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People - Obama, Barack - Kid in MaskIt’s good that I’m not a parent. 🙂 I’m just not equipped to deal with the school system (or confederacies of dunces in general). In my defense, I’m pretty sure it’s genetic in that I got a double dose of the smart-ass gene.

So I’m catching up with a friend over the phone who has a boy in (I think) first grade. If I’m understanding what he was telling me, each student in his son’s class was given a vocabulary word. They were required to become familiar with the word, probably spell it, define it, and use it in a sentence. Stuff like that.

But since it is approaching Halloween, the young tykes were encouraged to come to school dressed up as their vocabulary word. I kid you not. 🙂

Little Junior’s word was… “disaster”. Disaster…

D… I… S… A… S… T… E… R… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Given that word and those instructions… there is no way on God’s green earth… zero chance whatsoever… that a son of mine would not show up to school the next day dressed to a tee as anything other than… Barack Hussein Obama.

And failing an earlier successful courtship of a very open-minded black missus, I can only imagine the can of worms that would ensue. 🙂

Teacher “Little TL (he goes by his initials), can you please spell your vocabulary word?”

TL: “Disaster (pause for effect) O… B… A… … M…” …

A chip off the old block. 🙂

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Leftist, liberal College Professor at East Connecticut State University (ECSU) proves why our education system is in such a mess.

[As usual, click to enlarge]

Want to know why our higher education system is such a mess? I present to you Professor Brent Terry at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU)… I did want to make sure I properly credited the college (that’s Eastern Connecticut State University or ECSU) even through they take absolutely no responsibility for anything said in their classrooms what-so-ever.

The funny thing is its conservative responses to morons like this that the left uses to paint us as anti-intellectual, and anti-education. [Eyes rolling]

As a followup, Brent did apologize for the statement… but what do you want to bet this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this or that it will not be the last time?

We need diversity (intellectual diversity) on college campuses; but that would mean releasing (firing) half the current faculty (practically all leftist) to make room for conservatives.

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Immigration - Melting Pot

“We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, and American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding house; and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” — President Teddy Roosevelt

And that’s the problem we now face with immigration in the United States. We are no longer concerned with creating citizens out of immigrants. Other agendas have destroyed the notion of how important that is to the American dream. Some would say that the fire of the great American melting pot has gone out, but it hasn’t… it was extinguished… a long time ago.

So I ask (rhetorically), by Whom and Why?

Mainly by the left. (Big surprise coming from me.) They have little or no interest in people who share a traditional common American identity. It’s something they largely despise themselves. I specify “American” identity because the left does desire A “common” identity, it’s just not the same one envisioned and set forth by our founders. Instead they wish a common identity of dependence on them, on government. And unfortunately for the future, they are achieving that more and more every day.

As a result, when it comes to immigration, the left only cares about numbers and political disposition. When it comes to illegal immigration, the left would grant citizenship to every illegal immigrant in the nation with the stroke of a pen. All of the left’s immigration policy can be justified by increasing the number people available and inclined towards being indentured.

The political right is by no means off the hook either. The establishment wants the cheap labor and they are willing to cast aside the good of the nation to get it.

Political - Race CardThe few lone voices seeking reason when it comes to immigration have little chance to be heard. More likely they will be labeled as racist by the illegals themselves and those who wish to enslave them.

So what we have is both sides of the equation working against the crucible, against the melting pot; and we have a larger and larger number of dwellers in the polyglot boarding house we call America. Many think this is just an unfortunate side-effect of the times we live in. It’s not… it is by design.

And the designs are producing the desired ends of its creators; votes and cheaper labor at the expense of assimilated citizens. It’s hard to say if the designers see the secondary consequences of their schemes or if they would even care. Those consequences are that eventually a nation requires a population of people who will come together for the greater good or for protection from threats (external and/or internal). That requires citizens with a common American nationality… dwellers don’t do that, it’s not in their nature.

We have created an environment where when the barbarians arrive at the gate we will discover that we have million already on the inside. If it’s not too late already; we need to sort them all out. And before you leftist throw a hissy fit. I’m not saying all immigrants (or even 12 million illegal immigrants) are barbarians. A small percentage of the whole mean our destruction. We just need to identify them, sort them out, and prevent more from coming and gumming up the works. And here’s how…

Get the Crucible Working Again:
Fire - Strike MatchFire it up. What that entails is identifying who we want to immigrate and why; then codifying that in our immigration law.

So who do we want? First off we want the educated. Almost every foreign national who gets an education in the United States should have an application for citizenship stapled to their diploma. I say almost. Let’s face it some degrees are worth more than others. Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Technology Specialists? We want them. Liberal Arts, Psychology, Social Sciences, Twelfth Century Elbonian Literature? Not so much.

But even more important than that we need to identify immigrants (individually and as groups of peoples) that are interested and likely to actually attempt the process of integration. Some of those requirements include learning English right off the bat; knowledge and admiration of our history, our culture, and our system of governance. Immigrants should understand and embrace the Bill of Rights and we’re not just talking about rote memorization. All this means is that the immigrants should want to come to America for the right reasons. Lacking that, they don’t come.

Side Note: With that in mind, guess what culture is the antithesis of democracy and freedom? What culture is destroying those very fabrics in other democratic nations? Our immigration policy should exclude those with no interest in becoming one of us… and it should dam sure exclude those who want to destroy us.

Reform the Immigration Bureaucracy:
Bureaucracy - ImmigrationOur current system to process and bring in new immigrants is broken. It must be reformed. And by reform, I mean destroyed and rebuilt; because the current system is not salvageable. Old engrained bureaucracies seldom are…

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has evolved into what most federal bureaucracies become over time; an organization whose sole purpose is to perpetuate itself and grow in size and authority. There is little or no emphasis on actually providing a service or doing the job it was created for.

Even worse, the corruption within the system is epidemic. The foreign rich can simply buy citizenship from former federal bureaucrats who have the knowledge and contacts within the system. The going rate is about 200K. These parasites should be exposed and prosecuted if possible.

A “NEW” system is sorely needed. One that is fair, objective, and efficient.

Stop Illegal Immigration:
The current porous borders must be plugged (by which I mean slow illegal crossing to a trickle). Yes, I know it’s hard. Yes, I know it’s expensive but not beyond our means if done properly. Control of our borders is possible if we use all means at our disposal; including technology, barriers (where effective), and the military.

Protecting our borders isn’t some off-hand thing we should think about. It is one of the few actual responsibilities of the Federal Government; as opposed to the thousands of things the Feds are doing that aren’t its responsibility.

Deal with the Illegal Immigrants Present:
Immigration - Illegal Crossing SignWe have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. today. I wish it weren’t true. I wish the borders had been secured when we last dealt with this problem. But all that is water under the bridge. We have got to deal with it again and the only thing we should look to the past for is not to make the same mistakes.

To the problem at hand. We need to deal with the 12 million illegal immigrants; and we need to do it legally, fairly, and humanely. To the left I say, No! You’re not getting all those votes… at least not immediately. And to the right I say don’t be a dumbass, logistically we are not deporting 12 million people… especially when Obama isn’t enforcing the law or securing the border. And to both I say we can solve this problem (and that of the insecure border) piecemeal. So forget the “comprehensive” billsh$t! We’re not falling for that again…

OK… how to start… Criminals? Gone! Welfare Abusers? Gone! How hard is that? (Actually pretty hard… they vote. 🙂 )

OK… Now move forward with documentation and then legalization. That means no vote (yet) but legal status to work and pay taxes. The process should be fair, but tough. If ten to twenty percent of those eligible don’t balk and self-deport… it’s not tough enough.

OK… Finally provide a means for now legalized immigrants to become citizens if they wish. They would do this through the normal channels behind those who did it right in the first place. Hopefully by this time we’ve “reformed” the immigration bureaucracy.

And, yes, all this is tied to progress of objectively securing the border so we don’t have to deal with this again on down the road.

Remove the Beam from Our Own Eye:
Education - Civics 101So I described above that we only want immigrants that have a basic understanding of who we are as a nation; what the founding fathers tried to set up. Yet not even a simple majority within this nation have that basic knowledge. Which makes me ask, “Is civics even taught in public schools anymore.”

Fewer than half (much fewer in fact) of American citizens can name more than one guaranteed freedoms protected by the First Amendment. (Hint: religion, speech, press, assembly, and… petition). And that is just one example of the rampant ignorance we face. No wonder this nation is falling apart. It’s a national tragedy! Any school system that doesn’t produce 90+ percent of graduates who can’t name all five should be shut down! Fix this crap already!

Yes, I know… I’ve said it’s likely too late to save the Republic… and it is. But I can’t help but point out the obvious decay and cure until the columns finally come tumbling down as our dear leader takes another selfie.

Immigration is part of that decay as we invite the very people who will destroy us into our mist. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Immigration has been a boon to the nation for centuries and it could be again… if done right. So can we at least agree to stop that aspect of our self-destruction!? Probably not…

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Education - Common - Core - StandardsGeorge Will had a pretty good article on “Doubts Over Common Core” recently. The education initiative hasn’t been in the news lately which is exactly what its proponents want. They know it would be best to boil this frog as slowly as possible. Hopefully that will change soon and Mr. Will thinks it will.

“It is the thin end of an enormous wedge. It is designed to advance in primary and secondary education the general progressive agenda of centralization and uniformity.” – George Will

Education - Common - Core - HappyIt’s a wedge in that it is completely voluntary… unless of course you want some relief from the “No Child Left Behind” regulations. Nope you don’t have to do this one bit… unless you want your share of the $4.35 billion of the “Race to the Top” stimulus… Translation; comply or we will continue to bend you over the table and take your lunch money.

As we can easily see this is not exception to most leftist programs and initiatives. You can pretty well bet the arguments for and the planned implementation is disingenuous from the beginning.

Opposition is growing a bit, and the left is taking a page from the Global Warming folks in dealing with the detractors. Don’t actually address their concerns or debate them in any way. Instead, demean and marginalize them personally.

“It’s ludicrous to think that multiplication in Alabama and multiplication in New York are really different.” – Bill Gates (supporter of Common Core in addressing critics)

I’m sure those of us who don’t support Common Core are also “flat earth” espousing Neanderthals as well. This is what now passes for debate for the left’s perspective.

“Fifty years of increasing Washington input into K-12 education has coincided with disappointing cognitive outputs from schools. Is it eccentric that it is imprudent to apply to K-12 education the federal touch that has given us HealthCare.gov?” – George Will

Common Core (as Will points out) is also yet one more example of Barack Obama’s (and his administrations’) “indifference to legality.” Practically every act of law concerning education passed since 1965’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) (the beginning of federal intrusion into education) has language to the effect that “nothing in this act” shall authorize any federal official to “mandate, direct, or control” schools’ curriculum.

“Nevertheless, what begins with mere national standards must breed ineluctable pressure to standardize educational content… By a feedback loop, these tests will beget more curriculum conformity. All of this will take a toll on parental empowerment, and none of this will escape the politicization of learning like that already rampant in higher education.” – George Will

Like millions of insurance policies being canceled, Washington control of local school curriculum is not a surprise to Common Core instigators. It has been planned from the beginning. It is the end goal even though it’s against the law.

George Will thinks opposition is growing…

“Political dishonesty has swift, radiating and condign consequences. Opposition to the Common Core is surging because Washington, hoping to mollify opponents, is saying, in effect: ‘If you like your local control of education, you can keep it. Period.’ To which a burgeoning movement is responding: ‘No. Period.’” – George Will

Let’s hope he’s right.

Common Core - Propaganda

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In Gulfport Florida, three black teens beat the crap out of a white kid (13 years old) on a school bus. The victim had two black eyes and a broken hand after being punched and stomped by his older black assailants. A video of the vicious beating can be seen on YouTube (here).

Authorities say this attack was not motivated by race! What are they thinking!

Race - Black Teens who Beat White Teen

Supposedly one of the black kids had tried to sell the victim drugs (marijuana) earlier. The victim told teachers about the incident which seems to have led to the attack on the bus. I don’t think the video picked up any racial slurs (like “cracker”) being used. I don’t think witnesses reported any racial slurs.

So what the authorities are thinking is there is no evidence of racial motivation. And they’re right. And until such evidence is brought forward that should be the end of it.

Race - Pimps - Jesse Jackson and Al SharptonBut at the same time this case brings up other issues in our society as a whole. Just imagine the story with reversed races; three white kids beating a young black kid (for the same reasons). Can you imagine the national coverage? Can you imagine the uproar from the black community? Can you imagine the race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson marching in the streets of Gulfport and proclaiming “It’s still open season on black youths”. It would have happened!

The lack of comment; the lack of anything coming from “black leaders” is deafening. We hear your message loud and clear. There’s nothing behind you outrage or your message, and when it really comes down to it; there’s nothing behind who you are as men.

Side Note: There has been criticism of the bus driver for not intervening. I don’t share in that view. The elderly bus driver (in his 60s) notified his dispatcher to send help but did not physically intervene. Take a look at the punks. There was nothing he could do. And taking into account the crazy legal world we live in, they probably would have hung him had he touched one of these urchins.

Side Note: Personally I think the three young perpetrators should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that’s it. Had they yelled with every other breath “crazy ass cracker”; the prosecution should have been EXACTLY the same. “Hate Crime” = “Thought Crime”. We should prosecute people for their actions and not what we think is inside their heads.

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(click to enlarge)

What is the value of a college education? Well that depends…

    Some stats on college degrees:

  • An college degree can improve your chances of finding a job and how much you make.
  • Just a high school graduate, then expect to make 40% less.
  • Just a high school graduate, then expect to be twice as likely to be unemployed.

Well, shoot; my local community college offers a Bachelor in “Underwater Basket Weaving”, I can do that!

OK, before you hurt yourself, have you “thought” about that major of yours and what the consequences will be four years from now if/when you walk out into that big bad world with a degree?

Before you join the ranks of the 99% losers, protesting in tent cities, sleeping on mom and dad’s couch, demanding that Uncle Sam (and those with responsible degrees) pay for your mistakes, voting Democrat, and taking rather than contributing to society… why not think about your major?

Kiplinger recently studied the 100 most popular degrees. They considered recent and established graduates. They compared these degrees in terms of compensation, unemployment, and probability those with this degree work in retail (a profession not in their field and not requiring a college degree).

They found a lot of degrees that just weren’t really worth the effort or expense of four years of college. They even discovered that some majors fared worse than their peers who just went to work right out of high school. And remember those guys supposedly make 40% than average college graduates.

I know, I know… it’s not about the money; it’s the passion of what you love to do. You have no doubt in your mind that you will be in that 1% that makes it on Broadway or Hollywood, or the big Art Galleries… God luv’ ya!

But can’t you have a backup plan… maybe a minor in something marketable or useful?

OK… So here are the Bottom 10 majors from Kiplinger’s study. These majors will return the least amount of compensation and steady employment for your four year college investment. Please! Please consider the implications or at least be prepared to accept the consequences.

Worst College Majors for Your Career:
10. English
09. Sociology
08. Drama and Theater Arts
07. Liberal Arts
06. Studio Arts
05. Graphic Design
04. Philosophy
03. Film and Photography
02. Fine Arts
01. Anthropology

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We as a nation are woefully ignorant of our past. There are many, many causes:

  1. One, our own laziness. Let’s face it, we’ve got it easy. Too easy. Few of us face real hardships or ever will. This is both a blessing and a curse.
  2. Two, Political Correctness. Society has decided it is more comfortable to pretend that we have evolved beyond such.
  3. Three, Misinformation pushed upon us by the politically correct elites who would side with eventual tyrants.

OK, so what? We as a nation are woefully ignorant of our past. Why is that a problem? Because that ignorance dooms us to repeat the mistakes of the past. And that is a huge problem indeed.

Madison Presents the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights:
When we, as a nation, were debating the Bill of Rights, much of the argument centered on why we would include such amendments/bills that were so self-evident, things so universally known to be truth. Many thought the declaration of these rights were no more necessary than declaring that the sun rose in the East. The Bill of Rights, after all, does not grant and bestow anything upon the citizens but declare that certain rights simply and obviously exist.

It’s kind of funny (in a sad way) looking back. Those thinking these rights were so obvious as to be unnecessary were so very wrong… and those who thought they were necessary didn’t even imagine the assaults the Constitution and our rights would face. The biggest fear from our fouding fathers was that the Constitution would lead to tyranny by a central (federal) government. The Bill of Rights was intended to prevent this. Unfortunately all it did was slow it down a bit. Today that tyrannical transition of the federal government is almost complete and probably unstoppable; as the Bill of Rights is simply be ignored by tyrannical politicians and a lazy populace.

Why Did The Include the 2nd Amendment:

A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. — 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

I’m going to ask… and then answer a question.

What scares the crap out of me is that question shouldn’t even have to be asked because the answer is as obvious as the sun rising in the East. And what scares the crap out of me even worse, is that most in the nation would disagree with the answer; an answer fundamental to protecting our freedom.

So the question is: “What was THE reason for the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights? Why did the Founding Fathers put it there?”

Now on to the answer…

The obvious answer is… Hunting! The right to be able to feed your family; especially if times got really tough (like they could be in the colonial and frontier days). At least with a gun I have a chance to survive and feed those it is my responsibility to care for.

Back during the colonial days, the powers that be in England disarmed its people to preserve game (so they said). Guns were not allowed to anyone unless they were deemed (by the government) as qualified to hunt game. Well, those permits went to very few people so the regular folks could have (and nearly did) starved while wild game was plentiful all around them. It just wasn’t right or fair, so we fixed that over here; especially when you think about how big the United States is, how much wilderness we have. It just makes sense that we be given the right to hunt!

America’s hunting heritages is today preserved… in.. the… the uhhh…

OK. America indeed has a tremendous hunting heritage. It it something to be very proud of, and make no mistake about it; the Founding Fathers and citizens at that time considered hunting as much a right as religion or free speech. But hunting was not THE reason for the Second Amendment.

Self Defense:
Self Defense! A man has to have the right to defend himself against thieves and cut-throats who may assail him and his family…

Closer… much closer, but not quite.

One Final Check:
As the framers drafted this systems of government with interweaving checks between the three branches, they added ONE FINAL CHECK, the Second Amendment and that power they gave not to a government entity, not even to a militia, but to “the People”.

THE reason for the Second Amendment which preserves and guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms, is to act as a final check against tyranny; including and especially against tyranny that evolves and grows from within our own government! As long as there is an armed populace, we the people have the final say of things have gone too far. Lose that right… lose our arms… and we have no more say than the peasants of old.

“O sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if, to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people! Your arms, wherewith you could defend yourselves, are gone… Did you ever read of any revolution in a nation… inflicted by those who had no power at all? Patrick Henry (Arguing that the right to assemble and protest were insufficient to fight tyranny… only an armed populace had the power to affect such change.)

Today, the 2nd Amendment is under constant assault; mostly from those who have nothing but disdain for our Constitution. Oh, they give it lip service; as they do our founding fathers; our flag; the rule of law; and just about everything else American… But they are vipers intent on dismanteling the free republic our founding fathers gave us using the tyrannical central government they have nurtured and built over the decades. They are the very threats to this nation the 2nd Amendment was designed to counter, if need be.

Look at our southern neighbor, Mexico. Early in the last century the Mexican government would grow corrupt every ten to twenty years; the people would rise up, throw the bums out, and start over. But later in the century, the ruling party disarmed the people in the name of safety and the people sheepishly agreed. The bums were never thrown out again. Today, the Mexican government is little better than the drug cartels that share power in the country. The people (now peasants) are terrorized with “no power at all” to affect change.

Without the power of the 2nd Amendment in the hands of “the people”; all the “rights” declared in the Bill of Rights are little more than intellectual exercises similar to debating the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.

Are we there yet? No, not quite… but something’s got to give.

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