Your Word is Disaster…

People - Obama, Barack - Kid in MaskIt’s good that I’m not a parent. :) I’m just not equipped to deal with the school system (or confederacies of dunces in general). In my defense, I’m pretty sure it’s genetic in that I got a double dose of the smart-ass gene.

So I’m catching up with a friend over the phone who has a boy in (I think) first grade. If I’m understanding what he was telling me, each student in his son’s class was given a vocabulary word. They were required to become familiar with the word, probably spell it, define it, and use it in a sentence. Stuff like that.

But since it is approaching Halloween, the young tykes were encouraged to come to school dressed up as their vocabulary word. I kid you not. :)

Little Junior’s word was… “disaster”. Disaster…

D… I… S… A… S… T… E… R… :) :) :)

Given that word and those instructions… there is no way on God’s green earth… zero chance whatsoever… that a son of mine would not show up to school the next day dressed to a tee as anything other than… Barack Hussein Obama.

And failing an earlier successful courtship of a very open-minded black missus, I can only imagine the can of worms that would ensue. :)

Teacher “Little TL (he goes by his initials), can you please spell your vocabulary word?”

TL: “Disaster (pause for effect) O… B… A… … M…” …

A chip off the old block. :)

Political - Fascist - SmileyIntroduction:
Today we loosely throw around the hated label of fascist (or NAZI) toward those we disagree with. I try not to do that; but still the adjective is apt in this day and age… especially in this day and age. The human race never learns the lessons of the past even as we pretend and even believe otherwise. Those who commit, those who appease, those who suffer, and those who abdicate fall right into line to play their parts.

So What is Fascism? What the World Says:
Trying to define fascism can be a quite an undertaking unto itself. Everyone (sane) agrees it’s bad… some of us agree it is worse; that it is evil. But what is IT exactly?

Looking at what the all knowing man behind the curtain (Google) tells us… a fascist is “an advocate or follower of fascism.” Wow :) that was helpful.

Google adds the following synonyms to clear things up: authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, autocratic, undemocratic, illiberal; Nazi, extreme right-wing, rightist, militarist; nationalist(ic), xenophobic, racist… Google add the similarly helpful antonym (meaning the opposite of fascist): liberal

You might notice that I stuck through a few of Google’s “helpful” synonyms and one antonym. That it is to identify the ones Google (and most of the world) got wrong. :). Google’s mistake (causing the inaccuracy) is in allowing worldly (leftist) precepts to influence their response.

The Merriam Webster dictionary does a much better job.

fascism (noun): a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government : very harsh control or authority : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

Now that’s a pretty accurate definition.

So What is Fascism? What does TexasLynn say? Fascism is almost like the classic Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of pornography; “I know it when I see it.”

Political - Fascist - Nazi FlagThe Core of Fascism:
To get a proper understanding of fascism I agree that it is a useful exercise to examine the Party that was at the core of defining the movement back in the early to mid-twentieth century (the NAZIs). But the key to doing this is to look at what is at the core of fascist behavior, what lies below the implementation.

I think Google and Merrian Webster get it right in that the core of fascism is authoritarianism, specifically government authoritarianism. It is this core that leads to totalitarianism, and dictatorial, despotic, and autocratic regimes. By definition authoritarianism (and thus fascism) is undemocratic. That doesn’t mean that a democratic system can’t be fascist, but such a “democratic” system can only be fascist when it is hypocritical. I might also add my opinion that the emphasis on government control and ownership inherent in socialism naturally breeds fascism as socialism progresses through its natural course of suppressing and destroying liberty.

Another core aspect of fascism that stems from this authoritarian power is suppression and persecution of opposition; using the power of the state. This is true even when the stated laws of the state prohibit the behavior. Fascist in power believe they (or their cause) are above the law. They believe they have might and right on their side.

So far… fascism at it’s core is government authoritarianism (at all levels) that uses its power to suppress and persecute. But I agree it’s more than that. Fascism is not a synonym of authoritarian; authoritarian is an attribute of fascism.

Moving forward, let’s look at what it’s not… what Google (and the world) got so wrong.

Concept - DirectionNot Right (or Left):
The big mistake Google makes is assigning fascism to “right-wing” and for extra measure disassociating it from the left. Left and right have nothing to do with being fascist (or not). This fallacy has been successfully pushed by the left for generations (and Google is happy to continue the tradition).

This leftist propaganda is the act of smearing an idea and movement with the tar of a far distance and extreme cousin; maliciously transferring an attribute of one to another despite logic that might point otherwise. In defense of the left, here they make a common mistake. It’s what they want to be true, so it is.

Basically the argument goes… Ducks swim so all birds found in the water are ducks OR the NAZI’s (fascist) believed in social hierarchy and inequality so if you believe in some semblance of those concepts the label may be applied, and thus intuitively if you reject those concepts you in no way can be considered fascist. The older traditional definition of right-wing being “…political positions or activities that view some forms of social hierarchy or social inequality as either inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically justifying this position on the basis of natural law or tradition.” — Wikipedia

The NAZIs definitely believed in social hierarchy and inequality from a strictly racists and antisemitic creed. I, as a conservative, believe that social hierarchy and inequality are natural, and inevitable (having nothing to do with race). These things are simply a law of nature, like gravity. The left would have you think those two concepts are one and the same. The argument is intellectually and morally bankrupt.

Not Militarist, Nationalistic Xenophobic, or Racist:
I hate to even mention this one because it’s so stupid; but Google included it. A fascist state or system need not be militaristic. It needs the ability to apply its authority towards its citizens and sometimes others; but that need not be a military. It can be any combination of executive, legislative, or judicial force; and that force need not extend beyond its own borders.

Google (and the World) again associate the NAZIs implementation of militarist fascism with the definition. Hitler was a megalomaniac bent on world domination. A fascist state need not include such a leader; he may be perfectly content with control of his little piece of the world. Indeed, while leaders are necessary in any movement, the movement itself can have fascist tendencies.

Nationalistic also was a NAZI trait, but again not a requirement to fascism. True, the fascist state (like any political system) needs some banner (high idea) on which to gather it’s supporters but nationalism need not be it. The NAZIs did it with pride in nation, and race. That was simply their implementation. Any ideal can supplement that nationalism… even anti-nationalism.

Xenophobic (hatred of other nations)? Racist? (Same thing):
It is useful for the fascist state to put up a bogyman to rally supporters against; but that could be anything. The hatred of other races and nations complemented nicely with NAZI pride. Again though, it was their implementation. I believe fascists could just as easily embrace other nations, and not be outwardly racist.

Political - Fascism - CoreThe Definition of Fascism:
Thus we come to my identification of what key characteristics that make up fascism.
1. Government authoritarianism instinctively abusive of life and liberty
2. A systemic use of power to suppress opposition
3. An overwhelming hatred of some groups of people (racial, religious, ideological, regional…)
4. A systemic use of power to suppress and persecute those hated peoples (in addition to opposition)

Sad But True…

People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse EarsPresident Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn’t have his ID. And the teller said you’ve got to prove who you are.

He said, “How should I do that?” She said the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn’t have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. They cashed his check.

And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn’t have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet — hit it onto that target. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

And she said to him, “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” And Obama said, “I don’t have a clue.”

And she said, “Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills.”

– A joke told by Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Iowa (Oct. 2014)

I Knew I Liked This Guy!

People - Huckabee, Mike“If the Republicans want to lose guys like me — and a whole bunch of still God-fearing Bible-believing people — go ahead and just abdicate on this issue (gay marriage), and why you’re at it, go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter, either. Because at that point, you lose me. I’m gone. I’ll become an independent. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this.” – Mike Huckabee, former governor or Arkansas, Fox News Commentator, and possible candidate for President for 2016 (The governor was speaking on American Family Association’s radio show Oct. 2014)

I’ve been where I hope Governor Huckabee and I hope others are heading for well over a year now. I’ve abandoned the Republican Party. They will NEVER be part of the solution. Their game plan is simply being less of a problem than the Democrats. The Republican Party’s moto might as well be “We’ll take you to hell in a hand-basket too… we’ll just do it slower than the Democrats.

Political Cartoon - 2014 08 08 - Lisa - On the Right Track

On social issues they have already abandoned us and on fiscal issues they are at best pansies or at worst hypocrites.

Case in point. The 2014 elections less than a month away. The Republicans think they have the Senate locked up; or at least the good chance of it… so what do they do before the election… Anyone, anyone (Ben Stein impersonation)? Nothing. They’re too afraid of the MSM (Main Stream Media) and their own stupidity. Granted both are real threats.

So what should they have done in your humble bloggers opinion? Take the easy layup; especially if that layup could possible achieve a goal these idiots haven’t been able to to even get close to in years; namely the dismantling of Obamacare.

The layup I am speaking of is…. Pass a simple, short, straight forward bill that basically reads “No bailouts for insurance companies. Period.” Of course most people would say “Huh? Of course those evil bastards shouldn’t get any government bailouts!” But that is exactly what it on the horizon, exactly what is the law of the land. It is the key part of Obamacare that paid off the insurance companies to go along. It is the corporate welfare, quid-pro-quo bullshit Obama and the Democrats pretend they are against, but practice all the time. It is exactly what was hidden in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and something the Main Stream Media has managed to keep hush hush.

Simply do the right thing. Do an easy thing. Something everybody and his dog would support. Remove the billions in bribes and pay-offs about to be sent to the co-conspirators in the Insurance Industry and they will abandon the Obamacare scheme. The whole mess will implode.

But what do the Republicans do? Anyone, anyone… they sit on their hands and grin stupid-ass grins with visions of power (the Senate) dancing in their heads.

Time to Cut Our Losses and Abandon the GOP.  It's time for a third part... the Tea Party

Return from a Holiday

Sorry, I’ve been away for awhile… Everyone who know me is aware that I take a bit of a holiday (vacation) this time of year. I’m back and will post soon. Enjoy the fall.


I’ve really enjoyed Prickly City lately. It’s (conservative) political satire by Scott Stantis. Mr. Stantis has a way of abstractly representing modern society, and politics in an accurate, and funny way not seen since… Berkeley Breathed of Bloom Country.

Last week (9/15/14 –> 9/21/14) the strip addressed the rising of ISIS or more generally re-rising of “radical” Islam.

    Here are the metaphors to help you out:

  • Prickly City: 21st Century America
  • Carmen: a young black conservative girl (the breaking of stereotypes is no coincidence)
  • Winslow (as in Arizona): a liberal yellow coyote (Note: Carmen & Winslow are best friends both from “Prickly City”.)
  • Senator Kevin (the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse): a Senator from the great state Prickly City resides in who represents the political establishment (Republican and Democrat). He won his seat under the banner “Lefty Tea Party”, devised by Winslow. (Carmen and Winslow work as aids for Senator Kevin)
  • The Desert Hamsters: “radical” Islam in all it’s iterations

I particularly like the Friday strip that depicts the gut reflex reaction of each as the Hamsters advance on their position. :) (As usual, you can click on a graphic to make it bigger and easier to read…. just sayin’.)

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 15

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 16

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 17

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 18

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 19

Comic - Prickly City - 2014 09 20

People - Obama, Barack - Mickey Mouse Ears* Much of this post borrows heavily from an op-ed by Peter Baker in the NYT (see A President Whose Assurances Have Come Back to Haunt Him)

President Obama will address the nation tonight (Wed 9/10/2014) to explain his plan (he has one now) to defeat Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria.

    A couple of questions we should ask ourselves include:

  • Will he refer to ISIS/ISIL as the “JV team” again?
  • Will he describe Iraq as any of the following: “sovereign”, “stable”, “self-reliant”, or “representative”?
  • Will he say that under his leadership that “the tide of war is receding”.

No, he probably won’t. But he has said these things before and these very words are the evidence of the biggest problem this nation faces today.

While is it obvious that Obama, and his administration, are not adverse to pushing absurdly obvious lies; even they don’t believe they could pull off spinning those statements today (though they took a stab at one recently). The world is on fire around them, and people are starting to notice (though about four or fives years too late).

Perhaps what we saw a few days ago was a trial balloon floated by the White House to see what they could get away with. White House mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, said that Obama’s reference to “JV team” was not specifically directed at ISIS/ISIL. Obama said the same thing on “Meet the Press”. Even the likes of the ultra-leftist Washington Post and New York Times admit this is an out-and-out lie. (Spinning Obama’s reference to Islamic State as a ‘JV’ team)

“To Mr. Obama’s critics, the disparity between the president’s previous statements and today’s reality reflects not simply poorly chosen words but a fundamentally misguided view of the world. Rather than clearly see the persistent dangers as the United States approaches the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, they said, Mr. Obama perpetually imagines a world as he wishes it were.” – Peter Baker, NYT

And we would be right. An article in the Weekly Standard a few weeks ago explained how Obama’s world-view evolved. Obama grew up and came of age during the end of the Cold War. He bought into the leftist idea of appeasement as the way to go when dealing with likes of Russia during the Cold War. Thus he was appalled by Reagan challenging our adversaries through strength. Decades later it is obvious that Reagan was right and Obama (and the whole left for that matter) wrong. But Obama still doesn’t realize that though he more than anyone (through is policies) have proven Reagan to be even more right than anyone imagined.

“I don’t think it is just loose talk, I think it’s actually revealing talk. Sometimes words are mistakes; they’re just poorly put. But sometimes they’re a manifestation of one’s deep belief in the world and that’s what you really get with President Obama.” – Peter H. Wehner, a former adviser to President George W. Bush now at the Ethics and Public Policy Center

People - Obama, Barack - Pussy - GolfHis words are simply a reflection of the man. He has no clue as to the nature of the world, or the nature of the evil men now running amok (due largely to his policies). Worse still he has no idea (or even much interest) in how to deal with and stop such men.

I will say it again. We have a “JV” problem; but it not a JV terrorist organization, but rather the current JV president dealing with them. (My apologies to JV teams everywhere for the slight.) Barack Hussein Obama is and always has been in over his head; a JV player who thinks he is Michael Jordan; an incompetent boob. What few things he has accomplished have been to the detriment of the nation, socially, policy, and fiscally. And while accomplishing these things he has ignored or worse bungled the important issues affecting our very safety and eventual survival. (If we get through his presidency without another major 911 type attack on our home soil, I’ll be surprised.)

Right now Obama is pissed that these guys, these distractions, have interfered with his important work of “fundamentally changing” this unfair, overly influential, racist at heart, nation. While he has accomplished much (some would call it damage); it was but a fraction of what he had intended from the beginning (2008). 2010 stymied much of those plans; hopefully 2014 will put will end to them once and for all.

Political Cartoo - 2014 09 - JV Team on Air Force One


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