note: Huma testified that she had turned over all devices containing her email accounts in the original criminal probe.) We can really safely assume it was the latter (she forgot) else the poor laptop would have been “sleeping with the fishes” long ago. And one thing about setting up these type accounts on a computer, if you forget about them they just keep doing their thing, downloading, storing, downloading, storing… So while Mr. Danger is taking a snapshot of his erection (with his infant kid in the background) and sending it to young girls, what is gmail doing behind the scenes? Downloading and storying…

So here is where the irony or karma kicks in. Hillary was scott free. With paying off the wife of the #2 guy at the FBI, the cozy Clinton relationship with Loretta Lynch, and the whole rigged system… the FBI announces “nothing to see here”. That’s it! Done deal! An exact copy of the original email server could exist somewhere and nobody would be looking for it… it would fade into oblivion with every other Clinton scandal to ever exist. The only way this beast could rise from the grave would be for some law enforcement to stumble upon such a treasure trove by accident AND be in a position to know what they found. Probability? 1 in a million…


But that one computer, of the millions in the world, that may have Clinton email information on it was owed by… Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) pervert husband of Huma Abedin, top advisor of Hillary Clinton, who is neck deep in all the corruption and criminal activity. Had that computer been the property of a normal husband (who at most surfed a little porn), everything would have rolled on smoothly, everything would have remained perfectly hidden. But this computer belonged to someone apt to commit crimes in association to under-age 15-year-old girls… federal crimes… exactly the type of crimes that often catch the attention of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), and the ONE law enforcement agency most likely to recognize the emails for what they are.

The Reaction:
People say Hillary has only herself to blame since all she had to do was turn over the emails when they were subpoenaed. This statement is naive, moronic, or both because it assumes that Hillary simply deleted emails related to yoga, weddings and baby showers. The reason why Hillary deleted the emails was because they proved collusion, pay to play, and organized crime on a Rico scale. No… if Hillary had released those emails she would not be the nominee and would likely be in prison right now. Instead she put her faith in a rigged, intertwined, convoluted system to cover it all up… which pretty well worked.

Many on the left are screaming that the FBI and James Comey in particular sought to affect the election with the announcement which is “unprecedented”. The claim is bull#$@%. The Democrats made no such claim in 1992 when special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh indicted former Reagan-era Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger a week before the election (between H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton). Granted, that indictment was political and quickly thrown out on its merits right after the election.


Some say James Comey is righting a wrong that he regrets; the wrong being not indicting an obviously guilty perp in the first place. Some say that Weiner gave him a second chance to quell a revolt in the rank-and-file FBI investigators (for not indicting). It’s hard to say… Personally, I think Comey’s problem isn’t a lack of character, as much as a lack of balls (an epidemic in GOP circles). He (like Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts who upheld Obamacare) didn’t want to be the one responsible for creating a political $#@!storm, so he just went with the status quo. But now Karma forced his hand…

On this Comey probably found himself in a really bad spot. He’s got his rank-and-file pissed at him already, they discover tens of thousands of these emails, and he knows an anonymous tip is hours away. The purpose of his actions (the announcement) was to do damage control. The information was going to get out there… he decided he had to do it on his terms.

I can’t help but cheer when I see Hillary Clinton’s life turned into the hell it ought to be. I can’t help but hope that something will derail her ambition and justice actually be served. And yes, this is in spite of the likely outcome of the election if Hillary does lose. In this day and age, Karma has has her hands full. So, one dirt-bag at a time. She (Karma) can deal with him (Trump) next. 🙂

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There will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. All the signs from the leftist in the know point that direction.

  • The clandestine meeting between the Lynch and Clinton (Bill).
  • Lynch deciding to accept the recommendation of the career FBI investigators. (She already knows what they will recommend.)
  • The holiday interview of Hillary (so as to have minimal news exposure).
  • Obama finally appearing on the campaign trail with Clinton (Hillary).

I’m no fan of Donald Trump; but he and his supporters are right. The fix is in. The worst Clinton will suffer is some minimal sensor and/or hand slap. I doubt even a flunky scape-goat will be offered as penance.

The sad part in all of this is that 1) it exposes how the “free” press has sold itself to the left and 2) that the rule of law has been so eroded by these elite thugs.

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Government - IRS AuditThe latest on the IRS Scandal is that the IRS says it can’t produce e-mails for Lois Lerner during a key period (2009 to 2011) of the IRS criminal (yes criminal) targeting and harassment of conservative Tea Party organizations. Her computer crashed and the “damaged” hard drive “recycled” (according to standard procedure).

But wait, it gets better, they are also saying it’s not just Lois, but six other IRS employees key to the investigation (including Steven Miller, former IRS commissioner and Nickole Flax, his chief of staff). The reasons vary from crashed computers to backup procedures.

Nope, not done yet… there’s more. IRS “procedures” actually require such communications to be printed and saved as hard copies. They weren’t.

So when it comes to procedures that result in the emails being destroyed they were following them to a tee, but when it comes to procedures that would have maintained the emails they weren’t following them at all. How convenient…

Lie - Pants on FireWell this kind of falls under my area of expertise, with 20+ years of computer programming and administration; so I can pretty confidently call Bullshit!

My Analysis:
One computer crashing and thus losing some emails in this day and age is statistically highly improbable. We’re not just talking about a home computer here, which is what the IRS is hoping people equate this to, because anyone can understand a computer crashing and losing what’s on it.

We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar agency with federal law behind required backups. Email in this day and age does not reside on one computer. It also resides on one to many servers and those servers have safe guards so that if a hard drive dies, it’s compensated for. Other technology (RAID) protects data from hard drive crashes.

My point is, it’s very, very, improbable for Lois Lerner to lose her emails because the computer on her desk crashed. They would have been easily reconstructed from the server on her new machine within an hour, we’re not even talking going to the backups.

And even if this improbable event did occur, it would require gross if not willful negligence on the part of the IRS IT guys. And as skeptical of their competence as I am, even I can hardly imagine that.

So now, the IRS is asking us to believe this improbable event not only happened once, but SIX times to key people during the same time period. Let me be blunt. It is not possible. It did not happen. It is a lie.

I don’t know if the IRS is stalling as they destroy evidence or if they are simply telling Congress to screw themselves. But what they are claiming did not happen; not for one computer, not for six.

It is clear (as it has been for over a year) that major federal crimes have been committed at the IRS, the Lois Lerner is at the center of it, and that major crimes may be in commission as we speak to try and destroy evidence. A special prosecutor should be appointed immediately. And before all the liars can get together to get their stories straight (if it’s not too late); pull them before Congress under oath and give them every opportunity to hang themselves (via perjury). Haul the IT guys in there immediately… I can tell you, we techies are generally terrible liars.

Many, many, criminals have been caught by thinking something they deleted on their computer is gone for good. Hopefully, these criminals missed something; even though they’ve stalled and schemed for over two years now.

Sharyl Attkisson - CBS NewsSharyl Attkisson Understands:
Sharyl Attkisson, the CBS investigative reporter formerly in the Washington bureau for CBS News (fired for being too tough on the left) was very insightful on the issue of missing emails. This lady knows her stuff on this subject.

The Emails Were Not Lost:
“These emails are not stored on a signal server or a single computer, so if there were a crash of a hard drive or some sort of system failure, they would still be retrievable. According to [John] Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner at the time, he told Congress that emails were stored offsite. That jives with people who said emails were backed up daily. There is a responsibility on the part of government officials to retain the data, make sure that is and can’t be lost in the system. If it’s true that the emails are lost, that’s quite a story in itself”

Getting the Liars Before Congress:
“I would call in certain officials. Let’s assume there could have been some mischief committed — before they have time to get their stories straight and fix things up, I would get them in there under oath and start digging down and getting the timeline and getting people on the record about this. The only people that I see that can do this are members of Congress. The question is, do they have the will to do that?”

Computer System Safeguards:
“One official wrote me…to say this is entirely implausible, and he said there are criminal penalties for destroying federal records, which makes sense, including liability for negligence for not taking the necessary steps to protect files, including a federal requirement to backup data. This doesn’t happen. He said … all email servers are backed up with something called ‘RAID’ (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks), and it’s nearly impossible for something to delete the files, and that even if that were to happen they would not be gone forever.”

Getting to the Truth:
“One final comment that this particular guy made, he said if there was a cover-up here — let’s just assume for the sake of argument that maybe something went wrong — he said laws have been broken during an alleged cover-up that are much easier to prove than the original act, some poor IT schmuck, if you get him under oath, he will fold like a cheap suit, and I do feel like there is some truth to that. So if you call in the IT professionals who supposedly reported the crash and went after the irretrievable material and found they couldn’t be found I think you’d probably get the truth; and maybe the truth is nothing more than what the IRS says, but it’s just strange that they kept the subpoena and official request from Congress for 7-10 months without mentioning it that the emails don’t exist or are that they were gone. And it also then would be exposing a huge vulnerability in our federal computers if indeed data has been irretrievably lost by this. Remember, but the IRS is part of Healthcare.gov, if the IRS system can indeed be so vulnerable that some sort of crash can lose all kind of important data like this, what does it say about the federal system?”

Paul Ryan (R)

Paul Ryan (R)

Paul Ryan P!ssed:
Paul Ryan is onto these guys even as the Democrats continue the stall tactics. Speaking to a very arrogant IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Paul said the following:

“I’m sitting here, listening to this testimony, I don’t believe it. That’s your problem. Nobody believes you. The Internal Revenue Service comes to us a couple years ago and misleads us and tells us no targeting is occurring. Then it said it was a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. Then it said it was also on progressives. All of those things have been proven untrue…”

“You are the Internal Revenue Service. You can reach into the lives of hard-working taxpayers and with a phone call, an e-mail or a letter you can turn their lives upside down. You ask taxpayers to hand onto seven years of their personal tax information in case they are ever audited and you can’t keep six months worth of employee e-mails? And now that we are seeing this investigation, you don’t have the e-mails, hard drives crashed. You learned about this months ago. You just told us, and we had to ask you on Monday.”

“This is not being forthcoming. This is being misleading again. This is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. I don’t believe you. This is incredible.”

To which Koskinen retorted arrogantly he’d had a “long career” and never been told no one believed him.

Ryan said “I don’t believe you.”

To which Rep. Sander Levin (D., Mich.) snapped at Ryan to let Koskinen answer a question

Ryan yelled back, “I didn’t ask him a question! I control the time. I have not yielded time. I control the time.”


“Here’s what being forthcoming is. If we are investigating criminal wrongdoing, targeting of people based on their political beliefs and the emails in question are lost because of a hard drive crash that is apparently unrecoverable, which a lot of IT professionals would question, (TexasLynn included) and you don’t tell us about it until we ask you about it, that is not being forthcoming.”

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So… you’re relaxing at home and the phone rings. You answer and the lady on the other end of the line advises you that THE President, Barack Obama, wants to pay your utility bill. Times are tough after all and you deserve a break. All she needs is your social security number to enroll…

I don’t get enough of these calls anymore; probably because I haven’t had a land-line in years. I used to make a game out of them. I’d pretend I was searching for the card with the number they wanted on it (be that SSN or credit or whatever). While “searching” I’d ask them all kinds of stupid questions; asking for more and more outlandish “free” stuff. I’d see how long I could keep them on the phone, on the verge of receiving my information only to finally give up. (I’d do the same kind of thing with telemarketers… I wanted them to hang up on me.)

So over the last few months, a lot of scams like this have been running their course. The scammers seem to have found a magic phrase that seems to be paying off “Obama wants to give you something for nothing”. Imagine that.

Of course the scam is being perpetuated over various forms of media, like the phone, Facebook, email…

One lady in Pennsylvania was quoted as saying, “My neighbor comes running with a paper that had a routing and account number. She said Obama was helping people pay their utility bills, mortgage and any bills you had.”

You say, TexasLynn, come on… just how successful could this obvious scam be… good question…
— 2,000 victims in Florida
— 10,000 victims in New Jersey
— Thousands more in North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania

I’m really, really, trying to work on my empathy… but guess what, in this case %#^%*-it! These morons are getting exactly what they deserve. Don’t get me wrong; I can empathize with stupid people. I’ve been there and done that. But these morons are the model of what is wrong with this country. What’s worse, they have every intention of perpetuating this stupidity. They put all this faith in this Santa in Chief, hand-out messiah; while wallowing in a gimme mine, I’m entitled culture. At best, they pretend their messiah will get their devil (the rich) to pay for it. At worst they ignore that the bill will be passed down (with interest) to their own children and grandchildren.

These people are finally suffering, finally paying some penalty, for of the morally bankrupt philosophy they have embraced. Good! It’s about time they joined the rest of us in suffering for THEIR moronic behavior.

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