People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse Ears* Much of this post borrows heavily from an op-ed by Peter Baker in the NYT (see A President Whose Assurances Have Come Back to Haunt Him)

President Obama will address the nation tonight (Wed 9/10/2014) to explain his plan (he has one now) to defeat Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria.

    A couple of questions we should ask ourselves include:

  • Will he refer to ISIS/ISIL as the “JV team” again?
  • Will he describe Iraq as any of the following: “sovereign”, “stable”, “self-reliant”, or “representative”?
  • Will he say that under his leadership that “the tide of war is receding”.

No, he probably won’t. But he has said these things before and these very words are the evidence of the biggest problem this nation faces today.

While is it obvious that Obama, and his administration, are not adverse to pushing absurdly obvious lies; even they don’t believe they could pull off spinning those statements today (though they took a stab at one recently). The world is on fire around them, and people are starting to notice (though about four or fives years too late).

Perhaps what we saw a few days ago was a trial balloon floated by the White House to see what they could get away with. White House mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, said that Obama’s reference to “JV team” was not specifically directed at ISIS/ISIL. Obama said the same thing on “Meet the Press”. Even the likes of the ultra-leftist Washington Post and New York Times admit this is an out-and-out lie. (Spinning Obama’s reference to Islamic State as a ‘JV’ team)

“To Mr. Obama’s critics, the disparity between the president’s previous statements and today’s reality reflects not simply poorly chosen words but a fundamentally misguided view of the world. Rather than clearly see the persistent dangers as the United States approaches the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, they said, Mr. Obama perpetually imagines a world as he wishes it were.” – Peter Baker, NYT

And we would be right. An article in the Weekly Standard a few weeks ago explained how Obama’s world-view evolved. Obama grew up and came of age during the end of the Cold War. He bought into the leftist idea of appeasement as the way to go when dealing with likes of Russia during the Cold War. Thus he was appalled by Reagan challenging our adversaries through strength. Decades later it is obvious that Reagan was right and Obama (and the whole left for that matter) wrong. But Obama still doesn’t realize that though he more than anyone (through is policies) have proven Reagan to be even more right than anyone imagined.

“I don’t think it is just loose talk, I think it’s actually revealing talk. Sometimes words are mistakes; they’re just poorly put. But sometimes they’re a manifestation of one’s deep belief in the world and that’s what you really get with President Obama.” – Peter H. Wehner, a former adviser to President George W. Bush now at the Ethics and Public Policy Center

People - Obama, Barack - Pussy - GolfHis words are simply a reflection of the man. He has no clue as to the nature of the world, or the nature of the evil men now running amok (due largely to his policies). Worse still he has no idea (or even much interest) in how to deal with and stop such men.

I will say it again. We have a “JV” problem; but it not a JV terrorist organization, but rather the current JV president dealing with them. (My apologies to JV teams everywhere for the slight.) Barack Hussein Obama is and always has been in over his head; a JV player who thinks he is Michael Jordan; an incompetent boob. What few things he has accomplished have been to the detriment of the nation, socially, policy, and fiscally. And while accomplishing these things he has ignored or worse bungled the important issues affecting our very safety and eventual survival. (If we get through his presidency without another major 911 type attack on our home soil, I’ll be surprised.)

Right now Obama is pissed that these guys, these distractions, have interfered with his important work of “fundamentally changing” this unfair, overly influential, racist at heart, nation. While he has accomplished much (some would call it damage); it was but a fraction of what he had intended from the beginning (2008). 2010 stymied much of those plans; hopefully 2014 will put will end to them once and for all.

Political Cartoo - 2014 09 - JV Team on Air Force One

Food - Meat - Bacon - Couple Enjoy on Grill - 50sThe restaurant, Sneakers Bistro put up a sign outside its business that read “Yield for Sneakers Bacon”; toward which a Muslim woman resident was quickly offended, calling it insensitive to those who don’t eat pork. Pause right here and think about that… would it ever occur to you to be offended that people eat something that you don’t?

In Texas (my home state and one of the last dwindling bastions of freedom and sanity), this would have immediately resulted the offended Muslim woman being told in so many words to take her business and offense elsewhere; at a minimum out of the state and preferably out of the country. We Texans would also feel it to be our obligation to give her directions to a much, much warmer climate (than even Texas) where her offense might be more openly received. The restaurant in question would double its business and bacon sales in the process.

That’s not what happened in this case; and here are some key words in the account given that may clue you in as to why… “Bistro”, “Winooski”, “Vermont”, “diverse”, “French”.

Religion - False - Muslim - OffendedSo the Muslim woman was offended; complained; did an internet thingy (Facebook & Yelp); got a bunch of local, open minded, inclusive, leftist on board that “sparked a massive backlash”; the diner (probably leftist) owners contacted the Muslim woman and apologized; they removed the sign; to which the city Mayor sang the praises of all involved. Yeaaaaa….

“We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics. We removed the sign that was located on public property as a gesture of respect for our diverse community.” — Owner of the Sneakers Bistro

Concept - Diversity - Hands“The cool part of living in a diverse community is that it’s not always comfortable. It’s a fascinating place with lots of opportunities for conversation. The city has to pay attention to a lot of factors while acting within what we can regulate. Winooski has always welcomed immigrants, including my ancestors who spoke only French (which would explain your propensity for surrender) in 1835 when they arrived here.” — Katherine Decarreau, Mayor of Winooski Vermont

Translation: We are all a bunch of leftist weenies. We kowtow to the Muslims in the name of political correctness and suffer under the delusion that they would spare us under an Islamic state as we share the enemies of Christians and conservatives.

I guess I can understand why one might yield to Muslim offense. Put a cross in a jar or piss and fascist Christian bastards are likely to be offended and complain, and worse demand that your art not be publically funded.

Put up a sign about bacon with no mention or thought to Islam and you might get your restaurant blown to hell or your head cut off (not necessarily in that order). The owners of the restaurant were lucky, in this case the offended Muslim was a “moderate”; meaning intolerant, irrational, but not completely homicidal (but that threat is always hanging in the air isn’t it).

Thus we have constant attacks on Christians who (for the most part) react in accordance to the teachings of their founder and savior (Love even your enemies), while Muslims likewise react according to their prophet (subjugate, enslave, or kill all who do not join your fascist little party).

Thus today in Vermont we get a glimpse of three things pointing to our imminent demise. 1) Our refusal to recognize Islam as tyranny and fascism disguised as religion 2) Our refusal to see “moderate” Muslims as inconsequential at best when it comes to that tyranny & 3) Leftist who think they can appease and coexists with such evil.

Attacking bacon is one thing; allowing it to stand? Who will end this campaign of terror?

Rino - Happy“It’s a wonderful night. Frankly, I think I was on their [Democrats] side when I was in the other party [the GOP]. [A friend once said to me] ‘Charlie, you’ve been a Democrat your whole life, you just didn’t know it.’ Well, now I know it.” — Charlie Crist, Former RINO Governor of Florida on his nomination as the 2014 Democratic nominee for Florida Governor (August, 2014)

Some of us, Mr. Crist, knew it all along.

“As I’ve said all along, that’s the problem with these RINOs (Republican in Name Only). Deep down, when they search their conscience, their soul, the fabric of their being for answers to the important questions they discover there is nothing there.” – TexasLynn (June 10, 2010) from (I Despise Moderates

“Moderates” like Crist will do well in the Democratic Party. They should have been tossed aside years ago. I (and every other conservative tea partier) have been right about Charlie Crist from the beginning. I would like to think the establishment GOP is aware of this; but that would be too much to hope for.

12-16-2009: Tempest in a Tea Pot
01-14-2010: Shut Up #%^%& and Fix Me a Turkey Pot Pie! (Hello Jim Greer?)
04-28-2010: The Pachyderm and the Scorpion(s)
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People - Crist, Charlie - Big Surprise

“The fact that the president is on vacation is a factor, but its not nearly as big a factor as any of those things. Because even though President Obama was on vacation with his family in Honolulu, he was still the president of the United States. And on Martha’s Vineyard the past few weeks, he was still president of the United States. Forget those who say there was too much going on this August: When you have a job that intense, there’s never an ideal time to be off the clock, yet you need to recharge just like everybody else does.” — Leftist Bill Burton, executive vice president at Global Strategy Group and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress

People - Obama, Barack - Golfing

When you’re right, you’re right… and I (facetiously) agree with Bill on this one.

The problem isn’t that President Obama is in fact often vacationing and/or golfing so much; but rather that no matter where he is or what he is doing “he was still president of the United States.” Obama is an inept, unengaged boob. Obama will be an inept, unengaged boob whether he’s putting around in a golf cart, sitting in the oval office, taking selfies at funerals, walking his poodle, apologizing on behalf of America to Muslims, surrendering Iraq, or letting Putin bend him over a table.

The key fact of Obama being a boob is not going to change, thus the only relief in sight is changing the fact that this boob holds the office of the presidency. With two years left, it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

People - Biden, Joe - Hands Up

Every now and then there is some really good news out there; one of those circumstances where two @ssholes tear into each other so that no matter who gets their @ss handed to them, we (the good guys) win. And then there’s the slight chance but even better result that both sides will lose valuable posterior flesh! :) So when these rare stories come along its good to sit back, enjoy the show and smile a little bit. :)

People - Gore, Al - Dumbass

Al Gore (and various other former Current TV fat cats) are suing Al Jazeera for not paying them the full contracted $500 million for the former America-hating leftist TV channel.

    Here is what’s going on as best I can decipher:

  • Al Jazeera agreed to buy Current TV for $500 million. Part of payment was to be spread over time (via escrow) and dependent on Al and company playing ball in the transition. Playing ball had to do with taking on some of the risk of lawsuits involved with making the deal before the transition. (This is called indemnifying in lawyer speak). “The Gore-Hyatt group had promised to indemnify Al Jazeera if, after the sale, the company was sued for breach of any contracts while Gore and Hyatt ran the channel.”
  • I think Al Jazeera is saying (and they are probably right) that Al and Company used smart lawyer tricks to somehow delay lawsuits so that they came to fruition later and thus not when Gore and Hyatt ran the channel. Thus all those costs where shifted to Al Jazeera. This would probably be one of those loophole things where you can follow the letter of the law to circumvent the original intention of the agreement.
  • Now Al Jazeera is not paying the next/last installment of the $500 million in order to cover the sneaky costs Al and Company screwed them over with. They say Al is still liable for those costs which exceed the value of the remaining payments.
  • Thus Al and Company are suing for the remaining payments and Al Jazeera is saying “$%#@ you!”

So what this all boils down to is… “No honor among dirt bags and thieves.” Exactly what did the two parties expect to happen here? Al Gore is a snake oil salesman and Al Jazeera is Islamic (Allah himself says lie, cheat, steal, enslave, and kill infidels (and don’t forget the Jews) all you want; all is forgiven you… all praise Allah…)

These guys deserve each other. I just hope they can burn through as much of that original payment as possible in the courts. The only downside is that all parties involved (Gore and Company, Islamists, and lawyers) are all dirt bags… so no matter the results all the money will be distributed among @ssholes.

But wait! Ever the intermediary maybe I can offer a compromise here. :) Perhaps Al Jazeera can pay Al and Company in… wait for it… CARBON CREDITS! And I (for a nominal $1 million fee) would even be willing to design and print nice fancy carbon credit certificates (with clip art and everything) for them to use as currency. I can probably even find a service to have them printed on 2-ply. Everybody wins! Everybody is happy! Especially Me!

Carbon Credits

2014 08 20 - Michael Brown - PictureIntroduction:
On Saturday, August 9th Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis. The killing of this teen has causes protests throughout the country; and violence (looting) in the actual community. The left (media, and race pimps) quickly played the race card in condemning the shooting, the police in general, and the officer in particular. And while there were legitimate questions concerning the young man’s death the vitriol (instigated by the left) has now insured that nothing will be looked at objectively. If something is ever done to the officer or the system it will be for no other reason than revenge and political correctness, regardless of the facts either way.
This is the “post racial” America the likes of Barack Obama and Eric Holder envision.

While it is a little early to post on this tragedy; I’ve decided to go ahead and put in my two cents.

The Facts [With a few TexasLynn Observations]:
Michael Brown is a 6’4″ 292 pound black male described by family and friends as a quiet and shy homebody who lives with his grandmother. [This immediately brings up the rhetorical question of "Where are his parents?" This is probably yet another example of the moral and social decline we are facing in this nation; one that is not limited to, but is epidemic in the black community.]

2014 08 00 - Michael Brown Robs StoreJust before noon on Saturday, August 9th shy, quite, Michael Brown used his size and strength to rob the Ferguson Market and Liquors of a handful of cigarillos. Brown is seen in the store surveillance video shyly and quietly strong-arming the store manager/owner as he exits the store with his stolen merchandise.

About ten minutes later, just after noon, Michael Brown and companion, Dorian Johnson, were walking in the street of Canfield Drive. Brown had a fistful of cigarillos. [Note: At the time there was likely no way the officer knew that the cigarillos were stolen.] [The practice of walking in the street (often in the middle) and blocking traffic is a young male equivalent of pissing on trees. I have personally seen this activity in the streets of Houston. As with any activity of this nature its seriousness is dependent on how far the ill-behaved are willing to take it. According to the law, it is considered a form of jaywalking; and at a minimum, it would be any officers duty to correct the situation anytime they saw it.]

Officer Darren Wilson observed the behavior and ordered the two men off the street and onto the sidewalk… It is at this point that the stories of what happened differ going forward.

2014 08 00 - Michael Brown DeadOfficer Wilson’s account says that he stopped the car next to the men when they refused his order. As Officer Wilson exited his vehicle to confront the men, Brown rushed him “pushed the police officer back into the car [and] physically assaulted the police officer. Within the police car there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon… There was at least one shot fired from within the car.” During the struggle, Officer Wilson exited the car and shot the aggressive Michael Brown a number of times (apparently six) until he dropped.

Dorian Johnson, the companion walking down the middle of the street with Michael Brown says the following. He and Brown were walking in the street (though maybe not the middle) and were ordered to move to the sidewalk by Officer Wilson. They refused (his account). The office backed up his car to get closer to them, opened his door which struck Brown. Officer Wilson then grabbed Brown by the neck. “It’s like tug-of-war. He’s (the officer) trying to pull him in. He’s (Brown) pulling away, that’s when I heard, ‘I’m gonna shoot you.’” [I (TexasLynn) will be honest here. This account sounds really stupid on the part of the police officers’ actions. We are to assume if this accounting is correct that a police officer is going to grab and try to manhandle a 6'4" 300 pound man. That would be against all training he has received, not to mention a modicum of common sense. I just don't see it happening. The officer would have to be a complete idiot.] Mr. Johnson continues that after the initial shot from within the car, he and Brown begin to run away; he managed to hide behind a parked car but Brown was struck by a bullet to the back as he ran away. Michael Brown stopped, turned to face the officer, raised his hands and said “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” The officer proceeded to shoot several more times killing Michael Brown.

Tiffany Mitchell, a witness said (on MSNBC) she heard a tire squeal and then saw Brown and Wilson wrestling through the open car window and heard an initial shot from within the car. Brown and Johnson began to run, but the officer pursued Brown, and then continued to shoot. [Again, this would indicate that Brown was shot in the back.] “Michael’s body jerks as if he was hit and then he put his hands up.” The officer proceeded to shoot several more times killing Michael Brown. [Note that this was an interview on MSNBC.]

Other witness statements have been given to police (probably not seen in Main Stream Media “reporting”) backing up the officers account of events. It is important to note the distinction in the venue of the statements made. Dorian Johnson (and I believe Tiffany Mitchell) have refused to give statements to police, their venue is simple the media, the Main Stream Media seeking that anti-police, anti-white angle to the story. What’s the difference? It’s not illegal to lie to the media; but lie to the police in a statement? That’s perjury. Personally? I question the honesty and integrity of someone not willing to make an official statement of what they saw.

2014 08 00 - Michael Brown AutopsyAn official autopsy was done by the city of Michael Brown. The results of that autopsy have not been released. I believe that would be standard procedure with an investigation. The family hired/requested that well known medical examiner, Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, perform a separate autopsy. I understand that he waived his 10K fee for the procedure out of sympathy for the family (which is admirable).

Dr. Baden released the results of his findings though I don’t think they were exactly what the family was hoping for. Michael Brown was shot six times; four times in the right arm, twice in the head. All shots were to the front of the body. Michael Brown was facing the officer who shot him the entire time; thus discrediting completely any statements that he was shot in the back.

Dr. Baden did try and throw the family a bone. “This one here looks like his head was bent downward.” (indicating a shot at the top of Brown’s head] “It can be because he’s giving up, or because he’s charging forward at the officer.”

Dr. Baden did not find any gunpowder residue on the body. He did not have access to Brown’s clothing or the interior of the police car. This would be important in confirming the close quarters struggle for the gun.

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the Justice Department will perform its own autopsy as part of its investigation. Normally I would have no problem with this. But here we’re talking about Eric Holder who himself is a race pimp with little or no interest in the truth behind the matter.

Concept - Point, CounterpointThe following are some of the arguments concerning the shooting that I would like to address.

“The sheer number of bullets and the way they were scattered all over his body showed this police officer had a brazen disregard for the very people he was supposed to protect in that community.” — Benjamin L. Crump (lawyer for the Brown Family)

I don’t see that. The officer definitely had an obligation to the citizens to get two men walking in the street to instead walk on the sidewalk. This would be the officer addressing a misdemeanor. The police would have the same obligation of two men were walking around pissing on every pole, tree, and fire hydrant they came across. The situation escalating as the officer contends happened is not beyond the pale. Misdemeanors (especially traffic stops) escalate in this way hundreds if not thousands of times a year.

As for the number of shots, police (and just about anybody trained to use a gun) are taught that if you ever make the decision to pull the trigger, don’t just pull it once. Doing that will get you killed when the first bullet doesn’t do the job. I’ve heard that you are to pull the trigger at least three times. So the question is, “Is six too many; does six show disregard?” I don’t think so.

“We want to make sure people understand what this case is about: This case is about a police officer executing a young unarmed man in broad daylight.” — Benjamin L. Crump (lawyer for the Brown Family)

Again, this is just lawyer speak, and that is indeed the case he and his clients and the race pimps are presenting. That doesn’t make it true. There is probably evidence supporting what did happen, but since the race card has been played here it is very unlikely that evidence will now have any effect on the case now.

“The fact that Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store (not of money but of merchandise) is not relevant to the case since the officer did not know of this altercation.” — — General Statement from witnesses, protesters, etc…

Not entirely true. Yes the officer did not have the excuse of confronting a thief in mind even though in reality that was indeed the case. But the officer did have a legitimate reason (a misdemeanor) to confront Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson. But… the nature of the theft just 10 minutes earlier does speak to the violent mindset of Michael Brown when approached by the officer. Plus Brown does not know the officer is unaware of the theft, which may have provoked him to be more aggressive and/or violent.

“Michael Brown was shot in the back by the officer” – Dorian Johnson and Tiffany Mitchell

Not true. Period. The autopsy from Dr. Baden discounts this completely. And I will add this would be a detail I think would be hard to be mistaken about. So what am I saying? Dorian Johnson and Tiffany Mitchell LIED. Again it should be noted they lied to the media which to my knowledge is not a crime… and in this case was even encouraged by the media itself.

“Michael Brown had his hands up surrendering to the officer when he was shot.” — General Statement from witnesses, protesters, etc…

Here, I will throw the opposition a bone. The autopsy report from Dr. Baden shows the entry wounds to the right arm to be to the front. This would be consistent with raised arms, so the autopsy does not disprove this assertion. But neither does it prove it. The same wounds could have been sustained from a young man rushing forward with arms raised.

Almost everything thus far is pointing to the witnesses being mistaken (at best) concerning what Mr. Brown was doing when he was shot and very little corroborate even the possibility of their accounts.

Race and Poverty Pimps:
People - Race Pimps - Sharpton & JacksonOn cue the race and poverty pimps have swooped down upon the community of Ferguson to work their magic. The likes of the “Reverends” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton repeat this process again and again to line their pockets. The damage they do to these communities they claim to represent and the nation as a whole is incalculable. I can only imagine there is a special corner of hell reserved for such men. “You will know them by their fruits.”

People - Race Pimps - Obama & HolderBut I will add two more poverty pimps to the mix this go round. Oh, they aren’t in the same league as Jackson and Sharpton who have been doing this professionally for decades, but they can match the damage of these pros this go-round at least. I am of course referring to Attorney General Eric Holder and his boss President Barack Obama. Yes… they say the words of restraint, but their actions say something completely different.

    Eric Holder’s stated concerns so far.

  • “[Arrest patterns] must not lead to disparate treatment under the law, even if such treatment is unintended.” Translation: We’ll not waste this opportunity to claim the white police officer was racially profiling.
  • “And police forces should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.” Translation: We’ll not wasted this opportunity to push affirmative action (which is just more racism.)
  • “[The Justice Department will] defend the right of protesters to peacefully demonstrate and for the media to cover a story that must be told.” Translation: We’ll not waste this opportunity to depict the police as heave handed and pressure them to allow the media (out toadies) to push our agenda.

Holder and Obama have decided to stir the race pot, I believe for 2014/2016 political reasons. The dividends could be enormous, and all it will cost them is the career and life of one St. Louis police officer. They have thrown much greater men (and friends, and relatives) under the bus for much less payback than that.

2014 08 20 - Michael Brown - Protest SignThe Community:
As for the community; they fell into the trap of allowing the racial fervor to take control. They were inclined to believe the young man was killed in cold blood by heartless police; so they jumped on that bandwagon as soon as they were given permission to by the liars and community leaders (race pimps). I’m not saying that a community of a different persuasion would do any better under the circumstances. Its human nature… it’s just bad human nature and should be exposed for what it is.

In defense of some in the community, there are a few out there encouraging peace. God bless them, they are the children of God.

There were legitimate members of the community who came out to peacefully protest; raising their arms in the air in mock surrender. It is their right to be vocal after all so long as they are peaceful as they seek redress of their grievances (based on fact or not). Unfortunately the barbarians among them have taken control of those originally legitimate protests. Some are simply full of racial hate, while others are simply looters and thieves taking advantage of the situation. The solution in both cases should be the same. They should be arrested if possible and shot if necessary. But politicians lack the will to do the right thing here and thus citizens and property owners lose the very protection they entrust to government and pay excessive taxes for.

Political Cartoon - 2014 08 00 - Micheal Brown Sale

“I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community. St. Louis — not going to take this anymore.” — DeAndre Smith (Ferguson Looter)

Police have said that a lot of the looters are from out of town; calling it ““looting tourism.” I’m sure there is some of this but question the extent. It is the nature of people to blame bad things on outside influences. I would still guess that a vast majority of thugs are local. I would be curious as to what percentage of those arrested are from out of town. That would tell the tale.

The Media:
Template - MSM - WhiningAs with any national news that has the potential to further divide the nation along racial lines the Main Stream Media is doing its Democratic duty. They promote a narrative that is anti-police (unless it is federals assaulting conservatives), and anti-white.

Thus we have CNN (Jake Tapper) and many others bringing up the heavy handedness and militarization of the police response. They would have you think police in riot gear are baton whipping granny protesting in a wheel chair; instead of going after looters burning and pillaging.

“Reporters” Wesley Lowery (Washington Post) and Ryan Reilly (Huffington Post) were arrested briefly when they didn’t pack up and leave a closed restaurant quick enough for police last week. Seeing the video of the arrest, I think it is clear that the two men were intentionally being as slow as they could while feigning cooperation. It was like two children having to do something they didn’t want to and making a show of doing it as slow as possible. The two needed to be arrested or at least manhandled off of the premises with or without whatever crap they were taking their sweet time in packing up.

[Side Note: It is a further indictment of the state of journalism when the likes of a Huffington Post employee is considered a journalist.]

There are also reports that police have harassed reporters (up to and including tear gas). To which I say… “Good. If you guys are going to pretend that you’re performing some public service, that you have no agenda here, and that your profession entitles you to be assholes with impunity then don’t be surprised when a stray rubber bullet or tear gas canister accidentally veers off in your direction.” Pretending goes both ways.

Officer Darren Wilson:
Officer Darren Wilson is likely on a quick path to indictment. (The grand jury begins deliberation Wed. 8/20/14.) My guess is that there is currently a 70% chance there will be a trial. Not that I know everything the grand jury will see, but what little I’ve seen points to a no-bill (not indictment or trial). But like I’ve already said, facts have been taken out of the equation. Race is probably the deciding factor here.

No indictment, probably means more protests (which would be fine); but it also means more riots, and burning, and looting. No indictment means more effective racial hatred stirred up by the left; which will actually happen not matter what. It’s what they do; and do well.

So it comes down to this. Is the injustice of destroying the life of one likely innocent and above all white police officer worth the mitigation of massive injustices by the immoral and guilty? If the politicians, and the media, and the left have their way, the answer will be a swift and incontrovertible “Yes!”

Indictment or no, Officer Darren Wilson’s life is likely wrecked already; the media, the left, and the race pimps will see to that.

Obviously my bias shows here, but I still think I’m being objective in my analysis of the situation. Admittedly, as a conservative I’m inclined to give the police officer the benefit of the doubt. That’s not saying I take his word as gospel. Every account is slanted in favor of the teller. And I’m very interested in hearing from other official witnesses and results of other tests concerning the case.

To date everything that has come out has supported the story of the police officer. It is obvious now that the witnesses (through the leftist press) are, to be blunt, lying; at least about the officer shooting the teen in the back and probably about much more. With that in mind, who now gets the benefit of the doubt concerning the rest of the story? For me… it’s pretty simple.

Thus far when one side is proven to be a liar on one important point (Brown shot in the back), my propensity to believe them on other points greatly diminishes. I think I can reasonably say that if the autopsy had said the young man had been shot in the back I would be much less inclined to believe the officer.

And still, evidence could come out that would convinces me that I’m completely wrong on this. I don’t expect it, but it could happen. I submit, not so with the opposition. Those who claim the officer is guilty refuse all evidence to the contrary. NOTHING will prove otherwise.

There are two sides to the opposition. First there are those who will use this as an opportunity to use race as a means to money, power and social change (through racial strife); and those who empower them by blindly accepting their assertions of this event and society in general.

Many of the racists taking advantage of the situation scream of the coming “race war”. For them it’s already in progress and will be for the rest of their lives (unless they change their evil ways). The question of the damage this war will inflict is simply one of numbers. How many of their kind will reach this level of abject racial hatred? This does not bode well for the nation when such hatred is the source of riches and power for many community leaders and organizers; a hatred that has blinded a people who cannot even admit such demons can exist, much less flourish, within their community.

Get Ready for More Hugs

It is rumored that Hillary and Barack hugged and made up. Hillary has pollsters and knows she has to distance herself from the ineptness that is Barack Obama. The only problem is she was part of that ineptness; especially in the case of four dead Americans in Benghazi.

On the bright side, sometimes when there are no good guys involved we win no matter who comes out on bottom. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more hugs in the near future from the Queen with a light resume and the man who wasn’t really even qualified to serve her (and her husband) coffee.

Political Cartoon - 2014 08 15 - Tufts of Fur


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