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I often touted the term “appearance over substance” in my writing; attributing this character flaw to the left. By this I mean the left values appearance above and beyond reality. As long as things appear as they want them to appear, substance (reality) can go to hell.

The left has many reasons to value and push “appearance over substance”.

  • Cover up some blunder (Benghazi caused by video, Hillary losing because of Russians)
  • Not having to deal with an inconvenient truth (Syrian Chemical Weapons, Global Warming Data)
  • Pushing a policy that requires obfuscation (Obamacare)
  • Pretending something was accomplished (Iran Deal, Syrian Chemical Weapons Destruction)

    While the right is far from the ideology of substance, they do value substance over appearance more often than not; whereas appearance is a defining characteristic of the left. Granted, the right might be more prone to this failing if they had the great enabler the left does… the Main Stream Media. It hard to push appearance when the MSM calls bullshit all the time (even when it’s not)… it’s easy when given a free ticket.

    The reason I bring this up is every now and then we are witness to events where someone has to clean up a mess created by the left when they have pushed appearance over substance (reality). This happened recently when Trump launched missiles on Syrian targets that had just used chemical weapons against civilians.

    Now, I’m simply looking at the why Trump felt the need to do this. Not whether or not I agree with the decision; not whether or not it was the right decision, and not whether or not Trump is a hypocrite based on earlier statements concerning Syrian intervention…

    Why Trump felt the need to respond in such a manner is totally valid; dead civilians (about 80), especially dead children, at the order of Bashar al-Assad via chemical weapons. Unless you’re just absolutely intellectually bankrupt, these are the facts. And unless you’re completely heartless, you have to admit those facts warrant consideration.

    But back to the appearance over substance.

    In 2012, President Barack Obama “drew a red line” on Syrian use of chemical weapons, and then did nothing when that line was crossed. That was a problem for Obama, but nothing appearance over substance couldn’t fix. The Obama administration went to work diplomatically. In a deal with the Russians, and with oversight of the United Nations, Syria identified 1300 tons of chemical weapons. These were destroyed and the left crowed about this great success.

    2014, “We got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out” of Syria — Former Secretary of State John Kerry
    2016, January “All chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic.” have been disposed of. — Veolia (the firm contracted to carry out the process)
    2017, January “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.” — Former national security adviser Susan Rice (NPR)

    Get the picture, Obama (and his administration) was so ingenious, that he accomplished diplomatically what he and others failed to do militarily. The only problem was the reality (substance)… Obama didn’t accomplish anything militarily, and he didn’t accomplish anything diplomatically. BUT he was able to give the appearance of accomplishment and that is all he (and the left) thought was needed.

    Now, the argument could be made that Obama (and team) “thought” that they had actually accomplished the removal of chemical weapons from Syria, but I don’t think they are that stupid. For Obama’s “diplomacy” to work 1) The Russians had to do what they promised 2) The Syrians had to do what they promised and 3) The United Nations had to be competent in verification. See where I’m going with this? NOBODY is that stupid! Which gets back to the original premise… the goal was never substance (the removal of all chemical weapons) but rather the appearance (of that goal). And for the past several years, as far as the left was concerned… Mission Accomplished.

    But NOW, substance has decided to bite us on the ass. Early in the Trump Presidency Bashar al-Assad has again decided to use chemical weapons (that he 100% “voluntarily and verifiably” doesn’t have) on civilians. Trump, faced with the facts (substance), must now make decisions on how to clean up a mess that appeared not to exist for many years now.

    Obama’s choice to embrace appearance years ago recently cost a few dozen people in Syria their lives when the (substance) bill came due; no so much in the grand scheme of the cluster-#$@% that is the Middle East. As sad and enraging as this should be… the cost of this choice will pale by a factor of 1000s if/when the bill covering the substance of the Iran Nuclear deal ever comes due.

    The wages of embracing deceit over truth is always disastrous and sometimes deadly. There are many such legacy messes left to posterity by Obama and his ilk. We will continue to pay the price, until and unless someone… anyone… applies a little substance.

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  • The Daffy Duck Parable
    I often reference pop culture (and literature, and history) in conversation and writing; which is bad when you reach my age because nobody gets the references anymore. For me personally it’s less of a shock because my references were so obscure to begin with. I use it in my everyday speech too. You ought to see my nieces roll their eyes when I use one my nuggets of wisdom.

    One of my common sayings and obscure references has always been “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one.”

    So let me explain this reference. It comes from a Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck. It is hunting season and Elmer is trying to shoot Daffy, who convinces him its rabbit season so Elmer switches to Bugs, and vice versa and so on. The gag is Elmer is completely confused and Daffy always ends up getting shot no matter what happens.

    Towards the end of the cartoon, Daffy loses it and exclaims, “Shoot me again. I enjoy it. I love the smell of burnt feathers… and gunpowder… and cordite… I’m an elk! Shoot me! Go on… It’s elk season! I’m a fiddler crab! Why don’t you shoot me? It’s fiddler crab season!” And there is the reference. 🙂

    If this were a parable, Daffy Duck is me, Elmer Fudd is society with its slings are arrows (a shotgun; and another reference), and Bugs Bunny is the left convincing Elmer (society) of whatever nut-ball notion fits his agenda.

    Daffy Duck Loses It

    Daffy Duck Loses It

    Qualifications to Work for NAACP

    Rachel Dolezal "FEELS" black and that's all that matters in a society that has discarded truth.

    Rachel Dolezal “FEELS” black and that’s all that matters in a society that that has discarded truth.

    There a woman in Spokane Washington, Rachel Dolezal, who is the president of the NAACP chapter there. She isn’t black or mixed race or so claim her white biological parents.

    Now the NAACP has stated (and I agree) that being black is not a requirement to be a member or participant or even president of that particular organization. No. Those requirements would be close to: 1) Having a victim mentality 2) Pushing racism incessantly & 3) Drinking the leftist Cool-aid (another reference).

    Over Qualified
    Under those criteria… there is little doubt in my mind that Rachel was immanently qualified for her position as chapter president for the NAACP. A perfect example of her “qualification” would be what brought attention to this woman in the first place. That being the hate mail (found in a PO Box) sent to Rachel Dolezal in February (2015). Upon investigation, it seems the mail in question had not been processed by the Post Office… which means the only way it was delivered into her mailbox was from the recipient side of the mail box… which means the person who put it there had a key. (I’ll only connect the dots so far…)

    Rachel’s simply made the decision to publicly and legally (admissions forms) claim to be “black”; which seems to have helped her financially. Rachael publicly claimed a man, a black man, who was not her biological father to be her father (maybe she used the word dad).

    Complicated Questions

    I don't understand the question...

    I don’t understand the question…

    So let me ask you a question or two? “Is your father an African American man?” “Are you an African American?”

    Exactly how complicated and confusing are these questions? For Rachel Dolezal they were extremely complexing. After identifying a black man in a photo as her “dad”, she was asked these two questions. She wouldn’t answer them, became befuddled and walked away from the reporter.

    Feeling Black
    I can already see her defense (probably crafted by a crack-pot PR firm). She identified the black man in the picture as her “dad” because he was such a great mentor and supporter. She has always felt that he was like a daddy to her, even more so than her hateful white dad. She didn’t answer the other two questions (which have more narrow objective definitions), so… she never lied. This really should be called the “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is defense” (another reference). Eventually, Rachel will simply claim that she has always “felt” like a black woman. She will then hope her leftist credentials carry the day for her with the NAACP and MSM (Main Stream Media). I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked.

    And in today’s society it should work. Today, it’s all about FEELINGS. What one feels defines ones reality; and that reality is just as good as anybody else’s. In a nutshell our society is embracing and celebrating the subjective in all things social and political. It rejects truth (which it calls false) as backward and evil. How far this societal evolution (and revolution) will go is unpredictable and scary.

    Left Behind
    Concept - Left BehindWe who can’t adjust to this subjective world (and don’t even want to) are harangued as backward, narrow, and bigoted. Some of us consider it as a badge of honor; some as even a cross we gladly bear (another reference).

    In trying to explain the world from our perspective, let me ask you, what is 2+2? (I don’t think society has reached this point of irrationality yet) If…you answered 4; I would the like to follow-up and ask why YOU are so narrow minded? Why can’t it be 3 or 5 OR 2 if I really, really FEEL that is the answer? Who are YOU to tell me I’m wrong and try to force upon me your narrow, outdated, definition of 2+2!? And who are you to deny my a job (as a bridge builder or architect) based on what I really feel to be the right answer?

    Update Say to Feel
    I’ve got to update my old Daffy Duck reference from “And me saying that I’m a fiddler crab doesn’t make me one” to “And me feeling like I’m a fiddler crab…”

    Without regard to my degree of “feeling” that I’m a fiddler crab… alas, I am not one. Not even if I scuttle sideways and eat rotting crap on a beach. But I’m just as much a fiddler crab as Rachel Dolezal is a black (or mixed race) woman… as Bruce Jenner (or Catelyn if you prefer) is a woman… and as Elizabeth Warren is of American Indian heritage… Again the key word in all of this is NOT (zero, nata, zilch); and the fact that society doesn’t realize that is proof of just how far down the road to oblivion we have traveled.

    Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

    Quotes from George Orwell concerning the truth in society, or the lack of it and men to speak it.

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    IngsocTo sell Obamacare to the public, payments to the IRS were billed as “not a tax” and it was billed as “not a tax” for a long time. Then came the Supreme Court challenge and the lawyers realized there was no way for the “law” to be upheld unless it was… a tax… so in the halls of the Court it was… a tax. But that hurdle has been cleared for some time and it’s back to appearance trumping substance. So when’s the last time you heard of the penalty to paid for not getting insurance (Obamacare or otherwise) described as a tax again (by someone other than a conservative).

    The IRS is certainly not going to make that mistake. They they know who they serve. (Hint: It’s not the people, it’s the left.)

    “If you (or any of your dependents) do not maintain coverage and do not qualify for an exemption, you will need to make an individual shared responsibility payment with your return.” — IRS Term for the Obamacare Mandate Tax

    George Orwell’s Big Brother would be proud.

    Meanwhile the “investigation” of IRS abuse continues…

    Political Cartoon - 2014 03 07 - IRS Investigation - (Glenn McCoy)

    This is the reason the IRS needs to go away… but then, that could be said about most government agencies.

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    “I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington State and here is what she wrote. I am a single mom. No child support, self-employed, and I haven’t had insurance for 15 years because it’s too expensive. My son has ADHD and requires regular doctor visits and his meds alone cost $250 per month. I have had ongoing tendonitis problem due to my line of work that I haven’t had treated. Now finally, we get to have coverage because of the ACA for $169 per month. I was crying the other day when I signed up, so much stress lifted.” President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden on 10/21/2013 (pushing the “Affordable Care Act” aka Obamacare)

    But just a few days later, (3 to be exact) Jessica received here first letter from the Washington State health exchange implementing Obamacare. It said something like. “Hey, remember that subsidy we said you were getting to make your new healthcare plan affordable? It’s not as much as we said; so your insurance is going to be quite a bit more expensive.” Still… better than nothing; right?

    But just a few days later, Jessica received another letter from the Washington State health exchange implementing Obamacare. It said something like. “Hey, remember that healthcare subsidy we said you were getting and then said wasn’t as much? Well the actual value of that subsidy is pretty close to zero. OK. It is zero. If fact when this is over, we’re pretty sure you’ll owe us money…”

    All this made Jessica’s healthcare plan (the one she wrote the President about) a fantasy. It seems there are debacles in the implementation of the state sites too. Who would have guessed that?

    After looking at what her healthcare will really cost under Obamacare, Jessica has now realized that No, in fact, she can’t afford it and will pay the penalty after all and go without. Now, Jessica gets to go without insurance AND pay Uncle Sam for that privilege? “Thanks Obamacare!”

    President Barack Obama added after reading her letter… “Now, that is not untypical for a lot of folks like Jessica who have been struggling without health insurance. That’s what the Affordable Care Act is all about.”

    He was right. It’s not untypical and now that we’ve passed we’re getting to see what’s in it…

    Got Insurance?  No... No You Don't!  Thanks Obamacare!

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    People - Cornyn, McConnelThe Establishment Republicans have cast their lot with the Democrats. They actually did it years ago but have somehow hid it. And I admit this is largely the fault of conservatives. We so hope for some meaningful opposition to the road to hell we as a nation are on, that we have been willing to bestow principles on those who don’t have them, and never will. I hope (and think) the fooling and pretending are getting harder and harder to do. It’s time the charlatans are exposed and I’ll continue to try and do my little part.

    In the latest example, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip John Cornyn (from Texas) are siding with Harry Reid. Behind the scenes they “are actively whipping Senators to shut down debate on the House continuing resolution so that Harry Reid can gut it with just 51 votes.” (Senior Staffer in Senate) This means they are using their positions to pressure other Republicans to allow amendments (with just 51 votes) against the House Bill to continue funding the government (minus Obamacare) as led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The amendments they (Establishment Republicans) want to allow is for the reinstatement of the Obamacare funding.

    The Democrats aren’t leading the fight to push the Obamacare train-wreck forward, the Establishment Republicans are doing it for them. “To be clear, nobody is fighting harder to make sure Obamacare is funded than Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn.” (Senior Staffer in Senate)

    And I would be OK with that. I would even respect it… IF these guys would own up to what they are doing instead of this behind-closed-doors crap. But they intend to continue (as they have for years) to do one thing (we’ll call that substance) and put forth the image of something else (we’ll call that appearances). The “Me-Too” party has learned this lesson well from their co-conspirators.

    Sure, both McConnell and Cornyn have publicly stated that they oppose a filibuster from Cruz to prevent Reid from adding funding for Obamacare to the continuing resolution (government funding)… but with the other hand they point Reid to another avenue, another back-door to accomplish the same thing. Not only that they run interference for the Majority Leader. It’s disingenuous at best.

    And once they have helped the Democrats to defeat Cruz, the House, and us (conservatives); they will switch to appearance mode. They will then vote AGAINST Reid’s amendment that they made possible in the first place.

    “I intend to support the House bill that defunds Obamacare and will vote against a bill that funds it.” — Senator John Cornyn (on Tweeter)

    “Once it’s a 51-vote threshold, both McConnell and Cornyn will hide behind a ‘no’ vote on Reid’s amendment—so they will have yet another show vote.” (Senior Staffer in Senate) Again, appearance over substance.

    I would say it is time… but it’s not. It is past time (years past time) for conservatives to realize that the Republican Party is not only not our friends, but are our enemies. They smile, they pretend, the talk the talk, but that’s all there is. Their actions, (the substance behind who they are), are against us. WE (conservatives are the RINOs) and we need to stop pretending and move on.

    The meaning behind “I Am the RINO”.
    I’ve always called many of the old Republican stalwarts RINOs (Republican in Name Only)… but lately I’ve come to question that label as it applies to them. When you hear someone use the term. It really means the individual is not “conservative” as if “Republican” and “conservative” are synonymous. They’re not. They never were. And I’ve decided never will be.

    I’ve come to question if the likes of John McCain are RINOs. Now I think maybe HE is what the Republican Party was, is, and always will be… which means I’ve been the RINO all along. One thing is for sure… ONE of us is a RINO. And now, I’ve reached a point where I don’t know which. And I’ve reached a point where I don’t really care. I just want the question settled so we can part ways, amicably or not.

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    Atheist - Blank PamphletSo here’s the Reuters headline: “U.N. told atheists face discrimination around globe”

    Think about that headline for a second and what it means. What if you didn’t read any further; what impression do you have of the global treatment of “atheist”.

    Now move on to reality and the Reuters “reporting” behind that headline.

    This comes (as many stupid, stupid, things often do) from the United Nations.

    The U.N. “Human Rights Council” came up with this finding; “Extensive discrimination by governments against atheists, humanists and the non-religious occurs worldwide.”

    And to back it up they tell us “In Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan atheists can face the death penalty on the grounds of their belief.” “These nations effectively criminalize atheism (and) the expression and manifestation of atheist beliefs.” Notice anything that all these nations (that represent the whole world) have in common? The U.N. and Reuters sure don’t.

    OK… Let me state the obvious. These backward Muslim (redundant) nations persecute EVERYONE who isn’t MUSLIM and these morons at the U.N. interpret that as discrimination against atheists AND that this represents a GLOBAL phenomenon.

    Has the U.N. or Reuters even paid attention to world events over the past few years (or decades). There is practically always a Christian (usually trying to spread the gospel) on the edge of being executed in one of these Muslim nations. AND Islamic nations have stated goals to “drive the Jews into the sea” (meaning kill ALL Jews). They have a habit of sending barrages of missiles and bombs into Israel almost daily. And the U.N. conclusion is that atheists are the ones persecuted?

    Religion - Islam - Violent

    Again, don’t get me wrong; atheists are persecuted… but nowhere near to the extent of Jews or Christians. But the U.N. hates Jews and Christians. Atheists, they like just fine so to them that’s the problem to be exposed and hopefully solved.

    This is how propaganda works. It’s horrible that we support an organization (the U.N.) that pushes this crap. It’s even worse that our “free press” (Reuters) just passes it along as news. When you read the facts the real headline should have been “Islamist nations discriminate and persecute Jews, Christians, and even atheists (in that order) and want to force the West to do the same.”

    Whoa… TexasLynn… what do you mean by “force the West to do the same.”

    Meanwhile these Muslim nations, through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), are trying to use the U.N. to “obtain a world ban on denigration of religion, especially what they call ‘Islamophobia’.” Translation: “We’ve made it illegal to criticize Islam in our nation and we want to push that on the West through the United Nations.

    [TexasLynn Note: This is a perfect example why I say that certain cultures (and religions) are just not compatible with freedom and democracy.]

    So, on one hand the U.N. issues a report that the barbarians persecute atheist and other “free thinkers” (and they do); practically ignoring this persecution is for worse against others… And on the other hand the U.N. entertains the bastards when they use the organization to try and force the West into legally adopting this persecution.

    Question: Where are the “Moderate Muslims”? Why aren’t we hearing their voices of reason?
    Answer: Moderate Muslims are a myth. They are LITERALLY as numerous as unicorns in this day and age. I would love to be proven wrong; but the sound of crickets is all I ever hear from these guys.

    Religion - Islam - Moderate Myth

    Question: Why is the United Nations even giving these %$#@^ the time of day.
    Answer: They are leftist morons.

    Question: Why did the U.N. (and Reuters) use Islamic persecution to push the leftist propaganda like “atheists face discrimination around globe”.
    Answer: They are leftist morons.

    Question: Why do we (the U.S.) still belong to and financially support the United Nations?
    Answers: Our leaders are leftist morons; or spineless cowards.

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    If you really want to see where leftist policy is taking this nation; you need only look at government where liberals reign supreme. City governments. They are microcosms of our national problems and policies. They show us a glimpse of our national future.

    Washington DC
    People - Barry, Marion - Mayor of Washington DCAll the way back in the mid-1990s Washington DC was fiscally insolvent due to waste and mismanagement by the series of liberal city council and mayors leading up to the fiasco. Does anyone remember Mayor Marion Barry? He was the crack smoking mayor who was re-elected after serving his time in the pen. [We get the government we deserve.]

    Congress had to remove city authority over its own budget just to restore sanity in the nations capitol. About five years later they returned control but things are still terrible in the city.

    A Michigan state review team tasked with reviewing Detroit’s dire financial straits has just reported that city is in fiscal emergency with “no satisfactory plan” to resolve it. The city of Detroit (with an annual budget of $2.6 billion [I think]) had a deficit of $900 million dollars last fiscal year. It covered that deficit with careful, responsible, thought out, spending cuts… Ha Ha… just kidding… they covered it with massive borrowing. Detroit has been running a deficit (covered with borrowed money) since 2005 so it’s not as if this is a problem just caused by the “Great Recession”. Things are improving though… this year’s deficit is projected to only be $327 million.

    The culprit that caused this mess according to the report is the “city’s bureaucratic structure”. They forgot the word liberal.

    Under state law, (Republican) Governor Rick Snyder chosen the option to put the city under the charge of an emergency financial manager. This person would make ALL financial decision for the city (the council and mayor would be stripped of these powers). This person could void contracts and even decide to take the city into bankruptcy.

    So now the state politicians are involved.

    “It’s our hope at the state level that this is a partnership. It doesn’t have to be adversarial. A lot of the ingredients for the turnaround of the city are in place. Now we just need to execute. I do believe strongly that Detroit is fixable.” — (Democratic) State Treasurer Andy Dillon and a member of the review team.

    Translation: “There are still a lot of votes in Detroit. It’s time for the state to bail them out.”

    And of course the city politicians are still involved

    “I stand with Detroiters and other stakeholders that the pace of change has been frustratingly slow. The political will has often not been there to make the necessary and bold fiscal reforms. … Without a doubt we need the support and accountability that a State of Michigan partnership offers. We cannot address our legacy obligations alone.” — Gary Brown, City Council president pro-tem.

    Translation: (Gary said a lot here)… First we want bail outs from the state of Michigan since we’re just not going to quit spending. The last sentence concerning “legacy obligations” is very telling. He has basically said; “We (the liberal city government) gave away the farm to golden Union pensions and retirement benefits. We will never be able to pay those… so it’s time for the state to do it.

    “My administration has been saying for the past four years that the city is under financial stress. If the governor decides to appoint an emergency financial manager [as I believe he has], he or she, like my administration, is going to need resources — particularly in the form of cash and additional staff.” — Detroit Mayor Dave Bing

    Translation: I (and my boys) have known for years this crap is going on and we did NOTHING about it. Now that everything is collapsing around us we’ll accept the emergency financial manager. BUT we’ll use him as an excuse to hire more bureaucrats. And this guy should just be a rubber stamp to a bail out. [Wow! Now this is the leftist mindset that has created the Detroit and the other microcosms of fiscal chaos we see today.]

    In a nut shell Detroit is simply the culmination of what liberal government and unions will do to a system economically over time. It’s is our national future.

    Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire Crisis

    [Texas Lynn Side Note: Have you ever tried to research the budget of a city (any city). Sure you can get documents with 100s of pages of numbers strewn all over the place. But have you ever tried to just search the web and get a number for the overall budget. It’s harder to do than you think… and there’s a reason for that. They don’t want you to be able to really look at those numbers.]

    Baltimore, Maryland
    Though not as onerous as many examples of liberalism at work; the city of Baltimore just learned that it has a $750 million shortfall over the next 10-year budget. And it only cost the city half a million dollars ($585,000,000) to be told that by a consultant. Hopefully! The consultant will provide a little more (like where the deficit is and how to address it) when it releases its report.

    BUT a caveat was released with that original $750 million dollar number. It seems that number is good ONLY if you don’t include infrastructure maintenance or the city’s liability for retiree health care benefits. But of course! Who in their right mind would include those numbers? But hypothetically… IF you did include those numbers (for grins maybe), that shortfall will increase only slightly (195%) to $2 billion dollars. It seems Obamacare isn’t really helping the leftist who supported it; in fact it’s screwing them too.

    Baltimore is simply going the way of Detroit; a collapsed economic base largely created by leftist policies and union parasites. The population of Baltimore has decreased from 950,000 in 1950 to 619,000 today. Median income is 40K and 22% of the population “live in poverty” according to the Census. Vacant property in the city is rampant (16,000). OK. Yes. While the “Great Recession” (started under Bush and exacerbated under Obama) has had an accelerating impact; this is a problem that has been in progress for decades.

    To address the problem Baltimore has the highest property taxes in Maryland (the highest allowed by law). This is twice as high as its neighboring county. Of course that’s in addition to other high taxes on everything from bottled drinks, to hotel and parking taxes. The result? Minimal returns in tax revenues as a result of people and businesses saying “Enough is enough!” and leaving. This creates a cycle of lower revenue and more taxes needed. Spending is mentioned as a problem… but is never really addressed. Taxes are always the “solution” implemented. (Sound familiar?)

    So why doesn’t Baltimore really address their financial issues? Because the city is controlled by leftist, and these guys don’t get gratification in solving problems. They get it by having good intentions (that give them feelings of superiority), and appearances of compassion and action.

    Their intentions in implementing the tax increases (despite the results) were good. And the appearance of doing something is there for the populace to see. There is no need to examine any further. Now they just repeat that process over and over again and feel good about themselves.

    People - Obama, Barack - Emperor No Clothes, MediaThose of us on the right have a nasty habit of pointing out the emperor has no clothes. What has been tried in the past (the results) has not solved the problem. As a matter of fact it has made things worse. Nothing is really being done. And the city just wasted half a million dollars to be told the equivalent that the sun rises in the East.

    Paying big money to tell us we have huge deficits may appear to be addressing the problem; but unless you ACT on the information (with solutions that work and not make things worse) what have you really done? At best you’ve kicked the can down the road. In practice you’ve kicked it down the road and then filled the can with rocks so the next time you (or your successor) try to kick it; it will be that much harder.

    What Baltimore has done is really just follow Obama’s lead from his last term. Obama formed an all-star commission to study and recommend solutions to a problem; and then completely ignored their conclusions and recommendations. Now that his second term is secure; he feels less inclined to even pretend that he thinks spending is a problem. His Democratic allies (equally emboldened) feel and express the same sentiments. So why shouldn’t his philosophical comrades in the provinces do the same?

    Rome - Fall of EmpireGet used to this (Cities and Counties and even States sliding into bankruptcy grinning and doing the same things the whole way down). We’ll be seeing more and more of it in the near future; and they’ll soon be expecting us (through the federal government) to bail them out. It’s the new American way.

    Finally, it is impossible to look at the parallels between what is going on in the cities and the correlation to states (like California) and the nation. Look at the mess these guys are in and there but for the scope and passage of time goes we the United States of America. It’s Rome all over again. We had a good run. Two hundred plus years… not quite half Rome’s endurance record… but not bad.

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