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I’m about to follow up (on an earlier post) with a review of the movie, Star Wars – Rogue One. I have in the past mentioned that I grade movies on a 10 point scale… and been given grief that I never give a movie a 10. To help clarify my review of Rogue One… I’m preliminarily posting a guide to TexasLynn’s movie rating scale.

  1. The Best Movie Ever – The Holy Grail of Movies – I’ll never watch another movie other than this one ever again. (Haven’t seen it yet.)
  2. This was an excellent movie – One of my favorites of all time. I will watch it again and again. (Blade Runner, Braveheart)
  3. This was a really good movie – Often a surprise, and one I look forward to seeing again. (Monty Python’s – The Holy Grail, Looper, Groundhog Day, Mad Max – Fury Road)
  4. This was a good movie – But doesn’t quite get over that hump. I may eventually see it again, probably. (Ant-man, Prometheus)
  5. This was a “meh” movie – It was not a complete waste of my time to see it, but I probably won’t watch it again. (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Suicide Squad, Ex Machina, Batman vs Superman) A lot of movies fall in the 5-6 range.
  6. This is a sub-par movie – I would just as soon have that two hours of my life back. (Star Wars: Episode III, Jurassic World, most sequels)
  7. This is a bad movie – I’m mad at somebody, the producer for making it, the theater for showing it… (Star Wars Episodes I & II, Independence Day)
  8. This is a really bad movie – I’m not only mad, I want my money back (This is the End) (I’m pretty good a avoiding here and below)
  9. This is a really, really bad movie – I’m mad, I want my money back, and I want to be reimbursed for my time. (The Never Ending Story, Highlander II)
  10. This movie is not only bad, it is a stain on and harm to society. The producers/directors/actors should be punished; preferably by being prohibited from every working in the film industry again. (Most stuff produced by Michael Moore and Al Gore)

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2015 04 02 - Life

I just turned 50. Half a century. And my thoughts on that are… meh… If you really think about it there are worse things in life than getting older… not getting older for one… I say any day above ground is a good day. 🙂

I’ve never been a very optimistic person in terms of human affairs and that tendency has certainly not ebbed with age. We’re too flawed at all levels (personally, and in groups). Which is why we (and especially I) are lucky the end goal (life, real LIFE) has nothing to do with our character or ability. That victory was won over 2000 years ago. 🙂

So here’s to turning 50! I’ve enjoyed it, and will take whatever the Lord has graciously planned going forward. 🙂

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Return from a Holiday

Sorry, I’ve been away for awhile… Everyone who know me is aware that I take a bit of a holiday (vacation) this time of year. I’m back and will post soon. Enjoy the fall.


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Survivor - General LogoThe 28th Season of Survivor started last week. Survivor is one of my guilty pleasures that I have been enjoying for several years. And don’t judge me!!!!

This season will be an all new cast with no returning players. I’m glad to see that for a change. But they are also trying something new in that they are breaking the players into three tribes (instead of two) and have them categorized as Beauty, Brawn, and Brains.

I was looking over the player profiles to see who I would likely be rooting for (and against) this season. And for fun I decided to answer the same questions they were asked… and then share my self-reflection in my blog. You arm-chair psychiatrists (the subjective science) can have a field day. 🙂

Name (Age): Texas Lynn (48)

Tribe Designation: Brains Tribe

Current Residence: Texas

Occupation: Computer Guy (IT Manager)

Personal Claim to Fame: Survived Houston and made it back home to East Texas in one piece.

Inspiration in Life: Jesus Christ, who loved me before I even knew him and who still has infinite patience with me as I stumble through life.

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Poker, 42 (Dominoes), Trash Talking

Pet Peeves: People who don’t realize my arrogance is feigned. Lack of common sense. Appearance over substance.

3 Words to Describe You: Born-Again, grounded, loyal

If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A Bible to read and for inspiration. A set of dominoes to help pass the time, and my Browning 12-Guage shotgun with a box of shells (high brass 6-shot) for food.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I’m a combination of Rupert and Russell. What percentage of each… we’ll see; and I’m not sure I’m ready for the answer to that question. (For you non-Survivor fans, Rupert is one of the most loyal and “loved” of contestants and Russell is one of the most ruthless and “hated”. But I’m not being facetious here; I definitely relate to each of them.)

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Because it’s there.

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: If I do, it will be through common sense, strategy, and pre-planning. If it’s all the same, I’d rather be lucky than good.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I’ll either be the first to go or the last. If I’m first it will be because I pissed off a confederacy of dunces (aka my tribe) within the first ten minutes of the game. If I can make it past that first vote, I’m golden.

Do You Consider Yourself a Brain, a Beauty or a Brawn? Brains… only by process of elimination.

Who Do You Think Has the Best Chance in the Game of Survivor: You never know. We’ve seen all three types win. Brawn has the advantage just because of the physical challenges. Brains is great if it’s common sense you’re talking about… book or school brains won’t get you very far. Beauty works… but only in combination with brains. The one with the best chance is the one who can cobble together a combination of these traits.

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I Want a New Drug :)

Now if this was real… maybe I’d reconsider my stance on legalized drugs.

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Comic - Cow & Boy - 2007 01 01 - You Had Me at Ferret Knowledge

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2013 Personally… Uggg…

Holiday - New Year - Hanging SignI guess I feel obligated to do a quick New Year’s posting.

I ended last few days of 2013 sick and miserable and started the first few days of 2014 in the same condition. Fitting…

Personally 2013 wasn’t that great of a year for TexasLynn. I’m really, really glad to see it in the rear-view mirror; and I hope to not see the likes of it again for a long, long time.

Fortunately I’m not the kind of guy to air my personal laundry (dirty or otherwise) in public. I don’t need to share my feelings and talk about them to resolve them. I resolve these things privately with someone infinitely qualified to really help… and then move on with the work at hand.

So don’t expect any pleas for sympathy or solace on Facebook from the likes of me…

That said, for someone who thinks 2013 was a bad year, I’m one of the most blessed people I know of. I am grateful for all that I do have… family, friends, faith, health, nice home, good job, and the list just keeps on going.

I don’t make resolutions; but if I did it would be the same… run the good race better this year than last and place my faith in Him. I guess that is both a resolution and a prayer… so Amen.

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I have a lot to be thankful for. Family, Friends, Health, Job… but above all I am thankful for the reason for my joy… My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving from TexasLynn! May you and your family be blessed.

2013 - Thanksgiving Message

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