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Nuclear IranI give a lot of grief to the left all the time, so let me comment on something my side got wrong.

Forty-seven Senators, led by Senator Tom Cotton, recently sent an open letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran informing them that any deal they struck with Obama (and not confirmed by the Senate) was only as good as the word of the President and subject to be reascended by the next President with a simple executive order.

Now before I sound too much like a Democrat… I have no problem with the content of the letter. It states as fact how our Constitution works (despite what Obama and the left would like to be true). It also states a message that needed to be sent to our enemies (foreign and domestic).

I have no problem with the Senate trying to influence (or even undermine) what the President is trying to do with Iran. President Obama is trying to make a deal with the devil for political and personal (legacy) reasons at the expense of U.S. interest and our allies (Israel, and “moderate” Muslim nations).

Hillary Clinton (hoping to get the press to concentrate on this issue other than her email) said “There appear to be two logical answers. Either these senators were trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to the commander in chief in the midst of high-stakes international diplomacy.”

It’s the latter. In this case (more than most) Obama’s plans NEED to be undermined by good and patriotic men.

OK… So the message needed to be sent. The Iranians needed to get that message. Obama needed to get that message. Where these Senators went wrong was simply the means of delivery they chose for the message. This sets a bad precedent. Public officials should not be sending open letters to our enemies who are negotiating with our commander in chief. Obama is doing his job under the authority of the Constitution no matter how bad he is actually doing that job.

Yes, Obama is incompetent. Yes, Obama should take any agreement of this magnitude to the Senate. Yes, Obama and the Iranians should be thwarted… But there will be other Presidents after this boob; hopefully intelligent, thoughtful, competent Presidents. It’s the office that was damaged when it shouldn’t have been and when it didn’t have to be.

Other means could have been used to accomplish the same thing. The one that immediately comes to mind is that the Senators could have submitted the exact same letter as an Op/Ed to the New York Times. Everyone who needed to get that message would have received it; Iran, the President… All enemies of the Republic after all read the New York Times. 🙂

Political Cartoon - 2015 03 00 - Obama and Iran


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Dog - Yappy - MadSo the North Koreans (allegedly) hacked Sony Pictures because of a movie the studio was about to release. The movie parodied the assassination of Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Let’s take a look at what these recent events tells us.

Sony’s Response (Panic):
Sony has obviously been in a panic concerning the hack. This panic has nothing to do with the cancellation of a movie and the costs involved in that. That’s chump change to the likes of Sony. No. Sony is concerned with the information, the data, their tormentors now possess.

They’ve gotten a taste of what can happen with the limited emails released over the last month. Luckily for Sony the MSM (Main Stream Media) has protected the leftist executives\producers for ideological reasons. (See more on this below) Unfortunately, Sony realizes that what has been released so far is probably just the tip of the ice-berg. And the MSM blind eye may have it’s limits.

Sony’s Response (Canceling the Film):
Sony withdrew the film and has caught a lot of grief (including from President Obama) over doing so. It has been kind of humorous to watch this since Sony has been one of those leftist corporate supporters of Obama. They were actually surprised when thrown under the bus. 🙂 Why do people, organizations, and companies do that? I would remind them that Obama threw his own dead grandmother under the bus for political expediency. Why exactly would anyone dealing with Obama be surprised to find themselves there?

Me? I’m not so tough on Sony (for now) concerning the pulling of the movie. Sony had little choice. Few (if any) theaters/distributers were willing to show it. You can’t blame the makers of a product for “pulling” it when the stores refuse to put it on the shelf. Now with that said, it seems that Sony has found a venue for a limited release. That’s a good PR move. They should keep going and as a bonus they may even recoup expenses or even make a profit.

People - Amy Pascal & Scott Rudin - Hollywood LeftistThe Information Released by the Hackers: (The Good)
One of the good results of this incident is the information (mostly email) dumped by the hackers concerning leftist Hollywood. This information has exposed Hollywood as bunch of hypocritical assholes, nuts, and even racists. It’s nothing we didn’t already know… but confirmation of suspicions every now and then is a warm fuzzy thing.

In particular, Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal (a major leftist Democratic and Obama donor) was caught exchanging racist emails concerning Obama with producer Scott Rudin. She’s now finds herself under a lot of pressure and leftist groups are turning on her. She pees on herself a little bit every time she hears a bus roll down the street now. In damage control mode Amy said “The content of my emails were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am.”

Really? This is kind of like the “I was drunk” excuse. But it has been my experience that the words of a drunk is the mind of a one who is sober. What Amy really said was “Can’t you see I’m a leftist. A leftist dammit! I get a pass on crap like this! Lokk! Mel Gibson!” Amy’s problem is that there are thousands of leftist hacks that can do her job; thousands without the stink of exposed bigotry. Sony will let things die down and the quietly, stealthily… throw her under a bus.

On to producer Scott Rudin, who took a different tact; one of misdirection. “This is not about salacious emails being batted around by Gawker and Defamer, It’s about a criminal act, and the people behind it should be treated as nothing more nor less than criminals.” Sony has even tried to shame and threaten news organizations not to report what was found in the “private” emails. This could be seen as really impressive chutzpah (Jewish cojones) if it weren’t so laughable. 🙂

I remember a certain former conservative Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate who had her email hacked years ago. I also remember a certain commentator on Fox news suffering the same theft of proprietary email and information. Did these leftist have any qualms about that illegally obtained material being used by the media. Show me one leftist editorial with that sentiment and I’ll consider the argument remotely valid; but I won’t be holding my breath.

If the “criminals” are caught, by all means see to it that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Put your buddy Obama on the case. Good luck with that. 🙂 But the content of your emails and your character is… news. If you are exposed as racist hypocritical assholes, it’s your own dam fault. And if Sony doesn’t want to be seen as a horde of racist hypocritical assholes, maybe they should lean less left in the future. Call it the free market deciding you fate. 🙂

Now to the not so good…

Dog - YappyThe Big Picture (China):
Normally we would think of North Korea as an annoying yappy little dog. Unfortunately (due to U.S. pussy-diplomacy over the last decade) NK is a yappy little dog with with a budding nuclear program and an emboldened megalomaniac. The owners of the yappy little dog (China) feign surprise but are “secretly” delighted that “Little Chubby” (their code name for Kim Jong-un) constantly nips at heels of an emasculated world power.

This is China… “Oh look, our yappy little dog is biting you on the ass again. What can we do? He is an out of control bad yappy little dog… Ooooh, did he bite you there? That has gotta hurt…”

People - Kim Jong Un with DogThe Big Picture (Cyber-Terror):
When it comes to cyber-terror capability, the CIA actually ranks North Korea in the top five in the world. It’s amazing what capabilities one little megalomaniac can accrue when he shifts resources that should feed hundreds of thousands of citizens to instead wage war.

I think the attack on Sony by NK was two things. One, the lashing out of a mentally troubled loser (Kim Jong-un) and two, a test of NKs cyber-terror capabilities.

The test side of things is what we should be worried about; because it seems to have been a complete success. For now… but don’t forget, Barry’s on the job.

Speaking of which, we are assured by President Barry (Obama) that we will respond “proportionally” and “at a time of our own choosing”. Perhaps the outage of internet in NK for a several hours the other day was that proportional & timely response. That’ll teach ’em…

Great Leader Obama unfortunately shared with us (and NK) that he believes this to be an more act of “cyber-vandalism” and an “act of war”. And ISIS/ISIL was just a “junior varsity” team of terrorists wannabes. It’s bad enough we can’t properly fight the war on terror; but it seems we can’t even defend ourselves against or properly teach a lesson to a yappy little dog like Kim Jong-un.

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People - Obama, Barack - Burn ConstitutionIn November 2014, President Barack Obama has issued executive orders to basically not enforce immigration law for some 5 million people. This is an attempt to begin the process of de facto amnesty. So… here’s my take…

What Obama did was indeed beyond his Constitutional authority. He knows that. He’s stated it point blank many times. The problem is that Obama doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about the Constitution (the principles of which he has sworn to protect). It’s a character thing.

Concept - Straw Man BorderThe Straw-men:
Obama claims that he is doing nothing that Republicans like Reagan and Bush did. This argument is simply slight or hand meant to cloud the issue. Other Presidents have indeed used executive orders to affect the enforcement of immigration law, but always in an attempt to enforce the letter and spirit of legislation duly passed by the Congress; NOT to create law Congress should have (in the President’s opinion) passed.

It’s generally pretty easy to find an equivalent situation that demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to these scenarios. The Keystone XL pipeline offers such an opportunity. This would be like the House of Representatives deciding that the Senate and President should have acted on the pipeline instead of keeping the project in limbo for years. What if the House had approved the project, appropriated the funds, found someone to make it happen and bypassed the Senate and the President. Harry Reid refused to allow a vote (which would probably have passed before the election), just as the House did on “Comprehensive Immigration”. Neither legislative branch is required to vote on every bill passed by the other. Reid, in fact has been much more guilty of this sin than Boehner. And then there is Obama, who claimed he kind-of might think about support the pipeline if it ever reached his desk… But the logic goes… with no action taken, surely the House would be justified in moving forward on such an important issue.

But in reality, NO, they wouldn’t. In fact, if the House and Senate can’t get the Keystone XL pipeline though in 2015 (possibly having to override a Presidential veto), then it should not go forward. It should become a possible issue in the 2016. But the process should be followed.

In another example, tax reform is every bit as important is immigration reform. Do you think the next President (possibly a Republican) should have the same prerogative on enforcement of tax law if Congress fails to act? Can the President simply instruct the Treasury and IRS to not collect taxed for a certain group or enforce certain tax laws. Of course not. The idea is absurd, and THIS is no different.

Republican Action:
Political - Republican - White Flag - SurrenderSo what should the Republicans do? What the President has done here is impeachable. And in a perfect world, one in which the rule of law means something, that is exactly what should and would happen. But alas, we do not live in such a world. (In such a world, Lois Lerner would already be in jail.)

Republicans should stay calm and collected and look at the ramifications of their options. They should define their real goals, and evaluate what options/actions can realistically move us towards those goals during this time of Constitutional crisis. They should choose options that achieve goals while minimizing the damage to the nation.

The Republicans in the Legislature should use what power (Constitutionally) they have to directly thwart the President. That begins with the “power of the purse” in the House of Representative. While I understand that it is next to impossible to use that power to get the President to do something he is refusing to do (like secure the border); it can be used to prevent any money from being spent on what little requires bureaucratic action (like the issuing of green cards). This is precisely how the Republicans (and a few Democrats) prevented Obama from closing down Guantanamo. They basically told the President, “You and Holder want to bring all the terrorists over here and put them in American courts? Knock yourself out. You just can’t spend one red cent of federal money doing it.”

Now when it comes to the “power of the purse”, I’m not saying we have another government shut-down. Don’t get me wrong, I like and support government shutdowns; but they have proven to be ineffective due to the main stream media amplifying the feigned leftist hysterics to great effect. Thus the Republicans need to be smart in how they use this power.

The Senate (once controlled by the GOP) too should extract some costs from Obama for his actions. I like Ted Cruz’s idea of using the Senate’s Constitutional power of “advise and consent”. Thus, no more hearings on Obama nominations, with a few exceptions for positions that may have some affect on public safety.

The main point here is that we can use lawful and Constitutional means to thwart lawless behavior by the Commander in Chief. Will there be much wailing and gnashing of teach by the left (and amplified by the main stream media)? Yes. That is where cojones (balls) come in; and granted those are not a Republican strong point.

Concept - Devil in the DetailsComprehensive?
At the same time. The Republicans should move forward putting legislation on the desk of the President; starting with the Keystone XL Pipeline. In some cases, this is simply a means of exposing the lefts feigned support of issues (like Keystone XL) and in others an opportunity to get things done in a bipartisan manner. Legislation sent to the President should also include simple straight forward bills concerning fixing immigration.

But know this. “Comprehensive” when describing desired legislation is Washington speak for “Obfuscation”. Comprehensive means to design something so enormous that the devil can easily been hidden in the details. Comprehensive means that the “Stupidity of the American Voter” (see Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare Architect) can be used to deceive and hide costs, results, and ramifications. After the Obamacare fiasco, nothing coming out of Washington should ever again be “comprehensive”. Not immigration reform, not health care, not twiddly winks… NOTHING.

“Comprehensive” is the bill that came out of the Senate. THAT is what the Obama and the left want; and it should remain dead on arrival in the House.

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People - Obama, Barack - Kid in MaskIt’s good that I’m not a parent. 🙂 I’m just not equipped to deal with the school system (or confederacies of dunces in general). In my defense, I’m pretty sure it’s genetic in that I got a double dose of the smart-ass gene.

So I’m catching up with a friend over the phone who has a boy in (I think) first grade. If I’m understanding what he was telling me, each student in his son’s class was given a vocabulary word. They were required to become familiar with the word, probably spell it, define it, and use it in a sentence. Stuff like that.

But since it is approaching Halloween, the young tykes were encouraged to come to school dressed up as their vocabulary word. I kid you not. 🙂

Little Junior’s word was… “disaster”. Disaster…

D… I… S… A… S… T… E… R… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Given that word and those instructions… there is no way on God’s green earth… zero chance whatsoever… that a son of mine would not show up to school the next day dressed to a tee as anything other than… Barack Hussein Obama.

And failing an earlier successful courtship of a very open-minded black missus, I can only imagine the can of worms that would ensue. 🙂

Teacher “Little TL (he goes by his initials), can you please spell your vocabulary word?”

TL: “Disaster (pause for effect) O… B… A… … M…” …

A chip off the old block. 🙂

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People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse EarsPresident Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.

He said, “How should I do that?” She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.

And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet — hit it onto that target. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

And she said to him, “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” And Obama said, “I don’t have a clue.”

And she said, “Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills.”

— A joke told by Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Iowa (Oct. 2014)

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People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse Ears* Much of this post borrows heavily from an op-ed by Peter Baker in the NYT (see A President Whose Assurances Have Come Back to Haunt Him)

President Obama will address the nation tonight (Wed 9/10/2014) to explain his plan (he has one now) to defeat Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria.

    A couple of questions we should ask ourselves include:

  • Will he refer to ISIS/ISIL as the “JV team” again?
  • Will he describe Iraq as any of the following: “sovereign”, “stable”, “self-reliant”, or “representative”?
  • Will he say that under his leadership that “the tide of war is receding”.

No, he probably won’t. But he has said these things before and these very words are the evidence of the biggest problem this nation faces today.

While is it obvious that Obama, and his administration, are not adverse to pushing absurdly obvious lies; even they don’t believe they could pull off spinning those statements today (though they took a stab at one recently). The world is on fire around them, and people are starting to notice (though about four or fives years too late).

Perhaps what we saw a few days ago was a trial balloon floated by the White House to see what they could get away with. White House mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, said that Obama’s reference to “JV team” was not specifically directed at ISIS/ISIL. Obama said the same thing on “Meet the Press”. Even the likes of the ultra-leftist Washington Post and New York Times admit this is an out-and-out lie. (Spinning Obama’s reference to Islamic State as a ‘JV’ team)

“To Mr. Obama’s critics, the disparity between the president’s previous statements and today’s reality reflects not simply poorly chosen words but a fundamentally misguided view of the world. Rather than clearly see the persistent dangers as the United States approaches the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, they said, Mr. Obama perpetually imagines a world as he wishes it were.” — Peter Baker, NYT

And we would be right. An article in the Weekly Standard a few weeks ago explained how Obama’s world-view evolved. Obama grew up and came of age during the end of the Cold War. He bought into the leftist idea of appeasement as the way to go when dealing with likes of Russia during the Cold War. Thus he was appalled by Reagan challenging our adversaries through strength. Decades later it is obvious that Reagan was right and Obama (and the whole left for that matter) wrong. But Obama still doesn’t realize that though he more than anyone (through is policies) have proven Reagan to be even more right than anyone imagined.

“I don’t think it is just loose talk, I think it’s actually revealing talk. Sometimes words are mistakes; they’re just poorly put. But sometimes they’re a manifestation of one’s deep belief in the world and that’s what you really get with President Obama.” — Peter H. Wehner, a former adviser to President George W. Bush now at the Ethics and Public Policy Center

People - Obama, Barack - Pussy - GolfHis words are simply a reflection of the man. He has no clue as to the nature of the world, or the nature of the evil men now running amok (due largely to his policies). Worse still he has no idea (or even much interest) in how to deal with and stop such men.

I will say it again. We have a “JV” problem; but it not a JV terrorist organization, but rather the current JV president dealing with them. (My apologies to JV teams everywhere for the slight.) Barack Hussein Obama is and always has been in over his head; a JV player who thinks he is Michael Jordan; an incompetent boob. What few things he has accomplished have been to the detriment of the nation, socially, policy, and fiscally. And while accomplishing these things he has ignored or worse bungled the important issues affecting our very safety and eventual survival. (If we get through his presidency without another major 911 type attack on our home soil, I’ll be surprised.)

Right now Obama is pissed that these guys, these distractions, have interfered with his important work of “fundamentally changing” this unfair, overly influential, racist at heart, nation. While he has accomplished much (some would call it damage); it was but a fraction of what he had intended from the beginning (2008). 2010 stymied much of those plans; hopefully 2014 will put will end to them once and for all.

Political Cartoo - 2014 09 - JV Team on Air Force One

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“The fact that the president is on vacation is a factor, but its not nearly as big a factor as any of those things. Because even though President Obama was on vacation with his family in Honolulu, he was still the president of the United States. And on Martha’s Vineyard the past few weeks, he was still president of the United States. Forget those who say there was too much going on this August: When you have a job that intense, there’s never an ideal time to be off the clock, yet you need to recharge just like everybody else does.” — Leftist Bill Burton, executive vice president at Global Strategy Group and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress

People - Obama, Barack - Golfing

When you’re right, you’re right… and I (facetiously) agree with Bill on this one.

The problem isn’t that President Obama is in fact often vacationing and/or golfing so much; but rather that no matter where he is or what he is doing “he was still president of the United States.” Obama is an inept, unengaged boob. Obama will be an inept, unengaged boob whether he’s putting around in a golf cart, sitting in the oval office, taking selfies at funerals, walking his poodle, apologizing on behalf of America to Muslims, surrendering Iraq, or letting Putin bend him over a table.

The key fact of Obama being a boob is not going to change, thus the only relief in sight is changing the fact that this boob holds the office of the presidency. With two years left, it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

People - Biden, Joe - Hands Up

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