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Happy Valentine’s Day. I decided to celebrate by posting my favorite valentine themed comic this year. Enjoy.

Link to Comic Strip Buni: Here

Ryan Pagelow actually had several V-Day themed strips over the last week that were pretty good.



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Scott Stantis is the creator of the politically conservative comic Prickly City. In the comic various characters (often animals) parody real life people. Hillary Clinton is currently parodied by Honey Bunny the newly elected Senator (from Arizona/Prickly City) who often finds herself is similar circumstances as Hillary. I just loved a recent line by Honey Bunny concerning one such scandal…

“They’ll get my emails when they pry them from my cold, dead, server!”

You’ve gotta know that Hillary feels the exact same way. Laws? Laws are for the little people… 🙂

Comic - Prickly City - 2015 04 20 - Cold Dead Server

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I’ve really enjoyed Prickly City lately. It’s (conservative) political satire by Scott Stantis. Mr. Stantis has a way of abstractly representing modern society, and politics in an accurate, and funny way not seen since… Berkeley Breathed of Bloom Country.

Last week (9/15/14 –> 9/21/14) the strip addressed the rising of ISIS or more generally re-rising of “radical” Islam.

    Here are the metaphors to help you out:

  • Prickly City: 21st Century America
  • Carmen: a young black conservative girl (the breaking of stereotypes is no coincidence)
  • Winslow (as in Arizona): a liberal yellow coyote (Note: Carmen & Winslow are best friends both from “Prickly City”.)
  • Senator Kevin (the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse): a Senator from the great state Prickly City resides in who represents the political establishment (Republican and Democrat). He won his seat under the banner “Lefty Tea Party”, devised by Winslow. (Carmen and Winslow work as aids for Senator Kevin)
  • The Desert Hamsters: “radical” Islam in all it’s iterations

I particularly like the Friday strip that depicts the gut reflex reaction of each as the Hamsters advance on their position. 🙂 (As usual, you can click on a graphic to make it bigger and easier to read…. just sayin’.)

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 15

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 16

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 17

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 18

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 19

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 20

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A Regular Patriot

[As Usual, click to enlarge]

Great! I’ve just been reduced to potty humor…

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I Want a New Drug :)

Now if this was real… maybe I’d reconsider my stance on legalized drugs.

(Tech Tip) You can click on the image (or any image within WordPress for that matter) to enlarge it.

Comic - Cow & Boy - 2007 01 01 - You Had Me at Ferret Knowledge

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Pearls Before Swine - 2013 12 18 - Hobbes

Of course some liberals never grow up and live in Never Neverland forever… 🙂

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I read various comics (at GoComics.com by the way) and thought that this one perfectly reflected the essence of my blog. 🙂 (Click to Enlarge by the way)

Comic - Chickweed Lane - 2013 03 17 - Complaints

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